Some reflections over the current state of western decay and the reasons why

Here's my two cents, if anyone cares to read.

Humans are naturally hypergamous, women want to breed only with the top 20% of males.

Of course, this means 80% of the beta population will never have a chance to reproduce under normal circustances.

This are the two major oposite forces in civilization. Women who seek to return to their natural state of hypergamy versus the beta majority who wants to limit female sexual freedom.

All the notions of purity, monogamy, chastity, virginity, are nothing more than social constructs betas use to keep women in check.

Feminism, moral decay, sexual liberation, pornography, incels, are the consequences of women being free to pursue hypergamy.

We're biologically hardwired to seek hypergamy.

Civilization is a side effect of male social hierarchies, males create civilization in order to gain sexual advantages and compete in the sexual marketplace by means of looks, money, status.

As such males try to diferentiate and try to gain skills and develop a civilization simply as a mean to gain money or status, since this grants the most sucessful males, with access to the most desirable women.

And such, civilizations are born from the conquest and destruction of previous civilizations by barbarians.

In the early stages, alphas conquer military a soft declining civilization, as a repulse of their degeneracy and weakness.

In the animal kingdom, alpha males usually kill or rape weaker beta males, and such stronger more masculine civilizations usually conquer female civilizations.

After this stage, some kind of peace is archived because there's big social unity, racial homogeinity and social cohesion.

Beta males start to compete for female attention by proxy means, usually making art, or developing technology, or humanities and philosophy.

A period of economic development appears and the civilization enters it's golden era.

Eventually money starts to morally corrupt the spirit of the civilization, people start to think more in materialistic terms, there's a push for secularization, loss of religion and loss of morality.

Males become weaker, and this spread of humanistic ideals start to push for egalitarian philantrophy.

This has the consequence of allowing women to gain political power and class conciusness, women want to be freed of the beta control.

Women now start to push for their own interest and start to ask for economic independance.

Women enter the workforce, seen as this big social progress by the weak males.

birth rates collapse because women now wanna become strong women don't need no man.

women now try to replace betas position with the welfare state, this makes sense from the women interest.

with demographic decline and a growing welfare state, there's a decline of the taxpayer population.

To solve this, the goverment support for massive inmigration of cheaper labor force, since the soft males are too educated for manual labor, also inmigration is politically cheaper than limiting women rights and forcing them to breed.

This serves as temporal solution for a while, but demographics don't increase and the goverment has to print money to afford the ever growing foreign bases and welfare state.

Goverment and economy declines into thirld world status.

Eventually, other competing civilizations, much more primitive and barbarian, start to outcompete the decaying empire and eventually they destroy it because they see it as morally bankrupt garbage.

What pol tend to miss, is not because of some conspiracy by the joos, but is a natural cycle human societies follow because of our reproductive strategies.

Women destroy a civilization because they seek to return to a hypergamous state while betas try to keep them in check by religion or patriarchal means.

However, hypergamy is what makes males to seek to compete for females by making art and eventually building a civilization.

Military conquest is also a form of stealing resources and women from other civilizations.

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You thread is advocating nigger behavior

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Not really, more like a biological why explanation of why decay happens.

Reason why is Europe shit: Christianity
Christianity made Europeans adopt jewish values. It made them (((their))) cattle. Christians are the strongest supporters of jews. Christians took away our own identidy


The same things has happen on civilizations that existed before the jews were born, or happened in civilizations without jew population.

Chinese dynasties had no jew population, yet same phenomena happened.

Fuck you with your condescending "meme lingo". You portray "alpha males" as vain, physically attractive and mentally empty jocks who are defined because they fuck holes. Real men are and always were the strongest, fittest and those whose pursuits exceeded hedonism and carnal debauchery.
Monogamy and family virtues are present in all high-tier civilizations no matter the cultural differences. Niggers don't count. Virginity (originally applying only to females) was always praised and cherished, except in nigger and Tatar cultures. While you're true that biologically people aren't monogamous, it's overcoming that makes us humans and distinguishes us from animals that don't have such "social constructs".

