President Bolsonaro of Brazil posted a small video on Twitter showing what Carnaval in Brazil has be

All those people cheering. This is Weimar all over again

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That's what happens when you ally with kikes.

This shit didn't just happen, its the product of conscious policy over decades, ALWAYS backed by kikes.

What a degenerate shithole
Also, why are you sagin?

What's the comparison to?
Aren't they a lewd people on their lewdest event?

south america loves its trannys

Brazil needs RWDS, Bolsanaro better deliver or his country is DEAD

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Your triple dubs agree.

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Weimar problems, weimar solutions.

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All mexicans do.

They housed too many nazis. It couldn't go unpunished.

The left is destroying themselves with their mental gymnastics on calling him out for showing this degeneracy. "Hurr you don't know shit, this generates (((money))) therefore it's good! And it's also part of ""our"" culture which many (who?) enjoy!"
We seriously await the time when he declares martial law and kills all these degenerates. The most horrible part about our National IBs are the ones with "I close with the Jews!/I'm allowed to the Jews!" Shills, not that 55 is great but it's our biggest one. All of us there are disgusted by that, even the degenerates who like traps and those who like scat.

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I remember there were quite a few Hue documentaries about the Carnival, where the young Hue girls mention that the event is one where a lot of them lose their virginity. Girls as young as 13-15, though there are people younger than that dancing and parading. And they seemed gleeful to say that they're losing their virginity. Wonder how many miles, tourists and locals take the advantage of the festivities to fuck some gullible young people.

the current state of literally every single western country is SO MUCH WORSE than the weimar republic was like, which was 99% white and overwhelmingly ethnic german

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That's the point.

did I get that right?

When people talk about Weimar they mean certain parts of Berlin, which was pretty even by today's standards.

yeah ik they're talking about widespread prostitution, the first fag bars, ugly jewish paintings, a surge of drug use, etc. but all of these things are everywhere nowadays in every western country, PLUS there's millions of muds

Maybe by some measures, but I don't know. Hyperinflation is a bitch. I don't think we're quite there yet.

OP is a lazy bum. He should've included the video.

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Weimar Germany was actually quite pleasant on the outside, but its poorest areas (namely downtown Berlin) were literally a kike's dream, what with all those cushy reconstruction projects, abject poverty, prostitution and pedophilia of any kind imaginable, and a cultural ass raping of the arts by so called intellectuals, but the most of that Germany was flourishing and actually quite tame in comparison to today's standards…
Until the (((market crash))) which accelerated the whole process of turning a prosperous Western nation in a third world shithole. Basically when you're talking about how something is "Weimar" today is incorrect in two ways but correct in another: it's incorrect to say something is worse than Weimar because it implies it wasn't degenerate in the first place and because it isn't suffering from market games, it is correct though in that it identifies places (i.e. California, Sweden, Sydney) where a major or even moderate economic switch would see the collapse of any sort of civilization in favor of tribalism and (((brothelization))).

The US in 10 years time, probably more to be honest, 15, but still it's coming, fuck we really need to get our head out of asses and make a sacrifice for our white people and country

Best post

True, back in the Weimar republic the majority of people who lived through those times lived through the great times of the Second Reich and could contrast the two and even the imbeciles were slightly aware of the degeneracy, however now in the US we pretty much have no more generation to contrast this disease since most of the silent generation has died out or are really old and are incable of anything (1925 to 1943) and we've fallen so deep into indoctrination that it's now considered a crime to discriminate a transgender while 100 years ago if you married a nigger or slept outside of wedlock you'd be lynched, oh how times have changed for the worst, God help us and give us power to fight off these satanist kikes

central and south america had an explosion of effeminate fags and trannys as a result of drug testing. when the stupid whores and jews pushing for abortion and birth control wanted to develop birth control they wanted it done as fast as possible and didnt care about safety or ethics so they had to go outside the US to test the drug. so university and nursing students in these countries were forced to take the prototype versions of hormonal birth control, threatening them with either failing or expulsion. at the same time these drugs were given to doctors in these countries who were paid to give them to women who wanted to get pregnant or were already pregnant. the real kicker is that none of these women used as guinea pigs had no idea what they were actually taking. the early version of hormonal birth control were hundreds of times too powerful and caused a slew of health complications. they didnt know what exactly they needed to give these women so these early drugs were extremely imbalanced and made the body go into overdrive trying to process the massive dose of hormones it was getting. most of the women had lasting health effects for the rest of their lives and extremely high rate of cancer. the children born to these women suffered as well with problems such as the fetus not developing properly, premature birth, and being born with their sex organs not developing. even when they got approval for the original pill from the fda it was still overpowered and they had to pull it like a year later and replace it.

