It;s not enough to tolerate them,, now you have to pay for it

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Supreme Court has upheld a lower court's ruling that the state cannot deny two transgender women Medicaid coverage for sex reassignment surgery.

In its ruling Friday, the state's high court agreed with Judge Arthur Gamble's ruling in June that a 1995 Iowa Department of Human Services policy denying Medicaid coverage for sex reassignment surgery violates the state's 2007 Civil Rights Act, which added gender identity to the state's list of protected classes.

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You (USA) won miss transgender 2019.
Paying for them is the lowest of your concern.

That is insane.

Good, the more get surgery, the more suicide out. I know it is medical malpractice to mutilate people who don’t require it, so basically we are funneling more money to quack ‘doctors’ who enjoy torturing and mutilating people but whatever. No one is putting any bullets in the head of the (((psychologists))) who are recommending these surgeries, so OBVIOUSLY people don’t care.


Fed needs to come in and stop it because those "state funds" come from fed coffers and they DO have a say in how it is spent.

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41% Success Rate ! ! !

More like the feds will intervene in other states that refuse to pay for the tranny surgeries.

Obligatory Awareness Video.

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This is the fucking problem. Why do people pay the union and not their state. They aren't pat of the union, the state is. People should pay their 20% of public share to the state and the state should cut in the union on their 20% of the state's 20%.

At least all the trannies I have ever run across are jews. That is a 41% successful kill rate, far better than Hitler ever managed.

Does make you wonder why the society that the kikes build actually ends up targeting them and murdering them first, doesn’t. I suppose if one wanted to survive the kikes, you would simply not participate in any of their insanity (including porn, tv, movies, usury, torture) and your DNA would survive. But how many kikes are going to survive their miscegenation campaign and this free genital mutilation campaign? Not many. If anything we really need to encourage them in these endeavors since kikes seem to be MOST SUSEPTABLE to their own propaganda.

Best to ignore these attention seekers.
They're just not worth even noticing.

I just play along and now no one thinks of me as the local hateful nazi.

I'm just the friendly neighborhood national socialist. "I believe in National Socialism, but I'm not hateful or extreme about it. You see, it's the extremity that makes an idea dangerous. And I admit I'm rather mellow."

And that makes all my neighbors, even the gay couple, friendly towards me and receptive to my ideas.

If I was just another hateful, angry "nazi," no one would want to go near me.

We aren’t ‘hateful’ and you shouldn’t associate with FAGGOTS.

But you are correct. At the end of the day it is nothing at all except another political philosophy. Nothing more.

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got a source on that,,sounds like a fun read.
Why? It doesn't matter if you do or not.
Yet they blame their depression and suicide rates on everyone else. You take the hormones away and then you get real issues. They are doing it to themselves.

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Every time a (((LGBTQ))) person is a victim of physical or verbal harassment they become 2.5 times more likely to hurt themselves? You mean THIS is the way to get rid of the homofaggot jews in our nations? All we have to do is harass them into suicide? How could it have been this simple all along?

But they are fucking up white kids with the program, dumbshit.

lmfao, if the state court rule against the trannies the feds would probably threaten to cut their funding.

Checks out.

Want to try expressing yourself again after the HRT withdrawals?

Hmmm, if my wife has trans-tits will the gubbmint pay for surgery to correct her issue? She was born with perky B-cups but has always seen herself as a woman with gargantuan DDD-cup melons. Needs to have her bazongas enlarged using Federal dollars or it is government oppression.

Their own kids. All of the children I have ever seen who are going to be raised transgender are jew, ‘royal’, or movie star train wrecks.

That's nice. Kill yourself.

Your boyfriend's boob jobs are not covered. They can cut a dick off but cosmetic surgery is still elective and thus not covered.

Are you going to raise your kids that way?

Mutilating someone’s dick is cosmetic surgery. Nothing in their DNA will change thus cosmetic.


Yeah, I realize it isn't altering genes but COSMETIC for the sake of doctors doesn't mean what you think it means. Go the fuck back to kikechan.

Maybe Zig Forums can market home kits that skip all the years of torment.

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This is so insane, it sounds like it comes out of the mind of a rabbi. Do the Jews have an equivalent of a demon? It seems they want demonic forces (trannies) running around in such a number that it might usher in their new Messiah.