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Most human civilizations were polygamous, specially things like harems with war slaves or just hundreds of concubines were not particularly something rare for human history.
There's plenty of historical examples where a single male has had hundreds of childrens with hundreds of women.
Genghis khan had 1000 kids during his lifetime and eventually 1/10 of all modern asians are his offspring.
So, all the alpha males are usually desired by a lot of women, simply because they're more atractive or wealthy.
The most sucessfull male he is, the less monogamous he is, this has been proven scientifically in primates by switching the gender number.
When there are less females in a primate group, males seem to be more loyal and they're taken care more properly.
When there are more females than males, there seem to be more promiuscuity, males are less loyal and there's more nigger behaviour.
It happens on other species.
From what I've read it seems alpha males and women push for sexual liberation because of self interest.

I'm not trying to morally defend this BTW, just trying to give a proper biological explanation.
I do believe this is more biological than just the fault of the jews.

Also, you seem to ignore there has been greatness in other races/civilizations at their golden era.
Chinese had several golden eras, Arabs had their own golden eras, persians had their own golden era, same with Hindus.

Again, I'm not even disagree with you, seems like monogamy is what allows the most of civilization while sexual liberation makes the society to morally decay.

China what?
It was conquered by Mongols because they were superior in warfare. Niggers are not even conquering our countries with armies, they are let in by jews.
Problem is jewish degeneracy and that jews exist in our society. However for whites to get to this point, there was need for (((Christianity))) and other universalist garbage
Jews ruined the west however as I suspect jews have included Israel in "the west" I'd rather use word Europe
Christcuckery was step one.
Now (((they))) are brainwashing people that white genocide does not happen, does not matter, is normal or even should happen.
There are not 80% of betas, who don't reproduce
As you can see about 25% of the males don't reproduce right now, not 80%. White women don't want niggers and are the most loyal group from all people

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You have to go back.

I wish you edgy 14 year olds would get off my site.

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West decay is the result of natural civilizational cycles, which I think follow economic decay from overspending in a fiat system to sustain a welfare system while having subreplacement birth rate.

I don't see inmigration or feminism, or sexual liberation or women entering the workforce, or women not having children as the products of jewish brainwashing.
I'm not saying that jews can't the modern cause of that shit in the west.
But this doesn't explain how other civilizations from other races had the same issues among places where there are no jews.

sorry, you are not on reddit

You're an enormous faggot. Throw yourself off the nearest building that is 15 stories tall.

like what civilizations?
Collapsed because of christcuckery
Also because of this

Name me one and I'll explain you why it happened


Arab, persians, hindus, Chinese dynasties, japanese.
Read the fate of empires, this is not even my own original ideas, but shit I've read from smarter people.

The most Jewish thing that I have read all week.

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Nothing happened
It still exists and is populated by Arabs.
Conquered, not collapsed
Conquered, not collapsed
Civilization may collapse when it is governed badly or it is divided too much. Also all people need an enemy. If they don't have someone to fight against, they will start killing each other

this shit is one of the oldest theories on sociology bro.
read more.


Being old doesn't make it true.

Arabian civilization kind of did collapse, see: it's a complete shit show and has been for the last couple of centuries.
Persian civilization collapsed, then rose back up then was conquered then almost returned only to collapse again.
Hindu civilization was never fully unified before the Muslims conquered it. As such that can be counted as a collapse of sorts.

Chinese civilization has risen, collapsed and risen again so many times it's not even funny anymore. Furthermore, with the "Great Cultural Revolution" it could be said that it doesn't exist outside of Taiwan.

Communist Chinese civilization will collapse inevitably because communism.

I see it more as the natural cycle of civilizations, if we consider them living animals.
They are born, they grow up, become old and die.
It's retarded to think a civilization doesn't suffer from kind of social aging over time.
And such, older civilizations usually get killed or destroyed by younger civilizations just so they can now have more space and resources to grow.

As such you can see a zero sum game where civilizations rise and compete over limited resources.
Right now is the modern chinese who are a young civilization rising to rival the Old US empire.
Just like the US took the place of the old British empire, Chinese will take the place of the US in some decades.

