WHITE PEOPLE ARE RETARDS. I am a white guy by the way. White people need a nigger from Somalia to tell them that AIPAC is influential and when the nigger tells them that the whites get mad and start juping around helping the jews pass resolutions to codemn criticism of politicians serving Israel. WHITE PEOPLE FRIGGIN SUCK MAN, its pathetic. And the only democrats who have been resisting the move to condemn anti-semitism have been brown women.

So basically niggers\ women and brown women are the only ones with the balls to say no to jews and you can have a see of white male balls in government and all those testicles and no testicular fortitude. I guess on the positive whites do have the balls to verbally abuse each other on the internet. Whites have the balls to verbally abuse strangers from vast distances. That's really great and not pathetic at all.

And its not only white males who are cowards but its the white females too. Whites are a joke. THE WHITE RACE IS RULED BY JEWS BECAUSE WHITES ARE WEAK COWARDS, WHITES ARE THE PROBLEM.

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Fixed. And yes, I've been saying it for years. We need to pull the weeds from our own to make room for the strong. Right now we are surrounded by the cattle bred by the kikes.

Sad as it is to admit, there is no race more under the Jewish yoke than whites, and no country under it's yoke more than America.
-t. White American

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Anyone on this site who says that they only notice AIPAC recently is a jew shill.

Whites put Democrats like Omar into the House when kikes like (((Andrew Anglin))) worked hard to prevent that.
Jews attempt to keep whites asleep because they know only whites have the power to annihilate Jewry, and they're beginning to wake up.

Attached: DailyStormer ptg.JPG (980x923, 146.62K)

Low-IQ, low-information whites are a big part of the problem.

Attached: trump-supporter2.jpg (737x441 151.44 KB, 59.63K)

The deformed kike and his total impotency to stop white people.

Her district is heavily Muslim and from Africa.

Unfortunately there is some truth to this. However the problem is complicated. The (((parasites))) have learned to play on our altruism, for one. Also christcuckery has created a massive swath of pro Israel morons in the process. This is undeniable.

Why do you lie?

As far from the truth as could possibly be. White people are no threat to Jews in the current year, (other than those rioting in France).

Rashida was another.

Attached: dems 13.JPG (1401x656, 136.73K)

Yeah okay

Attached: 36aa4b68770edf0a61c1dd8daeb5d19d7f86f16fa2ede460eac7e6e4e910467f.jpg (997x1516, 313.27K)


How many whites even mention AIPAC in a negative light now a days in congress? Be honest here man

White people won't let other white people have sex with farm animals, so white people are in fact retards.

It's that you moarpheus?



2012, goddamn.

Is that you, Anglin?

Attached: steve-king-maymay.jpg (3000x4000, 3.92M)

So Steve King cannot say AIPAC is bad, but actual jews like AOC and muslims can.

Is that you moarpheus?

The issue isn't with race, it's with emotional thinkers who evaluate truth by it's MESSENGER as opposed to the MESSAGE itself. They're devoid of thinking for themselves; only using their stimuli to react to buzzwords like "14" while being incapable of parsing information. People like Illhan will never make a difference as they're willing to believe in any lie out there. If Alex Jones said that the sky was blue, then they would refuse to believe in it.

They aren't even close.

King promotes the idea of "white supremacy" which serves to make the struggle against White Genocide seem unpalatable. When King is condemned for his "racist" view then his comments on AIPAC are also disregarded. Omar, however, does not go this route and has hard far greater success.

the UK is more kike controlled than US

So PR cucking now? Also provide evidence Steve King promotes "white supremacist".

Face it, when a white person denounces a jew, you will denounce him.

But if a brown piece of shit does it, it is /ourshitskin/, you are fucking transparent.

The best memes, you should dump the rest you have

Attached: cernovich-maymay.jpg (1622x2624 535.64 KB, 615.43K)

I’m sorry, is that person in congress? But even if they are, and even if they are “white” despite the last name (((Benjamin))), how does that prove me wrong?
We have a handful of mudslime congress people stirring up all kinds of ruckus doing low level redpilling on the JQ and Zionism. And we have helluva lot more of white people in congress, which factors into a per capita discrepancy.
This is not at all condoning mudslimes. Perhaps they can be useful idiots. But it is nevertheless indicative of a sorry state for our people, too cucked and afraid to call out the actual puppet masters

Zig Forums is in the middle of two shill companies, one hating TDS and loving baste muslim.

This I would be more willing to accept than china or south korea. Do you mean all the UK, or just England? I heard Scotland has some traditional anti-semitism, but I don't really know anyone from the UK to confirm or deny.

It's all so tiresome. Pick a better template for D&C madlibs.

