We need a name

We need something to call ourselves. Nazis isn't going to ever work. Children are brainwashed for decades in public and private schools to be disgusted and repelled by the term Nazis or anything to do with them. In order to ever gain a mainstream open following we need to call ourselves something else. We can have the same principals but we need a party we can call our own even if it starts out tiny. I'm not creative but I think it should be something that sounds cool and makes people wonder what it is if they ever hear or read it somewhere. Our party's main goal should be to get multiple people elected to congress or senate that are staunchly opposed to Israel and Jews having any hand in American politics. Someone kind of like Little but not completely retarded.

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I know a good name, incel losers

hahaha whoite supreemists btfo we did it Reddit xD

We don't call ourselves "Nazis."
We're already doing that.
You've been conditioned. Real leaders won't wear suits and ties, come out of high paying jobs, and be completely polished like actors. Real leaders rise from the fires of revolution.

You americans sure are fucking retarded, each country has a different history and different necessities, some countries need monarchies, some countries need federations, all white cultures are different. And i won't share my ideology with any east slavic sack of garbage, Nordland is for the Nordic peoples only

Nameless faceless and fearless

And so on…

Europe is just a fucking continent, just because we're white doesn't mean we should blend in. Cease your Generation Identity faggotry

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1. derogatory for anyone who thinks or acts like a "Nazi", esp showing honor, masculinity, pride in one's own culture, etc.

Fuck off back to wherever (((you))) came from.

This kind of butthurt posting makes my dick diamonds.

Fuck off jew.

Also sage for not sticking with natsoc, the only proven system



I'm literally saying the opposite of that you stupid retard


No you are not you are using a lie as truth.

Your universe is disgusting and you think im going to help it? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Let's look at what Americans are. Rebels.

The people who came here came because they wanted something better than what they had in Europe. Most of them found it.

It's always been about liberty.

The Sons of Liberty stand out in my mind.

Also knowing the Declaration of Independence was written in English and signed by 56 white men. The Republican form of government would not have existed without white men. It doesn't matter what form of government we end up with as long as it one that ensures the biological survival of our people.

The Grandsons of Liberty.

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Just pull an AOC, call yourself a Jew, then nobody can argue with you while you redpill the narrative you want.

I like it, but idk if our eurobros would be able to connect with it

I can understand where you're coming from, maybe adopting the Swedish version of Nazism (different logos,)would be a good idea, however sticking to your guns no matter how unpopular is a good idea if it's base din truth. Everyday I keep thinking about what I can do to contribute unfortunately the problem is the sticks are all scattered!


Sounds like something a magapede would make up.

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If we hit the streets by the millions wearing yellow vests our brothers in Europe will understand. The message would be unmistakable.

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NPCs called me nazis before i even know Hitler was right. Doesn't realy matter. For them you want kill every non white in death camps and torture them to death.

Why are Americans love words like freedom and liberty so much? Sounds like title for next Metal Gear.

It shows how much diferent Europe and America is. We have nations. Germany, Poland etc. We are not one people and never was. Yet we would fight to defend our land and help other nations if that would save our own nations.

America is like continent that was 90% white ( mix of europeans without nationality ) for some time but your ancestors didn't know what to do with it.

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No we dont

Good optics

Cringe-tier larp and probably a Fed

Also Larp

Not sure your naked land whale is 'white' fren.

Checked because that's actually not a bad start

It's where Americans differ from Europeans. The American racial identity is one of cosmopolitan whites.

The acceptance of other European groups only came within the last 70 years or so. My dad told me when he was growing up that if you were a Finn and you went to Swede neighborhood you might get in a fight or if you were German in the Swedish part of town. This whole American Unity thing has only come recently.

Part of this has to do with the The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 and the civil rights movement. I think people realized pretty fast that they had a hell of a lot more in common with their white neighbors than with niggers and beaners. I think people realized immigration and integration was being forced on them.

I'm Irish, Scottish, English, German, Swede, Finn, Greek, Slav, French, and probably some stuff I don't know about. DNA test says I'm 99%+ white. That all being said I just really don't care what kind of white my neighbors are as long as they don't watch NASCAR or smoke meth.

As an American I see every white person as part of my nation. It doesn't matter what country of origin as long as you're white.

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Is that Yagrum Bagarn?

Hm good point… Chan culture has had a surprisingly large effect on US politics, while organised WN movements have had little effect besides scaring the public with their militant aesthetic. Maybe it's best to try and stay the same - a loosely knit confederation of propaganda shitposters with armed only with free time and autism

It's horrible how many cultures have been washed away over the last century.

