Tears of the Shabbos, Meghan McCain kvetches for counter semitism

McCain began to tear up when she mentioned former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and his wife Hadassah Lieberman as being “like family,” and then ramped up her passion from there.
“I take the hate crimes rising in this country incredibly seriously and I think what’s happening in Europe is really scary,” McCain said. “On both sides it should be called out. And just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn’t mean that I don’t take this seriously and it is very dangerous, very dangerous… what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me.”


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I agree with her about how horrible hate crimes are. When will society do something about niggers like the lying jussie smollett and his multiple hate crimes against white people?

when the white man gets their game up nigga

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It's a shame tumors aren't contagious.

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Thread theme music.

I’m so glad television is a fading tech. Celebrities don’t do or say anything novel. Yeah, we’re against antisemitism. That’s not new. The liars in this place notwithstanding.

It’s angled in the right direction, I guess.

Israel’s lobby is just a special case of lobbies generally, and nobody would care if they weren’t surrounded by unstable nations full of invasive paranoid people.

I don’t get Muslim society - they watch each other so hard they miss everything. You can get away with anything in clothtopia as long as you look like an observant sort. China has the same problem. Teaching everyone to sound loyal teaches infiltrators to fray actual loyalist constructs.

For the record, not teaching people to sound loyal doesn’t work better. Not teaching people to sound loyal means having no recruits. The only stable patterning is to rely on disloyalists. Find the kind of people who would tell the world if someone tried to bribe them, and you’ll find the people who need not run inquisitions.

youre incoherent

Real disobedience comes from the self. Who are you really?

Maybe it was celebrity influence that went to the head of the psuedoprogressives. Deeming the hated apes incapable of anything but mimicking the televised aristocracy, they decided it was their divine right as the virtuous people (their virtue proven by that they were powerful enough to do it) to guide all society down trajectories of their choosing.

Problem is nations like Clothtopia and China have been playing that game (and suffering intermittent dark ages because of it) for a lot longer than first world television networks.

You really shouldn’t hate Jews, Paula. They did nothing to you.

Why do these disingenuous cunts keep citing the "rise in antisemitism and hate crimes" when there is absolutely no evidence of anything but hoaxes and false flags? There is, however, a verifiable rise in anti-White attacks, steadily increasing over the past decade. Not only are these attacks never referred to as hate crimes, but they are rarely if ever mentioned in national media.

Are you drunk or just a retarded faggot? Either way, lurk 18 more years.

Anything that came out of John McCain's dick is pure distilled evil.

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Several anons like this run around. In better days they would've been b&'d by nonshit hotpockets.

And to clearify, I'm talking about but the user who you guys were talking to.

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Because the (((MSM))) like the anti-white narrative since all of the major networks are controlled by kikes who have a hatred for whites.

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While we're distracted, Trump's Chabad Lubavitch masters have something bigger planned
"Nhunt, nuhn, nhun nhun nhunt nuhnt… We Want Messhiah Now, We Want Mosiach Now, We Want Moshiac Now, WE DON'T WANT TO WAIT"

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You don't think there is a rise in antisemitism? That the one thing they are telling the truth about.

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there is but it's limited to the internet. bowers was a deepfake psyop.

(((leftypol))) approves of this chosen worship.

I don't think so my man.

They've getting scared because the dam has started to leak, and they know what comes next. Do you?

People nowadays are just more annoyed with kikes and having to give a shit especially when Christianity is under attack so much from every side and not a single person seems to defend it anymore, but god forbid you insult the kikes then it's like 6 billion holocausts again or some dumb shit. People are just sick and tired of caring about jews. America isn't a kike nation and anyone who tries to push kikes on us is a traitor to America

No there has been a massive rise in Loxism which has made their oligarchy more visible. Funnily enough nobody likes jews lording it over them, calling that anti-semitic is simply falling for their word games.

What a joke this cow is.

Somebody fire me a link to the porn vid of her being breeded by a fatass black buck. The one with her wearing nothing but cheap high heels she's pointing at the ceiling.

Evangelicals are more concerned about Israel than jews themselves.

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>when the (((white))) man gets their game up

People keep saying this as if there's something happening but all they can point to is Charllottesville where a bunch of hired thugs crashed a protest run by fucking teenagers - all because a Woman who weighed close to 300 lb died of a heart attack in a stressful environment on a hot summers day. It's just pathetic how willing the average idiot is to run with this nonsense.

No everything he said not only made complete sense but it was actually politically insightful. You two are just complete fucking mongoloids.

wasnt he the guy who got all the conspiracy videos deleted from youtube in the first purge during the economic crisis?



Could that Muslim woman sue everyone for libel regarding her comments about lobbyist?

They are the most disgusting family in the history of the US. I mean the Admiral, the Senator, and now the daughter.

Fuck this ho and her bloodline. May it cease to exist.

It wouldn't take much to change their opinions. They are stupid, but moral, and highly open to passing judgement on sinners. If jews were portrayed the same way mudshits are, they'd fall in line pretty quickly, especially if a "pastor" gently convinced them with a scriptural PowerPoint full of clouds and angels. Given the current degenerate state of America, there are plenty of children's chewable red pills you could feed them. They are dumb animals, but not too stubborn if the right hand leads them. Hitler did it, so it obviously works.

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Where are the people crying about semitism? How much death and destruction has been attributed to semitism?

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There isn't one person on this planet who gives a fuck about jews who aren't in the cult. Nobody cares that somebody looks jewish.

Christianity is a retarded cult. Islam is a retarded cult. Judaism is a retarded cult. Scientology is a retarded cult. This is not hate. This is a fact.

When people say fuck white people they mean George bush bill gates boomers etc. When people say fuck jews they are talking about bankers lawyers marketers rapists and murderers.





















Bowers was a retarded schizo who probly doesn't even exist. James fields was a retarded schizo who probly doesn't even exist. Dylan roof was a retarded schizo who probably doesn't even exist. Anyone who thinks that throwing a ball at a window accomplishes anything is mentally fucking retarded and cant be used to say "WELL THAT RETARD DID THAT SO THEREFORE THAT NON RETARD MUST BE BAD!"




The Day of the Rope awaits Meagan McQaeda.


The McShames have always been Jew puppets

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