Jews and Foot Fetishism

Jews and Foot Fetishism
By far the most common fetish among jews, even more so than feces. Why is foot fetishism so common among jews, Zig Forums? I believe MOST jews, male and female, have a foot fetish.
Just like homosexuality and transsexuality, foot fetishism is least common among whites (as in, really uncommon among pure whites), more common among blacks (maybe like 20% of them), and by far more common among jews, so common that it's likely the majority.

Wiki Feet is Israeli:
The Israeli behind the internet's largest foot fetish website - Haaretz
Israeli Creates Viral Foot Fetish Site – The Forward

Other jewish foot fetishists:
My Date with a Foot Fetishist – she made the move
Foot Fetish Teacher Allowed To Prey On Jewish Students – The Forward
Sex Diaries: The Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Foot-Fetish Model - The Cut
Jew Author Writes About Jew Freud's Explanation For Foot Fetishism foot fetishism
Inside The World Of Brooklyn Dominatrixes And Their Orthodox Jewish Clients - BuzzFeed News
>"One client liked it when we electrocuted his nipples and used him as a footstool; he’d lick our feet while we read to him from Venus in Furs."
What's So Kinky About Judaism? | Dame Magazine
>"Still, many have remained in the closet, ashamed and worried that kink was not good for the Jews."
>"“The Bible is kinky, said Blunt, who grew up Reform and is out to her parents. She started started domming in college at La Domaine Esomar, an upstate dungeon. “There is shame and humiliation in it. Abraham was kinky. There’s cutting, washing feet, temple slaves, ritual, devotional trance.”"
@CrazyJewishMom Wants To Live Stream Kate's First Child Birth! Plus, Jews With Foot Fetishes!
Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought & Culture Spring, 2006
What the hell is up with these deranged kikes?!? foot fetishism
Jews & Shoes - London Review of Books
'''Goes into foot fetishism in the Bible==

It's disgusting that jews have pushed their sexual madness on Whites through their Christianity program as well, Jesus was obsessed with washing people's feet, many Popes have required their feet to be kissed by devotees (it is alleged that all Popes in history have jewish blood), and the Vatican even made statues of "Saints" (fictitious characters, racial jews, and good goys) for believers to rub the statues' feet to the point that the feet are showing signs of great eroding. Foot fetishism is now another reason I am dead set against Christianity.

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The soles of the feet are considered extremely dirty in Middle Eastern cultures. That's why you see Muds throwing shoes so much. Jews are culturally attracted to filth, they love pee pee poo poo jokes. See where I'm going?

Yeah, makes me wonder if the obsession with calling Indians poos is self-projection.


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Here's my attempt at /thread:

Foot fetish is a pedophile dog whistle.
Pede = Feet
Pedephile = Footlover
Pedo = Child
Megapede = Code for enfant terrible
Pedephile = Code for pedophile / child lover

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There are jewish pedophiles attracted to feet, but a number of jews, including those in the links, are attracted to adult women's feet or even men's feet (jews are faggots, what a surprise).

Except foot fetishism has also always been common among European whites and Asians, the first of which has always hated Jews and the latter of which has had little to no Jewish influence throughout history. How do you address those variables as a part of your hypothesis? Also, if you think this one fetish is uniquely Jewish and that they aren't attracted to things that are much more unnatural and degenerate, you're mistaken. Kikes worship degeneracy, and on the grand scale of things feet are relatively tame, at best in the 'unusual but sane' category. This seems like reaching.

As for my personal thoughts on a possible causal connection, Jews consider rubbing or washing the feet of someone else to be equivalent to exalting them into godhood. This is why the Jews in the Torah and Bible would make the people they enslaved or slaughtered wash their feet, it was essentially a way of forcing them to abandon their gods and worship the kikes instead. So, it may be true that Jews have an obsession with pseudo-BDSM relationships with everyone they encounter - except we already know that's true, no?