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Way ahead of you

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I was looking for stuff on the failure of sex change operations.


White men's social clubs

It is not possible to 'change' your sex. Every cell in your entire body screams to high heaven exactly what you are, no matter how you mutilate or fucking torture your flesh.

Construction Union medical plans now cover "Gender Dysphoria", but that is not for any construction workers, or even their children.

Construction Unions are all run by (((cabals))) of self appointing committees, directors, etc, effectively insulated from Rank and File along same lines as USSR.

Those people will adopt children to use for Gender Bending fetish.

Can we convince trans unicorns to get a dick sewn onto their foreheads?

Yes,,,, but I wanted a clinical study that these miserable delusional freaks remain miserable even after their delusions are pandered to.

Already on it.

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No that's sewing a dick on a unicorn.

Can I use the same ruling to obtain the latest Olympic/NFL level steroid treatment that will turn me into superman at taxpayer expense?

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They're not going to stop there lol, they're going to push that shit onto your kids too.

Of course not. They declared those harmful.

Don't be such a bigot! BASTE child molesters are making this country great again! I don't care how many diseases these cretins spread and how many young kids they mold into disgusting perversions of nature, so long as it's out of my sight and in the privacy of their own home! Freedom is what this country was founded on, and I love the freedom to sit in front if the TV with a beer or go shopping for Chinese products bought with money I don't own! Who cares if these freaks of nature are going after children, getting angry about it would take effort and might make me lose my job. I'm sure Trump will do something about it!

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Why all these "devil worshipers" doing child sex changes?

Just because both are likely to have "mental illness"? Could be, but I submit its more directly connected.

Having recently been in contact with "The Streets of San Francisco" I've found that much of the Tranny thing comes from a notion that while "only God can create a person" in that your parents themselves didn't really know "who you'd be" etc,…..

if YOU take a person and change them from male to female, then YOU have "created that person" and THAT puts YOU on a whole higher level, and YOU become a sort of demi-god.

"The Great God Pan" (considered greatest horror story ever by many). Arthur Macken's main theme was that there is some vast and much more important "hidden world" and that by some hideous method this world's mortals might catch a glimpse.

IIRC at the time there was some medical belief that some group of nerves in the brain wired you to be either male or female, and IMO that is what is referenced in Chapter 1 (strongest chapter).

Anyway, these perverts believe that if they take a kid and make him transgender when they "cross over" the kid MIGHT suddenly see "The Great God Pan" and then they will have control over a Messiah or something. I guess Trannies also feel that when they "cross over" they might get same but cutting off a penis is generally something that is better done to other people.

I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of Child sex-changes are being done to "Adopted"(bought/stolen) or Foster children.

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The Great God Pan audiobook.

If Medicaid is going to cover sex reassignment on the basis that it is beneficial for mental health to have your genitalia conform to your ideal image of what they should be…

1) This should cover attempts to reverse/mitigate circumcision by rebuilding a pseudo-foreskin.

2) This should cover attempts to lengthen/thicken the penis for guys with small dicks

3) This should cover women with loose vaginas wanting them tightened.

4) This should cover women with long droopy labia who want them shortened.

5) This should cover guys who want to do body modification like penile subincision or meatotomy or this gem:

6) This should cover people who want genital piercings.

7) This should cover if a guy wants 2 dicks and he wants a 2nd dick transplanted from a guy who wants to get rid of his, like an orgasn transplant.

8) or 3 dicks, the 2 extra dicks are attached to his palms.

If we were covering ALL of this stuff, I could see a basis for sex changes too. But I don't see how it's fair for ONLY that to be covered. ALL of these things are linked to self esteem and people's ideal image of what their genitals should look like.

PPS-Its no coincidence that Jews are the group that is activity waiting with baited breath for a "Messiah", and are also the group that does both genital mutilation AND pushes the Sex Change agenda, and the Pedo agenda.

Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, etc all seem to understand that magic etc isn't "real real", Jews with their Messiah, Kabbalistic, etc are another matter.

i am profoundly ashamed of my state

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I'd rather pay for their suicide than their genital mutilation.

I forgot to include this on it is usually one of my first thoughts.

I am all for anything that makes guys happy with their dick size, AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T INJURE THEM.

It is because they are niggers and Judaism is just a modified form of Voodoo.

