1. The Universal Law Of Civility should be the primary rule to adhere to in all relationships at all levels including the relationship between governing bodies and the people. The Universal Law Of Civility states that no one should ever 'take' of another without their consent. This includes: 1. The taking of anothers life. 2. The taking of anothers body without their permission. 3. The taking of anothers property. 4. The taking of anothers right to choose. The Universal Law Of Civility is The Law and it is the only one.
2. Everyone gets their own room. Each individual is provided with a room account that guarantees they have their own room at all times. No one can tell them to leave their room without violating The Universal Law of Civility and therefore no one may force another out of their room. The account is capable of being upgraded and one would have access to any unoccupied room at their room level and be able to move freely when they choose. This alone would create a culture of respect as no one would ever have to remain in a place where they are unhappy or disrespected for any length of time.
3. The provision of The Basic 3 must be made available to all citizens at all times. They are 1. Food and Water 2. Shelter 3. Health Care. The assurance to all of its citizens of these basic three are the main duty of any governing body and the extent to which each individual is provided the basics of these is a measurement of how well a governing body is governing.
4. A decision making formula or program should be used in all shared decision making to find the closest approximation to truth and to find the most agreed upon courses of action. This should be an official arena in which ideas themselves may be put to the test and compete with other ideas. Advanced versions of this process can be used as a tool to assist in reaching fair outcomes or desired courses of action in both long and short time frames.

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Humans solely created laws to control other humans. Civility is an illusion backed by nothing but goodwill. The only laws on this planet are the laws of nature.


Odd how there's 3 threads clearly made by outsiders within a few minutes of each other at this time. Pure cohencidence, I'm sure.


No, we lived by laws among our own people as an agreement that what's best for society was best for all. When you mix other people, now other races, then the law becomes exponentially tyrannous and brutal, because the law that was originally for punnishing the dregs of a single community or nation, is now coping with an overload of scum from multiple sources who frankly hate us.

Oh Fuck Weird!!! Observe! You're gonna have to become my science project. I submit this evidence for soon I'm taking you all to the new court :)
First, observe the groupthought paranoia. A statement was made about 3 'Outsiders' posting within minutes of each other. I assure you I have just stumbled upon your pit and and am not associated with any other 'Outsiders'. I don't mean to disturb your fragile collective groupthink with scary 'Outsider' thoughts you obviously seem to have your echo chamber facts set now don't you.
And second, yeah you're right about that. Civility is not a part of nature. It only exists if we choose to be civil otherwise it reverts to the law of the jungle which almost seems to be what most of you are always pushing for. You literally sound like animals pushing for the law of the jungle to be your law and to hell with civility right? Isn't that what you are saying? You sound like animals declaring war.

Rules are for games, laws dictate life and death.

Nonsense. Nature predates humanity by millions (?) of years. Humans only ever mimic the laws of nature and claim them for themselves because they misinterpret the importance of their consciousness. They constantly lie to themselves about their perceived importance on this planet and then making up further excuses as to why they constantly fail to live up to their nonsense expectations. It's all meaningless, because no matter who you are, if I slice your wives throat and rape your kids in front of your eyes, the laws of nature will negate everything humanity ever told you in an instant, and replace it with bloodthirsty, rage and thoughts of vengeance.


Exactly your a bunch of filthy animals! As per the guys immediate example of raping your wife and kids which you brutes do routinely as a perfect example. And so when the rule of civility comes to this lawless world the consequence to those actions of course will be Eye for an Eye consequences. So as you do unto others you are literally going to be doing unto yourself.

The Universal Natural Laws are ultimately spiritual in nature precisely because the utmost reality of our lives is spiritual in nature.

For instance, it's unlawful to take another human life, except in immediate self-defense. Taking the life of an animal or plant must serve some purpose that nourishes us or improves our world somehow. These are rules that almost all animals instinctively follow, and we should too. One of the Universal Natural Laws is to know our limits. Overpop drives us to self-destructive insanity. We, the human species, are smart enough self-regulate, even draw-down our pop in an orderly manner.

The Universal Natural Laws are UNIVERSAL, and apply no matter what planet we live on, no matter how technologically advanced we become. And what they lead us to, ultimately, is an ever higher understanding/awareness of the reality of our life's circumstance. What we conceive of as 'spiritual' at this point in our evolution will be just an obvious everyday awareness at some later point in our evolution. This is the path laid out by natural design, even unto the point of the beginning purpose in the Creation of the Universe.

The Universal Natural Laws have very deep roots - the deepest.

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We are already at war…as are you, you just don't realize it. Humanity committed the original sin when they exploited nature for their own benefits instead of creating alongside it. By doing so they triggered the natural self preservation process of nature itself, which made sure that the now toxic parasite that is humanity will self destruct from within.

See, I cannot relate to claims humans made, because I know they are all liars. The age of our planet or the aspect if our nature is the same as the universes are questions I cannot logically answer by the laws of nature.

thats not how u do a fist bump buddy

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user, the materials that are needed for you to read this message on your phone or other screen, are harvested by forced slave labor in Africa. You have no idea how much blood you have on your hands by participating in jewish capitalism. Don't be a fucking hypocrite about reality.