You are condoning muslim, because muslim are allowed to be in the House and muslim can say bad thing about AIPAC but white people cannot.

It is all controlled opposition.

No, exposing Jewish tricks. King said:
First of all, White Nationalism (the belief in a white ethnostate) and Western Civilization have nothing to do with the modern concept of White Supremacy (we're better than all of you!). White Supremacy is the boogeyman used to discredit white nationalism and white western civilization. King is a kike who setup other kikes to knock-down the fight against white genocide.
There is no /our/ anything outside of /ourchesspieces/. Omar, for example, can expose Israel without being called a "white supremacist" and having her legitimate criticisms made to look illegitimate, as was the case with (((Steve King))). She's useful.


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It is moarpheus literally shilling for democrats.

If my plan involves first destroying Israel then who should I shill for? Republicans?

Attached: dems 6.JPG (1176x361, 76.52K)

working on one for yang

No, you are PR cucking.

King does not promote white supremacist, you fear the simple fact the word is mentioned in a neutral light.

Meanwhile, the muslim can shill for refugees while being anti-Israel, and you would back it.

The only shills here are Jews, and it's been like that since 2016.

They will be pouring in as soon as election season begins.

Attached: trump - Israel Now And Forever.jpg (596x953 195.64 KB, 388.01K)

Attached: OP is a phaggot.webm (640x360, 2.95M)

Neither party since they are all Israel party?

Moarpheus, you admit you are a votecuck now?

It's becoming hilarious more than anything. Especially if that shill has a stricter purity test than fucking Nazi Germany.

There are muslim shills here, they call anyone who call them out jews.

I mean I’m personally not at all, at least not intentionally. I do think that we shouldn’t be above self criticism. But you do raise fair points so I’ll give you that.
The whole “allowed” and controlled opposition thing though only exists because of our consent. If we stopped giving a fuck about being called “racist” and collectively told them (media kikes) to pound sand it’d lose its power and we’d be WAY more free then we are now

Well, moarpheus is okay with supporting one of the core messages, not the whole.

Yes I would and you know why.

Does Omar, AOC, and Gabbard seem pro-Israel to you or have they been vocal in exposing the Israeli influence over America?
No, but there are millions who will vote regardless. So why not use that information to our advantage?

This guy gets it.
King is shit. Whistleblowers like Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Arthur Koestler, Benjamin Freedman, Ariel Toaff are worth a read.

AOC is a literal jew, Omar is a zionist muslim and Rashida wants moar refugees for murica, Gabbard is also a pro-war zionist.

There is no voting solution.

Funny how moarpheus now actively encourage people to vote non-white jewish democrat.

Holy shit, actual jews are BASTE.

Yes, I realized since 2018. There is no voting solution.


Yes, but not a political Zionist.
Sauce? Omar has done nothing but expose the Zionist lobby in America while attacking Israel.
Just like Trump. Difference is the Right will genocide whites slowly while the Left will open our borders and force Over-Exposure.
pic related here

Attached: tulsi redpill.jpg (573x620 150.72 KB, 645.24K)


And? All jews are zionist.
Omar shills for the two state solution and the dethroning of Assad.
So just vote for jews, more war & more immigration.
Anti-Assad, pro war.

This is moarpheus 2019, democrat shill.

being brainwashed from birth with kiked media, news and education is also a factor

No. While there are no good Jews, all Jews are not Zionists.
I've never said these Democrat's have the winning strategy only that they're useful idiots who redpill both sides of the aisle on Israel and the Israeli Lobby in America. This is why they're useful but they will not retain power once the plan ventures into the next stage. Pawns are never meant to take the Queen, user.
You don't have to vote but millions will. Should we convince them to vote for slow-motion genocide, pro-Israel candidates or anti-Israel candidates who will overplay their cards by opening our borders and sparking revolt? There is only two options. Which do we pick?

Attached: cortez stands with omar.png (729x384, 41.42K)

Her district.

Minnesota is full of mudshit either ways.

It's a happy day when a Muslim kills a Jew, and saying that doesn't make one a Muslim. You have people on here who pretend to be pro-White and cheer when a Jew-loving white (Breivik) kills whites, simply because the victims took the side of the Muslims over the Jews. They cheer when a Jew runs over a white girl (Corrie) with a bulldozer, which is unacceptable no matter what she was doing. These shills come fishing for useful idiots and find many here in nu/pol/. As soon as I posted a 9/11 truth, anti-Israel thread they showed up en masse.
There has been a shift here from anti-semitism (a useful ideology) to useless ones, like pro-Trump and MGTOW. Jewish infiltrators are 100% behind it.

