So I've got this idea

Remember the "It's ok to be white" sign thing we did? Fun times, huh? Well I've got this great new idea that's kinda like it.

Think to yourselves, what is the one white man the Jews hate more than any other white man in history? Hitler? No, but good guess. Trump? No, not him either. Who is it then?
"Ok so what?" You ask? Imagine if you will, thousands upon thousands of flyers with just a picture of a cross and the words "Jesus Loves You" beneath it, plastered across every synagogue across the country.


And what are they gonna say, that jesus doesn't love them???
Well, he obviously doesn't, but normies think that jesus loves everyone! What will the normies think when the official Jewish stance is "Jesus doesn't love us tho!"?

Sounds fun, amirite?
Can an user whose good at photoshop mash those 2 pics together?

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Jews aren't white, user.


there is no phase 2

They'll say "Fuck your dumb religion"
And in this one instance, I'd have to agree with them.
Praying to jews doesn't give your magical powers. It doesn't give you any power at all. You might as well pray to Q or to a toaster.
Money, violence, and influence give you power.

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Kill yourself Christcuck and fuck Trump too

Inb4 larping paid kike paganfags swarm this thread, also good idea, going to do this tonight

Actually Jesus Christ does love everyone including jews ofc. He simply isn't fooled by their kikery, nor by any man. It's plain that your notion is simply a misguided attempt to troll jews. A) It won't serve and real purpose to stop globalist kikes, B) doesn't serve any practical purpose to serve or protect Whites.

Oy vey! I’m so happy to see my Zionist Christian supporters who also worship my genital mutilation G-d show their support for our institutions!

Christians aren't white.

Looks like you struck a nerve OP. From the blowback on this thread alone I say it's a good op.

The point isn't so much that it's about praising a (((prophet))) it's they are perceived to be a white one. If they start denying this, they just look more anti-white. We're battling perceptions, not realities.

unless you're a "jew"

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You're a retard. There is nothing edgy about these posters that would make the news, because Christfags poster this kind of stuff all the time.

exactly. there's a fucking bus stop shelter down the road from my house that says jesus loves me and that i should go to church. I don't see kikes bitching about that on the local news. This should dispel the idea that kikes fear jesus or that they see christianity as some threat to their operations. But the retard jeboo worshippers can't seem to get it through their heads despite all evidence that christianity can be and has been used as a tool to destroy whites.

Kill yourself Christcuck

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Are you actually retarded? You can mash that shit together in MSpaint - do it yourself. Also, that's very milquetoast; as the other user said those posters already exist and are everywhere.

If I was to put up signs on synagogues, which I would never do, especially in an organized public effort they aren't going to say someone loves you.

The heebs are out in full force. Wow. It must be a great idea.

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In Minecraft, if you were to mail that to every Jew in a given city, that would cause kvetching.
But, of course, that’s not good enough for shills. You need to fedpost to satisfy them.

Silly user, Zig Forums agrees with the Talmud on Jesus now.

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This would be too easily dismissed as "yet more evangelicals doing their dumb thing". The message needs to be crafted with the intended reaction in mind, and that reaction needs to be inherently eye-opening to the outside observer.

This is a good angle of attack, though. People have no fucking clue how much jews hate Jesus. If you could get the jews to publicly reveal this loathing, you'd shock a lot of American Christians who think jews are their weird pals rather than their mortal enemies, and everyone else who vaguely conflates Christianity and Judaism would be mildly confused at least.

The amount of people here who have an instant conniption fit at the mere mention of Jesus' name for any reason whatsoever never fails to tickle me

we have to put them in jew spaces

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How about "Jesus Forgive You"

The only people who have instant conniptions at the mere mention of Jesus are jews. If you want to spot Jewish shills just post something positive about Jesus

Fucking perfect

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Somebody make this

I just figured something out about our ancestors.

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You want to give five seconds of thought to why the news doesn't make Jews look bad, nigger?

Anyway, they do bitch about Christians. No group of Americans loves any other group as much as the evangelicucks love the Jews, and no group hates another group as much as the Jews hate the evangelicals.

You would be better off putting up signs that say jews hate you on Churches.

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You Americans crack me up.
We wuz sandnegroes n shiet

Hey, I've got a great idea, why don't you kill yourself, you kike worshipper?

Good goy.
>>>Zig Forums

Won't work. IOTBW worked because it dwelt in a grey area where the left were willing to flip out and it was on the edge of the Overton window. Here the phrase is a standard one Christians say all the time and is well and truly within the window. They won't care.

Stunning how many angry replies this received. At first I thought it was a milk toast idea, but now I'm starting to change my mind. Think I will print some of these up and post them.

