Trump says he agrees '100%' with keeping U.S. troops in Syria

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hence the 400

Kike mods will delete based yang threads but leave trumpbait up

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How is this "bait"? Trump literally wrote that he "100% supports" the plan to keep American troops in Syria. You don't think this is newsworthy or is somehow shill bullshit? Trump is completely selling us out in every possible way. Immigration, draining the swamp, withdrawing from the middle east, etc.

You're late, mate. We already have this thread. Check the catalog

You're arguing with a shill.

Type god

Threadly reminder to vote Pat Little. If he can get at least 2% he'll be eligible for election programs next time. Lowering the hurdle for him in the future. This goes for any pro-White candidate of your choice.



Let's have two then.

Why not have three, or four, or ten?

To this date no trumpcuck has sufficiently justified why any amount of US forces should stay in syria operating american bases on foreign soil.

Too late faggot.

Or eleven, or fucking twelve. As long as there are slide threads up then I could care less.

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He explicitly said it was to for Israel's sake.

Oh I know. My angle is destabilization.

Yang is the new Trump.
Trump was supported by (((The Daily Stormer))) until the very last instant when supporting Trump became untenable. Now the Stormer supports Yang, to keep us from supporting a real accelerationist option.

Yang is: a neoliberal, unlikely to win (thus no threat to the status quo), and gives lip service to white interests. Support for Yang is meant to take wind out of the accelerationist's sails now that oppiosing them directly with trumpniggerism is no longer viable.

You're still retarded for shilling politicians, claim whatever motive you want. lol

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The answer is meme is the most anti-white candidate possible. Kamala Harris is probably good.


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It almost like Al-Assad called out this zionist cock sucker.

When did he tweet this?



Wooohoo a few hundred paper pushers to finalize the withdrawal! Go dilate those second assholes.

Go fuck yourself yid.

Reddit sage downvote negated. Wasn't going to post in this thread again until I read this comment.

"Tranny Discord" comments are basically a code word for "I'm paid by Ricky Vaughn's GOP Consulting Agency to spam support for Amnesty Trump."

I literally never see anyone else use this forced meme.

>it's bad to point out that (((Trump))) is a blatant kike
Neck yourself, magakike.


>anyone not (((trusting the plan))) is a shill
As I said, neck yourself, magakike.

Sigh. Why do we have to share the same board? Why can't we have a pro Trump board called The Donald and then a Zig Forums for humans?

Axis of Evil.
Iran is not what you think it is.
Weapons of mass murder.
The flying serpent.

Zig Forums has always been a pro-Trump board. You don't belong here.

Lel, what a faggot.

Someone doesn't belong here.

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Here are some pictures for you to gawk at.

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Yep, It's a D*nald Tr*mp thread alright.

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Fake News, Trump never pushed to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide

Of course he did you stupid mongol.

Nice pilpul rabbi


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From the hot crucible of conflicting thoughts we shall forge the unbreakable steel of the pure truth.

No, if that were the case we could just invite Zig Forums and /cnn/ in here too and let them have their ideas fairly weighed and examined.

Catladies and kikes will never change their minds.
I will never change my mind.
Magatards will change their minds only when it is too late, and then they will pretend they were always against Trump and knew all along he was a kike, because they're not sincere people with sincere minds of their own. They have given themselves over.
Arguments with them get us no where. They are useless dead weight who capitalize on your desire to forge consensus with them. You want to convince them who will not be convinced until they're in a FEMA camp.
The fastest way to rehabilitate the few magatards and qlarpers who can be saved is by a consensus that considers them the enemy. They have to be genuinely regarded as the same kind of enemy as a catlady by everyone. At their core, people who give themselves over to something like this want acceptance. They should get none from us.

Is somebody surprised here?

Well which is it? Split the difference?

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holy shit