Yes I have often wondered the same thing OP. What would a hypothetical Nationalist/Fascist American party look like? What would it be called?

American Liberation Party?
American Nationalist Union?
United American Patriots?

What would the flag and symbol for this party look like? A flag design with a Star as the symbol is a starting point. A Fascist star that represents the retaking of America from the Jewish parasite that now controls us.

Ignore the Kike shills. These kinds of discussions terrify them. The last thing they want is people organizing in real life

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how come i never thought of this? its so easy all we have to do is this. nice op lets get it going.

That is fine. But Europeans still have their nations. Even idea of ethnostates is realy diferent. Europeans just want Europe for Europeans. Americans want their own states for white americans.

It is realy shame your ancestors wasn't able to keep America only for ex - Europeans. It was paradise. Whole continent to explore. Europeans survived so many invasions and wars. Americans fallen without any war. You don't deserve your guns because you don't use them.

No we don't our greatest power lies in our anonymity and that we are yet but a confluence of minds. Let the battle be faught on it's terms but for us here, waging the crucial intelligence and propaganda of the war - our ability to be something and nothing simultaneously is a source of hope. You cannot defeat what has no name.

Sage for trying to psyop Zig Forums with kike bullshit.

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We take over the western half of the country in the name of eco-fascism.

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Symbolism is important. It has to be rich with meaning. Sacred geometry is a good place to start - it has deep roots, and nearly every culture has symbols based on sacred geometry. Nature itself adheres to patterns described by sacred geometry. No concept is more sacred IMO.

In that case I'd humbly recommend the Star of Bethlehem, to counteract the Star of David.

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I thought we'd already established this. We're National Populists.

That is Ishtar star. I don't mind, just so you know but you should know the whole history.

The Talkers

And also the Star of Bethlehem. To be honest, doesn't look like the

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We are Anonymous.

We always have been, and we always will be.
We are legion.

We can do better than that. Hitler started a movement of ethnic and moral purity, using ancient symbolism and ancestral ties. They were scholars first. National Populism sounds like a trendy pop movement like Libertarianism.

That's not how it works. Voting doesn't matter.

A good symbol is recognizable but SIMPLE - so simple a child can draw it. A Christian cross is just two lines, yet everyone knows what it is. Very potent symbol.


It doesn't need to be more complicated than this. It wholly describes most Zig Forums user's feelings in one word anyways.

By definition alone, nationalism opposes every facet of Jewish political/evolutionary strategy. It requires social and racial cohesion to even function. Which is mutually exclusive to Jewish political strategy, which requires instead the corrosion of these things.

Not to mention, the Torah uses "nations" to refer to gentiles; so this correlation is already well established at 2000+ years old. Therefor ripping "nationalism" down to get at us would just serve to publicly expose the truth of antisemitic stereotypes, namely, of there being a covert war between jewry and gentile nations.

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I am fine with it like I said…it has a specific meaning that I think is appropriate in this context; was just sharing information.


Just call yourself pro-White. We have no political party and Zig Forums will never create one.

This one is fitting.

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Ignore the shills and hitlerfags. You're correct for the most part, however "Nazi" isnt a name national socialists ascribe to themselves. Its actually a somewhat derogatory term from its opponents. If we don't call ourselves natsocs then what would we call ourselves?

What party you moron??? This is a fucking global internet board where no one even knows each other IRL, there are already movements that have done that, what fucking world are you living in you dipshit, also fuck off if you're going to reply with "kike" and Patrick Little is the wokest fucker out there in the US currently so listen to him and stop being a stubborn headed fuck by calling him retarded, we need unity not retards like you who are living in the past and cause divison

The Nigger Killers

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Dumbass. Fuck off shill

This is why Americans will never fucking accomplish nothing, because they lack knowledge and can't even tell that Europe is full of different countries with many diverse ethnic white people, from Slavs to italians to nordish, you are dumber than a rock, go get a fucking book and start reading

Oh its this thread again.
"We" never called ourselves nazi. Dumb little jew.

Fuck off mongrel shitskin, you're jealous of my Aryan European genetics you mongrel shitskin amerimutt clown



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Raise hell and bitch at Chodemonkey Ron Watkins and his Kike Father

No we don't. That which can be named can be maligned and controlled. That's why the (((powers that be))) invented the name Alt-Right to try to give a shape to our amorphous shitposting mischief to strike at and subvert.

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I suggest Radical Dreamers.

