Vicki Weaver is shown in her yard the day that she was killed by the FBI and U.S. marshals...

Vicki Weaver is shown in her yard the day that she was killed by the FBI and U.S. marshals. Her fourteen year old son and family dog were also victims of what is known as the Ruby Ridge Siege, where Randy Weaver resisted authorities and failed to show up in court on weapons charges.

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dressing gown, bare feet, holding an AK-47
looks like fair game to me

true to form, there has not been a kike-free 1st post in weeks

I want you to be able to differentiate ironic posts, to be able to have the premium 8pigfarm experience.

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FUCK I meant Waco

It's weird how they kept going through potential candidates to do horrific shit for them and coincidentally managed to find one when they asked a bugman.


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boomer with yellow fever

You must be genuinely autistic to not understand my original post and how it relates to what you're now saying. I reiterate my demand you kill yourself.

have the balls to follow your own advice faggot

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The only good fed is a dead one. Hopefully one day we'll see them and their families dragged into the streets to experience True Justice.

mcveigh handed out cards with that guys home address on it for many years at gun shows

nobody ever did anything
we're a weak people and we deserve what we get

CIA and FBI shitposting at each other here

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I'm not the brainlet that desperately needs a cure for his autism, you are. You do it.

If you slandered me like that to my face I'd toss your midget ass across the room.

Little known fact: After both ruby ridge and waco occurred there was a serious problem for the government, there was a huge chance of a civil war actually breaking out. So, they brought in a specialist to deal with this and run a counter-intelligence public relations psy-op. The specialists name? Pedosta.
pic and archive related

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The absolute state of ShareBlue shills

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I'll use whatever words I want, midgetnigger.

You and most others need to understand you cannot convince people to do what is difficult and dangerous when easier paths are available and comfort is a preferable. You have to demand, and if said demands are not followed thru with you destroy them as example. The nation is dead so stop following bullshit national meme's of lies about the worth of the average person. An person only has worth once proven and not until that point, so treat them that way. This is why psychopaths have some advantages in dealing with people in groups, they have no compunction that stops them from doing what must be done to further their goals, right/good/fair be damned. And thus they wipe out families in waco, murdered this worthless faggots family on the ridge, killed 'muh constitution' boomer in the second bundy ranch and are now killing people whom are 'reported' as an threat while trying to take their weapons. And they will continue to do such because there is zero to stop them. Certainly not any good men, they are too busy being decent humans to actually be what is needed to stop evil.

Or keep trying to be the better man and do as so many have done before in history which caused them to fail. Hold back their power in the quest to bring in others because you are the noble one and in the right. History is filled with the early graves of fools whom thought because they were righteous they could win out. Survival is an dirty, dangerous and cruel business. Men do the work that must be done so our weak people can continue on and not be dominated by men whom are willing to do such business against ones own. If a man doesn't follow you on your path, cull them. Or accept you will be culled.

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This seems reasonable.

not quite sure about that
looks like Americas finest moment, killing a near naked woman in her bath robe. Think of the crime scene pictures never to be released to the public but circulated at the highest levels of government like kiddy porn in secret.

A few Years ago, they used to have all 9 hours of the Ruby Ridge Hearings on Jewtube, then suddenly one pay…poof! Gone! I'm guessing it's because they got into the logistics of what happened and went into an extended definition of ZOG. Jewggle used tp actually be a good company 6-7 years ago before the Jews really, really ruined it….

If you are being serious Hymie, just in case you don't know she has every right to carry a weapon on her own property (and no fucko, no an "AK-47"). This is especially justified in the fucking backwoods of Idaho, where she can run into any sort of wild animal on her way to the outhouse.

fuck her, she would have never made the cover of Vouge, nor appeared on Ellen, doubtful even the View would host her ghost as a guest today. She is nothing but a skeleton in a black coffin now anyway so who gives a fuck.

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In land of liberty, private property owns you.

great Confucius!!!! who would willingly appear that horrid in their own wedding picture, she needs eyebrow triage, root crimps, even some eyelid tape, and certainly a Korean snail face mask….. her skin is so dry it's hurting me just to look at the pictures of this dead woman when she was alive……. and who the fuck wears a white carnation at their wedding. White trash 100%

If you faggots are on my tax dollars you need to learn the art of shitposting.

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Oi, good one Abie. Tell me, how i your buy doing al Yale? Is he still Chairman of the Young Communists League?

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Fuck off jew.

if you see something, say something, you may save lives



If you care about this nation. This is your go signal. If you don't, then the warlords whom rise up are not going to be kind or interested in any semblance of 'muh rights' when they have to be the bloody handed executioner of everything. They aint giving up any power once taken. So choose now. Fight the faggots for what this country claims it is, accept you are to be under an warlord when he rises on his own terms, or roll over and accept slavery from anyone whom decides your chickenshit ass is something they want to own since you refuse to do.

fuck it, get happy user's, this ride just hit terminal velocity today. No wonder so many shit shill threads all of a sudden today.

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David Dees isn't a Qcumber anymore?



Dexter might not be 100% scientific/realistic but that series was pretty interesting.

Too much goody two shoes and of course, this "morality" gets taught in every comic, movie there is. Don't be ruthless or you are just as bad as the enemy, you know the drill. This is why I admire Breivik, Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, Himmler, Vlad III and Duterte so damn much.

Dehumanize yourself, slowly, methodically.

The culmination of which was the OKC bombing, a mossad operation.

why was she, the 14 year old boy and the family dog killed?
were they simply targets of opportunity in the cross hairs?

One of many people murdered by the White lapdogs of jews.

>Which happened because the glowniggers (((accidentally))) gave him the wrong date
Why must OP always be such a raging faggot?

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100% organic real user here. I entirely agree with these posts. How do you do fellow Nazis?

you are a kike but you actually aren't wrong
the slave morality needs to go. it's rampant even in this post where the words "noble", "right", and "righteous" are used as an inverse of their actual meaning. the attached image is no surprise considering this fact.

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here's all the info ez

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No one will ever do anything.

those digits

if you see something say something


Hopefully there comes a time where zogbots like you are free game.

Jew first post

What is this document?
Where can it be found?
Grand Jury findings?

The chink ever been ID'd?