It won't have any media effect unless they somehow try to connect it to us (which would be hilarious), but there's also no negatives to doing it. By all means, go for it user.


100% of all beaners are catholic
90% of all kangz are evangelists

If Jesus was a Jew, he was a Galilean Jew. He existed before the Ashkenazic & Sephardic bloodlines formed, aka the false jews, the synagogue of satan, and those in power today. In his time, the Jews hated him, and the principles of Christianity oppose the eternal Jew today. Lurk moar before posting brainlet takes faggot.

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Imagine my surprise.

>>>Zig Forums

"Jesus Forgives You" is much bette use that instead

Jews aren't white.


This. OP exposed as juif.

Never paganism goy, worship our desert jew religion that poisons the mind.

Whatever you say Mr goldberg

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would be better, OP.


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Fuck off.

Most people cant print color. Make it black and white. And.put the words underneath the cross


There are always news stories about jews freaking out because mormons keep baptizing dead jews. Jews really seem to freak out for some reason. Maybe have a campaign of sprinkling water on random jews as a lay baptizium

That's just because it's considered holy water. Jews hate jesus as we can see by all the Jews in this thread. If there was holy air, jews would hate that too

How is this any different than what Christfags fo daily?

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Vampires fear the holy water

That's lame bruh. Make it something like "It's not ok to reject Jesus as the messiah" at least

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Interesting idea.

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My favorite atm

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Now let's get evangelicals to spread this among jewish communities and organizations.

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Quit messsing with Jews, they’re more honest people than you sadsacks are.

You realize that, right? To contemplate doing this you have to be dishonest. This isn’t as dreadful as other things, I’ll grant, but it’s still dishonest enough to speak of love when you really only mean to speak of hatred. I mean, how would you like it if muslims draped “Allah Loves You” banners across every church? They believe it, don’t they? Isn’t it honest? No! It’s the same damned thing. They’d be wasting the sentiment of love in a truth of poorly concealed hatred.

Unconceal your hatreds - and then change them for real.


We want jews to get baptized and accept Jesus Christ as their savior, so they won't be damned to hell for eternity. It's all about love.

Doesn't work, retard. Their traits are genetic.

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Fuck off.


Posthumous Baptism the only way, mormons have saved many jews from hell.

I really dont want to go to the christian afterlife now with so many jews around.

Vandalism in the name of Christ plays directly into the hands of the Boomer christcuck Zionists.

Deus Vult

Yes because a christian cult created by a freemason is totally legitimate.

It's okay to get 88 dubs.

as opposed to the one created by romans for the purpose of retaining political power?

Not vandalism. Spreading the love of Christ with flyers and stickers.

Christianity for Israel

Paganchristianity isn't christianity either you know. Honestly read the bible and follow the teachings of Jesus.

This won't benefit anyone. Here's why.
1. The idea behind IOTBW is to show the backlash and bring support to the poster subject. Therefore, this is strictly an OP to make christianity look good. But the results will only help jews. See below.
2. Jews don't play by their own rules, let alone the rules of others. They will use this to bring zionist boomer support to them. Boomers reaction, "Why are you bothering based jews?"
3. This will only annoy orthodox jews that are strictly religious. The hasidic jews would be the most perturbed by this, but every other jew would swiftly find out how to make money & sympathy off of this.
4. Christians only care about conversion. They think that switching jews to their jew religion solves the jewish problem it doesn't. See #2.
5. Jews that aren't orthodox in their ways actually love Jesus. They understand the history of their abrahamic religions better than nearly all christians and know how it made jews rich. See Codex Theodosianus.
6. This will most likely result in support for jews and encourage christians to cuck for more jewish support. E.g. After posters were made to harass the members of [insert synagogue], the local church in solidarity with the jewish has [cucked for christ]
7. Variants like, "Jesus forgives you," show how ineffectual christianity is since jesus is the ultimate advocate for forgiving enemies. Since Jesus is in reality not the enemy of the jews, it's even more ineffectual.
8. You are diluting the importance of poster campaigns. Making poster campaigns without any bite just discourages the creation of and impact of them.
9. Superstition of, "jews hate holy [insert material," only helps jews because jews are practicing their victim image when pretending to be butthurt. This also tricks people into being christian thinking it will help, when most to the level of all christians are neutral or in favor of jews.
10. Christians already do this on a daily basis in different ways. Christians reach out to synagogues and jewish communities and offer conversion. All you're doing is roping Zig Forums into something ineffectual.

Queue the 3-4 Zig Forums crossposters dismissing all of this in various ways:
< see, the jews are hating this so that means it is good
All of this to distract from the fact that this is also part of the Zig Forums astroturfing campaign to ignore all of the redpills on christianity that expose it as jewish subversion. Astroturfing is really easy:
< pretend they don't exist and continue promoting jewish scheme
This is what Zig Forums crossposters do daily.