Spirituality is based on the natural trait of superstition, which naturally mutates into curiosity. That means superstition (spirituality) is just a natural reflex to protect yourself from unknown knowledge. This also means you cannot take it as an answer to your questions, because nature demands from you to seek knowledge to further protect yourself.

Lel. First, humans are the result of nature so everything we do is natural by definition. Second, our laws are real enough to any humans who break them. Furthermore, us humans have successfully rebelled against the 'laws of nature' for centuries by defying natural selection. I would argue that, to the average modern American, the laws of civility are even more relevant than the laws of nature, because he interacts with other people more often than the natural world.

Yes but can you count? Do you believe that there are natural laws by which we can calculate the age of things?

Meaningless. Even if mankind uberzyklongassed the planet, stripped every resource, and melted the icecaps, nature would still be fine. Little cells and creatures would still be genetically selecting and advancing, and it'd be like nothing happened after a few hundred million years.
The only thing mankind would destroy is the ecosystem that they themselves are adapted to live in, the resources that were useful to their species. Nature cannot be destroyed unless you kill every last cell on the planet. When a man speaks of protecting the environment and 'nature', he either speaks of preserving what sustains his own species, or of being the pinnacle of a cuck and putting the genes of other animals ahead of his.
Nature is not peaceful, every aspect of it is driven by the competition and domination of different forms of life.

Yet we defile nature every chance we get, while ignoring the consequences we suffer thanks to it.

Yet the ones creating the human laws do nothing else but breaking them, and getting rewarded massively for doing so.

We are a dead species walking. The damage to blood and race alone is irredeemable, the animal kingdom is nearly done, and the pollution of soil, water and air has sealed the end of our existence a long time ago.

So you breath less then you talk with humans? Kid nature is our existence, every damage done to it is a strike against the ecosystem that sustains our lives. It's glaringly obvious that we're committing suicide.

Yes. 0 and 1, life and death, good and evil, yin and yang. We exist in between, struggling to keep the balance. What you define as calculation is a mere tool to help you create in accordance to natural laws. Our initial purpose was to be creators, which is why we got a consciousness and the tool to naturally decide between right and wrong (common sense). Our existence was also a test, because temptation exists under natural law.

Because it got rid of the failed experiment that was mankind which from the onset attacked it's own ecosystem.

Correct, but it's balanced. It is designed to be a constant struggle to balance in between life and death.

What you're describing is a Nash Equilibrium point within the laws of nature. It's only one of several Nash Equilibrium.

'Spirituality' is a nebulous term. Broadly, it's an aspect of our existence that we don't understand, but we absolutely know is real. An example of spirituality that we can easily grok, in part, is love. Even animals are aware of love. Love, just simple basic love, is one of the most fundamental Universal Natural Laws. Nothing exists without love.

The question for Zig Forums is this: is it real?
Is 'love' real? Is this sense of 'spiritual' real?
I can't answer that for you. That's a question that can only be answered, and for oneself only, with the most sincere introspection.

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Love doesn't exist, it's the human lie of justifying attraction, and attraction is solely based on outside circumstances. The natural law behind it is creation. You are the creator of life, which is one of the basic instincts of humanity, and you have traits to attract partners and weaknesses to fall for attractions from others.

love is a verb, and it happens all the time

good luck enforcing your gay little law

you are feeling love right now
; )

Sounds like communism with extra steps.

So love does exist.

You don't have to shut yourself off from the world to be a warrior. You only have to stand for what you know is right.

goddam, you stupid cunt. You materialniggers say x doesn't exist, then go on to tell us all how you think x exists, only your definition is is gayer and worthless.

Language is a skill, which makes love not a state of being but an attraction towards something. Thereby it's just a word that describes a function.

I certainly feel attracted to that beautiful kulning skill. Thanks for the vid, I'm totally gonna use that tomorrow morning when I walk my dog near the cows. Wish me success.

Love is what connects us, everything, one to another. Love is how our relativistic reality relates to itself.
Love is a mutual awareness of what exists.

Good luck : )

You aren't smart.

That's natural law

That's nonsense. Reality does not establish logical or causal connection to itself. It just is, it exists.

That's a consciousness.

you don't actually believe that do you? Do you're human laws apply equal as well ? Or only to those without power? If your laws only apply to the powerless, are they really laws or more like guidelines from the nobility?


I never said or implied that, I just pointed out what went wrong so far.

Yes what? A consciousness doesn't equal "love" aka attraction at all. Why? Because attraction exists in nature without a conscious being. Bacteria for example are attracted to the sun, which then kills them. Love doesn't exist in nature.

Not him, but human laws were always means of oppression.


You want to lay everything valuable about life at the feet of 'attraction', but to me that's just a sad cop-out. Have the courage to challenge your own defensive cynicism. There is so much Life to be aware of. It's really worth it.

Dismissing human lies in pursuit of logical truth based on natural laws doesn't mean to give up on "enjoying" life. I don't want to live other peoples lies, I rather dissect them to get an advantage out of it that helps me to survive what's coming. And I enjoy that a lot.

