Trolls Targeted ‘Captain Marvel,’ But Disney Was Ready for Them

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The projection is so strong it is astounding.

Whew. Because i was worried there for a sec. Thank you review whores!

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Whatcha sliding Perez Hilton?

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Yeah, she totally didn't bait them with all her anti-White male rhetoric so (((they))) could simply dismiss (delete) criticism of their shitpile movie.
They figured out the formula to justify producing leftist garbage again and again.

Daily reminder that people who visit pol to discuss the issues of the world are apparently gossiping gawker addicts seeking UPVOTES. These posts defInItely dont glow. These are real pol posters posting real celebrity gossip that matters to all of us!

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Are you being paid with us tax dollars to write this or are you from the donald?

Brie Larson also supports lying racist Jussie Smollett.

WTF happened to him? Dude used to be an icon of the GenX zeitgeist, then spent 20 or so years making shit movies but at least being a good storyteller.

go fuck yourself, (((Iger)))

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Not just that, but he looks like an ayy lmao after losing all that weight

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Every film's gross revenue in the last 60 years has been a lie, hasn't it?

Only the ones the jews need to be seen, a lot of it are actually failures, but making money is never the point.

He had a heart attack sometime last year and he shed 50+ pounds to keep it from happening again.
That said notice he didn't say the movie was good, just that it had a reference to him.

No that far back, probably was mostly legit until Ghostbusters was raped at the box office.

The movie has only been out 1 day, how the fuck do they know it will be a success. The controversy might have helped it get more attention, but it won't make people want to see it if it sucked.

I'm over it and these faggots are still on about it

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Disney was never going to let Brie Larson harm their $150 million movie with twitter shitposts. It was all by design.

That's why they paid extra to keep theaters from playing anything else this weekend.

You retarded?

What an absolutely stale, transparent narrative.
"Le trolls….. le Gamergate………………."
Only a boomer or NPC would believe this nonsense.

I watched it (paid $0). I think it was a 2/10 at best. 2nd worse Marvel movie since Nigger Panther.

dude, this shit even has its own kikepedia page about it

Kill yourself.

Captain Marvel is a D-tier hero that's a shitty ripoff of Superman with a cunt. The only reason they've made a movie about this character is to cash in on the cunt worship in the mainstream media and because they've run out of compelling heroes.

Captain Marvel 2019 720p HDCAM-1XBET

I watch a lot of movies. I didn't PAY to watch it you faggot.

You see the problem though? To the IQ range that Disney is appealing to this is FUCKING SHAKESPEARE…

If you have to go to that length to protect your failure someone along the line should have clued you in that you already failed. It's literally the OP inb4ing.

Cunt worship by whom? Brie looks like a square jawed manlet. That being said, I kind of like all the Mary Sue characters coming out lately. Women gobble that bullshit up and start to believe they themselves are Mary Sue. If feminists want to build women's delusions up I'm OK with that because those emotionally driven women will fall even further when reality comes knocking.


and that's why they're pushing the democracy narrative, rule by majority retards

They have a ton of female characters with soul but not many that have literally stolen the title from a man. THAT is what this is about. A fucking female taking a man's job and doing it "better." They started in on wolverine with that little spic.

Out of curiosity, anyone here not like characters like Ellen Ripley from Aliens?

Yep, the whole thing was manipulated.
I'll give credit where it's due, It was pretty (((clever))) marketing to make watching a mainstream megacorp movie as an act of political defiance (for cat womyn and soys).

shades of electing a Jew York corporatist as the "anti-Establishment" candidate, ahem.

Black Panther and the movie Get Out are prime exmaples of it. I think they started doing this later in the 2010s though. Gaming companies do it as well. Blizzard announced the Battle for Azeroth was the highest grossing expansion for World of Warcraft but the population is sitting at the lowest it's ever been and they are just padding numbers with microx.

You mean the strong female looking to survive or the stronk uberbitch alien?
can you be any more obvious

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What's funny is no one is screaming about the media embargoes like they did with gaming. It's the same bullshit but the masses are oblivious to it. Of course gaming is STILL doing it but everyone is fucking wise to it at least.

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Oh, my. You shouldn't admit to committing crimes on the internet, dear. First of all, it's not smart. Second, nobody cares.

still waiting on Iran to nuke Israel, or at least get some ebola niggers smuggled into Israel

You presume the user is in a country that gives a fuck about jew law.

Nigger words have meaning. Go back to kikechan if you can't manage the basics.

Can someone explain to me how Di$ney made Captain Cunt the only movie in theaters this weekend? I've been seeing this mentioned a lot but I didn't even think it was possible. Hollyjew is more of a cartel than you could ever imagine I suppose.

They paid extra to slot it in by itself.

Jews and shekels. If you want to keep getting films to play that DO make money, you have to push the jew propaganda when they say.

