Which one of you did this?

Flyers appear in Iowa City..Libtards lose their minds.

How is "It's Okay to be White" a racist slogan.?

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so much salt

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The donald is the Reddit board for people who want to patted on the back for thinking there are only two possible opinions, opinion left and opinion right. This board is for people who faced reality. Run along and go get your participation award in the form of upvotes dumb fuck.

Good job, whoever did this.
I like how antifa are actually scared to remove these because of the hidden blade meme.

Yes… meme.

Not using a pocket mine that detonates on pressure release


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It was just a prank bro.

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I do appreciate the part about ‘not being able to defeat us in debate’. However since we are our own worst enemies, supporting every last bit of nigger and bug trash before we support our own people, no one has to work very hard to ‘defeat us’ either.

On a poster that's clearly taped, not glued. How retarded can someone be?

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I can no longer tell the difference between genuine antifa retards and the deep cover Zig Forumslacks working from within to destroy them.

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Why must they project. Is there any record of such a thing happeneing with a IOTBW poster or anything similar. Jeez.

Thank you.. May I suggest next time you use wheat paste to put the flyers up.. that way the libtards can put some real effort into removing your horrible fascist words.

their entire argument is predicated on race not being biologically real.. let that sink in lmao

Someone should put up "It's not okay to be white" posters.

And other anti-white propaganda. Also, put "Remember the Holocaust and 6 million" posters on as many surfaces available. Just shove it everywhere, and if someone removes them it will cause cognitive dissonance.

that is satire mocking SJWs, right?

no.. someone posted this on facebook in all sincerity. I told them they were being trolled and they just went off into PC craziness. Good times.

They may have have posted it sincerely, but whoever wrote it was obviously being facetious. right?

No, they do it all by themselves.

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No I don’t think so.

Holy fuck my sides. Leftists cant meme because they can't form arguments or even sentences for shit. Feeling dumber after reading that

too funny

It’s the average 84 IQ.

I don't care enough to do it, but this line of thinking (unless it's satire) can be used to discredit pretty much every liberal position ever.

This is the post-ironic future you chose.

What a terrible editorial.

Where any of you faggots putting razor blades under them? Don't be niggers.

Well, the got one thing right.

you did nigger

Not soaking paper in lsd

Niggers wouldnt hang paper. They would permanently deface private and public property with spray paint.


Cringe embarrassing larping by White Nationalists. Doxing Whites over and over.

Thinking they are fooling anyone when the anti Whites know who is posting this shit.


Every time I see this word its spouted by some limp wristed fuck who has nothing to attribute to the discussion. Fucking off yourself.

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The absolute disconnect of reality in this nigger's article.

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at the depth at which they stick their heads in their own asses, they get jenkem-feedback-loop on their own brainfarts

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Spot the irony?

Pic isn't a capture from a commercial news publication but is just some crap an NPC lemming posted on facejew?
This merits a thread here? Or anywhere?

I'd almost believe they had a point if they didn't still fight against the idea that it's okay to be white. They would neutralize this "fascist tactic" completely by just accepting that it's okay to be white.

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Orange man bad


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They can't though their worldview is genuinely White Genocide whether they're even conscious of it or not so this does in fact force them to knee jerk respond in anger.

shit op. lurk for two years before posting again op.

I heard the fascists are capturing discord trannies and coating the blade with their AIDS blood. More reason to be careful.

The hidden blade projection is telling.

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