Coastal states assblasted

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Sone of these red squares have barely 100 people living in them.
It's absurd they have more pull than the entire population of New York City.

nice digits dude

Maybe not 100 people, but they are relatively underpopulated; that's a fact.

didn't we just have this thread?

I was talking about the quads

Fun fact, 4 of the 5 Boroughs of NYC have a larger population than Wyoming.
Each Borough alone could be it's own state (Staten Island can go back to upstate NY).
Same with California. They would have no problem splitting it to 6.
I just don't get why Dems aren't gaming the system.

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The Dems are jabronis. They are scripted to lose.

I think coastal states should pay more. They game the financial markets to their advantage so they should be taxed accordingly. Also, the notion of flyover states just confirms how arrogant coastals are.

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Daily reminder that California and New York are more rural than the Deep South.

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Not so much "rural" as "uninhabited." Mostly because of the rocky mountains.

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So is it time to read Bordiga now?

The abolition of town vs. country in Marx is looking more important every day

It's true California's geology is a lot less boring than the south's, but that doesn't prevent it from being the strongest farming state in the union (especially for crops that aren't welfare trash nobody would consume nor plant without subsidies like corn and rape, as in most other "farming" states).

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A lot of that is because of what they grow, not just how much. Iowa grows corn and shit. California grows citrus, wine grapes, and various things specific to the climate there.

The Sierra Nevadas, not the Rockys, and the mountains are not uninhabited, just sparsely populated–rural. The California Desert is mostly uninhabited, though.

Communism really is just the worst of capitalism, for everyone equally.

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maybe climate change is inevitable and we should let erosion happen.

likely yes. though, cities need to die.

whats wrong with rape?

Thanks, have a Dubcheck

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Wasn't Necropolis based on Bakersfield?
It looks way out of position here

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Yeah those guys cleaning toilets in New York are gaming the system, don't even get me started on those pizza delivery guys or those dockyard labourers.

How blinded by ideology do you have to be to think you're brothers in arms with your wealthy overlords just because they live in the same "state".

Are your views actually popular on Zig Forums?

Thanks, Doc!

Absolutely nothing.

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Like many other low-quality crops (soy, sorghum, and safflower are other "heartland" favorites), it's generally used as a cheap substitute for more desirable ingredients, rather than directly preferred by consumers. But one of the primary reasons such crops are so cheap in the first place is due to massive taxpayer subsidies.

This spirals beyond being used as a cheap substitute ingredient, to their cheapness and abundant production "justifying" the invention of highly processed foodstuffs designed to substitute for entire normal recipes, complete redesigns of livestock feeding and rearing around the use of such monocrops, alterations of farming practices to account for vulnerabilities unique to monocrop growing conditions, and use of such crops as feedstocks for non-food applications such as biofuels.

On top of all that, such crops (even moreso their primary processed products, such as rape oil and rape mash) are easy to store and ship, so they are widely used as cash crop exports, WITH embedded subsidies distorting their EXPORT prices so severely as to undercut 3rd-world farmers, "dumping" them out of business and causing massive famines.

All of this is then used as further justification for even larger and looser subsidies for these trash crops, increasing distortion, justifying more subsidies, etc.

What's needed is to subsidize diverse crops fairly, and completely eliminate export subsidies.

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Population concentration and economic inequality go hand in hand. Also it works in reverse as well, its not like cosmopolis dwellers bear any special affection for those "racist bible-clinging chuds in White Talibanistan

I like sorghum.

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Right which means their are even more members of the proletariat in these cities then their are in the countryside. Being close to capital doesn't mean you own capital.

Maybe that's because they have been manipulated by class dividing propaganda? Maybe instead of trying to punish people for living near capital and being victims of the capitalist system you could actually try to realize that you have shared interests?

cities should be nuked


tl;dr shitpost

yes, death to urbanites.