Tulsi for President

Do you want to end wars for Israel?
Do you want controls on immigration?
Do you want to make it politically unpalatable for Democrat candidates to grovel to Israeli interests, at least publicly?
The solution is to support progressive candidates in the DNC at least through the primaries and squeeze out the Israeli-firsters.
Please do not misunderstand me; I'm not a progressive by any stretch, but in politics you have to be strategic and until we throw off The Lobby's yoke we're fucked no matter who gets in.
The last episode of Al Jazeera's documentary on The Lobby (leaked US version) came to the conclusion that AIPAC's absolute control over the DNC has already slipped and the fact that Omar's statement is a wedge issue demonstrates this.
This is why I humbly suggest we support Tulsi's candidacy. Most Democrats don't even know she exists yet, but the Deep State is already attacking her full force. She's gaining support among progressives who don't want a war against Venezuela and have been skeptical of the demonization of people like Qaddafi and Assad.
She's staunchly against wars for Israel.
She's a Hindu and woke on the danger of Islam.
She enlists in the National Guard AFTER she is elected a state rep and is activated, voluntarily deploys to a field med unit in Iraq. Deployed again to Kuwait (antiterrorism unit) still active (Major).
Fucking flew to Syria on her own dime to meet with Assad on a self-porofessed peace mission in 2017.
Openly claims skepticism about Assad's alleged chemical attacks.
Called Trump "Saudi Arabia's Bitch" (sorry, it's true)
Woke on homosexuality (yes, despite backpedalling recently which she has to do in the DNC)
US Patriot who won't allow corporations to fuck over Americans
Most importantly: She's not going to allow a bunch of DNC "New Democrat" war-mongers like Biden to get away with their bullshit on the debate stage if we can get her in

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Is she related to Edward James Olmos?

whatd you just get reassigned from black twitter?

Just don't vote. Nobody is running worth voting for.
Stop engaging with a system that seeks to replace and exterminate you.

Hindu's have been at war with Islam before the barbary slave trade

the Police need to start bombing voting stations, tell the America people they're fed up with this shit. That would be a laugh.

it's not like my vote for some jew puppet or another jew puppet is worth a shit anyway.

Why are you presenting this as a good thing?

Getting her to the debates (and changing the national discourse) wouldn't involve voting. It would involve campaign contributions.
Several small contributions supposedly are more effective as it is the number of donations which matter with regards to the debates.

Good thing? It's a fact. More Hindus have been murdered by Islamists than any other religious group (other than muslims of course)

she a member of an honest to goodness cult


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You're not making sense. In your OP you say she'll end wars for israel. Then you talk up her inherent ties to the geopolitical struggle against islam in the name of a foreign power. Are you just not thinking this through or are you a shill?

Tulsi Gabbard also gets an A+ from Restore the Fourth. She's been fighting the USA Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA syping, etc. She's the anti-Obama on these issues

Fuck off

a Constitutional Amendment needs to be passed that in order to vote one must swear allegiance to Israel, and the worldwide Jewish community as a whole. For far too long have Jews had to live in the shadows controlling everything.

damnit off by 1

Irrelevant. She's not going to win regardless. The point is to change the national discourse.
Look at her official stance on Syria:
This is NOT ACCEPTABLE to the "New Democrat" (noecon) wing of the party


Who said it was good? You're not making sense.

The core issues plaguing White America and the West in general is service to and subversion by foreign powers, who have their own agendas and their own geopolitical ambitions that are separate from and often in opposition to the genuine interests of Western Civilization. The principle subversive element is international jewry, which has plunged our nations into war bringing us to the precipice of extinction.

We keep getting told we are in some sort of "clash of civilizations" with islam, so why are muslims in the West? It would be far more efficient to invade Paris or Jersey City, but then there wouldn't be any ragheads in your visible space to get you riled up. And convince you to flood your defense sector and critical security agencies with jews and hindus.

There is no way you slice it that the geopolitical interests of hindustan and the zionist entity do not line up against the interests of Western civilization.


Her campaign video (her first, I think)

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No Democrat is going to be otherwise. She's not going to win anyway


I thought she was another open borders democrap. am I wrong? i'd like to be.

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She isn't, she supported the Syrian refugee ban and is probably even more anti-immigration than El Trumpo or Yang (not to say that those two are great examples of politicians that are against immigration, they're just the only other candidates who AREN'T full open-borders).

She's no open borders Democrat. I couldn't ever imagine a serviceman being so

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Gee, that sounds an awful lot like what I heard about a certain outsider presidential candidate three years ago. I'm sure that voting for this non-white woman will fix all of our problems, just like how voting for that outsider presidential candidate made America great again.

