MSF: Ebola response in DR Congo 'failing' to contain outbreak

this plague is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it

>Her comments came after MSF suspended its activities at two treatment centres in North Kivu after the sites were attacked. “Ebola responders are increasingly seen as the enemy,” Liu said. In the past month alone, she said, there had been more than 30 attacks and incidents involving elements of the Ebola response.


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Why contain it?

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This is no ordinary outbreak. How long you niggers think the bugs were going to tolerate your retardation?

Based Ebola. Wreak havoc, my Goddess.

I know niggers are dumb and all, but it wouldn't surprise me if the "responders" were the ones spreading ebola.

Damn. Plaguebounce makes populations swell. Can we get some arcology projects going in Africa yet? They might need it, and anyways hyperdensity is humanly unsexy.

You mean sort of like the (((Dr's))) in the USA who shoot your offspring up with viruses and deadly toxins?

This, then they have an excuse to send all niggers to 1st world countries as to save them from the virus.

If your immune system is too clean it develops poorly. Vaccines are controlled toxicity that pits useful memories into your bones.

Probably not. A lot of the problem is still bad funereal practices; corpse-washing appeals to human hygiene intuitions, but is not actually hygienic.

In all truth, MSF is a (((humanitarian organizaton))) which doesn't mind snatching up a kid here and there, so I understand the reluctance of receiving countries.
On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if some witch doctor calls the white man the evil and some nig decided to started shooting up the place.

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So your reasoning is that to prevent viruses from killing us they give us vaccines that keep our immune system from being too clean and developing poorly. Why do anything? All of it is dysgenic 'parasites' playing god. At least Viruses are eugenic GODS…

Don't waste your time arguing with anti-vaxxers, they are beyond reasoning, just like flat-earth retards.

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Wow, these boomer-facebook infographics really convinced me!

Fucking cucks and fucking niggers. I hope Ebola kills all them and the cucks are shot to death by those diseased niggers.


Are your finger broken? Did you lose connection to the internet? Work it, whore.

Finally. You've been a lazy bitch lately Ebola-chan!

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That's not how it works you stupid fucking nigger. If you make a claim you cite your fucking sources.


That is MOST DEFINITELY how the internet works. Surprised you didn't know that at this point.

Totally not started by jews to clean out the nigger infestation before China takes over.

ha ha ha

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Good thing, and let's hope niggers come to know about it and take out some synagogues and violently rape jewesses.

Niggers are literally too stupid to tell the difference between (((Islam/kike/semites))) and White Europeans. We do nothing but give them things and the kikes put all the blame for their own actions onto us. So basically what you are wishing for is that nigger rape and kill more Europeans (which they already do in numbers so vast that MSM doesn't even bother reporting on it anymore). Niggers, after all the SUPER HORRENDOUS SHIT that kikes have done to them still think that kikes are 'their friends'.

nogs get nog disease, why would you want to contain that?

Jews spread pestilence.
Jews celebrate it on Zig Forums
What does this mean?

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Not a very efficient way of going about it-5-6 hunnert out of a billion does not a shoah make.

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Do you think (((WHO, MSF, Red Cross))) are going to be honest about anything like this, especially in such a peripheral backwater?
Hell, do you actually believe it's even ebola? Because this little number was recently tested in Madagscar and it wasn't called ebola there.
Apotex already did shit like this in Rwanda.

You, you're a fucking retard.

I remember mad.
Funky shit,same thing?
What was it again ?

Stay mad kike (right up until you are dragged out of your home and beaten to death in front of your family).
There's a very strange overlap between Jew mining and pharmaceutical companies and the Vatican in Africa. Sort of like their banking overlap.


But there is no level 4 containment facility for love, user

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I hope the based Nigros kill all the responders

Brought a grin to my face.

I remember seeing a 90s documentary about ebola in Africa. When there was an early outbreak, nearby village chiefs isolated their clean villages and shot at anyone trying to approach AGAINST advice from (((MSF))). This basic step stopped the outbreak in its tracks.

Also, fuck (((MSF))), if they want to be trusted they should drop their political agenda. They are one of the main (((NGOs))) ferrying migrants from Libya to Europe. Pic related.

Something spooky is going on. Just think how much ebola is worth to weapons tech.

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The only thing I can see which ought to be vaccinated against there is polio. You can walk everything else off there easily. If not, then your weak genes for immunity are better off selected out of the genepool.

Although it's for another organization, i recall that (((un))) or something like that medics brought vaccines laced with a compound that mothers secrete while pregnant: since it was foreign, it made placentae flush themselves out and the body keep a watch on it so it doesn't get pregnant ever again: aka infertility, and that some other (((un))) medics and/or officials were caught in a sex scandal, having it wherever they visited.




We should start spreading rumors around Africa that doctors are the devil and that killing them will make them immune to Ebola.

Also, how come no one yet got the Ebola-chan to visit India or North Africa? Ok, Muslims are cleaner, but I'm sure someone could edit it a bit to be much more infectious.

