Why is the LGBT Lobby so powerful?

I believe the lobby of the sodomites is actually more powerful than the jewish influence on our politics. What do you think? How common is homosexuality anyways? I honestly don't know. I grew up never seeing it and thinking of it as an anomaly. But now the shame is out in the open and celebrated. People are actually proud to be a homosexual? What the fuck is that?

ITT we discuss what is happening in regards to sexual behavior, it's implications, the seemingly doomed future that awaits us. I heard that 50% of the youth in UK are homosexuals. WTF I HATE THIS SHIT

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Jewish backing.
Almost all queer studies "academics" : Jews.
Main financiers of Homo rights groups: Jews.
Their lawyers: Jews.
Organizers: Jews.


Daily reminder all anti-homosexuality threads are made by (((Zig Forums))), the pro race-mixing board. They want you to forget the fact that they think mutt children are perfectly acceptable according to muh bible.

Gee, I wonder.


I made very nice threads about jews today. The premise was "Only the Jew would ..(fill in the blank & add image"
Isn't that a great idea for a thread? Perhaps it was too effective. I was banned within like two minutes on 4chan and my thread was deleted with ten minutes here. No reason given

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Faggot population of USA: 15m white faggots, millions more spics and blacks who don't openly identify as faggots.
Jewish population of USA: 5m kikes, of whom not all are ideological kikes.

Additionally, faggots are forced into the same kind of in-group preference that kikes practice, due to the need to congregate together. Networking and pooling resources is well known to give you a systematic advantage over individualists due to the principle of schwerpunkt. Two faggots teaming up against a white man without disclosing that they're faggots and have a conflict of interest can destroy a superior white man not just in that job but his whole career and life. Thus removing a superior competitor from the environment permanently or semi-permanently. Compound this with faggots climbing the ladder this way and helping other faggots climb over all the straight white men that they've passed, and you get the Jewish problem on med-resistant superAIDS.

Also, they are natural allies for Jews since they are inherently anti-family and anti-tradition, so they get help from the jewish control of the media, finance, and government.

I would accept 10 million illiterate mutts into the country rather than accept 10mil jews or homosexuals. Fuck off with your supremacy shit, that's some jewish shit

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Chinese money.
Some would say Russia too or even Israel, but considering both have the same problem I think that leaves only one location as the true source.

Israel has a worse LGBT problem than most western countries, guess again.

nobody cares about israel. of course those retards fall for their own poison

All fags will be purged.

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Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world and proud of it. They might have a problem but the majority don't care. Israel even uses homosexuality as a weapon. Look at Drumpf and his globohomo policy

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Jews don't have any qualms about breaking a few of their own eggs if it advances their overall agenda.

Don't you think that China, an actual party with connections to states that hate Israel, would be more likely to be a cause of the poison than Israel itself.

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Only a jewish rabbi would condone of killing toddlers

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Considering sodomy is forbidden in their tomes, I disagree.

But why poison your own source of intelligence, rather than an actual real threat?

because Jews

So either you are a Jew trying to steal valor for something good, or you are blaming Jews for something bad that hasn't happened yet. Could be giving the Jews credit thinking the stereotype threat will change something. Hm



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HAHAHAHA I knew it. So pathetic.

But not the niggers, you nigger lover.

It was deleted because it was a shit tier thread that only shat up the catalog. This isn't (supposed to be) /b/.




Are you jewish? you're jewish aren't you?
My last thread was great. Better than any thread on here now. That's for sure

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Is this even English?

Only the jew would get the jew call

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Wait a second… Nobody is even discussing what the thread was originally supposed to be about

I agree.
That is odd.

Almost like it was the intention of some posters.

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Stopped listening right here.

*are more influential than Jews!

To understand the LGBT agenda you have to understand the Jewish agenda. Jewish involvement is the answer to the question why LGBT gets pushed and is so successful. Normalizing LGBT ideology serves to damage white societies the same way importing non-whites and implementing communism does.

The fags are the jews and the jews are the fags. This is almost like saying, "the lobby of the zionists is actually more powerful than the bolsheviks." It's one and the same.

If you want more information, look into the Mattachine Society of Chicago and Weimar "sexologist" (((Magnus Hirschfeld)))'s visit to the US.

Homosexuality in the United States and the movements around it are EXPLICITLY Jewish in origin, and jews are the single largest supporter of homosexuality in the world.


wow, I don't think you could've posted anything that proved his point more
back to the slave den with you:
>>>Zig Forums



Jews use promotion and advocacy on behalf of aberrant sexual deviants to attack the White society they seek to degrade.
Pic related, in a tangentially related context.