I don't need to read it. Of course, it is logic that at some point, you will get some shit leaders or the population will go crazy, however our civilization is destroyed by kikes.

People will always fight against their countries, no matter what happens. At some point there will be change of powers, it is completely logic.
However when it is ruled perfectly, it is never going to collapse. Well the leaders need to think everything through for this.

No lmao it isn't.

by collapse is understood some population decline, economic decline, but there's not human extintion.

Europeans didn't completely died during the middle ages, they survived in some sense.
It's just that the population become irrelevant in the global stage.

Collapse doesn't imply a zombie apocalypse scenario.

Hypergamy has been the natural state of humans for millions of years.
8k years of human societies wont hardwire women to be monogamous when we have millions of years of selective breeding since we evolved from chimps.

No, collapse is when there is government lacks of existing and the country becomes unstable. However what is happening with the west is not a collapse as jews plan to kill all whites. It is genocide and systematic replacement to enlargen their empire
Area does not need to have civilization on it to be owned by someone. Jews are not just collapsing the civilization, they are stealing our lands and killing us worldwide

Whites did this to amerindians some centuries ago.
Civilizations compete for limited resources, land and other shit.
When a civilization rise, it usually displaces or destroy other civilizations just to have enough space to grow.
Whites right now are too soft and weak, so they're easy prey of rival races.
Every new empire usually destroy their weak rivals.

Whites are weak because jews poison us and Hitler didn't exterminate them all. All things that makes us weak is promoted by jews

Maybe, however my point is that the same things has happened to places where there are now jews.

You're ignoring the single most important cause of western decline; the jew.
Also, reddit spacing.

not nearly similar things
There can be thousand different reasons why civilization collapses. None of them were brainwashed into being weak and hate themselves. They were destroyed because they got too divided by themselves/lacked resources or we destroyed by stronger enemies. Jews just got lucky and had a great oppurtunity which they fully used. What is happening with west is not just collapse of civilization, it is genocide, organized by foreigns who subverted the country

europeans did something similar to the amerindians tribes when they conquered them.
europeans also did something similar to the african tribes when they conquered them.

Divide and conquer was also used from whites to gain control of places like China and India by british.

Rwanda genocide was the result of racial divisions invented by the europeans to keep the local population easy to control.

Again, I don't see how is particularly unique to use divide and conquer, when europeans and other races have been used it to keep colonies divided.

I'm sure chinese has done something similar when they genocided their western areas and replaced the local rebel tribes with Hans.

It is not "divide and conquer"
It is systematic genocide and brainwashing.
Also now you sound like some Zig Forums faggot
There is nothing wrong with fighting and killing by sword. We are here to fight back against the genocide of our people organized by jews.

The Chinese idolize Jews and always have.
Chinese are considered Asian Jews by other Asians.
It's not a phenomenon.

maybe you should read a history book on your own race history, rather than muh jew conspiracy marxist youtube video made by some schizos.

Here's a history lesson.
All the things pol claim are done by jews, like progressive trash, or marxist agenda, or jews owning banks.
All these things are the result of liberal ideas, or liberalism.
Individualism is the result of humanistic ideals the west have from christianity and shit like the renaissance.
So, pushing for the rights or gay and transgender people, stems from the same ideology that created human rights and shit like banning slavery of niggers.
It seems normal to see identity politics as this new unique form of white genocide, when is nothing more than the logical conclusion to human rights back in the french revolution.
Marxism stems also from these humanistic egalitarian ideals.
If you believe in concepts like universal human rights, that niggers should have the same rights white have, that women should have the right to vote, eventually you keep pushing the situation more and more towards extremes.
It seems the progressive gay and shit like that is the end game of liberalism.

Feminism has appeared in other civilizational collapses, like women pushing for political rights to vote and enter male professions, in places like the roman empire end stage and the final stages of the arab golden era (read fate of empires).

I'm not sure jews have this magical property to trascend time and space and destroy civilizations that existed in places where jews never lived or societies that existed centuries ago abraham was born.