That's the spirit! Truly, that's admirable. Intentions like that are one of the reasons I bother to post to the utter shithole that's 8/pol/: this is where to find the few folks on the internet who adhere to figuring out the truth even if it means questioning everything. That's the right spirit.

Just keep questioning, user. Self-development isn't a race, and there's no hurry. The only requisite lies in the thoroughness of what you understand.

That's a step too detached. Reproductive attraction and partnership towards one's mate, and nurturing towards one's offspring, would be the equivalent of love as it's defined. Not attraction to things in general.
This makes having sexual reproduction the prerequisite for love.

T. Lao Tan

By whom?

I've seen this for so many years, and it used to confuse me. How can people conflate love with sexual desire and/or copulation?

Love is not attraction or desire. Instead, attraction/desire are instincts which lead us to where we can feel love. The connection we sometimes feel during the act of sex is love, but the act of sex is not required to enter into mutual awareness. We commonly love our family and friends, our pets, the environment around our homes. This is a spiritual sense, something which we are aware is real but don't fully yet understand. If you will, it's a psychic connection. Such is love.

Just as I thought. Another faggot socialist using Zig Forums as his personal shitting ground.

That actually shows your lack of knowledge. Participation in a corrupt surrounding equals danger, which is why the majority of intelligentsia lurks. It's self preservation, while planting the occasional seeds, so that anons are enticed to ask questions.

No. Sexual reproduction is based on your survival instinct and attraction is just a tool to help you out. Humans as well as animals can and do procreate without any feelings for each other than lust. The concept of love is just a mere justification as to why you stick together, which is not based on attraction, but to strengthen your survival odds with a family unit. What you perceive as love for one another are nothing but ever changing justifications like lust, security, responsibility, convenience etc. There is no natural power of attraction that keeps partners together, just circumstances.

Will read into it.

There you go turning yourself off again. Like a lightbulb, on, off, like a rubberband, stretched, sprung.

Nope. The word origin of love is joy, and joy means being ecstatic about something or someone. Can be found anywhere in nature. The concept of love between two humans on the other hand is nothing but a misrepresentation, a lie, a justification for the human state of happiness around others. It's not a thing in nature, just a bogus explanation that has been exploited severely in recent history.

5. Only scientific, engineering and artistic carriers are allowed.
First, to develop our civilization to is maximum level(if there is one).
Second, to understand all the mysteries of this world.

Yeah we can do whatever gay NAP shit you want once all of the kikes and niggers and towelheads are banished to the sun.

You don't have to argue with me about semantics. Love is what it is, braveheart.

The false concept of love you uphold is not a constant. It's fluctuating, the meaning of what you "love" in each other is always changing. For example if you had a fight and I ask you if you love your partner, you are going to use the word love as an excuse as to why you stick together despite the fight. Or if she has a baby than you "love" her because she's the mother of your child or if you divorce her and fall for another you will make up another excuse for what love actually means to you. You're just attracted to different things and some stupid humans made up a word to attach some "spiritual" meaning to it. A lie. Easily disprovable by the laws of nature under which "love" cannot be found.


-I love the smell of napalm in the morning
-I love ice cream
-I love to love
-I love…about 11.920.000.000 (Google) results

You know what it is? Meaningless.

You faggots should go read some Hobbes or something. Laws are a technology which, properly designed and implemented, allow for the flourishing of both the sovereign and its subjects. Do you think that the European man could've created his arts and sciences in the context of nigger-tier tribal warfare under natural law alone? Do you actually believe this?

We live in clownworld so everything is understandably backwards and broken, but basic knowledge of history and philosophy is enough of an education for one to recognize that sane laws are an indispensable tool for a civilization. Read a book, niggers. We need more folks on board with the idea of a monarchy/aristocracy. A system which aligns the benefit of leadership and subjects rather than rewards our "representatives" in return for selling us out to the rest of the world.

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I only touched on the concept of love to illustrate the spiritual roots of the Universal Natural Laws. The Universal Natural Laws are a set of observations which we can make about how life works which are universally applicable. Zig Forums looks for guidance in what actually exists, whether it be ideological, religious, philosophical, or sophistical. Without yet knowing it, Zig Forums looks for a set of Universal Natural Laws. I hinted that they have already been conceived, and to some extent codified.

But now we are stuck on whether there is something more to our lives than the rote, the mundane, too which we can all agree. I would say that there is. I do know this to be true to the deepest, velvety inkiest black depth of my being: I can always find the spark of life, the light leading from within me through love to another. There is no empty Hell for me.

In questioning the existence of love, all you have to do is allow. And then judge for yourself if, in that allowance, you absolutely knew you were alive in the life of another.

Again. Love is just a meaningless word for other attractions, justifications, excuses.

One is survival instinct, the other joy. Both represented in nature. Humans just want it to be more than that, so they lie, that is the downside of having a consciousness…self temptation into hedonism.

