House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting

Your brain on liberalism

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Also while I'm at it, if you can spread this around that would be nice.

Africa now controls the U.S. elections. Shits about to get legit with a quickness.

The sooner people realize the sham that is our elections, the better

Can Africans send in absentee ballots on the aid to Africa issue? Because if they can't, that would be racist.

Might as well just send ballots to every fucking person on the planet since now literal non-citizens can vote, fucking absurd. This is the worst most cucked """nation""" that's ever existed in history, even island nigger communes how more sense of order than this shithole.

I can't believe people don't see right through this.

1) Learn how to use an archive
2) Strip the facebook tracking meta-data out of URLs you share if you are too lazy and inept to archive.




It's limited.

However, this is not true. They would still have a say in local elections.

Local elections are more important ffs

Oh yeah, let's get this shit passed so the real shit show can begin.

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This is a good thing.
Accelerationism is the only way forward now.

We will get America back, one way… or the other. This way, not the first choice, a whole lotta people are gonna die.

Nobody will do anything, prefering to wait for the army or batman instead. The war is already here.

Can we do SIEGE yet?

yea right

Yeah; because local and federal elections are held in different buildings.

Kill yourself and stream it.

Honestly, You're just upset your personality life sucks so you put that on other people on a random board online. USA rules so much fine pussy.

The hotness of our women has no bearing on the functionality of our government.

Conservatives will do nothing to stop this.

It actually does. The hotter they are the more people will try to get in to take them, and the more people will enable their destructive tendencies. No wonder shit's fucked.

I'm in the Yang gang now. Sure love Democrats, lawlessness and open borders. It's really in the interest of whites. Will the retarded shilling ever end?

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anything to keep this corpse republic going right fellow magapede?

Yangtards are either accelerationists, NEETs, or are only supporting him since his stance on immigration is marginally stricter than El Trumpo's so that argument won't convince anyone. If you want the shilling to stop just tell them that Tulsi is a somewhat superior option for accelerationism, anti-Zionism, and immigration, and trigger the NEET discord trannies with pics like these or SRS gore (I don't have any myself, reply to this with spoilered webms if you have any).

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I wish I had a 30,000 gallon oil drum buried in my backyard to be prepared for what is coming.

This is what allowing women to vote has led to.

Civil war has been the only option for more than 50 years

at this rare the last white guy in America will be seriously considering kicking it off on his death bed

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Nice file photo in the article. That tells you right there why things are so fucked. Look who is voting: A few ancient boomer fucks who can't even figure out the machines, a degenerate stoner hippie, and a fat chick. Yep that about sums it up.

Getting close to get in the streets time, this treason is too brazen.

Reminder that no one will ever do anything about this in any capacity. No one is going to fight back. No one is going to grab his guns. No one will resist in any capacity.

Well, they certainly deserve something for their efforts

Blaming women for voting the way they do is like blaming children for wanting to be trannies these days: they would not want to do that or even be able to if they wanted, if it weren't for the kikes.

Child Tranny strippers and Child Prostitutes in other states than NY and CA when?

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The sooner America gets blacked the sooner the jews lose their golem.

Seeing as states are not sovereign and senators are voted on via popular election rather than chosen by the governor, you are incorrect. They are now both equally important.