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She's being built up just like Trump. The ultimate end point of geopolitical loyalties always takes precedence. Trump made a lot of proclamations and said a lot of things, got a lot of airtime with signal boosted shrieks of how "bad for the establishment" he was. People ignored his overt financial and blood ties to the zionist entity because they enjoy being lied to. It is easier, after all.

Planning to switch parties to vote for her. Also like her anti-anti-Catholic stance. archive.li/UjAZ3

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I would vote for Kim Jong Un.

Of course, it doesn't matter because she won't win. The only meme candidate with the potential to get through the dem primaries is Yang (which is still unlikely) so all Tulsi needs to do is shift the overton window. I think the best thing to do is to signal boost politicians like Tulsi and Ilhan Omar while voting for whatever socialist candidate is most likely to get something passed, resulting in economic collapse. If a socialist meme candidate like Bernie or Yang get elected they'll bankrupt the US and the gibs industrial complex will completely break down, creating the perfect environment for balkanization and civil war.

You're not wrong there, there is no non-zionist running for office.

I don't have any money that I'd give to her

Why would socialists cause an economic collapse? Yet another crisis of capitalism is lurking behind most of our social dissolution [importation of foreigners, exportation of industry, military adventurism to maintain standards for the imperial core].

She's being demonized by the usual suspects

Wants to ban guns, kill babies, have free universal healthcare (not going to work), ban fossil fuels (not going to work).

Seems like a typical demofag to me.

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This is a good strategy. No point in being a Republican this cycle anyway.

Everyone should donate at least $1 to show some numbers in terms of # of contributors

You're missing the forest from the trees. What views do you want presented at the DNC debates? Biden's?

We're already in an ungodly amount of debt, if it rapidly accelerates from shit like free college, healthcare, and UBI I would imagine that at some point everyone will start to lose faith in treasury bonds and the dollar. If Keynes was right though and this wouldn't collapse the economy then I guess the worst case scenario is free money and healthcare.

Ideally we would just shut off all gibs programs but no candidate would be willing to do that since they'd know that all the niggers and spics on welfare would riot, so the way I see it the only means of achieving this is financial collapse.

No shit, read
This is about accelerationism and shifting the overton window, not improving the current system.

So was Trump. That "demonization" always came with plenty of ink and airtime.

Voting a Poo in the Loo is retarded. She will just steal all the Israel money to turn India into a first world power.

Yang Gang for Life!!

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She's not Indian.

She is and you're wrong.

As a fellow member of the Yang Gang that's a shitty argument since A: this isn't about voting for her and B: by your logic Yang will steal all the Israel money and give it to China.

Yeah, first name numnuts. She's Samoan

LOL this WaPo smear job makes me want her even more

Tulsi is the only one with a chance of beating Trump. I suppose this is why Andrew "I'm taking your guns!" Yang is being shilled so hard.

Maybe…that at NEETs who don't want a job

If she becomes the candidate against Trump, won't that just cause Trump to take the opposite position to her on all of these policies and rally the general right wing populace in a more neocon direction again?

Can confirm. Her last name is pronounced gab-bar. There's a Bollywood film villain called, Gabbar Singh. In Hindi "r" at the end of a word is pronounced like "d".
Voting for a poo in loo is not very wise. First she will fill white house with other Lois and all her decisions will benefit India. And all the anti-israel stuff is campaigning bullshit. She has aligned herself with Modi and Modi has been working very closely with Netanyahu for quite some time.
Normal people know next to nothing about Hindus except the hippie bullshit, poo in loo and muh honorary aryan meme. If you're going to vote for an Indian then at least redpill yourself on these nasty parasites.

On Tucker talking about CIA OP Trump ended

I want her too

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Yang and Tulsi both want to take away your guns, just not as much as the other dem candidates. Tulsi supports a renewed AWB, Yang supports gun licenses, and Trump will support anything that he thinks will improve his approval rating (see: well-timed bump stock ban). Pick your poison.

No, we don't support nigger women in politics.

It seems to be what he did in the 2016 campaign. He didn't turn out to be very principled on those policies, he just used them to distinguish himself.

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They'll make a martyr out of her if she ever proves to be close to a threat.

Well tended teeth too.

Yang is a yerrow snake in the grass.

Ethnicity dont work that way retard

OK so she's half poo. Multi-generation American, served two tours. I'm more than OK with that

I do, and instead want war against them.

You are OK with that because you gave up on the idea of the USA being a white country or what?


Tulsi. UBI resorts in more complacency and she is an outspoken critic of Israel.

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This is a huge part of why America is such an awful shit hole to live in. People who view the military and military service in a positive light and erroneously believe the military is the least corrupt institution in the country [in reality it is the most corrupt] are a majority. After the last 20 years, let alone the last 70, anyone with military service on their record should be viewed as a hostile occupying enemy, not as a solution.

The solution to US government is not more US government.