At the same time these whores wanted to develop the female pill you had doctors in brazil who started work on a male pill. they developed one using gossipyol which is made from cottonseeds and did render men taking it infertile. they had the same problem of massively overdosing at first and noticed that it caused an extreme over reaction by the body and made the men effeminate. when they took the men off the pill they regained fertility after it was out of their system, but they were still effeminate and their sperm count had permanently fallen. i havent found anything talking about tracking the offspring of these men, but its not that far fetched to assume they were feminized as well.

The funniest of all is that there was a world conference on abortion and birth control in which they were unveiling the "successes" of the female birth control. these doctors from brazil were going to give a talk about male birth control and the feminists kicked them out and made it clear that birth control is only for the liberation of women. if it wasnt for the short sightedness of these evil people they would have pushed the male pill just like the female pill turning everyone into androgynous slaves. i guess we are somewhat lucky we are only stuck with a pill that warps womens minds and bodies while the runoff poisons our water systems.

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Thank you user.

The same scenes occur in San Francisco, have done for years. I can’t recall the name of the event.

Is… Bolsonaro really doing for his country what I think he's doing? Or will he cuck out? I can't take any more pain from traitors.

Checked dub dubs
Hey Balsonaro give your people guns and freedom. Lots and lots of guns and freedom.

Folsom Street Fair.

Don't have to look to Folsom Street to see homos. Just look to our degenerate kike 'leadership'.

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Why aren't killings happening?

Soon user. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they began happening quietly now and in earnest, picking up speed from now on out.

Their vision is currently clouded with cum and rainbows. They can't do anything but follow degeneracy.



Tonguing him deep user!!! Deep!!!
If this is their 'public persona' can you imagine what happens with these HOMOS in private?

This right here. What many may not realize is that geriatrics and "old people" came of age in the mid-to-late 60s. Men in their 60s who are considered old by society graduated high school in the 1970s. While there were parts of the US that managed to stay free of the insanity of those times, the fact is that American popular culture and music penetrated even the smallest village. The inversion of values began during those years, and there aren't many people still alive who remember anything before it. In a short amount of time it will be impossible to find anyone living who remembers a time prior to the 1960s. The tree has not only been taken down, but the roots are slowly being pulled out of the ground with each passing year.

Brazil has always been a stewing hole of degeneracy.

He's a Zionist and heavily associated with Masons. It was over before he even got elected.

Remove your confusions about San Francisco, too. That shit happens all the time there. I don't even visit now.
CAPTCHA: Kek blesses my post.

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San Fran is neo Sodom and Gomorrah. Soon we'll see God demolishing it with hell fire. Any day now.

Wait, wasn't that where the art exhibit was with people running in a big circle with their hands inside other people's assholes. I'm going to have to find that article now.

Yes it was…look at these Brazilian jews fist each other in the ass as 'ART'.

Sooo Progressive Captain Brazil!

Kill yourself glownigger

It will burn with fire from heaven.

It already burns when they pee. That's a start.

It's worse, it is Brasil because at least Weimar was mostly white. Brasil is the mutt capital of the planet earth and proves diversity is weakness in the best-worst ways.

any minute now
god's really gonna do it this time lol

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Already there, won last elections.

And this happens.

I've been aware of that and sometimes I had considered it but your post really 'delivered' it.

And they will do with those, make military-industrial complex richer? Certainly not using them, they never do that in US when access is wide.

Do you honestly think the zionist shill of Brazil cares what happens to the people under him? Learn from Communism on how Jews and their puppets treat the goyim.

