Donald Trump autographs Holy Bibles in Alabama

ZOGnald Trumplestein is Autographing Bibles in Alabama
Trump autographs Bibles while touring tornado-struck Alabama, drawing divided reaction

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why is the cucks suit 2 different colors


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How much you think these bibles will fetch for, money wise ?


Try harder, yid.

Nothing now that they're ruined.

t. jew lover

Zero effort.

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I'm shocked

I'm surprised they weren't Talmuds or at least Scofield Study Bible.s

They were Scofield iterations, though. Or some were. That said, it's sad and pathetic and further evidence of what a massive faggot this kike puppet shabbos goy is

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Kill yourself

sad to see dubs go to waste

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Which part of the post was wrong?

This contrived nazi shit is cringey.

Fuck off, magakike.

You were banned for a reason.

So were you.

>>>Zig Forums

That's hilarious.

Does this violate the Establishment Clause? There may be a case for litigation, and imagine the reaction from Recucklican legislators and judiciaries if ZOGnald Blumpf signed a Quran. I promise you they'd pull a case against that for some interpretive violation of the aforementioned Establishment Clause.

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Are you a fucking kike? No, it doesn't violate anything.

This is just getting sad, you faggot.

all of it, kike.

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So these are wrong?

No one cares who you are. Just cry more.

Yes, jew.


This thread is shit.

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Yes, you're sad. Keep crying.

1. Who compiled the bible and when?
2. Who else wrote about the life of rabbi yeshua?

No, keep trying. I'm sure you'll convince us in year 5 of your copied and pasted shilling.

Are nude statues and paintings pornos too?

Sorry friendo but our government is founded on a Secular document and any Presidential or Congressional endorsement of a particular faith over any other is against the Law.

Starting to look more and more like y'all worship Yaldabaoth. The demiurge has everyone fooled many times over.


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It's the halfchan/Redditfag immigrants
Halfchan is Abrahamcucked to oblivion.

Hell they have done a great job hiding it all. Pissrael holding some secrets, the vatican vaults protecting others. Problem is other cultures were around at the time and they too wrote of the kikes and the fuckery so pieces keep slipping out. The vatican named god officially, and I'm sure there will be another brand new ancient discovery they just happen to stumble upon to band-aid whatever situation they currently fucked up.

kill yourself

Kikes are only his preferred slaves, not the only ones. Christians, Muslims, Masons, Trotskyists (SJW's), there are plenty

Feel free to share, post and spread this message. An open letter to those that feel powerless. Here is a possible solution. As we all can see the selective enforcement of laws, the corruption in law enforcement towards selected individuals the inability to correct the obvious problems and deterioration happening in this country is scary. When they fasttrack desired prosecutions against the powerless yet let obvious crimes by the powerful go unpunished, it’s time to act. When people say socialism it's not it's communism, by design. THESE PEOPLE ARE ENEMIES don't ever forget that or think you can reason with them. Reasoning with them means giving in to their unconstitutional communist demands. Not even an inch is acceptable, ever. They will turn this country into another Venezuela in a heartbeat as it would not affect them. The founders of this country understood the CONTROL of our destiny begins at the local level. To the communist in DC or at the State Capitals that think you can control the population, you have illegitimately given yourselves that power by rigging elections and dumbing down our population, schools and Universities so that the citizenry doesn't even understand their rights and the power invested in them by the constitution. I propose if any of the City council members, DAs and Sheriff's in the counties that are 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries are reading this or any others willing to participate, they begin the actions needed. Their local population would support them and they could not be removed. Remember in the beginning, the pen is mightier than the sword. It's simple, study the documents regarding all of these treasonous acts against our country and our President. Empanel the local citizens as a jury, hold trials for those involved in absentia as they would never attend, and if found guilty declare them fugitives in that County and announce that they will be prosecuted if they enter that County. This is what the left does constantly at the local level for their causes. If enough counties do this the corrupt would have nowhere to hide. You want to see the media have a meltdown? You want to see a domino effect? We have more than we need. “WWGOWGA”



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answers? you posed nonsensical questions and pilpul.

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As you are clearly mentally deficient, I'll remind you of the string of posts that lead here
user's initial post:

you're in every thread kike, your false history pilpul isn't even remotely convincing, brainlet yid.

Lel, keep digging that hole.

Loving your race is healthy and normal
Celebrating a weak leader who cucks to slimy jews is what is cringy and pathetic

hahahahaah this nigger trump got parkisons signature

If you have a bible signed by Jesus, how much would one be worth?

When will White Nationalists stop loving the Jew race?

And smearing all older Whites, Christian Whites and Gay Whites is not "loving your race".

Your soul.

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Trump isn't congress and and autograph isn't a law.

you're such a basic cunt that I can't tell if you're a bot or a jew.

That's mighty Communist of you comrade.

Seriously, answer the fucking questions already, you nigger.
I honestly cannot understand what you are struggling with here.

He worships jews, why not jesus too?

they asked him to sign it, did they?

Okay, if the autographs are available to all religious people and their holy books, then it is lawful.

I'm on a mission from god to kill normies

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Most Christians are making White babies.

Most White Nationalists are larping incels who end up making non white 1/2 Asian babies.

Yeah, you're a real ubermensch, christkike.

now go away.

It's clear that you don't have any answers and that the initial poster was 100% correct.

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Explain what you have proven to be 100% correct.
Im waiting Shlohmo.

Rabbis didn't exist then, why do you use such desperately shitty pilpul?


While technically correct that the term first appeared in the 1st century CE, the scribes and priests were still in existence and had influence enough to need to make up the fucking word to describe their caste because priest clearly wasn't vainglorious enough for the ego-tripping yids.
Shitty pilpul expert knows shit.

yeah, thats incorrect rabbi.

No, it is correct. You're just a deluded christkike.

There's nothing against writing on the bible, there's only an issue with desecrating the content inside of it.

I would rather you didn't

The only correct thing you can do right now is to kill yourself spawn of satan inbreed.

Calm down, faggot. It's not my fault that your desert religion is based on a cherry-picked collection of jewish stories and the life of yeshua as told by (((saul of tarsus))).

this nigga went full kikel

Which part is wrong, christkike?


Good to know.

You'll never be right about anything, until your get into the oven imkikey.

not very christian of you I must say

Which part is wrong?
>your desert religion is based on a cherry-picked collection of jewish stories and the life of yeshua as told by (((saul of tarsus))).

Typical Jewish behavior. It's more than him supporting faggots (LGBT) and nu-Christianity at the same time. It's the subversion of Christianity that Jews love. They get off on Christians supporting them and supporting sodomites.

Your nose is showing

The back and forth is hilarious. The kikes mixed up their schedules again.

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What kind of signature is that? It looks like a mixture between the scribble of a 4 year old and a seismograph.

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Doesn't matter since it isn't a sin to write in your bible, especially if it's on the cover.

Where is his name? Shouldn't his signature contain his name?

The signature of someone tired of signing shit.

Are you retarded?

What a nice gesture. He should phone in his autographs and let someone who cares and knows how to write do them.

Maybe he can turn some of his ghostwriters into ghost autopgraphers.

Trump is a fucking genius