No, user. Christans and Jews have a hostile history with alot of animosity twoard one another.
Modern Christianity is subverted by the gospel of morality as opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
To say Jews are God's chosen people; To say that God's chosen people are determined by race is anti-Christ.

The "shitting of Europe" correlates with the fall of Christianity and the rise of Atheism. Preach moralism and tolerance over righteousness and discipline and you get the current state.
It's not Christianity that's the problem as they're not the ones leading the culture.
Chrstianity hasn't influenced this cucking. The Atheist gospel of morality and tolerance has influenced and is directly responsible for the shitting of Europe.
The nations fighting aginst the EU and it's globalist communist push are Christian; Stating explcitly that they are Christian nations.
Communist states force Atheism and outlaw Christianity for a reason. With this being the case, a majority Atheist culture or nation will lead to a Communsit state.
Jews love a godless people as they have no authority higher than that of man. Thus the Jew becomes their authority by infiltrating their government; gaining power and seizing control, by the avenue provided to them through the gospel of moralism.
Atheists and Pagans are beholden to the government because there is no greater established power in their understanding.

THANKS for confirming to be not from here.
The question is now who is paying you and how much to post here or are you just trying to convert "nazis" because you want to use us for your own MGTOW bullshit?
Won't read your shitty books, I have a brain which is capable of independent thought.

Christianity was what subverted white people. I know that there are many Christians who hate to aknowledge this.
Old European religions were further away from atheism and modernity than Christianity is.
Christianity is anti-tribalist, globalist and univeralist religion. In Christianity, your are not on the side with the people with the same blood, but with people with the same faith. It puts faith (and ideas) in front of race and promotes anti-tribalism and is therefore one step away from self-hating. The only reason jews fight against Christianity because it still has certain things away from total anti-whiteness (because white people would had not adopted it otherwise).
It's roots are jewish and therefore it is to be rejected.
Paganism > Christianity > Atheism. Because Christianity is just half of communism-atheism. However it still is worse than Paganism

kek, another retard who never has opened a book.

Cuckchan-tier roastie shilling.

>following (((forced))) narrative made by it's writer
I've never needed to watch any video however and as you use word "anti semites", you stink like a kike

paganims is literally neckbear larping retard.

unless you wanna live like some african tribe today.
pagans were considered subhumans by the romans, even before they converted to christianity.

Your post is not even an arguments at this point. It's only insults "against the dirty gentile goyim"
However I understand that it is the thing that kikes like you will start to do when they understand that they can't spread their jewish poison here.
Here is my final message to you and your thread

I don't even give a fuck about jews retard.
go genocide them if you cant.

the fact you think pagans were this advanced race when they were nothing more than primitive tribes at the level of modern africa memes proves you dont have a clue not even in your own race.

you think you're redpilled because you saw some conspiracy videos about hitler from youtube.
You tried to teach me about redpill shit when I'm sure you don't even know about basic shit like the orions war, the annunakis, the seven race, Enli, enki, Why jews worship the cube of saturn, black nobility, modern day jesus offspring, the origins of lucifer and AI.

You're a retarded that thinks baby tier redpilling is like the matrix shit when you haven't even started to research redpill shit.

And yes, I'm aware of the zionists and the jews on the western elites, but you're another useful idiot who don't know european elites, the vatican, the freemasons, the opus dei, the p2p logias, the royal families, have the same goals.

Most of the people pushing for the things pol blames jews, aren't genetically jewish but 99% white europeans.

Askenazis aren't even genetically semites, but they're european converts from middle ages.

Read more newfag.

No. Other human subspecies are like that. Whites are not. Whites have always been monogamous. It is the reason we evolved hair colors and eye colors. Stop trying to convince whites that they are niggers rabbi.

before christianity in the roman empire whites were polygamous, look up the greek civilization and roman homosexuality.

That makes no sense, the Norse and Germanic tribes had the skill to make boats, swords, carts, cauldrons, practised agriculture, build large burial mounts, build large houses, etc. some of the technologies they made where more advanced then their Roman counter parts like some of the swords they made.