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The people (that is, all who are anti-kikes and anti-degenerates) in Brazil are partially to blame for this. Brazillians simply refuse to be violent against their enemies, and let it all happen, hopping that something will magically fix all of that sometime.
The redpilled Brazillians would literally let niggers kill them, for fear of being sued for killing niggers, or fear of being called racists.
Most redpilled brazillians would argue right now that if something was to be done against the degenerates that participated in the carnival, it must be done following (((democracy))), respecting the (((law))) and that any action must be non-violent, to signal how "morally superior" the redpilled are.
You can bet that when the DOTR arrives, redpilled brazillians will side with kikes, because "muh killing is wrong".
In short: if you happen to take control of your country, invade Brazil and purge 90% (or more) of brazillians, if you have the resources to do so.

At least know your enemy. That's a small group of dogoleiros trying to destroy their hosts. Keep in mind dogoleiros are parasites and they are killing all the IBs they force their shitty "memes".
The one who most forces that cancer is a discordianist jorge who forces "bostil", "merdilheiro" and black pills in general, he's always creating shitty threads and ruining the catalog. He supported Lula and deeply hates Bolsonaro (as the ancap Batoré also did, which is clear by his falseflags). I'm not even sure if he's a commie or an ancap, but that are the two things he supports as his jorgeism goes.
Dogola culture is cancer and cancer should be eliminated.

That was a good 4D chess move, really. He (actually his son, Carlos, who manages his Twitter) knew he would be opposed by everyone and the media, and he managed to show how faggots are degenerates, how leftist militancy is and how carnival is full of that kind of crap to common people, who were already completely lethargic about degeneration. He took them out of moral inertia and made his enemies show their hypocrisy, as they pretend to be puritans now while defend this kind of shit.

And that is really leftist subversive militancy, born in public universities from their Humanities studentes, not just shallow gay degeneration. They do these kind of demonstrations to "deconstruct" society's values. And they openly say it. They take the word "subversive" as something positive.
That's obvious political militancy of cultural Marxism alongside faggot's sexual pervesions, who go side to side.

Throwing that shit to everyone's face by Twitter was a really good move.


That makes Jair the Brazilian Hitler.

got a source for this?

I hope I still had the videos from that day, our "PSOL ad goes with everything". The one with DK3 opening BGM sends my sides to orbit every time.

I wish I still had* (I hope I can recover it, though).

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(he says that about a country that has 60k murders/year)

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You can be violent, as long it is not racist violence:
meaning whites being violent against any opressed group is forbidden.

Yeah people don't even realize how bad things have gotten because they lived through the gradual changes.

The photographer managed to capture the exact moment when the three monkey-lolis souls died.

to be fair it's not just Brazil, pretty much Carnaval is the day degeneracy for Catholics ie almost the entirety of Latin America

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And afterwards you can bribe away your sins at the church, money as repentance.

Truly holy.

I was talking about people. Not about niggers.

This. But it is not something that is just imposed. Most white brazillians simply refuse to be violent against jews and niggers, no matter how much those two groups ruin the country.


That's right, goy. Don't fight back in any way. YHWH has you back!

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Some of these are fake made by an ad company. But since niggerbama and most of the mentioned fags didnt come out and speak against this act, that means they agreed with the message.

Let us not forget our most sacred US festival MARDI GRAS

It is imposed, hate crime (even name calling) give you jail time in this shithole. But even if the law doesn't get you, one can expect social ostracism.

It is funny how people don't use the words bem (good) and mal (evil) anymore and have replaced them with racismo and tolerância.

Wait until he learns what they do to children.

15 years from now the dollar will collapse, and there will be secession and civil war.

That is what i said: it is not JUST imposed, but accepted and even encouraged by the most redpilled whites in the shithole.
People must start spreading racism/good forcefully to all places, to the point that it becomes the norm again. Forming armed groups to go after anyone trying to jail someone for being racist/good too. Never let the law punish racism against the god damned niggers, jews and other subhumans.

Wrong. They gave them a enantiomer. Basically it's the same chemical but it's arrangement in space is different. Think of a mirror image the is not superimposable, your left and right hands are perfect examples of this. Theyre the same but when you put one on top of the other, they do not fit the same mold, thumbs end up on opposite sides. This was the problem with the birth control pill, it's the enantiomer that was the problem, not the dose. The enantiomer of amino acids matters, all the amino acids we use are L-amino acids but if the ones present in our food were all D-amino acids we'd be hard pressed to survive off of food.

Do a google search for Puerto Rico and Birth Control testing, they literally did the research within the US just the nonwhite section of it.

As expected of the mutt capitol of earth.