Jesus loves you.

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We need to spam this shit assp!

Nah a better one would be something like
(*Except the Holocaust)

Read the bible? Which one? And why should I trust the carefully curated parts of it which have been edited and removed or replaced over the years? Which version of the official bible do you approve of and how do we know it's the real deal?

Christianity is dead.

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1. Incorrect. Read the post in order to figure out what for.
2. Incorrect. Boomers will be confused when they see they're holy Jews outraged at their other holy figure.
3. Incorrect. The majority of Jews will be upset. They will make no money off of this; no money was made off of IOTBW.
4. Partially correct, but is completely irrelevant. It will have no effect on the flyer campaign.
5. Incorrect. You Jews hate jesus. Any user can research this and figure this out.
6. Incorrect. See number 2.
7. Incorrect. Jesus is the enemy of the jews.
8 and 9. Incorrect. These points are so retarded I'm not even going to argue them.
10. Mostly correct, but it wont matter .

In conclusion: the entirety of your argument is "Lol jesus is a jew, this plan is stupid"

This just goes to show that their is no such thing as jewish intelligence. You long nosed fucks can't even make a valid argument.

this is your only strong argument tbh.

Trust me jews despise jesus with an unbrideled passion if some jews use it to get support from the normalfag christians then other jews who are strictly religious will be really pissed cause they really fucking hate jesus and eventually both sides will be divided.
It can still drive a wedge between the jews because of how much the jews genuinely hate jesus. Also gonna say this straight. While the jews are a race. They are also a religious sect since they are highly defined by their religion. Thus most jews yes even the extremely rich ones will still follow their religion or alternatively satanism(I don't have to explain why these people would be against this do I?)
Most christians sects barely follow the teachings of the bible and can barely be considered christian. Here is the definition of a christian. Modern "christians" are nothing but useless cattle not even christian. For fuck sake they worship mary and other saints more than jesus(Looking at catholicism in particular here)
"A Christian is a person who follows or adheres to Christianity, an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ"
No they don't they hate his guts. If you are into occult stuff you would know that the people in power have sold their souls to the devil to gain a large amount of material power. Why would the people on the side of Jesus' ==MORTAL ENEMY== love Jesus?
Not if they see the jews kvetching about these flyers. Especially if we have people ballsy enough to do it in the UK. For extra effect put an extra sign saying faggots go to hell if they don't repent(There is a moment in time where people become irrideemable according to Zig Forums but i'm not sure how accurate it is.)
Yes like when he forgave the pharisees by whipping them. People can see the errors of their ways you just have to realize which people are genuinely worth saving.
Agains jews hate Christ so much that in their talmud it literally says he's in hell for being a heretic and is being burning by boiling shit.
Use bible scriptures then if they deny it they clearly are not christian because they are denying the teachings of him.
Really they should try what jesus did.

This is EXACTLY why this flyer campaign will work. That jew couldn't even create a valid argument. We need to spam this shit everywhere. Someone should make a post on half chan pol

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Read the kjv. Honestly its the best one your going to get.

There are preScofield Bibles all over the place. I know because I ha e seen them in used book stores just about everywhere I have been. If you want to know what the ible really says, that's where you look.

Prove it, christard.

It's ok to be )))pagan(((.

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Zig Forumsiggers FUCK OFF

I got kicked out of leftism for sins of excessive kindness. I wasn’t obediently nothing to them, I didn’t hate people on cue, I didn’t submit to isolation like the narcissistic abusers leftists obey tried to require. I kept reaching out to people in warmth and sincerity - and that was intolerable. I got kicked out on two occasions for doing that.

So the far right rose.

If it weren’t for the concomitant ruse of the right I would believe that the leftists I encountered were excrptions, but sociologically soeaking it seems like Team Nice submitted to Teams Snark and “Not” Evil, and then Teams Snark and “Not” Evil just revealed they were hateful all along.

The right is better at being hateful than the left. Love-love contests go left; hate-hate contests go right. Leftists need to stop immiserating each other and promoting doctrinal isolation; the old coalition of the fringes relied on a lately lacking capability to make the (abusive) right get left (behind). When the left contends in the spiritual motte of the right by hating people, the left gets left behind instead.

I have no intention of ever ceasing to be kind. When people bring concerns to me directly, I listen to them and do my utmost to help work through them. Someday, “leftist” trolls (saboteurs) will lose their grip on the heart of leftism, and I will once more rejoin the left in their own spaces.

It’s not exactly like this space has been showing off a capacity for kindness, but I find openly wrong people more tolerable than the sanctimoniously perfected xenophobes of the left.

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