Bill Burr Channel releases video about Hitler Documentary

I think this is a good opportunity to redpill some faggot normies in the comments of this video
Just a thought.

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Reminder, Burr is an oil driller, pic related.

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He's also a cuck apologist, who like all good comedians, used to rip on EVERYBODY. Then he bent the knee and started pansy ass apologizing in advance for each joke so as not to offend anyone.

Fuck Bill Burr

who was hitler larping as? dumbass meme only (you) will post

good write up.

From what I heard, his newer routine involves a lot of white guilt too.

I would did not fuck that even if it was last woman on earth. maybe only with permanent latex mask overe her disgusting face. damn. niggers are realy half humans half monkeys.

that photo would make sense only if we had WW3 started by white national socialist. that text doesn't make sense.

i liked him for awhile until he started saying trump was evil and racist for wanting to build a wall.
hes a kike puppet but cmon thats just bullshit

i was a fan of his for a long time, i had no idea she was a nigger.
it just seemed unbelievable i guess.


That's just from what I have heard, I don't watch much of him, and especially with his newer stuff. I appreciated him smashing the ego of a well-known internet jew recently, but that's it.

Meant to have recently after much of him, sage for correction

(((hitler))) was controlled op for the Jews like the Rothschilds and Warburgs since day 1 of his 1000 day reich

unironically kill yourselves

he wast teh best larp eva

No one will ever believe you.

hitler had a North African-Jewish Y chrmosome, he was a literal Jew. He was paid to destroy the germanic peoples once and for all.

cope harder aut-right spencerfags

Nice, nice moarpheus.

>linking to (((cbs)))
>linking to (((wiki)))
Nigga wtf

yeah, "wtf", says the guy who worships a failed jew larper who forever destroyed the white race, and made white nationalism a taboo topic

fuck off shill

Yeah, no one believes a word you say.


>linking to (((webmd)))

Friendly reminder that Zig Forums was never a nazi board
You have no power over us fuck of nazi scumbags.Ron should take note.

Reminder that Zig Forums is and has always been natsoc.

okay retard, same principle works in reverse

you're another retard


civic nationalists are mentally retarded

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Holy SHIT! He had proto-semitic ancestry!?

You're done. No one believes you. You've done nothing but post lies.

No, dumbass.


You kikes get the rope like all the rest.

that is propably bs because they usualy don't let their controlled ops to achive anything. germans were close to win.

Bill Burr sounds based until you find that his ugly black wife beat him.

if he wanted to destroy german people, all he had to do is keep drawing postcards under bridge. ironicly ww2 saved germany. they are flooded with muslims and niggers like every white country anyway. but at least they are not poor like Ukraine anymore.

beat him? lol

what in the absolute fuck. a white male with his status and money could get a dime piece blonde white broad. fuck bill burr, what a fucking cuck piece of shit.