You might be on to something. Obama's real Baby Daddy and Left Wing literally giant Frank Marshall Davis, once shared that he wished he had two dicks, so he could have regular and anal sex at the same time (with Obama's mom???).

One of my classmates said something similar in the 6th grade, and I'm pretty darn sure he hadn't had any sex yet, and he was never considered a great thinker, but he wasn't Black either.

Getting a little off topic, if Abortion can be considered "Medical Privacy", why ain't use of any drugs with obvious medical applications such as Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, etc also fully Constitutionally protected under Medical Privacy. You can't say drugs are illegal because of OD dangers if you can buy all the rat poison you want at any age in any store for cash.

Enjoy watching your daughter get injected with testosterone at 13 because her friends are doing it, and having the state take her away from you if you complain.
That's what's coming.

Why stop at genitalia?

There are a few body modifications that I have been wanting as well…they don't even involve mutilation…maybe that is why the government won't pay for it.

you'd think a 40% suicide rate would be cited by "The People" as a reason becoming a tranny is not a valid Mental Health course of treatment.

WTF was "arguing" for "The People"?

Surgery is controlled injury for long-term benefit. If I want to have an ugly mole cut off it will injure me to do so, but cause less suffering in the long run to have it out of the way.

If it is okay for government money to be used to construct 1 more dick than nature intended for FtMs, why not also do so for men who want two dicks?

No reason to stop at all, just throwing out ideas as they occurred to me. Many men are upset about being short, it would help their self esteem to be taller, so let's have government money pay for heightening surgery.

Let's also have the government pay to make women's feet smaller and to give them breast implants, because mental health and self-image esteem.

WTF is non-mutilation body mods exactly? All I can think of is baldness treatments, which should totally be funded because many men get sad about going bald.

Is that 40% base on post-ops, pre-ops, or both collectively averaged?

I'm unironically in favor of all of this. Widespread use of body modification would drive innovation and maybe make it finally not suck. If subsidies are what it takes to increase demand enough to make that happen, let's fucking do it. It's better than the other shit the state spends money on.
It's all people identifying as trans, and it includes suicide attempts that are not just pre-op but pre-hormones. It's a meaningless statistic, the number of transition regret suicides is high but there aren't good sources for that.

Post-op suicide rates skyrocket from pre-op, so it's probably averaged.

There is lots of non-invasive procedure with lasers that don't involve mauling the patient but do improve skin and muscle tone.

Yes, we should harass these people.

These people do nothing but try to spread their disease. They talk about mental health, but what about when these people turn 60 and nobody has loved them and they realize that nobody can love a monster. These trans idiots, who both mutilate themselves and alter their hormones are doing irreparable damage to themselves and preventing any real kind of love from taking place.

Who could love a monster?
Some day all these people will realize how much they lost by doing this to themselves, and it will be too late.

A bullet is only .23cents user, not $50k

Its just SO BEAUTIFUL, user…I mean there is nothing deviant or disgusting about this…

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It is on this day that I vow to never masturbate again, so help me God.

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WHAT THE FUCK? That is fucking mutilation. RUINING a perfectly good penis like that…REVOLTING! I guess the forgot the big 2" mucus hairballs that occasionally fall or have to be scooped our with a curettage scooper out or perforate the 'vaginal' wall and form an anal fissure…I GUESS THAT ISN'T IN THE BROCHURE…NOW IS IT?

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Remember kids, it's extremely important to distinguish between self-reported attempted suicide (SRAS) rates and actual suicide rates. Mentally ill attention seeking personalities going on about how they "totally nearly killed themselves again omg" means nothing. I tried to research suicide rates for homosexuals, but the literature is obsessed with the histrionics of faggots who are in and out of shelters and psych wards, and aren't reliable for self-reporting at all. Real suicide rates are hard to attribute to sexuality for a variety of reasons, mostly police stats not recording them in many areas. However, you get a figure of about 20-40% across different countries, with no correlation to how "oppressive" it is (Sweden compared to African countries for example).

No worries. Odds are that at least one of them will an hero within a few years.

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If we haven’t murdered the parasites by the time I have to worry about this it is better that our people are genocide off this planet because THEY THEMSELVES WERE THE GENTIC DEFECTS…NOT THE TRANNIES THEY PERMITED.

Oh, sorry, did I say it's coming? It's already here in some countries.