You can't guarantee these things unless you're willing to force someone to produce them and to redistribute their production to others. This is communism, and in trying to guarantee these to some, you violate your rule of taking others' property without their permission. Unless you find a way to convince an ever-shrinking number of people to willingly give up their production to an ever-growing number of people who will not work.

Harshly put, but yes.
Those excuses for sustaining the partnership are all justified in the end, when/if it results in superior offspring compared to single parents.

Feeling joy is a survival instinct too. It's supposed to be a sort of reward for doing things correctly. It's an easily subverted mechanism, but this sounds like a proper use.

Because we committed a sin against nature and are being punished for it.

It's called ruling with lies. Religions were created because of that, because if you want to control a large group of people you can either use violent oppression (too much collateral damage) or enslave them to the lies of the written laws in exchange for empty promises. BUT all of humans laws are either mimicking and masquerade natural laws as their own or trying to exploit them (which always ends in self destruction).

The problem with the jewish oppression is that they actively reject natural laws, which is why everything is falling apart. You have to understand that attacking our biosphere means attacking what sustains our lives. It's suicide.

You can have gentlemen and civility without theft and murder - err, excuse me, taxes and capital punishment. In fact, it's made all the easier from the lack of oversight and suppression. Stop craving a master for us all. Be a slave if you like but don't advocate for my slavery as well.

That's what the junkie says. You just accept happiness under false pretense while rejecting the logical truth behind it. You're lying to yourself, so that you have something to hold onto even if it's not real. You may think that that is good, but just like any other drug it comes with consequences. You opening yourself up for mental harm if that "love" falls apart, and for exploitation from the outside (love is big financial business).

This user gets it. The best way to navigate this life is to take the information humans give you and find the easiest explanation for it, based on natural law. Humans are liars and are constantly deceiving each other in every which way. That is pure corruption for which natural law brings the opposite. …unshakable truth.

Don't be a fucking retard. Nature sustains us, yes. It also maims us, murders us, and plagues us. You criticize religion below yet show evidence of thoughtless neopagan/gaia worship/bullshit here. This is a non-statement.

Your complete lack of education is showing. There are legitimate reasons for one to subject oneself to a system of laws. Your lolbert/atheist edgelord view is so uninformed that you have no business posting here. You see only negative aspects (because you are emotionally driven) despite abundant positive aspects. Your argument is self defeating: systems which control large numbers of people are systems which survive. The nature of the control is what is up for debate, not its general necessity.

More idiotic gaia worship. Read a book, nigger.

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Lobert can't into reading history? Your position is so unbelievably weak that I almost fail to understand how so many people subscribe to it. Then I think about all of the retarded leftists in the world and remind myself that most people aren't rational.

Do you understand that "civility" is from "civis" which is Latin for "citizen" which means "one subject to the sovereign of the civilization"? Do you fucking retarded lolberts understand that the very existence of art and science and European culture was birthed in and grew up in a series of civilizations which attempted to discourage immoral behavior and encourage moral behavior with via the might of a sovereign? Of course you don't, because if you actually read a fucking book you wouldn't be a lolberts. The niggers in Africa are pretty bad at making laws, maybe you should go live with them.

Sweet baby little girl, you are so melodramatic.

. Dance with it. .

That is fundamental to our existence. FUNDAMENTAL. We were born into this ecosystem and it holds our lifelines.

That is the struggle to keep the balance between life and death. It's a test of worthiness, proven by the existence of temptation in nature.

It's the logical, provable truth of the origin of humanities downfall.

You are talking about the false perception of self preservation under community laws, but for that to be working, these laws would've to be equally enforced. Never happened in all of human history. It's always oppression from top to bottom, which is the natural law "survival of the fittest".

Nope. I'm simply pointing out logical truths, which are indeed rather devastating to the state of mind. But rest assured I'm fine.

No. My argument is dissecting lies by the laws of nature to understand dangers. That should be the opposite of self defeat.

I only told you what is, not how to do it differently.

I don't come from the pagan perspective, I simply reject lies and stopped accepting superstition as ultimate answers. This led me directly to nature, where everything can be explained by laws and examples. It's very simple actually, humanity cannot handle the responsibility of having a consciousness. We corrupt and destroy ourselves and our surroundings because we are enslaved to our ego. Humans cannot accept that when (not if) humanity dies out we leave nothing behind than destruction. We then will be nothing but a figment in the flow of time. We were given the chance to excel as the architects of a fully functioning ecosystem, and we chose to exploit it for our own benefits, which slowly suffers us into extinction.

The natural laws are mostly process laws. They describe how Life works, not how Life survives.

As an example, Life naturally falls into either male or female roles which are complementary, but different from one-another. This accords with a natural law. To change one's sex (aka: 'gender' for the snowflakes), if it's a natural occurrence over the course of one's life, is in keeping with natural laws, some plants and lower lifeforms do this, but for us higher lifeforms, we keep to whatever singular sex we are born with. Respecting whatever our birth sex is, is respecting what nature intended for us.

