LinkedIN is our new best friend

Alright gentlemen, with the new dissenter browser extension produced by, I have realized that it's solved one of our longest standing problems; organization.

We've never been able to properly organize, because it's nearly impossible to make friends in our own political sphere due to the cultural taboo. Even worse, it's impossible to specifically hire people in our own political groups because it's incredibly dangerous for them to reveal who they are.

Dissenter, has provided us with a new option.
LinkedIn has a unique user URL for every user, and allows you to anonymously comment on any URL. For those of you that are professionals, here's what you do. Go to the user profile of every one in your network that you know, and describe them.

Based and redpilled
Cringe and bluepilled
Oven Ready

Don't do it to yourself, let your own friends handle that. What we can do is create our own network that normies won't know about for years to come. This will allow those of us who are employers to specifically look for redpilled employees, and those of us who are seeking jobs to specifically look for non-jewish redpilled employers.

We can finally do what we've always wanted to do: safely organize.

Get to it, men.

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Here's more.

You can do this to your friends in school to help them find a job. You can do this to let people know that there's a stealth-jew in their area.

You can do this to alert people to the presence of a 'based black guy' or whatever the fuck it is you want.

We can actually start identifying eachother in the context of the workplace. If you're an employer, come look at the dissenter comments on LinkedIn, and leave one for each of your employees.

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absolutely luminescent

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Yeah, fuck off glownigger. I almost fell for this at first when I thought that you were just telling us to label kikes.

Not every one you know, retard. Spread it out, spread the love. They can't reasonably trace you if you're all over the place.

Besides, the resources it would take if 5000 people did this are outrageous.

get back in the oven.

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Don’t know if glownig or just stupid…



Easy way to find jew sect leaders. On the other hand, its easy to find local synagogue and do you know what.

Would be lulzy to have the following categories:
1. Open kike
2. Crypto kike
3. Part-kike
4. Shabbos goyim
5. Glownigger
6. Shitlib
7. Literal communist.

God yes.

Even if these spergos refuse to identify our friends, we can definitely identify our enemies.

Criminally underchecked quads.

How pissed off would you be if ‘Neo Nazi White Supreemist website Gab’ identified your normie profile as ‘one of us’?

Yes. Don't identify friends, only identify enemies.

I have a better idea: delet all ur kiked-ins.

no, thanks, mossad

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This is a great idea. Mark everyone who ever said some pozzed communist or jewish shit to you at work. Mark all comfirmed jews.

Thanks, CIA.

>(((gabbai))) shill wants "e-nazis" to tag each other on linkedin

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I think, based on my interpretation of the thread they want e-nazis to tag e-commies on linkedin.

I don't think normies would notice.

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fuck you faggot

Do you shills even read the thread?

All you're doing is identifying yourself. If you want to do something like this, create a separate database, preferably using pencil and paper only, off of the website.

Pretty sure the whole point is to assist us in organizing.

( ( (assist) ) )

he said "normie profile" not "profile of an actual normie."

Use Dissenter from a coffee shop on a junk laptop bought with cash, due to rumors of gab being a jew honeypot

Why not post positive proofs and links about jewish involvement of every person who holds authority in this monstrosity called the United States? Or just keep redpilling everybody around you and preparing for you know what. Pic related.

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It's actually quite obvious from this thread it's to assist (((us))) in identifying who is a "problem" white as opposed to who is a good goy. Again, if you're serious, make pen and paper lists and then you can take a photo of them and share with your group or share on this website. Anybody shilling for creating this pattern of behavior on some CIAnigger platform, is just that, a shill.

And to clarify by "pattern of behavior" I mean marking yourself out as a bad goy who exhibits this behavior, no the "pattern of behavior" of revealing kikes, that part is fine.

You write like a faggot. The idea is decent but too many categories. Better yet rather than leaving stupid labels dump archived links to caps of evidence of the person being a child rapist, white genecidal kike, etc.

I only want to see one thing: Ethnonationalist

That one word right there will say it all.

Kill yourself yid.

I mean really

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