Clearly that isn't similar.

they were clearly less developed than the romans, and romans saw them as inferior uncivilized subhuman races.

pagan tribes had the same level of development than the african memes you make fun of black tribes.

I can't even name a big pagan contribution to roman civilization.

I am just going to repeat myself….

That makes no sense, the Norse and Germanic tribes had the skill to make boats, swords, carts, cauldrons, practised agriculture, build large burial mounts, build large houses, etc. some of the technologies they made where more advanced then their Roman counter parts like some of the swords they made.

Clearly that isn't similar.

german tribes were seen as primitive barbarians by romans, this is literally common knowledge.
there's even citations of roman historians calling the germans uncivilized subhumans.

meanwhile Rome had giant architecture and was technologically advanced, the pagan tribes lived tribal lives, like modern day africans live in remote villages.
germans and north europeans adopted the roman remains of the clasical civilization by christian missionaires.

christianity was the thing that spread the surviving remains of the roman empire culture among north europeans during the middle ages, thanks to their monastic network.

christianity was the thing that allowed to civilized the rest of europe under a common civilization.

No they were not. We have archeological evidence from 30,000 years ago that whites have always been monogamous. We would not have hair colors and eye colors if we had not been monogamous. Greeks were monogamous. Romans only engaged in perversion in the last years of the collapse of the empire as it was taken over by jews.

I suggest you should read more on your own history you claim to know.

Nothing to do with my original point.

Again, not actually discusing my point, I already gave a solid argument why pagan tribes where not on equal level to african tribes.

No sane person would say ancient Babylon and modern Hamburg are the same because they are both cities….

Because a pagan Roman empire would not have done so, because…..

Yes, a very common civilization, one that we needed to destroy in order for philosophy, science, economics etc to grow.

there's nothing special pagan made, or big pagan archievement more than some swords and other shit any tribe made.
There's not remains of pagan architecture more advanced than stone age caves and some villages made of wood.
Even by lattle middle ages, germans and french and north europeans considered being civilized to be under south european teachers.

which is a combination of christian theology with greek natural philosophy.

again, developed by catholics, the first universities in europe were made by the church.
some of the most advanced astronomy centers in europe are under control of the vatican.
a product of renaisance ideals to christianized the barbarian tribes and teach them the gospel of jesus/european civilization.

mercantilism was literally backed by the church money, columbus was given money and ships by the spaniard royal family, which was basically the catholic church.

Again, not the point I made, you compared them to African tribes.

No, it literally is not, philosophy is all Greek.


Which ended up subverting and destroying catholicism…..

We destroy your religion from the inside out.

Then we developed it further into liberalism and socialism, underming the Christian faith even more.

I am proud of this, we White people destroyed the church from the inside out and now you can't do anything about it.


Good fucking god, 8pol is really worse than 4pol these days.

I suggest you to read on african empires, they were quite developed.

A huge part of european philosophy history is about trying to answer christian morality.

The entire european philosophy of the middle ages is christian as fuck.
The concept of dualism comes from christian theologians.

Entire debates in european philosophy over if amerindians had souls and deserved to be christianized, same as with giving rights to black slaves, pushed by religious christians citing the bible.

Not really.

Another history lesson.
Liberalism started as an intelectual movement in the illustration period as a counter movement to the religious wars in the reformation and counter reformation.

Just like two fucking world wars in europe because of nationalism, made europeans wary of nationalism and made them be cautious of white supremacy and even white pride were made taboo topics.

This is why today there's a push of white guilt and blaming whites over everything, because of things like WWI and WWII.

the same ideology that was the origin of marxism and shit like identity politics.

Nothing is worse than 4pol. :)


So developed they couldn't master the wheel even with instruction…'developed', no I think not.

No real argument, just suggesting there is more to know, rejected.

Yes, all that using Greeks and Romans is very Christian and then the enlightenment happened and we abandoned Christianity once and for all.

Right, because Liberalism didn't start a life of it's own, abandoning it's Christian roots and developing on it's own….