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No, we don't. Nazism, Nazists, National Socialists. There is nothing wrong with those names, and they will be pushed to be accepted as being good.
Jews won't ever shut down Nazism.

The Star of Bethlehem is not much more complex than the Christian cross.

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Modernity has hurt traditional culture but there's an effort to keep our traditions alive. Learn any kind of traditional skill. Pass it on your your children or anyone else you can.

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National populists

How about National Socialist?

The Constitutional Fascist Party

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How about “Naturalists”

If you think about national socialism and nature they are extremely interconnected.

National socialism was for example an political system that had all of it’s ethics and ideals stem from “the golden rule”. The golden rule is Darwinism. Darwinism is in short the struggle in life to ensure the propagation and evolution of ones kind. This is the rule all life forms on Earth abide by.

Natural socialism is thus naturalism, so we are “naturalists” for we abide by the golden rule of nature which is to only do what’s best for our kind while shunning anything that goes against what’s best as “unnatural” or “degenerate”.

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i'd be ok with this

Ice People, make common cause with Asiatics

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This is actually beautiful. The Othala Rune is a solid symbol for this.

I personally like the Berkana as a symbol of growth. People say it's to feminine for the movement but I don't really care. It's hard to start a political movement when you can't even start a family.

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The Bethlehem star is not bad. To involved with Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. The three wise men were Zoroastrians not Jews. Just sayin'.

Similar to the chaos wheel, darma wheel.

Maybe like the Verginial Sun or Masodonian Star.

These are all good symbols. Not literal enough.

A Caduceus is not bad. Nobody want to talk about that because they would have to admit moses was a sorcerer.

They'd also have to admit that the the Hebrew Alphabet was taught to him by a non-Jew. How else would he have been able to read the ten commandments?

I think we should keep the symbol literal.

The Swastica is a good symbol because it represents the big dipper rotating throughout the procession of the equinox. But commies and jews really get butthurt by the fact Aryans invented writing and Astronomy. The book of Enoch is really comdemning of how Jews felt about the watchers of the heavens (Astronomy Cultures who were better than Jews).

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"Jewish Supremacists".
Think about it.
In this world, representing yourself as the exact opposite of what you really are is wildly successful.

Looks like the kikes are pretty terrified of this idea.

The Minoan Double Axe Labrys or it's offspring the Estruscan Fasces. Both symbols draw their iconography from the bronze axes of Aryan Charioteers.

Honestly we could just use a wheel since white people invented that. Any wheel. I'd love to hear lefty media say wheels are a symbol of white supremacy. Fucking leftists.

That's it we should co-opt the wheel as a symbol of white supremacy.

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Top tier pick, this is how I usually talk about politics with normies irl. Believe in objectivity, environmentalism, and natural law…. like securing a home for my kin and a future for our children. Slips right under the radar, presented properly.

I like this. Something like this wouldn't drive people away and would never work as a good insult against us. All the fags in here saying we should continue with national socialist are absolutely retarded and don't ever actually want tvo accomplish anything. Remaining nameless on Zig Forums and never actually accomplishing anything but shit posting is what the kikes want us to do and half the niggers in this thread (if they aren't kikes themselves) seem perfectly fine with that. I'm not.

The Hindu wheel literally comes from the Indo-Aryans.

Literally any wheel is symbol of Aryans and other white groups.

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Noted. And honestly naturalism and natural law. Kin Selection or Inclusive Fitness are something that no biological anthropologist or evolutionary biologist could ever deny.

Maybe we should just use a tree as our symbol.

Or what is the most primordially white thing you can think of?

What if our symbol is interlocking shields. The hoplite phalanx is arguably the whitest thing ever.

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Just say white or

Also a good idea

Liberty means, and always has been, degenerate soulless materialism and it is the reason America falls so easily to the jew.

The National Socialist American Workers Party.

I am certain about it.


How in the fuck is seeking Liberty soulless materialism. The suns of liberty are a group who made a stand against mercantilism.

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Tree is good, also has nordic mythological notes to it. Plus the white tree of Gondor, why not. I like the wheel idea conceptually but it's not a very striking symbol.
Maybe a White Wolf, wolves believe in natural law very strongly as far as I can tell. I'm not 100% sure on the historical accuracy of this but I'm very willing to credit Europeans with domestication of the dog. Making friends with wolves would be a great white invention to remind everyone of.

Captain Marvel likes your Bethlehem/Ishtar Star

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Kek, what seething faggot you are.

All of these are great and should be incorporated into our symbolism. However, like the great men who we follow after, be them Romans or Germans, our symbol shall be the eagle.