And by extension, following natural laws is the way to one's own happiness. We incarnate into a set of circumstances for a reason. Our self-growth over the course of our life is best served by living according the natural laws. It's what we came here to do. If a person is born a female, she will naturally want to have children, and is happiest when she does so. Deviating even a little from our own (spiritually self-prescribed) path results in depression, mental imbalance, and a whole host of other problems, even physical problems. It's human to explore abit, as long as we don't forget our natural place in life. Much of our path is set before us when we are born, and it would behoove us to follow that path to its natural end. This is the way to lead a life that we find for own selves valuable, meaningful.

Natural laws are not just Darwinian or Malthusian survival strategies, they comprise biology, ecology, anthropology relational rules.

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2 to 4 all contradict 1, because someone must build or provide everything that is guaranteed.

This is just another form of bullshit communism.

The very core of life under natural law exists between life and death, 0 and 1, to be or not to be etc. Death is the natural outcome, surviving under the face of approaching death is our main burden. The rest is spot on (minus the spiritual stuff).

demons vomit you're so disgusting

If we are being absolutely objective about it - absolutely objective - we must acknowledge that there is more to being alive than just inhabiting a body for a lifetime. This is the spiritual element of Life: there is more. In our objectivity, why must we acknowledge this? There is no proof, right? Truth be told, there are whole mountain ranges of evidence, anecdotal, empirical, and logical, that Life has a spiritual aspect. Much of this evidence is discounted out of hand because we cannot handle the implications, but if we are to be ABSOLUTELY OBJECTIVE, we must acknowledge that there is something there that we do not fully understand.

You may not like it, you may be disgusted to 'demons vomit' by it, but that doesn't give you some magical ability to - in absolute objectivity - prove that we are only chemical robots going through pointless motions. Like it or not, no matter how much you rail against it, Life has a spiritual component.

Notice that I haven't defined what that spiritual component is. I haven't brought into the argument Jesus or Allah or some other Jewish deity, nor would I. Such a characterization would NOT be absolutely objective. Instead, I've said that LIFE has a spiritual component. That's it.

What that spiritual component is, that can be determined by each individual for themselves. For myself, I have noticed that I am real, that I really exist, and so do others. I have noticed that I can absolutely determine the reality of this circumstance through 'love', one of the Universe's most fundamental Natural Laws. The love I have experienced is a mutual awareness, a mutual inner knowing that I am alive through the life of another. I have noticed that the spiritual awareness that I have, through love, others have too.

Oh yea, do I agree with this. You betcha. The closer we get to death, the more profound our ego dissolution, and the more we fallback solely on love. Love the verb, love the process, love the mutual awareness, love the psychic connection. The further into the light we go, the more we are stripped of everything but love. When we allow it, death brings on love. That's not to say that we should chase death, but rather value Life, because its foundation in the Universal Natural Laws truly is love.

Don't believe me, some anonymous guy on a politically incorrect message board, figure it out for yourself.
This stuff won't hurt you. It doesn't hurt.

Geez how did so much of this thread become a discussion about love? I see love as different things at different times. It can be many things but without it existence would be worthless. It's all perspective, even general positivity could be seen as love.

It is natural law with fewer steps. No one should justify taking from another under any circumstance. Each is permitted the right to produce and share their own while leaving others alone.

Those sound like some good goals.

lol, good one

By all the people playing video games. A new button can be added to the controller and when they press it farming happens in real life. I'm kidding. Maybe. The Basic 3 are provided to each community by each community by redirecting the idea of work and with the aid of new technology.

Our definition of the word 'work' has been hijacked here and re-defined to mean something other than what it could be. Our work needs to be defined as something different if we are to survive the predicament that we could be in at any moment. Because the meaning of work has been hijacked and redirected each community detracts from instead of adds to our collective survival. With proper practice these things which have been taken would be in abundance and overflowing everywhere.

Communism is the redistribution of wealth correct? This other system would focus on the local production of true wealth by advancing technology in certain ways beneficial to individuals and by educating individuals on how to produce true wealth locally.

I have provided many concepts on how to create an incentive-based system that is based upon the one universal law of civility and I challenge anyone here or anyone in this or any other world, dimension or time frame to review the concepts of Equalibrium and either add to them or dispute them otherwise I will assume many of the concepts to be the closest approximations to truth at this time. In which case you know what that means don't you, I will have to as all of us one day will, confront the line in the sand when I throw open my front and back door and decide to start gardening there. At which time they will come and physically place their hands upon me for this non-violent act. I did not break The Law of physically violating anothers consent yet in this case my action of gardening in present systems would justify them doing so by putting me in a cage. So what is it going to be when the bubble bursts, will we lay on our backs and starve or re-learn how to harness the production engine of abundance that exists all around us.

You can find many ideas on how to do that along with many of the practices of Equalibrium in the book 'Omni Is A Vibratory Fractal'. The link to the book is on the second page of this site: www.AllllA.com

Natural law doesn't end with superstitions. You can logically explain everything in it's fundamental state of existence by the laws of nature. When humans discovered lighting the idiots were fooled into believing it's a sign of something bigger, the rest followed the natural law of curiosity to find out the truth.
The word spirituality alone explains that humans had to make it up to explain something they don't understand or misrepresent. All the mountains of evidence that you mentioned can surely be found in natural laws, without any superstition attached to it.