Of course, without the enlightenment concept of race, not identity politics of the left or right….

I don't know, the state of 8pol today, and that 4pol isn't swamped with Trumptards anymore (their modus operandi is now serving as Yangtards), AND the fact that 8pol deletes so many more threads than 8pol gives pause to consider that there might indeed be something worse than even 4pol.

kill yourself antiwhite faggot kike

*8pol deletes so many more threads than 4pol

Well I am happy that they delete the duplicates and the general retardation. I haven't been on 4pol in a while, they range banned all VPN's and I don't think TOR works their either, so it is like milktoast threads without any substance…it is basically the CIVNAT lets not change anything globalism is cool because I always wanted to live in a favela and have nigger children type thing. I have, however been branching out a bit with my Zig Forums wandering and I am amazed at how different the different characters of the boards are in general. 8pol is exceedingly feminine compared to other boards which have a very masculine (more open degeneracy) feel to them. At least here the degeneracy is snuck in and only occasional.

JIDF aren't sending their best.

Again, more pol memes.

Ghana, Mali, Zimbawe, the empire of somalia, african horn early christians.

There's quite a few ones of them with islamic libraries, and there were some famous black scholars in the islamic tradition from the Mali empire.

Gondar developed stone castles similar to european ones before european colonization.

again, it was a response to religious wars in europe.
europeans got tired of killing each other for religion.

I think that's the result of using marxism class struggle for social groups rather than the proletariat traditional struggle.
Marxists switched their tactics to destroy capitalism by cultural means, rather than economic means.

Again, this was developed by the Soviet union to desestabilized the US in the cold war.

My main issue is that most retards here have a very simplified concept of the issues they talk about.

Things are more complex than le evil jew destroy white race.

read the odysey and the iliad, which has ulises and achiles fucking a lot of females.

The what was the Black Plague, where 60% of Europeans died? Strange how the jew hub of Poland was largely unaffected.
White extermination is a very real thing, and the Black Plague was a literal race war by the jews against whites.

Yeah right, let's not forget the great cathedrals and skyscrapers build by Norse and Germanic heathens….

You will not understand what I am trying to say here.

So we undermined Christian dogmaticism and it worked.

The enlightenment is the origin of our modern conception of race, this is a fact.

go back there if it's so much better you retard

You didn't post "Jews", you posted "Joos".
In your head the word "Joo" means "funny silly word that refers to Jews sarcastically".
Everyone who belongs on 8/pol/ reads the word "Joo" as "ignore everything I posted because I'm a JIDF faggot shill".
How are you people consistently able to do almost everything right but ALWAYS FUCK UP SOME MINOR DETAIL THAT EXPOSES YOUR BULLSHIT?

OMG (((Islam))) committed the WORST ATROCITIES in Africa that have ever occurred on this planet. Why do you think I am actually going to slaughter you man, woman, and child? You are the worst toxic waste there is outside of the bloodline kikes. You are an ABOMINATION on this planet that needs to go straight back to HELL where you belong.

You think (((Islam))) is African? They destroyed the Africans in numbers that are beyond reckoning and ways that are too terrible to mention. Whites SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE…and we know who you demons really are…you are the most despicable degenerate form of life that has ever existed.

Maybe you should read them, that way you would know that you are full of shit, and you would know how to spell Odysseus and Achilles. Hell, you might even learn to spell Odyssey.

As a matter of fact, the only based thing the niggers ever did was drag you Islamic people (men women and children) and murder them in their various uprisings in Africa. I watch that part of Adio Africa and laughed and laughed while I watched them gunning you down and drowning you and chasing you down to hack you to death…WHY?…because I know what (((Islam))) did in Africa. The same thing it did to Europeans for the last 1,400 years even to today.

Good times watching your people running and screaming in mortal terror while the Africans took 1,400 years of revenge on you for your crimes against subhumans.

Not to defend kikes but poland is landlocked, wheras the black plague affected countries with ports

And what was the plagues that killed 90% of amerindians?
Also the fault of jews?
Or plagues in China and India?