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faggots just target the kikes they need to influence
on the fag marriage (((SCROTUM))) decision goo gobbler lobbyists made targeted advertising that was tailored around the kike judges opinions in prior cases, they (((marketed))) marriage as a human right and that it was unconstitutional to not have the government be in charge of whos fucking who, so the pants on head retarded kikes who magically interpret marriage as something constitutionally protected even though marriage in america is tantamount to a legalized form of prostitution with alimony and the like

I'd also like to point out that communism, Judaism and LGBT are practically one and the same and often express themselves through a single actor - Look at Zig Forums


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Could be. Not my intention. Maybe it's just that all roads lead back to the jews

It just seems to me that everyone is so quick to jump on homophobes and shut them down for bigotry. There's little doubt that homos are the product of the children of the lie. But they are now acting as their minions. Voting in blocks. Shutting down LGBT dissent. It's crazy

Not a hostile actor. Just here bc halfchan banned me for politely discussing the satanic nature of Judaism.

Good info. I understand that in nazi germany the jews too were at the center of a 'sexual revolution'

all roads lead back to evil and the jews are powerful, influential, rich, and the son of satan.

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Jews are not mutually exclusive from the problem.
But frankly, I think they're being goaded by other more powerful players like that big communist country in the east.

I don't see why this thread needs a sage regardless.

The queers don't have the power. They are one of the wanted results of the people with power.

It's not that simple, they're likely not exclusive. Think intelligence systems that are fragmented into different areas with information barriers. Then think about if they exchange intelligence with other nations who do the same.
The same goes with this LGBT cult issue.

In fact the situation is so complexly fucked up it's hard to pinpoint the perpetrators.


Almost like anti-semites, eh?

I missed one of you fags in the post cited, but you'll figure it out.

Of course homosexual are voting as a block. You have to understand that our kind of individualism is not the norm. Women Form an interest group. Homosexual do. Spics do. Niggers do. Muslims do. Only white men generally do not (and attempts get subverted immediately). This is why Jews are using all of these groups for their own interests. The Jews helped push female emancipation, they supported desegregation, they support Muslim immigration and they support homos. As long the Jews can present each group with a political platform that promises handouts, they can be sure to receive their votes.

All semitic men are faggots because they refused to control their faggot population and exterminate them as parasites.

Since they are looking out for their parasitic selves they are throwing all the money in the world into their own interest groups. Faggotry.

This is your new 'thing', isn't it? Trying to find ways to lead nu/pol/ away from kikes and toward faggots.

Literally nobody does this but you dude, seriously. Why don't you just avatarfag like a normal shill?

No, its not. Its the jews.

This faggot

and this faggot

and probably this faggot

are the same faggot.

Dude I'm too poor to afford a vpn. OP is the same. don't know why you think that. Maybe it's you who's the subversive jew? Hmm. Ever think about that?

Only the jew would believe the Talmud is the word of God and teach that YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS BURNING IN HOT SHIT

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Definately not the same 'faggot' as those other two faggots. I have been busy WORKING all day getting ready to put in some wood flooring. Ain't got time to play double fisted snake pound with your junk even if I wanted too, which I don't.

They're one and the same, utimately.

Gradually I began to hate them.

The disingenuous and arrogant shitposting of your kind has made me hate jews and marxists on a whole new level.

Stick to your anti-NatSoc 'MUH ECONOMICS' thread, faggot.

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even faggots who fight as street soldiers for national socialism?

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it is the jewish lobby you fuckingh retard sage

Seems fuckin' legit, loser.

Yeah that makes sense. When it comes down to it, the average jew doesn't believe in the torah or the talmud. I don't know what they believe but they serve the same interest. Promotion of tolerance for wickedness, censorship, destroying marriage and the nationstate. Whether or not they know it, it's what it's leading to.

Good glad I could assist. I always assume I'm talking to a jew unless they're like me. And you're free to leave whenever you want faggot. Don't let the door hit you on your way out! If it id, it was da jooos fault

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Especially those.

YES. Faggots are parasites reproducing in society by raping our children.

Jews always help to make people hate Jews. Same with marxists, loser.

Make me, loser. ;D

sodomy is THE humiliation ritual.

Oh also:

Yet another narrative the subversives have been trying to push hard.

Lies. Most jews DO believe this shit, deeply. Even the fucking atheistic ones still think they are 'chosen'.

Short answer: kikes

Long answer: kikes

what a shit OP

If you liked this, you'll love his "NAZIS CANT INTO ECONOMICS!" thread.

It actually robs males of their power. This is a very old ritual from the 'gurus' of India and it is the last step in making a man a 'guru' in his own right. They spend years as apprentice and when they are about to graduate, the very last ritual is that they are raped and fucked by their guru so that all their power and spirit that they had built up is stolen by their guru at the height of their power. From that point on (after the soul rape) the man can either GO BACK INTO SOCIETY with no power at all and no soul to speak of, OR HE CAN BECOME A GURU and rape his own apprenticies when they are at the final transition stage. It actually is a black magic ritual that perpetuates itself in society becasue each 'guru' can rape a fuck ton of apprentices and they each will rape a fuckton of apprentices as well…finally, you have the 'pyramid structure' of the HOMOSEXUAL OCCULT THEOCRACY…

Just typical liberal wizard of ozzing. Always tries to appear bigger than it really is. No there isnt many of them and no they arent that powerful.

