Orange Retard Tries To Decrease US Trade Deficit, Ends Up Increasing It To 10 Year Record High

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wow it's almost like it was all a ruse to throw a bone to the disenfrancised white minority

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This is not axiomatic for a trade war?



Kill yourself.

Then why do you leftists hate Trump so much? If anything, YOU should be telling us to vote for him since it would be in YOUR best interest. Unless you're lying.


(waste of trips)

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How dumb do you genuinely have to be to buy into this nonsense?


Cope harder.

would this be a good time to mention that all the job gains by Blacks and Mexicans are shit tier Walmart or lower and they are still on Welfare with even less savings and more debt.

Trump is too bussy 5D chessing Israel into believing he is /theirguy/ to win on all fronts

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Trannies have a cloaca

It's 6D chess. Yes, it looks like the deficit is increasing, but that's just the projection of a complex interaction occurring in multiple dimensions. Trust the plan. #MAGA

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So a nigger is the real racist, and democrats are literally hitler?
Why the hate against real liberalism?

How is the internal economy front?

What happened to that trade war with china and fighting currency manipulators?

You like to get assraped slowly is that? You want the white genocide to just drag on and on until we're all extinct, isn't that it?

Zig Forums is just shills shilling shills now.

Absolutely no message nor strategy.

It's not coping, it's just that you're a fucking retard. You faggots are so obvious.

mUcH EfF0rT
DrUmPH = D 0 n E

One vote for PL is one step closer to bringing justice against the treasonous Jewish cuck that's in the White House.

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A void in the market is demand. That is the only incentive needed to create supply. Just look at what happened with the coal and oil industry, and look at what is happening with construction (outside of California anyway)


You will never pass as a real woman. You are disgusting to look at. May as well end it now.

I said it before the fucking election. But the magaretards dudn't believe it. They're waking up though.

6 million 3d chess by Stormbagels in this thread.

Could have had 25,000 more subsidized niggers moving Chinese products around in a too-big-to-fail Amazon warehouse in Jew York if Ocasio-Cortez didn't stop $3 billion in tax incentives from going to subsidize the plan.

While I've lost a lot of luster for Trump after he was elected (as a yuropoor who wanted NATO dead), I think you're a massive shill.

The article literally states that the deficit is consistent with rising consumption. Meaning people are being put to work and suddenly have the money to buy imported goods. And even then, the article doesn't state exactly what goods are causing the development. Meaning the relocation of industrial plant and material or the import of new machines could very well be the sinner. Which would be a sign of rising US production in the long run.

Which would be fairly consistent with the administration's policy and the foreign responses of especially East Asian trade partners (Japan & Worst Korea).

There was a thread the other day about a concerted effort to blackpill people on Trump and spread discontent. I can imagine 80% of the threads railing against Trump is due to that.

ITT: Orange Man Bad shills and people who don't actually read on the economic situation in the world.

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And he's doing everything he can to make their jobs the easiest jobs in the world.

Lastest Kushner talking points just got handed down?

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Trump is nothing but a pressure relief valve

Oh, who the frag cares?! Attempts to reduce the trade deficit are BEST if they backfire; trade is prosperity where it doesn’t hollow nations!

I have a feeling no holocaust survivors will be fired for fucking up those forecasts. I have a feeling they will get big, fat bonuses for fucking up yet again.

If people were convinced he was the second coming of Hitler, then I get why they'd be depressed. But he is just what he always claimed to be: A billionaire from Corporate America there to try and rebalance American policy.
Anyone who drank the "Hitler 2.0" kool-aid have nigger-tier intelligence. Shit had in no way hit the fan hard enough for America to turn into the 4th Reich. Nor will it.

Literally neck yourself Chaim.

Pretty much. Middle America elected him, not Zig Forums, so he is being their pressure valve and rebalancing US policy to not antagonize the lower classes as much.
I get why people want RWDS and a civil war already, since they feel that it is ideological futility to continue the current system. But Trump never promised chaos, he quite literally offered the lower classes to fix some of the imbalances and nothing else.

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Thanks for taking the time to actually read it for us non-NPCs


And yet, nothing is happening. China buys their soybeans somewhere else and the US doesn't make anything else here that anyone wants [all the cars they sell in China are produced in China, where the government proxy firm owns 49%].

China is slowing down economically, but that is probably structural rather than anything to do with US trade.

This is the exact opposite of reality. He is the most extreme proponent of the israel/saudi/anti-Russian nexus we've ever had. If you didn't think the Carter-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama continuum was neocon enough, Trump's your guy.


This is for OP:

We know what you're here for. Your sloppy attempt to fit in has crashed against our native paranoia and caused you to glow in the dark.

You may not really have been trained on what you have here. We are truly a board of peace, but the individuals who lurk without commenting sometimes have autism and a mean streak. If they find you – and I cannot imagine your employer gives a shit about safeguarding the information of its galley slaves – they might cause a great deal of harm. Failing that, when our way of life gains institutional power, you will be easy to find and punish with the utmost severity.

Repent, Pajeet. Return to your dusky people with the message that the white men will soon be sorting the sheep from the goats in their homelands. And then explain that "sheep from goats" is a metaphor, and they do not need to actually trade their daughters for more goats.

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The world supply of soybeans isn't big enough to supply China at market rate without American supply. As many people have said before, US soy will still reach China, the refining of the soy will just happen through middlemen in 3rd countries like Argentina.

China's woes have too many tributary rivers to point out a singular reason for their economic slowdown. Some is to be expected as their economy is reaching industrial maturation, and some is because of a massive credit contraction that could possibly trigger a recession in China.

Trump's policy as far as I am concerned is in no way neo-con. He is very much signalling an end of the ancien regime in world politics. He IS however a defender of the old order when it comes to American politics. He is stitching together a new social contract with the working poor of America, so they won't destabilize the system.