No you simple fucking jew, as always you make a fucking claim you cite it. If you can't you're a lying fucking jew.

It didn't just force its closure, it also released the patients in it.
Niggers gonna nig.

Good luck Ebola chan!


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Good luck Ebola Chan!
1 post = 1 transmission



((THEY)) at the red cross are spreading disease

Africa is a biological experiment site. I highly doubt the niggs will ever realize that they are being experimented upon in order to engineer the worst bio-weapons. My only hope is that some vodoo shaman will declare those (((Dr.'s))) as evil and the niggs will stone them to death.

Good luck Ebola Chan!

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You are the one who is beyond reasoning.

You have low iq, What is your reasoning that vaccination is a good thing?

Are (((they))) testing ethnic bioweapons by targeting certain tribes ?

And then move onto other races while leaving (((them))) unaffected ?

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I try to imagine what kind of absolute retard becomes a part of Doctors Without Borders. My best guess is that they aren't actual doctors.

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anyone else think it might be spreading because of all the rape and cannibalism?

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Curryniggers have to be the most disgusting people on the planet.

Kill the beans Russia.

It take time to reach critical mass. But once it happen all hell break loose!!

She will not be contained!

Most of these organizations are child traffickers.


Imagine being so disgusting you think a baby ape is sexy?


AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Clown world you so funny!
I just died a little more inside. thanks user

Hmm…. Very possible. A lot of variable point in this direction. It is very possible that the Chinese are "Cleaning" up the place. They have tried to use the local population in the last few years to build infrastructure and it was a massive failure.

They just are not smart enough to be useful as laborer. So why keep them around?

When was the last time you saw nigs doing something civil like stoning someone to death. It almost never happens in niggers society.

Anytime you see one of those blue helmets KILL THE THING UNDER THE HELMET. They are immune to punishment or discipline and are the worst most vile accreted filth that can be assembled into one place. Blow their fucking heads off if you value anything like your home daughters and wives.

THAT IS FANTASTIC that means that there will be Ebola ridden rape babies and organ transplants for everyone. For GOD SAKE GUYS DON'T FUCKING DISCOURAGE THEM FROM RAPE AND ORGAN TRAFFICKING. We should all be allowed to laugh will some nigger/kike politician gets Ebola and passes it to the rest of his peers. BRILLIANT.

FYI, I walked into a messhall of a MSF location once. I took one sweeping look around the chamber, and ALL MEN had the imp pedo look over them. It's a disgusting organization. I didn't check out the women.
Pic related: it's the imp pedo look.

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fuck off kike

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Thanks for a thread pointing out the obvious

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Vaccines work and complications from vaccines exist. I'll give it to anti vaxxers on this front because in debating them I found that vaccines cause about the same amount of complications as the illnesses we vaccinate against. That being said though, given that vaccination limits the spread of outbreaks then vaccination is still the lesser of two evils and serves to protect infants, the elderly and the immunocompromised.

Spoken like someone who never took immunology. You use a vaccine to give a weakened live virus, dead virus or component that triggers an initial immune response. The body produces naive B and T cells that will respond to the injected virus/component when presented to them by a macrophage or APC. You will then get clonal expansion and differentiation until you get a B and T cell that has a high affinity for this virus antigen. The body will then make billions of clones of that one successful cell to fight the infection and retain a few of those clones as memory cells to mount a more rapid response in a secondary infection.

Immune systems aren't "clean or dirty", they're functional or dysfunctional. The only thing you can say about cleanliness is that cleaner countries have higher rates of autoimmune diseases, the mechanism is unknown for why this is though it's estimated that if you dont ever exercise your immune system then it atrophies.

Where's a rouge frogman when you need one?

Can't stop the love!

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This honestly. I would rather trust God than kike doctors.

Call us when something actually happens. You’ve been fearmongering literally for years with this shit and only a few thousand niggers died, who were replaced immediately. This is irrelevant until their birth rate is affected.

Collecting dubs for Ebola-chan.

Very possibly user…

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candy for breakfast?



good luck.

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Yeah. The EU can't even be fucked to check for ISIS terrorists among the uncountable migrant hordes. They'd let ebola in with open arms.

And kill all the whites slaves paying their taxes funding their lavish lifestyles ?

Gods way of getting rid of normie hive mind faggots so that conscious beings can enjoy life without added absurdity

part and parcel


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Why contain it?

Only kikes want it contained because they are part nigger (so susceptible) and it frightens them. Why do you think that bug person got in trouble for engineering AIDS resistant babies? These subhuman races are not long for the planet.

Why is anyone on the board worried? Ebola just makes whites stronger. It's not like you're not a mutt or something are you?

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You mean I get to use these again?

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Oh God that is so fucking gross…tell me it is not true…niggers are so fucking foul they are less than animals.

I wonder what Chris thinks of your cartoon.

He probably loves it, the little faggot

So they gave them an antigen that caused them to develop antibodies which damaged the placenta? Source now, that is fucking insane and hugely important.