Facing death triggers a natural law…the remaining efforts of self preservation by finding something worthy to hold onto (thoughts of happiness, what you perceive as love) or blindly attacking everything around you to defile the betrayal of life. Both are selfish acts, because near the end your instincts of self preservation are the strongest the ever were. And before you bring up the state of acceptance…that is also only accomplished by selfishly holding onto a thought of happiness.

I'm open to anything and love to get my points disproved, but so far natural logic stands firmly against your superstitions. If you want to topple my points you have to bring natural examples forward, not human misconceptions.

No. What you get out of "love" is real, but the meaning of "love" is totally wrong. You lose nothing if you understand the natural mechanisms behind attraction, but you're opening yourself up for exploitation if you stick to the lie that "love" is some kind of spiritual connection that conveniently can have millions of meanings, but no real explanations. That is bullshit and you know it. Nature has the answers, the examples, the proofs. You're holding onto a lie, because you want to feel better about yourself. That is self deception.

That's not a natural law, that's a human lie to enforce order. Evil exist, chaos erupts, nothing just minds it's own business.

Forget that word and use "creation". We are creators and we can sustain ourselves and create for the benefit of others. Humans totally corrupted that process to exploit everything around them for their own benefits, without any regard for balance or natural laws.

Absolute nonsense. It's pretending to be what you naturally are not. Humans are not civil at all, never were, never can be. They just pretend to be and than make up lies as to why they constantly fail at it.

I have nothing to gain by convincing you, except perhaps an ever-so-slightly better world. Still, I would prefer that you worked this out, did the math, for yourself.

The best explanation we have for why quantum physics works, why the observation effect works, is that our reality is based on consciousness.

If you like reframe the natural laws as rules of consciousness.

A world where nobody questions your beliefs is not a place you want to live in. It's a prison.

Again. I'm the one with logical prove. You hold on to superstitions.

Human science is entirely worthless right now, because it runs on money, not on truth. Also the concept of human science is to disprove human lies. while occasionally stumble upon new knowledge, which then gets corrupted by a human who wants to exploit it. Therefore more lies. Meanwhile science even goes so far as to discredit natural laws. It's just an organized crime racket and fucking worthless to humanity. Back to your statement…reality is corrupted by our consciousness. It's never ending temptation inside our heads, which is why we all have common sense, a tool to judge right from wrong, but yet again humans ignore it for their own benefits.

I hate the shabbat shitfest.

From where I stand, you're the one who needs to reach beyond your superstitions. In this case your superstition seems to be encapsulated with the term 'dialectical materialism'. To me, that's just another limiting belief. Instead, allow whatever is… to be.

Humankind is transitioning right now from superstitious thinking to the very first stages of rationality. We have a long, long way to before for fully enter a period where rational thinking is fully part 'n parcel of every day life, perhaps another several centuries.

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The evidence of the effectiveness of common law is made completely obvious if one observes the state of the world today. No society of any relevance or with any creative power is without a system of law.

You argue that laws have never been equally enforced in human history (which is untrue as a practical matter but I'll grant it as it is irrelevant), so you do admit to looking to history to inform your viewpoint, which is good. The problem is your failure to recognize the strengths with which human law has embued the civilizations that saw fit to implement it. For one example: In a state of nature do you expect the Chads to leave the autistic Betas enough room and comfort and wealth/prestige as to encourage them to create nifty things like weaponry, improved agriculture, water treatment, and so on? Would Archimedes have thrived in a state of nature? Would the Manhattan Project have been possible? Leadership which enforces morality via property rights and contract law creates a scenario in which the sovereign/civilization is able to extract more legitimate value from its citizens than would otherwise be possible. You can complain about the potential for corruption and exploitation all you'd like (and not unjustly), but you cannot deny that it is preferable to be a part of a strong civilization than a dead one as a general rule. It isn't a "false perception". Dead civs are dead, lawful civs are alive. I prefer to live in my corrupt empire to living in some lawless nigger shithole… things are bad but I have access to the tools/tech needed to learn and prepare as well as a large population of like minded people. Also: indoor plumbing and creature comfort are nice. All of these are made possible by law.

I sympathize with your position but it doesn't work. Historically successful civilizations have a two tiered approach to encouraging good and discouraging bad: laws for serious offense and social punishment for minor offense (slut shaming amirite?). I don't pretend to be more intelligent than the architects of great nations and, as I look at the world around me and at the "sinful" (lazy, deceitful, pleasure seeking) tendencies within me, it becomes more and more clear that a sovereign lawmaker is necessary in order for large scale human organization (at least for now, more on this below), and that large scale human organization has produced all of the things which make me happy to be alive. The state of nature has never given us a Mozart, a LHC, or a space program.

