Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Delivers Fastest Wage Growth Since 2009

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Kike Mods trying to bury this

Scratch that last part. It's just anti-Trump garbage from (((Breitbart))). The meat of the story is wages are going up under Trump.

Entirely for brown people.

I'm 100% convinced this board is controlled by Kushner
Inflation-adjusted hourly wages dropped 0.2 percent in July from a year earlier, their worst reading since 2012, according to the Labor Department, amid faster price gains. They’ve grown at an average 0.3 percent annual pace under Trump overall, compared with 1.1 percent during Barack Obama’s second term. Trump’s escalating tariff disputes risk eroding buying power further by driving up prices.
Nice try kikes


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That's not a good thing though. It suppresses he necessary revolutionary atmosphere. This allows the frog to boil in peace.

They're not going up. How have wages went up? Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, the same rate it's been for years.
There pro-Trump paid Jewish Shills have destroyed this board.


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Well I am sure the new Spanish speaking majority will love this

Always Support The God Emperor!

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This is why I hate Trump worshipers.
Do you even know what echoes mean? If Trump saw you criticizing jews like that, he'd denounce you and then threaten to have you destroyed.

Because we're dying out so literally people are out of work market, and "we need more people".

Better to lose businesses that move abroad than being replaced like that. Everything is better. We need to raise corp taxes to scare them off.

Support Trump or get out of our way.
Trump's new era is beginning. A whole new way of life is starting. A whole new technology is being unveiled. A whole new worldview is being created.
A whole new order is being birthed.

Hooray! MAGA

Do you honestly think Trump's latest antisemitism push isn't strictly for dividing the left? It's just chess, brainlet.

Witnessing this board turn into r/thedonald is killing me inside.

You already have a paid shilling thread.


Name one enemy piece that this Shabbos Goy has ever captured.
Name ten he's captured for the enemy.
I can keep going kike

They've been going down for over a decade. Trump has only accelerated this.

Zero deportations. Not a single one. 1.1 million MORE nonwhites have been given legal residency under Trump.
Or just 4chan. Even cuckchan is better now. This board is sold and paid for.

Shut up Jewish shill.

It's actually more than that, who've been given citizenship
Less than 600k deportations
More than 2.4 million citizenship approvals and that was in and as of October 2018

we are not getting many of those jobs though 4d nigger

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Jews calling people calling out Trumplestein Jews
The absolute state of image boards.
This is why this shit website is dying.

Friends from other sites will soon be joining up.

ETA 1 hour.


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SEETHING Jewish shills. MAGA

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Trump will win 2020 and there's nothing you can do about it.

Hi, imkikey.


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Reminder to global report all of imkikey's posts.

Repeating the same line a thousand times at him doesn't do anything, dummy. Stop it, it feeds off the attention.

I admitted nothing, Shill-kun.

Reminder to global report all of imkikey's posts.

No, it's paid to post here. It feeds off of nothing. Global report it and expose the site owner.


The site owner is a fat jew bro, you aren't exposing anything.
Global reports do nothing, they just dismiss it and ignore you. Global mods only act on Zig Forums when its AGAINST the boards interests.

Begone, Mossad.

This is imkikey. Learn to recognize its posting style.

That's what I mean by expose. USERS of the board need to know that this isn't what we support.

Reminder to global report all of imkikey's posts.

Still asshurt over the Turkroach?

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You got a mouse in your pocket?

The users are well aware that VPNs exist and uber-losers use them to astroturf. You aren't exposing anything by repeating the same copy-pasted line at the autistic faggot who gets off on attention.

You are unwanted here. Begone, shills.



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Yes, the retarded autistic faggot who is multi-thread multi-IP spamming the board is some worthless cum-dumpster of a human being.
Kikey or some other faggot of equal measure, it doesn't matter - its pitiful shit, and its been reported, so if the mods of the site don't do something about it, the score is obvious.

Replying to every post it makes with some autistic copy-pasta doesn't do anything though. That's all I'm sayin' man.


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Trump will win, just give it all up. Trump was chosen by celestial powers.

You're autistic if you think you're exposing something given a thread like this, wherein its very very very obvious that its one person hopping IPs, and that you're feeding into their autism by autistically replying to every post they make with some sullen ass-mad shitpost of equally worthless nature.

Look at that, another IP. Almost as though you're consensus cracking or something.

I've exposed imkikey, yet again. You're welcome.

You're not exposing anything my man.
You're being an autistic prop.

Why would jews shill against trump?
Just one reason.

I don't trust the people who run this site.

I don't like them either. They're bad people. Genuinely bad people.

But this shit? This isn't the ones who run the site. Well, that Tornigger shit above probably is, but this shit? This is just gay.

Its disingenuous LARP via VPN. Nobody who uses this board with any regularity is going to be fooled by this shit, its about as organic as a fucking happy meals toy stuffed in an albatross' gizzard.

The intent is to bait autism - for some reason, some incredibly sad people think its wildly fun to pretend to be retarded to annoy people who are more-annoyed-than-most by people who are retarded. Its like a fetish or something.

Point being, that's what this is: Some autistic loser is trying to bait autists into getting upset by the fact that he's acting like a retard. And, here we are.

The question remains: Will the mods DO anything about it, or not?

They've been active EVERY HOUR for the past 6 hours… And we're coming up on 60 minutes since their last activity. In fact, we have passed 60 minutes. They should be along any moment now…

Let's watch.

Shut up JIDF.


I'm getting a strong feeling of deja vu.

Because they're not.

If you were here during the election, this should seem very familiar.

Stop lying, JIDF.


I know it reminds me of some things.

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Yang will be BTFO! No communism in my country.

Its been that way since 2016.

Not really. This thread is rather obvious demonstration of the fact that to push a thread like this, you need to have a VPN and a lot of the worst kind of autism.

Sauce for stats?

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How many shekels do you get paid for shitting up WN forums?

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Would also like that sauce.

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Real unemployment is at 8%.

White unemployment rates never recovered to late 1960s levels. NEVER!

I haven't worked since July but black unemployment is at an all time low. Fucking BASTE. The DOW is up so the economy must be doing good we can afford to give Israel billions now. We don't really need a border wall because on of those DACA kids is going to be the next Einstein even though illegal Mexicans have an average IQ of 85.


Shut up JIDF.
Trump will win, and nobody can do anything about it.
America is great again.

Reminder that trannies have a cloaca and are not human beings.


Shut up JIDF.
(((Trump))) will win, and nobody can do anything about it.
Israel is great again.