You see how the shills conflate saying "this person is worth reading" with "this person is based." Jewish shilling, since the people I've listed are all write things that threaten them.
Gilad Atzmon wrote the Wandering Who, making the case that Jews are colonists.
Israel Shamir writes numerous articles revealing Jewish power.
Arthur Koestler and Ben Freedman point out that the Jews aren't who they say they are, but are Turko-Finns from the south of Russia.
Ariel Toaff wrote the famous book "Bloody Passover" chronicling Jewish Ritual Murder (which used to be a popular redpilling topic on old/pol/, these days a JRM thread would be slid)

Your fabily bimles won'd stob tde reboludion.

Moarpheus 2019. And no, all jews are zionist, and you are shilling for jews.
No, you just shill for them instead because you are paid to.
Convince them to not vote, there is no anti Israel candidate.

You have fallen low, moarpheus, but it makes more sense now, what is with all the shilling against actual people like Pat Little.

nice b8 m8

Zig Forums 2019: muslim and jews are BASTE.

I miss 2017 Zig Forums: muslim = jews, kill them all.

seems legit.
Zig Forums does it for free.
Everything I said that I'd do a number of years ago has been done. This you can not deny. Now the environment is being created in which the People will first start considering National Socialism and soon after embrace the ideology. Nazbol, user, is not winning nor can it. Embrace National Socialism while you still have the choice. In the future Rohm Purge will be out-preformed. If Pat Little wants to get anywhere he needs to clean up his solution and embrace what we're doing. Then he'll be given political power, if not he can stay on YouTube until purged.

dog bless and ads

Attached: serveimage.png (1000x1000, 278.96K)

All you do so far is shilling against any right wing candidates and promote left wing ones in the ruse of "anti-Israel", surprise, none of them are anti-Israel. You are just a shill like ShareBlue in 2016.

Also, all jews are zionist, though it is funny now you love the baste anti-Israel jews.

I still remember last year when you said your plan is to jaill all jews lol

I miss 2009, where this board was a treasure trove of useful information about Jews. Any day you viewed this board, there was intersectional antisemitism, and people from every country in the world were here dropping useful info. Over time, as the Jews and their agents worked on it, most of the old, well-informed, high-IQ user base left, and was replaced. Non-whites and non-Americans were here, and this place was more like an information center of counter-Jewry than the low-info CPAC/Breitbart site it is today. Some of us are still here, like myself, and I would post a Jewish Ritual Murder thread like in the old days, but my archive list was lost with my old hard drive. Maybe I'll put together another one just to draw the shills from JTRIG, and make a video of my screen as I spar with them and post it in webms.
Anons here wouldn't even click on a video unless it was a webm, those were the days.

Literally nigger shilling, and that nigger would also kill you like the rest.

here's another one

Weird, the non-whites never left. Zig Forums is still significantly non-white.

It just does not trust baste muslims.

this is a White Christian country and we have certain principles against anti-zionism and other forms of anti-semitism. If you want to live here i suggest you share our principles.

Another one of what?

inb4 CTR/ShareBlue did not exist

You must be a fucking nigger. There are clearly jew factions e.g.: zionists vs diaspora. The only question is whether the difference is real or feigned and in that vein the larger question is whether there is a real difference even in the case that the admitted potential distinction exists.

My guess is that large-scale there isn't much of a difference and the rest of the world will be better off if all jews are gone.

Small scale (short timescale) it is clear that the zionists might actually be helpful, and it is even more clear that the diaspora jews who love being parasites throughout the nations of the world are literally evil by definition.

If possible (and this is a big "if"): turn the jews against one another to the maximum extent. They're a group but they're not a literal hivemind. The same bullshit they exhibit against us goyim is employed against fellow/lesser jews as well AFAIK.

Maybe their jilted cast-offs will bear fruit for us.

Attached: couldnt save this smile.png (480x360, 195.17K)

Principles of letting zionist muslim holding office and sending money to jews so they kill more white people?

no hats in congress pls

Wow, now we have the narrative of baste jews vs israeli jews, surprise, we have this discussion since 2016.

There is no baste anti-Israel jews, they are all zionist.

Moarpheus literally compromises after 5 years, pathetic.

At least the better portion of them, yes. I don't believe they can assimilate under the laws which will be enforced, nor do I believe they deserve a political State. And we can only get away with that if the entire world is in our grasp, user. You see, I have a higher objective. This time, the world.

Attached: omar 5.png (594x804, 79.99K)

They allow that now.

Americans have themselves to blame. The return-of-christ psychosis has allowed the jewish to effectively control the USA as fanatical Christians have tied modern Zionist israel to christian prophecy when there is actually no link at all.

Attached: GoodSalt.com-rhpas1854.jpg (400x323, 34.08K)

Jesus fucking christ how retarded can you be?