He isn't changing the US-Israel dynamic, you guys always sucked their shrivelled up dicks.
He maintains support for the Saudi family in return for US influence.
He maintains a non-engagement stance with Russia, even as neo-con policymakers wanted engagement in Ukraine and Syria.

His foreign policy is tame, and usually goes for the safest bets. But it is in no way led by the "USA WORLD POLICE FUCK YEAH!" ideology that ran rampant in the 2000's.

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Homosexuality is decriminalized in the United States, which curbs local birthrates. Decriminalizing it in other nations (particularly non-white nations) is a very good idea, because that will help fewer non-whites be born in those countries.

More non-whites becoming homosexuals, more non-whites avoiding sham marriages where they impregnate women, this is GOOD for us.

People condemning Trump on this basis are noobs, idiots, or leftist shills. Our primary concern is with the slow build on the wall, the delays with withdrawing from Syria, the delays deporting illegals, and the promises of new immigrants. We DGAF about Trump trying to protect homosexuals in Iran or whatever.

I regret voting for this fat orange retard. he literally looks like a cheeto.


You're a moron and you're filtered.

Shhhh. Let's just watch the retards and kike shills argue amongst themselves. Trade War Timeline Best Timeline.

You need to do the whole world a favor and kill your family and then yourself.

why didn't we vote hillary bros

Say what you will about Hillary but at least she hates niggers and faggots. Trump can't get enough black dick in his ass.


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Reported for supporting Trump.

He use to thing Trump was a cuck now I know hes just dumb

Its over its all over

This is a bit of a rant. I have a lot of things on mind.

The reason why I voted in Trump was specifically to rebalance the economy via tax and import policy. And also to try to get term limits established for House and Senate. Half the reason why we are in this shit situation is because lifelong politicians are too busy being in bed with the deep state CIA niggers to get what they want. I understand there are some genuine good people trying to get elected. However I believe you cannot stay in power too long without practicing corruption. The DNC playing both sides last elections have proven it.

I don't think the wall will be built in Trump's two terms. There is too much in fighting between the two parties. And yes Trump is forced to be the Republican's bitch on some policies otherwise the Republicans would have kicked Trump out before the primaries ended.

It's complicated. On one hand the US president is the executor of laws, not the writer of them. So we the people can only do so much with one populist win in one branch of government. On the other hand Trump is with the Republican Party, the same Isreal loving Republicans that got us into the Bush Oil Crusades which was help conspired by Clinton who let Hussein go.

Trump has to serve the interests of his key supporters in his party before before the people or else we will get another JFK. The Republicans don't want the wall either. Until the American people realize that both parties are run by the same deep state puppet master I don't think we will see any extreme changes to current policy. And even then the puppet master has plans to get their agents to turn on the people in both private and public business sectors. Most modern politicians are investors that formerly held seats in Board of Directors, CEOs, and other big company positions. Not a lot of them have done outstanding military service to matter. Military life is not as important to the average citizen as it was before WWII. You can thank hippies protesting nam for that.

There is a shift in paradigm that now people expect to help themselves instead of others. People run industries to the ground and move offshore when rapid growth ended for a company. The economy is built on fiat lies and debt. Why would millenials take the duty to serve their county when they are parasites that can barely serve themselves? I'm certain this will be why we will never have term limits until 2028. Even then there will be mandatory diversity quotas for political positions because the Democrats will use the failure of the wall to take back the Whitehouse and go full retard with UN rule.

There is no fighting between the two parties. They both agree Israel should rule the world. There is only blocking when policies that could help white Christians appear. They have to keep appearing and getting blocked to keep donations pouring in.

By in fighting I mean both parties agreeing to fight Trump despite him being in office to keep the wall down. Excuse me.


In other news: OP is an ignorant faggot!

Good news, the trade deficit grew

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Ahh, I hate that I was able to post more here than I ever was on Voat, when it was here that I thought was surely more censorious than Voat… And then you proved me right.
Zig Forums only posts a limited number of posts from government shills!! Beware!

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Isn't that what all these anti-trump threads are?

I think that Trump needed to happen, just to demonstrate how worthless each and every self professed 'fashy based goy' really is and the fact America needs to be cleansed in a nuclear holocaust if we are to ever be free of the juden vermin.

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Nice spin.

Who are you quoting?

I don't know if anyone learned from it, but Zig Forums and others were going down a very authoritarian road in terms of their ideals, more so than the original National Socialists And Hitler felt that they lived in special times that demanded a more authoritarian system than he would have otherwise preferred

I hope this whole worship of the God Emperor failing spectacularly meant that some people understood what just happened.

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The stickers on this seem shopped.

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Well for a rant, it seems fairly consistent.

Can't say I know a whole lot about how US politics 'feel'. But observing you from the sidelines, it does seem like you're experiencing deviancy at every level of your republic's constitution. The presidents have been tyrants, the elites have been plutocrats and the people have been a democracy. So in Aristotelean terms, you do live in the absolute worst state of being for a government.

Funny how Aristotle and Plato are some of the most useful thinkers if you want to understand the basis of American government.

Trump is the best Chinese vice-president.

I only needed to read a single word to know your thread was discardable, impressive.


The kikes are kvetching their asses off 24/7. Theyre also much more bold in their actions.

You guys did this by not voting for Hillary in 2016. #ImWithHerStill

Yoooo Ron, what up dude.
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The are waking up very quickly now. It will be interesting to see where that support goes in 2020.

Five more years faggot.

reminder green text is not an argument

Your point?

Even I could tell this was what was going to happen. You can't win by not having the means of production in your own country and factory jobs would be given to immigrant slaves anyway.