America becomes Charlottesville

In Charlottesville VA, home of the Unite the Right rally, there are only 2 parties: far-left and left. There is no right wing, and no advocate for Whites. Now that WN are embracing Tulsi and Yang it's clear that if you are dumb enough to vote, that will be your only choice: brown far-left or brown left.

Discuss strategy for enduring times like this.

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There are virtually zero White even left in the West.

Free Tibet. Democracy. Winnie the Pooh.

Who is embracing Yang?

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This thread is gay.

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Defeatist jewshill.
Canada is 72.9% White. The US is 72.4% White. The UK is 87.17% White. Convincing people that White people are gone means convincing people that there's nothing left to fight for.
Plus, White genocide is about dilution. Percentages are going down but absolute numbers are going up thanks to improvements to (((medicine))). Defeatism due to drops in percentages negates the fact that the absolute White population is growing.

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we’ve got an experienced shlomo here. thats not true faggot but i know youll keep trying to subtly push it.

That includes hispanics, jews, arabs, turks, indians. It doesn't account for illegals. America is probably less than 50%. I'm guessing you live in Canada.


the 76 paid shills that constantly shit up this board 24/7, it's fucking sad

I'm guessing you live in a major city with a bunch of shitskins. That's called an unrepresentative sample.
Also, hispanics, turks, arabs, and indians are in some ways White, though they have no place in a Nordic country. David Duke has spoken of hispanics as Aryian bretheren.


Oy vey! Remember to Assume Good Faith, goy!

dude theyll fly over and salt your crops when shtf shut the fuck up


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I live in San Antonio, 90% of "hispanics" are not white, at least not mexicans, which are the most common type. You might be able to say most cubans are white but we don't have many of the actual white hispanics like those from Argentina or Uruguay.
Most Turks are not white.
The only white arabs are lebanese and maybe some iranians. Which I don't think are the ones we get.
Indians are not even remotely white. I'm referring to those from India. Not even close.
I don't care what David Duke says.

Then David Duke is a fucking moron… Or more likely, a controlled asset.

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Since nobody will do anything, nothing. Whites are doomed.

Nah, just hasn't gotten bad enough yet.

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what stupid chink shit is this? speak english
I personally hate kikes

help me wage war Hakim

I feel sorry for my fellow Doomers

it is me

come smoke weed and hate life niggers

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Since when are bugmen brown?

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are you telling me spics are smart enough to falsely respond as a means of deception? we really need to genocide these fucks.

I want to save the sadsacks who rule Earth. I want to save the broken people who decided this place needed to be an obediently racist truth-free ground. I want to save the liars who can’t handle truth. I want to save my godforsaken sister who molested me, she’s probably less happy with her life than I am. But for actual bona fide racists all I want to save is your lives. I don’t want you to have any power or confort until you give up trying to drag down your race - all of your races, whatever your races, whether you label yourselves truly or not - with racism! It actually really is not a valid sorting method!

Their choices are white, asian, black, or other. They generally pick either white or other unless they know they are part black.

Do nothing is the game plan. coming out for trump when no wall, biggest aid to Israel ever, has all the money to not care about what happens next. He's not getting any shadilays this cycle. Fat old boomers call this winning, sitting on their hands proud of what they did ages ago for nothing.

Kamala harris might win. I'd say "see you at the firing squad" but I won't see much through my black bag.


I'm telling you that it doesn't matter because it just goes to show that the census data is fucking bunk and highly manipulated.

In actuality, the US in 2019 is nowhere near "70% White".
Pic related.

Note: Census considers North Africans and Middle Easterners "White" for census purposes, and the Boomers represent ~15 percentage points of the US White population.

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I CHOOSE A REVOLUTION BASKED IN HELLFIRE WITH THE HEADS OF MY ENEMIES ON PIKES FAGGOT OP, I WILL KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU (((COMPROMISE))) FAGGOTS AND IF I CAN'T THEN ANOTHER WILL PICK UP THE TORCH AND DO IT UNTIL YOU DEFEATIST FAGGOTS ARE WIPED OFF THIS EARTH. The feeling of your skull underneath my boot gives me massive dopamine hits OP, the only good thing you're good for is licking your own brain matter off my fucking steel toed kicks.

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I don't see anybody doing anything.

Just keep voting Republican if it makes you feel better I guess. Me, I'll be kicking back waiting for annihilation.

