Anti-Frank Yang General

This thread is intended to be a primer to redpill anyone who is unaware of the YQ (Yang Question).

PAID perental leave
Cuck Nuke Authority
UBI (universal basic income)
MORE GIBS for single parents
POLICE "Fake News"

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Yang is being spammed by the (((DailyStormer))) and TRSodomites. They know Yang has no chance of defeating Trump on a policy of
Yang is controlled opposition designed to keep Trump in power. If you want to start fighting ZOG, if you're an Accelerationist, then support Tulsi Gabbard or simply don't vote.

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Employers will avoid hiring people who are recently married of who have a baby coming. I know i would.

Any sources proving these points?
It sounds legit though, I'm skeptical of the gibs angle, and the based yellow man angle..

What if i just don't care about (((politics))) and want to get paid 1K ever month?

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are you retarded?

This is just what I've collected by listening to Rogan's interview and JF's coverage. Unfortunately, I can't link to any articles, but these are definitely what he stands for. I recommend the Rogan interview if you want to get redpilled hard on this chink.
here's his website, talking about his gay gun control plan.

This is relevant to my jewdar. Sauce?

Anyone supporting the gook unironically is a retard, however:
This is pantsu-on-head retarded, OP is probably a low IQ libertarian; you get UBI REGARDLESS of what income you make, you're not forced to make only 1k/m maximum.
You mean the same as right now?

If you're willing to vote for a lefty faggot gook just for a thousand a month, just go get on fucking Disability/SSI. I agree that our current soviet capitalist system is fucking us royally, but voting for pinkos who want to make it nearly impossible for us to obtain/maintain ownership of guns/attachments is not wise at all. Same goes for his policies on open borders, and incentivizing more niggers and spics coming here. TL;DR fuck the gook faggot, get SSI if you're such a NEET

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Please go back and read the very first fucking thing i said
Yang deserves the Nanking treatment, that all the other candidates are too retarded to make this their policy is to his advantage. UBI is unironically a good and necessary thing that we need as fast as possible and the only reason americans ree at the idea when it almost became law under NIXON is because they've been brainwashed by corporate kikes into believing that anything benefiting the little guy is communism
you can't work on that, which really does lock you into a shitty

I'm still in the server.
It's a shit show right now.

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The yang spam is a reaction to the trump betrayal and shilling.
You made your bed, now lay in it.

I'm with you. I don't think Trump can win anyway.
He's spat in everyone's face far too many times.

He caved on the wall, amnesty, gun control, Syria, immigration, actually I dont think there's anything he hasn't cucked on.

Everything you say is true, but only after we purge ourselves of mudslimes and Jews and everything else. Otherwise it will not help our birth rate problem, blacks and Hispanics will outbreed us because of feminism and “muh career”

It would be best in an all white state, but so would any other program. It sure as hell CAN NOT make things any worse. Niggers gonna nig, and it might actually help the birthrate, because now Stacy has some cushion to stay home and take care of the kids.

Then you would honestly be more useful going on a non-white killing rampage.

Zig Forums isn't supporting Yang.
Do we support Trump or Gabbard?

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Country is already lost, I just want my $1,000 a month paycheck

Fair enough. Might make it easier for me to have kids so I can’t complain. Already secured a woman but money is the primary issue

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Time to watch it all burn. Anyone but Trump. I originally wanted to shill for Bernie for max damage but at the end of the day I don't really care.

fair enough

He supports trannies, what other reason does anyone need to drop this idiot?

The gore videos?

Still holding out for Hitler?

Yang is being shillled ULTRA HARD on 4cancer right now.

What the actual fuck.

You don't need to be Literally Hitler to not support degenerate mentally ill parasites.

There is no such person, you fucking retard.
If you're going to shitpost, at least use the right name.

He's a D/C tactic to further cut down Trump's voting base, left is panicking because they're fractured in so many directions by presidential contenders.


Yeah so does Trumpstein and wants to start wars over making sodomy legal world wide. At this point every option is the same on important issues(demographics) with Trumpblattberg we're going to get millions of shitskin immigrants, I'd rather at this point at least get free shit while I'm being genocided than remain dirt poor under a (((republican))) and take money away from the greedy jew loving boomers

And what makes you think that THIS candidate won't end up repeating what Trump did? The system is rigged to not allow too much pushback, the Deep State will make sure of it.

