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This book was a life changer for me. Self-Esteem is not akin to "confidence" as it has come to be seen by most people. I was always confident, but I lacked real self-esteem which can only come from reflection. Hope this helps some people live a happier life.

1. Living Consciously - If we do not bring an appropriate level of consciousness to our activities, if we do not live mindfully, the inevitable penalty is a diminished sense of self-efficacy and self-respect.
2. Self-Acceptance - To be self-accepting is to be on my own side – to be for myself.
3. Self-Responsibility - To feel competent to live and worthy of happiness, I need to experience a sense of control over my existence.
4. Self-Assertiveness – Means honoring my wants, needs, values and seeking appropriate forms of their expression in reality.
5. Living Purposefully – To live purposely is, among other things, to live productively, which is a necessity of making ourselves competent to life.
6. Personal Integrity – When we behave in ways that conflict with our judgment of what is appropriate, wee lose face in our own eyes.
No PDFs available free that I could find. Thank you to any user that supplies, I will add it to future generals.


If you respond to this thread with an insult, you don’t have self esteem no matter what you tell yourself or who you are. This book is for you even more than the user that recognizes his lack of self-esteem.

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How is this politics?

Your politics will never amount to anything without self-esteem. Politics is in many ways a battle of wills. It will serve you and all of us to be better aware of our own selves and why we do what we do.

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Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed bitch



What makes you feel the need user? Have you ever analyzed or thought about how you react to certain things. I'd certainly never follow a leader who is so easily triggered. You are dooming yourself to being inconsequential.

Just ask…why do I do this? Why won't I consider OPs post? What am I AFRAID of?

This book is for you, or at least, other books addressing your low self esteem.

Thank you for sharing this, I'll downloaded a copy to check out. If I see this thread I'll follow up with a review.

Makes sense since you got your sense of worth from a book written by a jew.

Nice projection there t. another

Worthless self-help book No. 3162623123634

If Nathaniel Branden's self-esteem was so high, why was he fuckign Ayn Rand?

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Not politics.

I was you. Now I'm much stronger. False self-esteem and confidence are actually considerable detriments to one's development. There is no "fake it til you make it."

There are plenty of other books if you feel the need to "not listen to OP cause he's stupid." The fact that you had to comment in a negative fashion proves unequivocally you lack something. As I said, I used to do this. Now I am happier, more fulfilled, and understand myself enough that I don't feel this need to be condescending anymore. At least not for no reason as you are doing.

topkek Some people are better coaches than players? The main thrust of the post is that one should examine themselves. This book is just a good starting place.

No, seriously, go shill your shit somewhere else. This isn’t politics.

Posting "not politics" isn't politics either user…so I'll forgive you if you forgive me.

The fact that you argue in such bad faith and in such a jewish manner is really the only point I need to make to show that the (((book))) you are peddling is worthless and detrimental for anyone wishing to hold onto their European spirit.

What is in bad faith?
This is exactly why the message of self esteem needs to be spread and encouraged. You think all the white euros selling us down the river to migrants and globalism have good self esteem? Their lack thereof is the problem user. You will do much better if you understand their plight, understand yourself.
Why don't you just give it a try?

They're amoral scoundrels created by jewish society, it's not a matter of self-esteem for these types of people. Even if we were to pretend that you are correct, your strategy of coming to Zig Forums to promote some shit book written by a jewish weasel and then proceeding to insult everyone who posts critically of this is certainly not the way to make your point.


meant for

Jesus Christ. Literally the point of the book is how not too be influenced by outside forces and be true to who you are. It's literally a guide on how to resist this type of thing. Europe as a continent needs this badly.

I'll keep it going and look forward to the report.

And now you are bumping non politics. Just leave and go to the pedo threads.

reported for not politics

How many other threads did you report? I see at least 30 less political than this. Literally threads on what high schoolers are doing during PE.

Lack of self esteem is why whites and euros are being replaced. It's extremely relevant. You are probably a jew trying to shut it down.

good job, kike

Filtered, I and anons interested in improving ourselves ain't got time brother. Thanks for the bumps.

PDF Download - d-m.bksdl.xyz/download/book/5c63f7ea50b4253978965b0b
Found by another user, legit.

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Who's behind 7 proxies to test this?

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I appreciate you at least going to the book. I think you would need to read more than 10 minutes worth to make a fair judgment. I don't believe this book to be gospel by any stretch, but it has a lot of value towards developing a strong self. A strong self can operate in any type of society.

I can find quibbles in your extract there myself. But it's not all or nothing. I find things to disagree with in nearly everything I read, but I don't consider something trash based on ten minutes reading. What specifically do you disagree with in the portion you quoted?

Let me see if I can host it in a less sketchy spot. I personally clicked it. But I understand not clicking for sure.

Seriously, where do you think we are? This isn't reddit, it's Zig Forums, and if you can't see the issue with this extract, then you have not lurked for 2 years and thus belong on the former.

Are you telling me that serious discussion of ideas is better suited for reddit? You called it trash and won't explain why…
I have actually read the book. I want to know if what you think he's saying is even what he is actually saying. It's called a discussion. What's the point of the board? Why don't we all just sit around reading Rosenberg and never interact?

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Got that covered, thank you.
This is my point…it's obvious what you probably THINK is wrong with the extract. However, that doesn't mean you are automatically correct. Because of this "confidence" (as opposed to self esteem) leaves you refusing to discuss the issue. This is actually insecurity user.

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You are not speaking the language of the board. If you do not respect the local culture, you will not find much respect forwarded to you.

