The War to Influence Young Girls

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a boyfriend, character development. Why? To promote pre-marital sex.

This story is front page of fox news right now. This is the new headline that all the mainstream news is pushing suddenly.

Who cares about the actual story, it's true intention is just to let the whole world know, she HAS A BOYFRIEND.

She's a woman in heat, 29 year old near the end of prime baby making years, and also dresses occasionally like a fucking stripper as the normal modern woman dresses, but that's a different subject. Designed to attract sexual attention.

It's one thing for Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, but for this woman to be the new talking head media example of an ideal professional leftist woman?

…AND SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND WHO WE PRESUME SHE IS FUCKING. Do you have any idea what this is going to do to the average 12 year old girl that sees this propaganda?

This is a devasting attack on our young women.

God help the young men who go in search for a bride in the next generation. If we ever win this war, there is going to be a big clean up.

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Bride? Not in this country. See you in Afghanistan, Zig Forums!

We'd have to fight the war in order to win it.
Fortunately, all the unattached White men with no future and no hope for advancement in this anti-White society will likely opt to revolt whenever the opportunity presents itself. Then you'll have the pick of the lot.

Go away, Boomer

Why would they need to promote per-marital sex when large swaths of the population already have no problem with it? It's (((current year))), that battle has already been lost.

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>It's (((current year))), that battle has already been lost.
We still have quite a bit more we could fall, this battle is only just getting started.

Women are tools. As long as idiots treat women as people, the jews will win.
Women are to be used and discarded. Not cared for. Not kept alive past their 30s. Not protected.
Nobody else treats women as people. That is why white men are losing every battle involving women.
Tools are not people and must never be loved.

Okay, leave.

The average 12 year old girl is interested in politics?? This is the dumbest shit I've ever read

idiot. cortez is all over the news like a fashion model. 12 year old sees a respected politician on TV, hip young, has a boyfriend. that 12 year old girl gets the impression that fucking around with boyfriends until your 30 isn't just perfectly normal normal.

What the fuck is your problem shitting on this thread.

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Literally not important. Moralizing faggot. Focus on actual issues with the spikike, not kikestian moralizing.

Yeah, let me hear you say that when you tell their children that their mother had some other dudes dick inside her. fuckin normy moron

Nobody fucking cares, negroid. Literally nobody cares. At all. Ever. This is a retarded non-issue. People have relationships and fuck before finding the right person to marry. It's nature.

I'm not sure if OP is right and this is meant to bolster AOC as a rolemodel for young women, or if the Jews are trying to bury her for supporting Omar.

And how would I know that? Not everyone is an amerimutt mongrel imbecile like yourself, some of us add actually 100% European, and not mongrelized European but Anglo Saxon 100% pure blood of other specific regions, you sub human

You're probably right that Kike media in general aims to use Donkey Bitch to normalize degenerate behavior to girls, but little girls don't read or watch Fox. Fox uses Donkey Bitch as clickbait for boomers.

And who the FUCK do you think ms. 12 year old is going to do a report about for her social studies class? What "current events" article is teacher going to assign? 12-year old girl sees this girl on magazine covers in grocery store, on CNN playing in the pizza shop. Everywhere. She doesn't know what it means, but she sees the image, and she sees nobody batting an eye that this pretty young woman is boyfriending it up. this is obvious, i shouldnt have to explain this.

Mildly funny if a troll but these days, OP could be some mentally ill boomer. Either way, shit thread.

Also notice her little girl voice. She was definitely repeatedly raped as a child in usual CIA MK Naomi sex kitten programming ritual fashion.

The annoying pitiful little girl voice makes her not sound like a 'boring adult' which supports your theory that she's a manufactured young girl icon.

AOC hits the WALL!
How much sexual pull will she garner then for her policies? Will you all be begging support her wrinkled dried up pototao eggs and dried fruit leather cooch?

We are too busy making thread about spic ghetto trash than worrying about ‘winning’ anything.

Lots of pornfags grew up watching milf porn. They PREFER women past the wall. The Soyim are not redeemable.

good for me tbh

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I was shocked that was, by my own calcs the highest rated category of porn.

kys kike.

If you don't know what you're talking don't talk.

In what world is that a good thing?

more options for an eligible bachelor such as myself
but who am I kidding? it really doesn't effect me in any way

Fuck off reddit.

What people don't understand is that she's a tranny. The joke is on all of you. She is a man.

You don't understand everyone in the media that they promote are their puppets its all staged

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