CNN Attacked for Lack of Diversity

No black executives!

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) called out CNN and its president, Jeff Zucker, in a press release, blasting the company for what it says is a lack of diversity in its top leadership. NABJ also said that it was placing the company on a special media monitoring list so the matter could be studied further.

“The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is concerned about the lack of black representation within the ranks of CNN’s executive news managers and direct reports to CNN President Jeff Zucker,” the organization said in a press release on Tuesday. “This concern, coupled with Zucker’s refusal to meet with a four-person NABJ delegation, has prompted NABJ to place CNN on a special media monitoring list.”

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All "whites" Jews, nothing new.

Surely CNN will hire a (((black))) person in the future. That's the only way it will happen.

Expect mass pandering and an entire nigger washing shake up of CNN Studios now.


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All ZOG apparatuses must be completely diverse. I support this. How will they defeat us evil nazi's without stonk POC leadership? CNN needs to be black.

"special media monitoring list"

What? It's a minority owned, and operated company.

I love seeing jews eating their own poison

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But jews are a minority too goy!

Yes but they have to pretend they're not.

CNN needs more black executives. Every major corporation in my country needs black executives, and transgender black executives.

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Whaddaya mean "lack of diversity"?

Sure, most of the execs at CNN are Ashkenazi Jews.. True dat - BUT there are at least three Sephardic Jews on the staff too.

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Oy vey! We are diverse goy! Just look at our (((goy))) Don Lemon!

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They'll install a token jewnigger like Smollett. You heard it here first.

Antislide bump

Wasn't Zig Forums discussing this very issue a few months ago? Damn those racist (((white))) liberals. Where's my diversity?

Calling this, we will see it within a year, just in time for the 2020 election. He will (((reform))) and "detox" and blame all his lying on drugs, talk to youths, and then get a position reporting on drug problems and how black communities need help, etc.

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they already have one in Don Lemon. Soon the entire on air staff will be niggerjews

Wait what? Smullets not getting any Jail time.

Yes goy! It's still diversity if every POC on CNN has the chosen DNA. *rubs*hands*

Pressure builds on CNN as NAACP questions network's 'troubling' lack of diversity

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Employees are tired of their companies paying lip service to diversity. They want real change

Found via a VPN as the top result but not found as a top result on the American version of Jewgle. The Jewgle algorithms are to setup to protect kike news rags and censor the (((media))).

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The fact that this thread has been up for days and barely received replies is proof is controlled by kikes.


There are clips circulating synagogues of Jeff Zucker beating nigger children to death when he was younger.

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