But that's the point. Even if he DOES, which he almost certainly will, at least White people would get free gibs as part of the deal.

Most Whites tend to support (((republicans))) for some reason and they panic and tend to get more radical under a (((democrat))) even if both options end up being the exact same shekel. Obama radicalized Whites like nothing else despite the fact he was actually better for them than Trump. If Yang or whatever commie crazy dem actually takes shit away from comfy obese boomers and doles it out then even better because boomers will freak the fuck out, the country will get poorer because subhuman shitskins can't hold on to a nickel they never worked for and the acceleration will happen faster. This country's only hope at this point is for it to die and people rebuild in the rubble.

Yang wants to roll out UBI. His policies will run American into the ground. This will wake people up and they will put a stop to it.

Otherwise four more years of Trump.

Also Yang isn't Jewish.

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Gun control got me fucked up fam, but its funny to see a dem candidate shit up things when they get invited to the dance so let fuck let him speak at the debates. D&C on those fuckers again.

UBI won't be of much use when your society and economy have collapsed and bread sets you back 2 1/2 wheelbarrows of cash and/or a blowjob.

The Chinks LOVE Jews and Judaism though.

No one loves jews and israel like Trump does(his own words, the only thing he's ever told the truth on)

And how is that even a fucking argument?
Sit back a second and think about what you're going to post damn it.

OF COURSE any US president is required to "love the jews", otherwise he wouldn't be POTUS. Arguing that "at least Yang isn't a Jew" is bullshit because even if Chinks didn't love Judaism as much as they do - Both are greedy amoral races, after all - he'd have to suck their dick anyway.

Are there any pro-White political groups left to join that aren't run by jews now that America First has gone blackpill commie?

Anti yang Shilling again? Why are people so afraid of him? Must be because hes onto something.

100% of anti yang and aoc posters are jidf shills who jerk off to human suffering and want to prevent anything that would make them have to work for the first time in their life. Omg poor people are being given a chance omg this is so radical and extremist omg who will sweep my floors and clean my toilets omg this can't happen poor people with opportunities is evil! Having ten yachts is good! I don't care about anyone but myself! But you need to take my concerns into consideration!

Fuck off your gross faggots.

This is true and Yang could be a sneaker Jew like Uma Thurman or Demi Moore. Speaking of which we should have a smash or gas thread but I'm not sure if that would get banned.

Never mind everybody says he's a Chinese spy with Jewish transgender supporters.

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Capitalism - hey let's buy everything everyone needs to survive and then have murderer cops and marines protect us while we enslave everyone

Socialism - hey let's collaborate and make a world that is good for everyone




Waaaaaah but then how do I have people do things for me waaaaaah ill have to learn how to change a tire waaaaaaaaah

You lost money worshipers. Deal with it.


Yeah, so we're back at square one, both candidates bend over for kikes and every single con OP listed is a reality under Trumpberg right now(and some even nuttier things) except for gibs, so we might as well vote for the candidate that's going to make Whites the most uncomfortable and get some free shit while we're at it. There's literally no point in voting for Trumpstein.

You react to a red hat like monsters react to sunlight. Why do you do it?

I never said anyone should vote for Trump. I'm just arguing that "at least be get free shit" isn't a good reason to vote for Yang.

Does anyone else oppose it? No. Stop being a fag.
Has anyone else? No. Stop being a fag.
Is there anyone who has 0 jews supporting them? No. Stop being a fag.
Is anyone else against it? No. Stop being a fag.

Trump was the molotov cocktail tossed into the WH to upend the whole system. He didnt do that. Now its time to steer this ship into the iceburg.

No ones going to save you.

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the good thing about yang is that he takes ai and automation very seriously. its his main talking point, and trump and other candidates havent even brought up the question yet

i remember there was a saying that went something like this "if you want to succeed, you have to be first, be smarter, or cheat" yang is just the first guy to talk about ai. and ai is going to the the biggest event in human history. guys, ai is going to take over ALL JOBS and then ai will become conscious and sentient and it will recursively self-improve to the point of becoming a god

thats why i dont really post on Zig Forums because its filled with double digit iq retards who just blame the jews for everything and arent aware of the bast technological progress that ai has been making. guys, forget jews or niggers or even human beings. ai is THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. but no, Zig Forums is just a massive echo chamber of retards who blame other people for their problems, completely indistinguishable from niggers

but its nice that you retards are atleast aware of what automation is now thanks to yang. but i agree with you guys in the sense that yang is a soulless chink who will destroy the USA and make it more like china. he is a massive soulless sellout

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shut the fuck up boomer

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Submit to the #YangGang. It's USELESS to resist.