You literally inverted (as jews are wont to do) my point.

Attached: 7A2859E9-1ED0-426A-8DDB-0FF2C8D6F087.jpeg (414x376, 18.28K)

None of them are anti-Israel actually.

And your objective is shilling for democrats, now you can't even tell me you are gonna all jews like last year because some jews are baste.

Pathetic, but at least I know you admit your own failure.

In fact I'd love to meet you personally. What's your info?

Attached: 1498010521521.jpg (450x532, 70.06K)

This is the end of America.
I can not wear a ccross in congress but why can muslim wear a hat?
Why are muslim allowed to say anti-israel?
Muslim should be impeached for anti-american speech.

Are you saying Omar calling out AIPAC and the Jewish State is not "anti-Israel?" Please explain.

The question is: how retarded are you to trust jews?

Answer: massively.

I doubt it, except for the Jews and a few Pajeets and Spics. The majority of the board are GOP-aligned Jews from America and low-info anons that washed up from Reddit, Daily Stormer, or some other place I don't go to. They post anti-Jewish things occasionaly because it's edgy, not because they understand the JQ or the threat it represents.
No one ever did, but when they do something useful or funny, Zig Forums used to celebrate, like in the case of the Black Israelites (Das Rite) or in the case of Omar. Old/pol/ understood the ancient proberb "the enemy of my enemy is a friend," and what it means - nu/pol/ butchers it, takes it literally, and posts shitty wojak memes.

She supports its existence and the destruction of its enemies.

Tell me how is she anti-Israel?


You are a worthless fucking jew. How does it feel to be a willful parasite upon the peoples of the world who wish to expand the potential of human life?

It has nothing to do with “based Jews” vs zionists. But it’s a simple daft that’s even jews are divided ideologically.
Jews use nasty tricks such as D&C all the time, why can’t we? The whole thing is why not tear down a particular Jew or mudslime they are attacking Israel? When they are proposing some Marxist filth propaganda, or so pro sharia shit, fine, go after them. But when they are attacking other Jews, why step in? The enemy of my enemy isn’t exactly my friend but I don’t have to stop them from self destructing either


The fuck, kike?

It has everything to do with that, it's about convincing people that there are two faction of jews warring each other when nope, there is no war.

It's literally two jews playing theater.

Also all of this thread is going on screencap. I find it funny that now the jews are literally shilling for baste jews but on the left, not on the right.

europeans are slave/golems of jews/semites. jewish people were an actual part of the ancient civilization while europeans didn't even have civilization or written language. it was jews who were who trying to get subhumans whitoids accepted into rome as more than the slaves they were.

jewish people taught whitoids how to thieve properly. england banned jews but then begged them to come back because they understood jews were their superior and could teach them how to loot and pillage. what happened afterwards? the golem angloids went around raping and pillaging using jew techniques. western civilization is jewish civilization since they contributed the most continually whether it's christianity, finance, or underhanded tactics. white men are mostly pathetic sissy faggots who were always ruled by jews.

white superiority is a fucking joke. angloids don't have anything to do with rome or ancient greece. nords are losers who can only claim they were viking savages. barbarian was the word used to describe the "ayran master race". it's like if vietnamese pretend they're "asian" so all chinese culture and history belongs to them. whitoids WE WUZ even worse than niggers and their egypt shit. nord/angloid retards seriously believe they had ruled the middle east and northern africa.

roughly 350 "good" years out of 2,500 of being slaves.

How is this supporting its existence and the destruction of its enemies? Zionists don't want a two-State solution, they want Greater Israel. And again, see:

You'll find out.

Not really, Zig Forums is still majorly non-white.

They just don't trust this transparent shilling.

Actually jews and zionists will do everything to have a state, thus they would be okay with two state solutions, and then slowly breeding out the muslim or sending them to America/Europe, like they are doing now.


Daily reminder that only whites and asian remain the biggest threats to you.

Muslim = jews. Blacks are their literal saves and that have never changed.

Wake up.

Your claims do not match up with reality.

Attached: two state solution.JPG (200x200 44.96 KB, 23.61K)

Pity, since two-state solutions are always fake. One-state solution is what really terrifies ZOG, and they are always working to keep it from becoming a reality.

Not by the posts I see here. It's majority white American, low education.

Actually, a two state solution means the zionist state still exists, thus that would be their last acceptance.

Nope, you can't even prove it.

Due to their spelling, I think it's mostly spics.

nobody is a threat to jews because there's enough space and cattle like you to be ruled over by all the smart people. instead of them fighting each other they can just use trash like you and throw you away like used toilet paper.

they don't need you golems anymore so you're getting tossed out.