I mean really, in this day and age when you can just pop a fucking disc in, the film mafia is still in control. They knew what was coming down the pipes long before we did and put the legal kikery in place long before anyone had a clue.
I wonder how many jews they have on the task of trolling IP and inventions before they get finalized and slip their own crap in place or have laws made where they benefit from the item in question. I imagine it's quite the operation.

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can we trust film profit news anymore?

Why would you ever trust (((film profits)))?

Mother fucker.


Atleast 40 people being paid to spend their entire day posting online to counter the trolls 5 second comments and ratings. Plus how ever much they added to their advertising spending because of it.
That is a lot of attrition. Bravo!

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Beautiful. More negresses should be encouraged to twerk while standing on their heads.

Hey, people said that for weeks that articles were saying that this movie made 160 million dollars and how the movie magically made 160 million.

This post also has evidence that they might have bought out entire theaters.

Can we please start digging of articles that predict the 160 million dollars?

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brutal truth


Kikes are making shit up now. Men didn't protest the bad 80s movie Supergirl why would they troll a modern film?


They failed.

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certified fresh
certified fresh
certified trash
certified fresh
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certified trash

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Disliking a popular movie or mildly disagreeing with the political orthodoxy is trolling.

I don't twitter or other social media, could someone please find what happened with the various hashtags like the #AlitaChallenge mentioned here plz?

Dear diary:
You now how I enjoy shaking my buttocks to attract young men? Well today I learned that the human body is Not designed to balance on it's head. We learn something new and different everyday…

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Kill yourself Ari.


So they cut from 50k to 5k reviews while the score stayed

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fine, take the archive
note however that zerohedge is one of the few surface-web media that is not kiked
and I'm not Ari

It's easy to forget when people don't point it out, but Wonder Woman came out two years ago. Alita is in theaters now. But Captain Marvel is the First Female Superhero OMG! Be aggressive in saying that this is all marketing, ginned-up outrage on demand, and they're calling people sexist for saying that the ads don't look good and it looks like the movie is going to suck.


Can any theater owners confirm? With evidence that won't get you ID'd and blacklisted?

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Some newspeak euphemism for individuals. Admitting it's not some official group with a name and mission to mess with them. Spending money to harass them or anything. Just that individuals or men in general are allowed to submit reviews on products they view with massive disdain. To limit thought policing is considered the gravest of sins to academics and media.
Gatekeeping or else.

Fuck off yid, they constantly scrape content from the chans and play both sides for shekels.

It's Russkied. Still better than MSM. Just be aware of what it is.

Kikebush is literally a jew owned and operated news blog. And it shouldn't need repeating. There are NO GOOD JEWS.

noted, tx for this link

You’re better than this.

Wow, is that coalburner dildoing nigger in the pooper? And i thought i've seen everything, lol. Degeneracy is boundless.
Sage for OT

Pretty much.

FTFY. And not really a new thing tbh. Jezebel was thrown out of the window to be trampled by a horse and eaten by dogs literally thousands of years ago. History will repeat itself again, soon.

Close, T=F*R

She doesn't even look hot. How do they expect to sell tickets?

Human Biomechanics are far more complex than just Torque but yea, basically.

It can be done, what you saw in the video obviously wasn't a human.

Ofc not. Feminism through-and-through.

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They bought out the theaters to claim sold out shows. Similar to how concerts say they're sold out then you get there and there are huge blocks of vip seats unused. Probably a line item under marketing costs which can be written off. And the wheel of lies keeps turning.


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I look forward to the day that Hollywood burns and all its debauchery is consumed by eternal flames.

Ya ok.

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They just changed the number in that article to 157-160M. Oy vey, the goyim are noticing. Don't make it to obvious.

what the fuck is this stupid faggot talking about?

Moral of the story: Zig Forums Creates more jobs
To counter Zig Forums (((THEY))) have created:
•Movie Studios now have Review Watchdogs/Shill Jobs for Rotten Tomatoes amongst other social media
•Political Shill Jobs we’re all familiar with CTR turned Shareblue and New Knowledge
•JIDF from Israeli Military units to contracting American Jews
•Coding Jobs to create algorithms to weed Zig Forums out on Twitter, Facebook,
•Moderator Jobs to toss Zig Forums off YouTube
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•Civil Rights Jobs to counter Zig Forums
•Counseling Jobs to handle all the normies/sjws’ triggered by Zig Forums
•Civil Disobedience Jobs
•Larp Jobs
•Nig Jobs to clean up the mess

Zig Forums is entire economy of it’s own
Congratulations for helping
Make America Great Again

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I'm really getting tired of these false flags. I was looking forward to seeing the film. I'm sure they'll have her fuck a nigger or something but it will still be a fun watch once they air it on TV for free, because I don't pay to go to new movies like some cuck.

This is the same thing they did with femGhostbusters and Black Panther and Wonder Woman. A bunch of faux outrage, trying to demonize us with made-up harassmenet stuff, just like gamer gate.

What did Disney get "ready" with, exactly? Sounds like the only ones who did something were Rotten Tomatoes banning pre-release reviews. Which makes sense but is largely pointless.