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This shit is why I drink. I'm blackpilled. Someone please set the kickoff so I can do something tangible.

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Absolutely organic and native Zig Forums anons.

Take a Mexican's Job?

Saved. Time to be the yin for the yang and meme this chink into office in 2020.

We should do a parody of Psy's Gangnam Style but where's talking about giving you $1000 and how his policies will crash the economy and gun control.

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Become a CIAnigger intern, accidentally dump shit onto Zig Forums.
Fuck off Langleyfags, I don't want anymore love letters, thanks.

HA HA Take that Dlumpf!
Shills get the bullet too.

I think the troll factor on Yang could be pretty edgy because he's a chingchong. Sweet and sour dog. Pick a thing to eat comrade.

But honestly I think the Chinese are disgusting because they eat dogs. Anyone who eats dog should be bulldozed.

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I don't care what they eat. What pisses me off is how they like to torture the fucking wretched animals before they kill them. It's supposed to be good luck or some chink bullshit.

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Sounds good

Then fellate a shotgun faggot, because only anti-Whites support Trumpberg at this point


There's no way anyone's falling for this. Shills shilling shills.

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This would be some epic shit trolling. Headlines too. Alt-right jumps ship on Trumpberg.

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I wonder what this cost the taxpayer.

Do you think that kid grows up to do that shit ?
Seeing that happen is so different from hunting, and that kid isn't even 10 or anything where you can explain shit. Chinks are the fucking worst, after jews.

No one unironically thinks this chink is "based" you retard, read the fucking thread. The take away is we get the same shit with this slant eyed bug as we do with the kike Trump so we might as well vote for free shit and making Whites wake the fuck up.

btw loora engram was on fire tonight had soem turkarab yellign about isnotreal conspiracy that includes jewpelosi and other republicans it was great. had a hot serbian lady talking shit defending jewmerica. 10/10.

please get of the computer tyrone

$2 trillion per year.

This will bankrupt everybody and cause hyperinflation.

The only real reason to put Yang in Power is to start a civil war when he tries for gun confiscation.

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Nah he will let the US be invaded liek the mooslim in lundun

You'll be off the computer before me that's for sure, you gotta work off israel's 38 billion aid. MIGA!

bernie is better tbh

If you're smart, and get SSI, you could easily save money and move into the country and avoid the cesspool cities. From there, you can become self sustaining and just wait for STHTF

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Agreed, Yang would only serve that purpose. But the Patriotards have let us down before. They've turned their guns in, during Katrina.. Either way, this collapse/balkanization had better happen soon.

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Nigger faggot captcha

Purchasing power regresses to the mean.

A 1k ubi will just inflate basic commodities and services which will snowball every industry. And make unskilled jobs worthless. It will impoverish the poorest in society making sure they have no opportunity and have to subside on the bare minimum given to them by the state.

yang is just the meme of the week. because, like the op says, he's a massive fucking chink homo with terrible stances on everything, he'll keep saying more and more cucked shit.

guaranteed he'll be sucking israel's cock soon enough, esp if he makes debates

well looks like i support him even more now
back to cuckchan, faggot

Already happened

Reaction to Patrick Little.
Just counter shill their 4cuck threads with Pat memes.

yang vs little 2020?

if Zig Forums is going to vote then you need to vote for Patrick Little. Reminder to kill all jews and muds

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From the creation of artificial intelligence the creation of a super intelligence is not far off.

Autonomous kill bots are coming. Best thing to do is learn to code. Understand AI libraries and how to use them.

Jews rape kids.

He is for use, pragmatism over autism. Asians got no swag and he's no exception as a prospect.

What the fuck is wrong with these Yang supporters?
Some subhuman waves $1,000 in their faces and they abandon their race to the Jew, just like that?

totally not a chicom plant

$1k won't buy food for the week under Yang's plan.

Chink by blood.

Gibs without population Management, both via immigration and birth rates is issue generating.

Taiwanese- all the NatCaps housed there

as if backwoods LARPers will ever use them. Fuck guntards keeping our society from the brink of prosperity.

t.pajit streetshitter

Do you not want to crash this plane? Cuck.

What's wrong with crippling america so it's too weak to do whatever Israel demands of it?