Addressing the corruption: The analogy for sovereignty that makes the most sense to me is that of a parent. The job of the parent is to prepare the child for independence (in this case: what the libertarians/anarchists ask for). It isn't completely out of the realm of possibility that the path of humanity is something like: necessity of war forces sovereignty -> sovereignty forces good ("civil") behavior -> well behaved people no longer need sovereignty. Following this analogy I would liken our current, democratic sovereignty to as schizophrenic parent who wishes to harm its children such that the children never leave home. A terrible parent. That said, humanity still isn't grown up and, in addition to fixing the state of our corrupt sovereigns/parents, we also need to find a way out of the prisoner's dilemma provided by international competition.

The current path seems to be the destruction of the best [nearest to being capable of true freedom] and the subsidy of the worst [most primitive and childlike], so it is clear that TPTB do not subscribe to the idea of allowing humanity to grow up but instead wish keep it in a permanent state of childhood/subservience (i.e. replace the people who are nearest to reaching this freedom with people who, as adults, have an average IQ of a western 13 year old).

I didn't answer all of your points because I can't think of anything more persuasive than the above and reckon that it addresses the important ideas well enough.

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How have you noticed that others exist? I have no place to attack anything you've noticed but this isn't a trivial point and no good arguments for it have ever been offered. Do you have an argument?

A grossly misinterpreted summary of Evolution as a process, coined by Herbert Spencer who did not have the knowledge to fully grasp the subject

Take note of yourself when you are alone. Learn to recognize the vibe, the flavor, of your own self - when you are alone. Spend some time in the country if you can - alone. And remember that feeling, that comfortableness with yourself.

Then go into a room with people in it, preferably people that you know pretty well. Notice how, before anything is said or communicated in any way, your sense of yourself changes. Your own flavor of yourself, it changes around others. To notice that, first learn who you feel about yourself when you are very alone.

Why would you change around others? Are they really there? Are you?
Of course you are, but you need to know this intrinsically. More fundamentally than just "I think therefore I am", you need to know that you exist. How can you do this?

We live in a relativistic reality, where each very sub-atomic wave/particle exists only relative to all the whole and every part of it. How does this happen? What is this 'existence'?

The ur-ur-ur absolute reality of our existence can only be grokked through being aware oneself's existence through the awareness of another. There is a way to do this, and we instinctively know how to do it, else we would never have come into existence in the first place.

We given the term for that process 'love'. Some might want to call it 'bliss' or 'joy' or… 'a gentle rain on a soft morning'. The name is not as important as what it is: a process by which we can assure ourselves that not only we exist, more fundamentally than thought, but so does everything with which we share awareness.

Simply, easily, gently, without imposing my will or making any judgements, by allowing reality to be whatever it is, love is the way to verify truth.

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Where. I can explain everything without a doubt and with an endless amount of prove. There is no mental roadblock in my line of thinking that demands from me to just believe something that can't be logically explained for everyone to understand.

I had to look that one up…and of course it's fucking jewish subversion. Literally created by Marx and Engels, and they even have the audacity to call it a European invention. I can assure you that nothing I say has anything attributed to Marxism, communism or any other organized crime rackets.

Not at all. You just have slightly heightened senses because the jews are sending violent invaders on your doorstep that want to destroy your life. Natural self preservation kick started your oppressed perception of reality, which makes you more aware of all the dangers around you. And this has nothing to do with rationality, because these are not the first nations that were destroyed by the very same method. Mankind has thousands of years of documented horrors to learn from, with millions of people trying to teach you to see the truth so that you can survive, but no, you chose to be a hedonistic cunt who rather believes obvious lies than question the twisted narrative presented to you. You've been conquered and destroyed from within, not by a stronger enemy, but by a cunning parasite who uses lies as a weapon to weaken your defenses. This is all natural law. Fight or die.

Everything you're advocating is not about laws. Laws can only represent the ultimate truth. They have to be unshakable, which they are in nature, otherwise you create chaos. What humans did is ignoring the laws of nature and instead implement their own interpretations of it to control each other, which automatically will be corrupted by hierarchy. So know they have tyranny, greed, and a class system based on violent oppression. Then they scaled back the violence and used lies (religions) to get mankind under a firm grip, which worked, but it never addressed the corruption of power at the top. Why? Because laws don't created balance if they are build on lies.

Where are they now? The world is run by jewish criminals, who destroy everything. Look what they did to the roman empire, to the British empire, to all of Europe, to the USA, to China, to Russia. Where is the success you're referring to? Our ecosystem is dying, our blood and races are poisoned, our history is under firm control of revisionism, all our creations were turned into weapons against us, all the races are at constant war with each other, the children of this planet are not safe, the reminder of the animal kingdom is enslaved and tortured for the rest of their existence, hedonism reigns over community. Do I have to continue? The laws you cherish so hard are doing nothing but protecting criminals from being persecuted and annihilated.

We all are a product of nature, the tools to create were given to us by nature, all our accomplishments were possible because we live inside nature. Mozart died in his early 30s because the world crushed him, LHC is a money laundering scam, and no human being ever set foot on the surface of the moon. It's all lies and deception for the benefit of the few.

