Great American Presidents

What good man would prefer a country covered with forests and ranged by a few thousand savages to our extensive Republic, studded with cities, towns, and prosperous farms embellished with all the improvements which art can devise or industry execute, occupied by more than 12,000,000 happy
people, and filled with all the blessings of liberty, civilization and religion?

Andrew Jackson

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I wish the world would heed the words of Pentti Linkola

What does that Finn have to do with this topic?

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His entire presidency revolved around violating the Constitution, illegally using taxpayer money, illegally conscripting armies for political goals, swinging his dick around and getting in petty fights like a nigger, INCLUDING killing several other men just for his ego, and overall just putting himself above the law and the people of America for his autistic dreams of conquering the continent. He even made peace treaties with the natives just to break them later when he decided to genocide them. Bootlickers are not allowed.

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killing indians to build the White man's Republic is bad? Did you read the quote?

Chester Alan Arthur
Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which resulted in denying citizenship to Chinese Americans until 1898 and barring Chinese immigration until 1943

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any president would do that. polk is literally the only good president for creating an indepedent treasury.

that madman almost managed to kill the bank. based and red-pilled

Further proof that libertarians are our greatest enemy.

Never forget that Andrew Jackson knew all about the mound builders, ancient American history that (((they))) don't want you to know about.
>Humanity has often wept over the fate of the aborigines of this country; and philanthropy has been long busily employed in devising means to avert it. But its progress has never for a moment been arrested; and, one by one, have many powerful tribes disappeared from the earth. To follow to the tomb the last of his race, and to tread on the graves of extinct nations, excite melancholy reflections. But true philanthropy reconciles the mind to these vicissitudes, as it does to the extinction of one generation to make room for another. In the monuments and fortresses of an unknown people, spread over the extensive regions of the west, we behold the memorials of a once powerful race, which was exterminated, or has disappeared, to make room for the existing savage tribes.

I don't know, giant ginger cannibals that constantly raped injuns doesn't sound like a cool non-savage race to me

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He should have also deported all niggers back to Africa since they were useless as they couldn't be used as slaves anymore

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Jackson deported them to PRESERVE THEIR LANGUAGE, CULTURE, AND BEING. He didn't want them interbreeding. He wanted them to stay pure, and whites to stay pure. Kill yourself.

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How did illegally deporting them from their self made and recently civilized ethnostate in Georgia help them at all?

The last good president tbh, he tried to finally save America from the jew, destroying the CIA and opposing and preventing Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons, all before his dkin condition would have killed him, and got the Kosher treatment because of it. Then his jewed vice president undid everything he ever wanted to do. Big shocker really, he should have known to have better opsec than to parade in a convertible after trying to fight the jew

Why the fuck wasn't that painting finished? looks like they just had some easy parts left.

Everything Jackson did helped benefit the White nation of America. End yourself now faggot.

I'll look for you on the battlefield.

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It's a matter of tradition and honor. If the subject wasn't available for the completion of the portrait, the artist wouldn't do it. When the Treaty of Paris was signed, the bongs refused to sit for a portrait, so it was never finished.

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His face looks familiar…

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Tricky Dick knew what was up and still did nothing. Disgusting.

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No. You just have autism.

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Andrew Jackson was the only non Kike President which is why he's being replaced on the $20 bill