Could it possibly be that the Jews are really not humans...

Could it possibly be that the Jews are really not humans? I really think that the Jews are extraterrestrials that are only here on Earth to enslave us humans! It is not normal for an ethnic group to be expelled from over 109 countries. In addition, the Jews even rape and sacrifice non-Jewish children in their Baal cult.

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They're not extraterrestrials as far as I know, but they're definitely not human.

They're lizards

But the way the Jews behave and how incredibly destructive they affect their environment on Earth lets me assume that the Jews are extraterrestrials.

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Who's codex is this?

Cuckchan tier thread

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Also reported

jews are descended from ancient tribes that stumbled upon demonic possession. they now channel a sentient, malevolent, pervasive cosmic entity within their dna. this is how they manifest their power and purpose on this planet which is to cause endless cycles of suffering for their master. the entity feeds on pain and suffering, as this is one of the few but not the only antidotes to entropy in this universe.

look into the occult history of the star of david symbol. they worship saturn which the entity is using as an energy transducer for our solar system. and hebrew is actually a holy language not created on this planet or by jews. its alphabet represents time cycles and quantum dna encoding. kikes have usurped and claimed it as their own.

I've come to interpret reality in the language of symbols. Reality is what our brains interpret and symbolism is the language of mind.

i doubt there's any situation you can point to where they're more than human

but I absolutely could buy that there's something very jewy running earth socieities and there fore any immediate surrounding areas. The truth is obvious, if there's aliens, they are as fuckwitty or more than jews.

Doesn't tell me the source, dummy. It seems like a nice grimoire that may be worth intense study. Perhaps an original manuscript to the Key of Soliman the King? That is one I have yet to read.

They stole the holy hexagram as their own. The Six-Ray Star is amazing in its power. You know not what you speak.


obviously they stole it. nothing wrong with the hexagram on its own only in how it's used. in the case of jews it's for great evil.

Lazy, slidey OP, but yes. Jews probably aren't human. Maybe they're Neanderthal-human hybrids, alien parasites, or the brood of Satan. There's plenty of evidence here and there suggesting they're not human, but as far as I know, nothing conclusive to explain what they are exactly.

If only we could reblace the Hebrew in the kaballah with the frankrunes. Sadly, it is too complex a task as the gementria becomes befuddled. Hermes the Thrice Great did not restore the Atlantian-Aryan Philosophy just for Jews to take a monopoly on it.

93 93/93

There's your problem.
"Humans" don't exist, at least not how you think of them. Talking about "humans" is, if anything more like talking about "apes" than talking about "gorillas", if you get my drift. The word "human" basically derives from the Indo-European word for "earth being".

Wouldn't that make everything from bacteria to dinosaurs human by that defintion?

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Yep. "Humans" don't exist. The term is a false creation associated with gradual shift towards universalist ideologies, implying that all modern hominids that can speak are in some way equivalent. This is expressly false.

Its funny, I remember seeing an Israeli rabbi in Israel explaining to a guy that goyim are not human, only jews are human, and when you see it in that context, suddenly it all becomes quite clear: "human" is a way to get everyone else to think of themselves as one giant - and, more recently, equivalent - group, while you retain the belief that you are the only TRUE "human", the only group justified in separation, the only "chosen" as it were.

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