I'm not comparing renaissance architecture with African, because pol always move the goal post.

My original argument was that pagans had not advanced civilization before being pacified by the remains of the roman civilization.

North europeans became civilized by taking the roman civilization by christian missionaires.

There wasn't a major german architecture until the middle ages.

I don't give a fuck about jews, I'm not even genetically one.
Jews are almost inexistent in my shithole.

I'm trying to explain there are better explanations of the current state of affairs than just some magical conspiracy where jews are somehow breed to have an unique mentality like if they were some bug alien race with telepathy.

I don't deny jews own banks, media, politicians and shit.
There's a group of jews that has the goals pol claim jew has.
This is a fact.
But there's also WHITE european groups with the same goals.
There's also WHITE elites that support such jewish plans.
Yes, george soros is real.

However, not all jews share this views, they have competing forces.
Some jews think that the modern state of israel is a satanic state, because It wasn't made by God, but by this satanic jew elite.

Right now there's a civil conflict in israel between ortodox and the western new york jews over progressive agenda and gays in israel.

So, jews aren't a monolytic group with the same goals and mindset.
They have competing groups, sometimes with oposite ideologies.
Some opose the state of israel.
I've seen some jew groups oposing inmigration in europe.

Last time I checked ullyses fucked an island godesses before getting punished by poseidon.
Achyles fucked several females because he was a master warrior.

Struggle Vs profligacy.

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You mean the firearms that Europeans traded for furs, and used to genocide each other before we discovered germ theory?

You should check more often then, and learn to spell.

even if monogamy was the norm in european history, there's examples of whites being polygamous.

Look up mormons by example.
Whites aren't genetically more predisposed to monogamy than other races, monogamy in humans is a social construct.

There has been plagues and genocide in ancient history, not unique to europe, not the magical work of jews.

You were specifically mentioning native americans and I never mentioned anything about kikes

Sheeeit kinfolk, tanks fo skooling dem krakkas.

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This entire thread is a more rational explanation of the current decay of europe and USA from my own personal research.

The topic is much more complex than simply le evil jew meme.

Yeah that's almost like evidence.
Which is not the question. The lie you kikes are promoting is that whites are naturally polygamous. Rare examples of polygamy occurring when jews infest a nation is not evidence that polygamy is the natural state of whites. 30,000 years of archeological evidence, and our fucking DNA proves we are naturally monogamous. Kill yourself rabbi.

what are mormons then?

Except that whites have not lived in Europe for 30 000 years, faggot.
Provide sources also

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Your "white people are really niggers" pilpul is very poor Shlomo. What would your rabbi say if he could see such a bad effort?

Show us proof faggot or fuck off

Fuck off jew, Europeans were making music 40,000 years ago in Central Europe near the homeland of Celtic Hitler.


Typical torpedo.

Honestly despite the way the culture’s leadership got rotted out by psychological abuse western civilization is better than it ever has been. I want to gove back to the world that has given me so much joy and pleasure - shame the peaks of society are full of suicidal manipulators and bellowing windvanes like Trump. They’re not the real shape of the culture, though; the reality of the culture is the general public. People have more technology than ever before, more wealth, and still great things to come on the horizon. Bigotry is at an all time low; abusive personalities truly are failing to the miserable tips of soviety; honesty is ascendant.

Whatkind of dumbfuck are you nigger. Didn't you post the link as proof of 30k years in Europe. Didn't I snip a string from your link text to aid in your proofs? Afte rI poste dmy own proofs here
Didn't you still act like a fuckign jew++.

On point OP, gj.

As for where the Jews come into the picture, it's another side of the same coin. Competition for resources and ultimately power, this is the redpill. To defeat the Jew you have to defeat the decay of society, the rest will solve itself.

I'm putting my money on the death and revival of society though

I think one of the biggest decay points is that western leadership became convinced only their own lives are meaningful. That’s why they hate each other, the world, and themselves. If they woukd come back to the more fully reciprocating ethos represented by a public of people who tend to mind their own business and value all consciousness, they’d be happier.


Sorry, this place makes you assume the dumbest in people.

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