Guys, WTF is this? I just got a call from Israel. I answered and I heard some angry breathing and then he hung up a few seconds after I said "Hello?"

I'm genuinely spooked. I don't know if I got doxxed, if I'm about to be suicided, or what. There is no way that my number should be known internationally unless one of my contacts doxxed me. Maybe I met a fed online and didn't know.


Honestly, how should I be taking this? Is there a proper course of action for me? Maybe change numbers? How do I know which of my friends are feds? I'm scared. I don't wanna die "on accident", anons. Please help me.

Also, pic related isn't a dox. Blocked his number to avoid ban.

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Do you fall for phising links too?

Redditspace reassurance; don't worry about it, but enjoy your next phonebill kek


>blocked his number to avoid ban

JIDF kike shill trying to scare anons, without revealing any actual information. Sage.

You will kys by locking yourself up in a bag.

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Ask the rabbi tomorrow Levi

What did you do user?

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Taunt their gods, playground style. Enlil is a faggot loser and he smells bad.

Thanks for mocking me guys, actually now I feel better about this

im not gay

Fill your walls with tannerite and then leave a small pile of gold on your porch, when they come to take it shoot your wall.
If done correctly the kike should fuck off after pissing himself.

Charge your phone you dumb nigger. Seriously, why do people never charge their phone?

LARP blogpost


Seems like a practical solution.Maybe he could also build a helicopter to escape with if it all goes wrong.

Swing a chicken around on the sabbath tomorrow.

This is just a prank call, OP, which means the Jew is scared of you.
They did the same thing with me and send me a movie on WhatsApp with some fat worthless slob mumbling some threats at me. It never hurts to keep an extra pair of eyes open, but don't fear the Fat Slobs too much: if they wanted to kill you and were serious about it, you would've been dead already.

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Shoot them, you fucking faggot. Why in fuckall would we have to tell you how to defend your precious bodily fluids.


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What happened faggot?

"cardiac arrest" typical fixer bullshit

Just the way I described it: got send a movie from an unknown number.

Hitler did nothing wrong

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