Andrew NEETBUX Yang 2020

I took the yang pill

Let's say you've been a NEET for 3 years: In Yang's America you would have accumulated $36.000 for sitting on your ass. In Trump's America you're broke, you have $0 in your bank account, and no wall except in Israel.


Also, MOD I know you treat this like your tranny safe space, but guess what, this is political topic on a political board. Not our fault your hormone therapy is making you bitchy

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For me, the only question is him or Tulsi.

I'll pass on getting surveilled by bugmen, thanks. The FBI is doing such a steller job, and I'd hate to take that away from them.

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Ain't I right?


I will not be voting for le chinky bug man

Ain't he right

Yang is controlled opposition. He's being spammed by the (((DailyStormer))). These kikes want Trump re-election so they're promoting Yang knowing he has no chance of defeating the ZOG Emperor on a platform of
Pic related. If you're an Accelerationist then support Gabbard or simply do not vote.

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As President, I will…
Promote any legislation extending protected status to individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity
Increase funding for programs directed at educating the public on LGBT+ issues
Increase funding for programs meant to help LGBTQ individuals who are facing discrimination because of their identity
Appoint LGBT individuals to senior posts in my administration

Gabbard is the best candidate, not the accelerationist one. That would probably be Kamala Harris.

Anglin doesn't understand accelerationism. One can argue for or against it, but at least know what the fuck it is.

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Agreed. Harris is a Zionist. First we must redpill the masses on Israel and Zionism. Gabbard is the best for that. Once her role is finished we can safely give power to open-border Democrats, like Harris, to redpill Americans on white genocide, even if they're Zionists.

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it doesn't matter who gets elected you stupid faggot

any dem will push for UBI which is a bad thing because it siphons more money from the white middle class via taxation and sprinkles it on muds so they can go to Walmart and buy more cheap consumer goods produced overseas in sweatshops by big corporations owned by jews

If they want to waste money and manpower with this leddit tier shilling then I say let them go Fucking crazy

UBI is a godsend for accelerationists. Nothing will make the futility of working to support the system more obvious than having to pay exorbitant taxes then getting a tiny percentage of it back. It makes anyone realize the futility of working in the current system, making the white people that support our industry drop out and become NEETs, which makes the system collapse.
All hail UBI, the final solution to modernity.

At least there is no way he is as Zionist as Trump


Why would I be a slave in a system I never consented to when there are 50 million people who actually enjoy the Grammys? Either legalize assisted suicide or provide some alternative. I literally need nothing, just some land I'll grow my own shit and build my own house. I am not making you people twenty million mcburgers just to get some land. Holy fucking shit putin just start world war 3 and kill every single one of these people

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Why the fuck would I give a fuck about anything that destroys the people who built and maintain the kike prison system? White people are fucking gross, just like Asians, just like blacks etc. Imagine looking at how overcrowded the world is , the lack of opportunity due to monopolies, and the fact that anyone not already established is doomed to be a drone…. then you have four kids. Every single fucking race does that. When was the last human in any industry who innovated anything? There hasn't been one person in a hundred years who wasn't just hijacking the natural process to siphon resources. Every single system on planet kike is designed so that some lazy fucking parasites can sit back stealing everyone's life force then call the people they steal from lasy parasites.

Fuck this faggot universe.

Fuck this kike prison world

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You shills with your Yang again…so obviously shill.

Guys, what the fuck happened?

he's a zogbot and a chink
fuck off cuckchan

Yang is going to win and there's nothing you shills can do about it :)

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If you idiots don't want Trump you are going to have to get out there and start killing jews in the streets.

There is no political alternative. Voting in "moderate" commies ain't gonna help you.

Duplicate thread. Sage and Report

OP is a discord tranny from Canada shilling. 4chan is full with these muh yanggang threads.

Shill detected

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Daily reminder that supporting any establishment figure over Patrick Little is treason. (Unless one appears and openly names and blames the jew.)

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Compellilng argument against Yang. I won't vote for him no matter what after seeing the Stormer promoting him. Never trust an (((Andrew.)))

(Fun fact, Andrew just means "Human," or "Man." It's like the name equivalent of pic related)

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If he does happen to run again, then fuck yeah, supporting anyone else besides him is retarded. And on a different note, the fuckin laughs this guy has given me is monumental, he's about as close to NatSoc incarnate as we have ever gotten over the past couple decades.

Same here. His early escapades will go down in the annals of history.
Here, have some of his best moments.

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Bonus: The legendary Pat Little robocall for his senate campaign, made by

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Go back to your tranny discord server
Here's a link to help you along: honeypot/Tpp8Bqm

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Really makes you think.

Back to cuckchan.

yea you eat that bone up little doggie

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okay Herbert Boomerstein, watch what happens when your pension fund runs dry

gook gang 2020

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Guys we should make a remake of this meme that was made by Penorcut for some years ago. Let's find the original Uploader who did these indian kids learning videos and request him to record when the kids say "I am not a shill but $1000 is a $1000".

Pic related.


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