Unlike the 24/7 trump shills amirite???? xDDDDDdd

I support Yang over Trump. All polls are useless and they should not be taken seriously as they are easily spammed. I used VPN and voted for over 90+ votes in one poll on cuckchan and changed the results how I wanted them to be. JIDF has network so they can push Trump through much faster.

That number seems… oddly specific.

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Just vote for Patrick Little and get the word out about the Jews. Let things sort themselves out afterwards.

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I'd sooner vote for orange kike than a slant eyed commie. The piss poor attempts at astroturfing and memesmithing here for this fucking chink is nauseating.

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america is maybe 50% white. they lump a lot of spics in with us.

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no, they are white just like jews.. white skin, THEIR BRAIN IS PITCH BLACK


i didnt come up with #alohanationalism or #yanggang
go away

It is gay, but I got distracted from how gay it was by how dumb some faggot was who thinks the US is 70% fucking White.

so i take it the strategy is nothing. do nothing. maybe vote for some dead end politician who does nothing for us.

got it

No one is voting for you gook.

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Enjoy bugout life, npc partisan. I heard lifes hard out there.leave an address we can send the neetbux to. love ya. Mean it.

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Give them a day in the sun that they consciously avoid and you'll see what they mean.

Start shooting cunts.

You're a stupid faggot that can't read a table. It says 60.7% for White, non-beanperson.

There were pro-white people there and you kikes threw them under the bus because you're all jews. Now you kikes have given up on white people completely with this shit as if you're not even hiding you're jews

Good post user. You nailed it.

Shit San Antonio is 90% Spic or nigger, there are a few whites but most of them moved north.

That’s a fucking lie, and a large part of that are boomers who are dying out.

No, the White Nationalists did that with all their larping.

If SHTF, then we could finally shoot them.
Or maybe we'll just cower inside being dumbass individualists thinking;

Are you the "White nationalists cause White genocide" guy?

Not me
All politicians must hang

Fuck off dink

I, too, will be moving north as soon as I can. San Antonio is essentially Mexico at this point.

the first solid post itt

hair splitting twats get the rope too. this is a form of autism that is annoying

still waiting for people to actually address the main topic posed in OP:

these aren't aztecs retard, they're just mexicans with microcephaly

Step up nigger.

Reminder that this is actual, literal shilling. The Yang campaign is trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the Trump campaign by capitalising on the generally lukewarm feelings towards him currently and by being "hip" and "with it". Do not fall for it. It is not organic.

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Nothing is fucking organic anymore.

We went from build a wall and lock her up to something more realistic now, like $1,000 a month

white males are 25% of the population among children in America, it's over

A big part of the Trump campaign was organic, even if it was intermingled with real shilling too. That's what the Yang campaign is hoping to recreate.

Neither of those are unrealistic, you just have to be willing to chance civil war. Trump wasn't, which is understandable, but disappointing. We tried, it turned out he's the same as every other politician. Oh well. Yang will be too, not that he has any actual chance anyway.

Pick one, goon.

user, don't make excuses for the orange jew, ok? thank you.

each white male is still worth 20 shitskins

The yang "shilling" is solely by people fed up with the state enforced trump worship on the american "right" and all the bridge burning that has entailed in the past few years. Its built purely out of spite by those who built the trump movement and then were backstabbed by it.
They even acknowledge on twitter they only support him to cause chaos in the democratic primary just like with our support of Trump and Sanders in the last election cycle, but we all know how that turned out.


And yet, all these guns, and whites and still white genocide keeps going strong, what's the excuse then?

Spencer and Anglin do not speak for us.

The "nationals" as they are called here, the white mexicans who come legally, aren't noticed as mexican for the most part. They generally speak good english and you wouldn't always be able to pick them out of a lineup.

The obvious mexicans are the short, fat, illegal and bad english kind. We have a lot of those, and they aren't white. However, they do hate niggers and they do chase them away. After katrina, we got loads of nogs, but most left after the mexicans chased them out. So there's at least that.

Really need to move the family out of here to some whiter area, but the wife has family here. When they are gone, it's time to get out.

Fuck off shill.


Kill yourself zeemap fed boomer kike shill.

The way I see it, last election came down to two choices to a lot of people, myself included:

The second choice was taken, and lo and behold, it's just more of the same. Only thing that changed is Trump is a much much better politician than most, because people actually believed him when he said there would be change. I'm not mad I got played, that's just part of the game. It's on me for buying into it at all, if anything.