You don’t jump into the lake of shit that is the porn industry without coming out smelling like shit/feet

Your feet only smell if you have the hygiene of a subhuman tbh

Foot-obsessed jew detected.
First part is wrong, I don't know about Asians.

I know this subject is one that serves no intellectual purpose in the modern world, but frankly, lack of interest isn't a good excuse for being ignorant. I can't recommend any reading about it or anything, because it's not something I care much about (obviously), but to say foot fetish hasn't always been a thing is just wrong. Body worship in general is a very European way of expressing sexual attraction, see our historical art. Extreme levels of detail everywhere, including the hands, feet, and ears, which artists of other cultures often ignored.

Chinks love tiny tiny feet, but they are the Jews of Asia for a reason.

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So where are ancient or medieval European depictions of feet getting sniffed, licked, sucked on that jews like to draw in their perverted comics or put in their holowood shows?
"Extreme levels of detail everywhere" doesn't indicate fetishism of any kind, retard. White artists also paint fruit, animals, clothing, and landscapes in extreme detail.

It would be interesting to know how much jewish blood entered China. Come to think of it, Xi Jinping has an odd look for a Chinaman, does he not? Or maybe they're just fucked up in their own ways.

User spoilers, user. I almost lost my lunch.


google kaifeng jews

I'm aware of them. I wonder if China (and the rest of Asia) has its own crypto-jews like we do (jews who do not say they're jews, like Martin Schulz, Quentin Tarantino, Bill Gates, etc.).

Why can't you stop sucking on toes, Shlomo?

Yes, why is this a question? If you know of the kaifeng jews then you know of the asiatic crypto jews.
Japan, china have plenty of jews, why do you think zuckerberg chose an ugly chinese woman to have kids with?
Which I dont know why, but he could have actually had a half decent looking woman? Maybe because she's a uggo she wont divorce him or w/e

Feet are the thinking mans fetish, the chinese had an entire dynasty of foot worship and european women throughout the late middle ages brought foot fetishism to popularity.

There is absolutely no evidence of this, but thanks for trying, stinky Jew

Incorrect. The most common fetishes amongst jews are 1.) genital mutilation 2.) blood sucking from the same 3.) defilement of anything good 4.) coprophilia

Kill yourself.

Why are you so obsessed with feet, Dan?


Foot fetishism is correlated highly with autism.

Your mother's cunt is correlated highly with autism

That pic sums up leftypol's mentality. The mods have gotta be fucking kikes.

That pic is flat earth propaganda.

Yeah, leftypol is full of people with convoluted ideas. They can barely tie their own shoe laces, but try to come up with the most convoluted, outerworldly solutions to the most basic problems

Don't forget sodomy and homosexuality.

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Wikia has hosted for a decade, and even though they promised to close it by February 24, it's still up.

big foot is a kikes wet dream then

BOG here the vermin are closing in they want to kill bog


il need an army

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It's almost as if , gasp, all religions are just retarded cults and by grouping up they ensure that psychopath genes continue!

I can sell foot fetishism to you smelly troglodytes lizards, and I’m not even into it.

It’s like this. If a woman is both relaxed and into you, where do her feet point?

“Jews” like feet because they get to see feet angled in their direction. Be like “Jews”, and you’ll start liking feet, too.

- an actual faggot posting from an actual toilet

Pretty sure poos are called poos because in a 2nd world economy that boasts large economic cities most of their people still wash in the same river they all throw their shit into. Or it could be the colour of their skin either way you’re a faggot

Has anybody even noticed this?

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The thread's been anchored, hmmm…

Here's the thread on a nonkiked imageboard:

marion willis
ian rabb
renee feldschmid

definitely are pedo mafia which uses sexual blackmail schemes not just those in gov but also in the streets imagine one of your loyal long time friends begging you to take a deal with the jew…

and after that he on the night of the fifth attempt on your life he is part of the group that dared to follow BOG

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WTF I love jews now!

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