Let me tell you about another highly important natural law that was corrupted by humans to control others. Individuality. Nearly every human being has the false believe that the world revolves around him. That he is important, that having a conciseness is giving him the right to act like his own god. That is a lie that's been promoted by jews since forever and it's why they're succeeding with their crimes. Individuality can only exist if the collective is healthy and strong enough to create the freedom needed to become an individual. Individuals are the fruits of labor, created by a hardworking, stable community, and they are the means to reach out and uplift the entire collective with their unique actions. This collective is based on race, culture and upholding morality. When you have an honest look at the history of mankind you see that only a handful of true individuals ever existed. The rest is white noise in the history books. The jews learned about this early on and used it to promote the false hope of becoming individuals to the gentiles. It's always about standing out, chasing the dream, being your own boss, yada yada yada. Meanwhile the jews operate mostly from the shadows, keep very few figureheads in their ranks, and have an entire autonomous, religious movement at the core of their group.The ones in charge send out their soldiers into the world to spread their crimes, knowing that these people will succumb to greed, decadence and immorality, but their actions are purely beneficial for the collective of the jews.Meanwhile the core of the jews is not influenced by this, they are being kept down with the teachings of the Torah, they indoctrinate each other with the Talmud, hardening their resistance to temptation with circumcision and thereby create a stable collective that can churn out more (evil) individuals than any other race.They are called the yang, and their path is the easy path of evil that will led to the destruction of the planet by going against nature itself. Humanity represents the yin, and theirs is the path of struggle to create an utopia with the powers/natural traits/abilities they were provided with. We are the creators who were given the tools to build a paradise, the jews are the deceivers who use our own weaknesses against us.

Evolution is just another jewish corruption of natural processes. In this case inheritance of (corrupted) traits, today they call this genotype or genetic make-up. A better term would be adaptation. Inherited knowledge on subconscious level.

Self preservation again. You're hiding your weaknesses in the lights of potential dangers, by putting on a mask of lies. You can see that in nature by how lifeforms use posture to signal warning signs of strength to others. It's hiding behind lies to protect yourself.

That is called detox. You're detoxing yourself from the oppression of human lies, by reverting back to your roots of nature, and seeking solitude in it. I'd like to advise you to sit still at a lake to observe how nature evolves around you, how everything is at balance if you just give it enough time to acclimatize to your intrusion. After about an hour you will be part of nature and will understand that this balance you're witnessing is what it's all about, and that the human species is committing a self destructive sin in attacking it.

Stick a needle in your finger and you can assure yourself of that way faster than with "love". Both only remind you that your existence is in constant danger of being destroyed.

Thinks the sloth seconds before it gets mauled by a predator.

And how do you enforce all of this?

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Epic bump. Look at my Shrek.

Being polite is nice and all that but Natural Law isn’t civil.

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I find such matter of fact statements to be so strange. It is again that out of control element whispering its cries for its only solution to exercise what it truly wants to know itself to be through its war. Not everyone wants to be that though and not everyone wants to know their self in that way. Maybe a place can be made where that warring faction within us can go to self-destruct and the rest of us who can maintain control and respect the principles of civility can watch it on TV.
So which is it? Is it your version of Natural Law which I would call the law of the jungle, or is it civility which is actually in line with what true Natural Law is but whatever.
So which is it? It is a choice. One or the other. And if the choice is the law of the jungle competition to survive than I'm not going to work tomorrow. I would be staying home and making weapons. Your present systems no matter how inept they are achieve what they can upon the foundation of civility. The shared understanding that without us to uphold and maintain order and civility things would revert to chaos.

It means Disempower. A symbol representing that no one should ever have power over another.

As stated in the book, 'Omni Is A Vibratory Fractal' which can be found here: amzn.to/2XIi4Si and here: www.AllllA.com; everything should be occurring locally. Including most law enforcement and judiciary decision making.

Death is waiting for all of us. There is no escape from this. What you want has no saying in what nature dictates.

It's called balance for a reason. Good and evil will always coexist, that is what creates the balance of nature. The self destruction comes into play when you choose one side over another, because then you will be automatically punished for disrupting the balance.

You can't, you're just lying to yourself. You are committing the sin of assuming to be your own god, which lowers your defense against the eternal struggle of live under natural law.

Again, that's only a human construct. Animals are not civil and human history clearly proves that humans are the least civil creatures on earth. You just want to hold onto the lie, to protect yourself from the harsh tests life commands from you.

At first, then the strong will destroy the weak, then balance will come back natural. The big problem with human nonsense laws are that the bigger the civilization gets the more violence has to be used to enforce the laws, because size creates the freedom for individual pursuits outside the norm. So you either violently enslave them all and end all individual freedom, or you downsize (genocide) until order can be restored. All this is an endless cycle of self destruction, because humans are too selfish to bow down to the laws of nature.

And who holds the power to strike against the upcoming corruption from within those groups? Who governs the law? Don't you see that human laws are just short term lies that will explode in their faces? They literally play make believe, and then act surprised when they find themselves in yet another senseless bloodbath.

I find your unwillingness to see life as it is so horrifying.
War is not a temporary state it is an ongoing process and everything that exists is a combatant.
No running, no hiding, no lying. Natural Law abhors weakness and softness.
We must fight and win or we will die and our blood with us.

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