The Yang shilling is marketers having realised the immense power of viral marketing through Internet memes. Its the exact same as things like the tidepod meme, airpods, whichever retarded soundcloud rapper is fotm etc. It's completely inorganic to start, forced memes which are then constantly regurgitated by npc sheep because they've become part of their social sphere which then spreads like wildfire. All you have to do is plant the seed. Threads like these are the seed being planted, hoping it catches on with us.

not with voting they're not, unless you have something else in mind?

No, I am not letting you faggots build another boogeyman so you can excuse more kosher dicksucking and deplatforming.
Either acknowledge your kosher cuckservative impotence or go back to facebook, we will not have a repeat of 2016's farce on my watch.

And there it is. Like pottery lmao

And so you have capitulated giving way to the argument that the trump train is wholly impotent and nothing but backstab behind backstab to white america as white genocide continues every day.

Just write in Hitler or Pat Little tbh. Politics is a pure cope at this point

there is a tulsi gabbard thread here:
and a yang thread here:
not to mention this:

only boomers and daily stormer faggots are going to vote trump

Nice argument faggot.

and trump was? L O L

there is no political solution.

there will be no neetbux. mark my words

i dont follow either of them. this is just an observation from social media. though its not surprising gook fucker and shill anglin supports yellow rule

its sad to see white people helping meme this shit. like i said. it'll be charlottesville soon enough. and no white people are going to be getting 1000/month. its all a ruse to dethrone trump in 2020. which doesnt fucking matter anyways i guess

True WN's would never embrace non-Whites.

Butler Plan/Northwest Imperative. Only plan that actually advocates for saving White in North America.

I don't know what you are talking about, if you would just leave the Northside of town that I assume you never venture out of you would see there are still a shit load of nigs in the Northeast and east. Hell even downtown there are a decent amount. I live in Alamo Heights and there are a shit load right to the east of us. If shit ever hits the fan this side of town is in trouble while all of the fuckers out to the North near Stone Oak and Helotes will probably be fine.
And maybe the older mexicans know that nogs are up to no good but the younger generation of mexicans are basically niggers with a bit higher IQ. I will be amazed if we ever have another Republican mayor. I will be amazed if the white percentage is ever higher than 25% again.
You need to get out of here, my entire family lives here as does my girlfriends (well either here or even MORE south Texas than we already are) and there is nothing that could make me stay. Go to Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, Austin, even Dallas. Anywhere but here for the love of God.

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I find it odd how everyone who was burned by the last politician's lies all of a sudden trust another politician on his word. It's like they willingly refuse to learn their lesson.

Hey, you are not baste at all. Why don't you like the baste chink? I mean he's baste, he's a chink … What's not to like?

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Become the weapon of avenging racism. Survival is pointless if we die without dignity. Vote with bullets not ballots, its what our ancestors would do surrounded by jewniggers. How many times does this need saying? A good death is better than slavery. Or you can ignore it all, tell edgy jokes, and make babies you'll lose to the system.

Getting tired of these gooks spamming us.


No, not even close. The US was 56% "non-Hispanic white" (which includes 2% jews and 1% moslems, plus an indeterminate number of people that identified as "non-hispanic white" on the census but which Zig Forums would not consider white). that was over 3 years ago, actual whites are almost certainly a minority in the USA. and moreover, over half of the US white population is over 40 and thus useless. the actual percentage that is:
would be disturbingly low. immigration outnumbers births and is exclusively non-white, white americans have the highest deathrate (old age, suicide, opiates, etc.), it doesn't look good at all

how thoroughly you would have to pad or fudge the numbers to get >70% is beyond me. even over 60% is ridiculous

I also strongly doubt this "absolute numbers are going up" claim. The birthrate has been below replacement for a very long time. If numbers are going up, because of medicine, then it's because of useless boomers living into their 90's, not because the whites are actually breeding.
there is a huge number of "white" foreigners in the UK like poles etc., that is not much better than pakis, considering the product of reproduction with one with a native Briton is not an ethnic Briton, it's another foreign body. "white" is only relevant for colonies, not European nations, foreign is foreign there

this also, there are over 30 million illegals, and they are increasing at a recond speed (as are legal immigrants)

get the fuck out of here, and never come back

the USA is Anglo-Saxon, not "Nordic", dumbass

Looks like the 4D shilling will continue forever. From Trump > Yang > some muslim that wants to fight israel (but never does)

we need to start killing already

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where do the rothschilds live?