How so? I've been here a long time and have run at least 30 threads. Most recently I was the one running the RGB threads (and not the shit ones). This is the only one that is getting or had been getting hated on. I don't see what the issue is that so many are triggered by this post.

read this quote three times and use your knowledge of Japan to determinate if this makes any sense to you.

I have only tangential knowledge of Japan. But I do imports and this describes most asian cultures pretty well as far as I can tell. Please tell me, for the love of fucking god, what you think is wrong there.
Asian cultures are extremely conscientious of their work and pride. They value learning. "Saving face" is a real thing there.


What do you disagree with? It's an out of context snippet so this exercise is half pointless, but I really want to know what is triggering everyone.

All forms of pro-White and anti-jew worldviews are "tribal" in one way or another. If you think, as the (((author))) does, that "self-esteem" and "tribalism" are mutually exclusive, then you do not belong here.
Do you understand, retard?

He doesn't say that. You are a brainlet (forgive my low self esteem insult) that can't read. He uses the words "generalization" and "unfriendly." He doesn't say it is one or the other. He in fact, goes out of his way to make it clear that he isn't saying that. But, again, brainlet.

Also, you'd have to read the book to understand what he means by "self-esteem." You can't read well to start, but it will help if you give him a chance and understand what he means by his phraseology. As I said right off the start, he is not talking about "self-esteem" as commonly understood.

In the larger context he is making the point of how important it is to have a strong sense of self WITHIN THESE SOCIETIES. Why is it that you WANT this to be bullshit?

If Jews invented guns would you refuse to use one to defend yourself? Jews have a very strong sense of self and it has benefited them quite clearly. If we spread that to Euros/Whites then all the jewry would end immediately.

The extract is there for anyone to read. Res ipsa loquitur.

No, it doesn't and I invite anons with decent reading comprehension to read as much of his work as they can.
Explain how collectivist or tribal societies don't discount the individual in at least some ways.
And, since we are dealing with brainlets here…acknowledging a state of affairs is not actually a judgment on that state of affairs. You'd have to read more than that excerpt to have any idea of his actual opinion.

Don't waste your time anons. (((Nathaniel Blumenthal))) was a former lover of (((Ayn Rand))) and helped create the (((objectivist))) movement. This book is nothing more than him peddling (((hyper-individualism))) and (((objectivism))) as the ultimate pillars of self-esteem.

The book appears to be so intertwined with objectivist doctrine that this piece by Dr. Pierce functions as a perfectly suitable critique of the book:

Why the fuck are you such a weak-willed faggot?

Murder isn't always wrong. Legally or morally.

My will actually makes things happen. A few people have taken this seriously and it will impact their lives. Your comment? Not sure much.

I can't imagine being so weak and insecure that I am afraid to read something because a Jew wrote it. You realize even Hitler had Jews he relied on right? I mean, what world are you in that this is actually a reason in and of itself not to entertain an idea?
The ideas in this book can easily be incorporated into pretty much any political ideology tbqh. National Socialism sought to promote the individual, just not to the detriment of the state. There is value here user.

I'm not listening to a jew.

The audiobook isn't read by him personally. kek

I’m afraid ….. that you have a cloaca you transvestite faggot

I’m not asking for anyone to follow me
If they choose to follow then that is their problem
Fuck them and fuck you and fuck this gay earth

We've got more in common than you think brother.

I stand by what I said, faggot. I've spent the last few hours reading parts of the book and it's nothing more than a kike peddling (((hyper-individualism))) and (((objectivism))) as the only ways to enable and maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem.


The book is written by him, moron.

My self esteem would be through the roof if I could work at the CIA.
Seriously. How do I get a job there?

Glad you posted it to 4chan too.

The domain to the linked pdf has only started seeing traffic in February

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The "kek" was to indicate a joke. You said "listen." Get a sense of humor.

No traction there, moves to fast for serious discussion as we know. But a few of the high schoolers there could benefit.
Job at the CIA? I think it's pretty easy these days. They'll take pretty much anyone. I saw an ad for CIA careers walking through O'Hare a few months back. I'd imagine at this point they probably have 5-10 million "agents", all with the inflated false self-esteem you alluded to, probably with some extra low level clearance, reporting any Nazis they see.

Ah, so now you have something to say and it's exactly as you said before you read anything? I'll take your word for it, but specific criticism is more useful for discussion.

Here's the thing. You don't have to agree with someone's conclusion to gain something from their process. It is important to have self esteem in any political system and the main thing our kind (Euros) lacks right now is a sense of self and identity. It's why all of society wafts around from one thing to another. There is a middle ground between the group and the individual. We need a strong group, made up of strong individuals.
To me, the aversion to this on this board in particular is odd. How else would someone maintain a serious and confident support of NatSoc in this society WITHOUT a strong sense of self?


Point to one spot where I whined.

Didn't this guy have an open relationship with (((Ayn Rand)))? How much self-esteem did he have when he was getting cucked? This book is platitudes and will not help you.


I can tell without even looking that this Branden character is weak and effeminate. Physiognomy doesn't lie.

Welp. That seals the deal.

Well…I can't in all good consciousness read a psychology book authored by a crypto-jew. Gonna go ahead and sage this brah. Sorry, OP.

Jews have great self-esteem and it lends to their success. I guarantee you utilize Jewish owned services all the time. You literally use their money daily. Stop being a total fucking loser that handicaps himself selectively.

nu/pol/ where it's all ad hominems. I know…

if there is no effective redpill thread than rhis will have to do

projection and can't handling criticism is a sign of low self-esteem