I’m at the Elizabeth Warren rally in Long Island City, roast me

Roast me for being among snowflakes here. She’s about to speak on her plan for breaking up Facebook, Google and Amazon.

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Yell "jews did 9/11" or you are an eternal faggot.

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That's a yikes from me, dawg.

Get a "Holocaust was a hoax" chant going.

Hand out blankets and see who gets scared.

Start singing "all about the benjamins"


Or ask about her Native American heritage.

When you take a photo, she looks like a complete NPC.

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You should have gone dressed as the George Armstrong Custer.

"Jewish Monopolies!"

Be a hero user.

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As a non-indian, what's her position as a white person, on the 16 felony charges currently pending against the lying nigger Jussie Smollett who tries to blame is fake hate crimes on white people?

She is the new iJeb!. I can't find a single stream for this.

Trump is the new Jeb.

Nah. Trump can still get a few thousand people to show up at his rallies. This warren thing looks like more press then supporters.
please clap

so with you, that makes 17 people there?

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He's Jeb because he's a two-faced faggot traitor who bends like grass in the fucking wind.

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Its Long Island.

cute file names, faggit. you couldn't be any more obvious

Well, she's obviously running as a support candidate with Bernie.

shhh,don't tell them how we know they stand out

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how many 'people' are there?

If you get to ask a question.

Also OP yell out Kek or kikes did 9/11
Don’t be a faggot
Do it

Looking at OP's photos, it seems like mostly reporters are there.

Ask her about tech censorship.

dont listen to these dummies:

This isn't reddit you idiot, go back to your Jewish censored shithole

He's not a fucking timetraveller.


I unironically support her plan to break up FaceSchnook.

I don't hate all her policies. MUCH better than Biden.