Isn't that exactly what I said?
Now I'm confused, I think you're misinterpreting what I said.

I had a roommate in college who I now understand was a faggot. He had a pretty girl from another uni but was hanging around with like this faggy crowd. At the time I thought nothing of it but now I understand. So filthy.

He was one of these jews. Literally didn't support border control, thought of Trump as evil incarnate. It's unbelievable

Only the jew could mastermind and disguise itself as the illuminati
Only a jew would try to convince people that freewill is an illusion
Only the Jew can claim they want peace while stealing land

Get the fuck outta here, you have a source on that one?

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haha Is this real?
It does impact people on a psychological level, so maybe they misinterpreted what they were actaully doing.

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Yes, you stupid nigger, you tried to imply that fags have jews by the balls, when jews CREATED fags as a movement and were the strongest backers throughout.

One one hand, you kvetch about the fact that you're leading people to jews AND fags, but in reality, you're implying jews are secondary to fags in terms of influence. You're reversing the influence flow to distract from jews, and you're very very hate-inducing in doing so.


Bred to breed and trained to serve
We toil and we tire
Unwittingly we've built a beast
So born of our desire

Our leaders have abandoned us
To burn within this fire
I help my people learn to see
For this they they call me "liar"

Blind we were and blind we are
They're climbing ever higher
We break our backs and sell our souls
To feed the thing they sired

It's ignorance through righteousness
That fill our eyes with tears
It's the blind belief that we are right
That turns these awful gears

The gears within the monstrous beast
That feasts upon our souls
We've simplified our happiness
Into a hollow quest for gold

Family ties and proud traditions
A dozen decades old
Traded in for precious metals
Honor-less and cold

So now you see what I am saying
And if I may be so bold
I'll tell you that I'd sooner die
Than be bought or sold

As if the subversive kike shill wasn't bad enough, we get a schizo esonigger as well. CM really did a number on this board.

Where'd you get the idea that China hates Israel?

Zig Forums became nu/pol/ a long time ago.


I've heard of this shit, it's real. I think these are the same guys that tell the apprentices that swallowing their semen will fill them with divine knowledge.

Nice poem

Only the jew could/would convince their precious little baby boy that he was girl and emotionally force him to take estrogen, grow breasts and mutilate his wiener to turn it into a mangled unhealable hole

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Only a jew would use and drive an alcoholic drawf to suicide and then laugh about it on air for four hours while his mother was crying on the phone

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I'd say their ideology may have not helped the situation, but to say the chicken came before the egg is oversimplifying it a little bit

Only a jew would pit white against blacks and blacks against whites to further their political agenda
Only the jew is allowed to use identity politics

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I hope this thread doesn't get shoah'd. Even if went a little off course

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I didn't save the original document for men. I only saved the female part of it because I was furious and appalled by that more than anything. The male aspect of the tantric human sacrifice is somewhere in this document but you would have to look for it. The person I originally got the info from had both document sections bookmarked and like I said I only saved one.

Nice poem user.

Faggotry is tumors appearing in your body, because YOU GOT CANCER, NIGGER.

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Fuck it. We're doing this.

So, chicken before the egg, huh? Let's take a look.



>Signatories included (((Albert Einstein))), Hermann Hesse [married a Jew], Käthe Kollwitz (jewishcurrents.org/jewish-connections-kathe-kollwitz/), Thomas Mann (married a Jew), Heinrich Mann (married a Jew), Rainer Maria Rilke (married a Jew), August Bebel (founder of the Marxist SDAP, eulogized by Vladimir Lenin as a "model workers' leader"), (((Max Brod))), (((Karl Kautsky))), (((Stefan Zweig))), Gerhart Hauptmann ("At the beginning of May 1946, Hauptmann learned that the Polish government was insisting on the expulsion of all Germans without exception. On June 6, he died of bronchitis in Agnieszków (present-day Jagniątków, a part of Hirschberg im Riesengebirge, now Jelenia Góra). His last words were reported to be, "Am I still in my house?" Despite his final wishes, as expressed in his last will, Hauptmann was not buried at his home. An official letter from the Soviet Administration in favor of the writer, who was highly regarded in the Soviet Union, proved ineffective, though the family was permitted to take its belongings."), (((Martin Buber))), Richard von Krafft-Ebing (author of "Psychopathia Sexualis (Psychopathy of Sex)… Krafft-Ebing also coined the term anilingus in this book.") and (((Eduard Bernstein))).

Side Note:

Moving on…