There is no possible path for a hindustani ZOGbot to be genuinely anti-israel. The convergence of loyalties and shared interests is too great.

Faggot. Accelerationism is the only option

Bullets not ballots.

It should be fairly obvious to one and all by now that the president is powerless to do shit.

So your replacement choices are all just minorities and/or women? Why do you fags put this much effort behind white nationalists?

That's a good point, Yang is probably right about 3.5 million angry jobless truck drivers being a threat to national security. On the other hand though, if the cost of UBI jacks up US debt and people lose faith in the dollar all hell breaks loose. It would be a bet on whether Keynes or Friedman were right about economics.

Not all forms of accelerationism are equal. Consider these two scenarios:
Candidate B can also cut the military budget which makes civil war even easier, and if they cause economic collapse through retarded welfare programs instead of opening the borders it might occur faster and there will be less nonwhites to deal with.
Yang and Tulsi are the two best accelerationism options for these reasons, yes it would be nice if they were race-baiters like Kamala and Warren but their warhawk/nogunz policies aren't worth it.

oh look it's this kike again

I'm registering as a Democrat and voting for Tulsi in the primaries. I doubt she'll make it, but she's easily the best option among any candidates that has a chance to.

That is not the main value of her being Hindu, it is that she is not part of any Abrahamic religion. She's not Jewess, and she's not a Christian worshiping the Chosen.

No. Get it through your head. Trump lied to you, and everyone else that voted for him.

I agree with your overall point, but I wouldn't hold it against her. A lot of service people also donated to Ron Paul.

It is a sick, parasitic institution though. People think it is more honorable to be a leech for the military than to actually do something useful, like making or growing things.


It should absolutely be held against her. All service members, past/present/retired/future, are mortal enemies without exception.

This isn't going to catch on Schlomo. We all know Tulsi is just another neocon puppet for Israel.

WTF are you talking about? She's anti-neocon. She probably has a signed portrait of Assad in her living room

Trips checked!

Claims I read, she was 100% pro-amnesty and pro open borders.

Actually, user is wrong.

The problem is that the Dem and GOP parties are compromised. A president can't have an administration without them. Are there any GOP politicians like Gabbard that Trump could use in his administration, beside maybe Rand, who is an open border and open backdoor boy?
What Trump would have needed is MAGA governors, mayors, senators etc. bypassing the establishment hacks and their "think-tanks".
Maybe at Leftypol, some are serious enough to support local Gabbards.

1) Muh sosaleesm is usefull regime change propaganda, see Venezuela and DPRK.
2) Muh sosaleesm is about deflecting attention from (((them))), democracy and liberalism as a political system.

Just like Trump was, right? The confluence of military service and hindustani loyalties make it impossible for her to be genuinely anti-neocon. The cross-section of geopolitical interests are too great. Hindustanis and jews are absolutely united in a joint program of anti-White hatred, anti-Muslim foreign intervention, and anti-Chinese geopolitical containment – all with White children along for the ride as meat shields in policies that don't actually benefit them.

Trump was NEVER EVER an ideological candidate. Ever. He wasn't even a knowledgeable candidate. He serves conservative Jewish interests because it helps his businesses. He has Boomer sensibilities on a lot of issues, but they don't run deep. He tends to parrot the last person he was talking to. That's about it.

Trump was like Albert Barese in The Sopranos.

Back her in primaries then Trump for general, or her all the way if you see fit. She's pissing off all the right people.

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The kikes all kvetched about Trump too. Look how that turned out. Kike public disapproval does not automatically equal good.

You probably said the same thing about Trump.

She went to Syria on her own dime you jewfaggot. She put her neck out many times. She's being tarred and feathered for her position on Syria and other ZOG wars

Turned out pretty well. No wars, healthy economy, everyone is upset at congress. Better than Hillary at least.

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Actually, no. The only good thing I said about Trump is he wasn't Hillary

Bullshit. Everyone thought he was anti neocon.

It was an interpretation of the religion of the hindus Hitler used as overarching ideology of his movement. Vedas at its core is inherently anti-kike.

What IS happening is jews trying to cash in on general anti-Pakistan sentiments of Hindus to project India as pro-kike just because its anti-Paki, which is not the case. India will work with Israel to develop their weapons on one hand then tell US to eat shit and continue buying crude oil from Iran like old times. They're a true neutral and don't want to get themselves involved in anyone else's business.

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No thanks user

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nice strawman, Trump won't even go 'trump'

LOL his rhetoric wasn't anti-neocon. You're projecting

This sounds a lot like 2015/2016 and look how that guy turned out. Backed on all those promises and turned out to be just slightly better than shillary. She will be no different, empty promises that will never be followed once in office.


Voting does not matter, conservatives haven't conserved anything and dems are basically just the instant boil for the goys in the pot.