So I don't know much about the USSR or Lenin, or even Russia pre USSR...

So I don't know much about the USSR or Lenin, or even Russia pre USSR. I have some questions if anyone is willing to answer them:
1. What was Russia like before the Russian civil war?
2. Who exactly was Lenin? I know the basics about him from biographies and the internet, but was he a zog agent, or was he working for his own selfish desires? I know he was a lawyer, I know he had a jewish father, but did he identify as a jew or what?
3. To me, it seems like the USSR was the perfect jew paradise. We all know communism is a jewish invention, and we know that the USSR government was filled with jews. Was the USSR autonomous (run by jews) with jewish dictators or was it a puppet government like the US? Why did it collapse?

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The Bolsheviks came to power because the Inter-Euro Slaughter known as World War 1 was vastly unpopular. They were the only group that opposed it.
The Bolsheviks were perhaps the first group in history to have a clear line on the National Question. Read Stalin's Marxism and the National Question to see these. There are some worthwhile works that predate it, like Ernest Renan's What is a Nation? but Stalin is much clearer and less wrong on the National Question that most people before or sense.
watch this entire thing, part 2 talks a bit about kike involvement in russia

sage because this is QTDDTOT tier

Ex-Soviet user here.
A shitty country with a huge underclass and decadent nobility. Instead of industrializing alongside the rest of Europe (and putting the peasants to actual productive work instead of shoveling cow shit all day), the Tsar went and got the country involved in WWII. Still, it was not all that bad, because the country didn't have a Rothschild central bank and had a lot of potential for getting its shit together. But then the Bolsheviks came, murdered Stolypin, murdered the Royal family and kicked the bucket over.
Lenin was born to a Kalmyk (Turkic) father and a kike mother. Killed animals in childhood, was bullied by his peers and hated Russians with a passion.
USSR was founded as a Jewish utopia, yes. A whole country of slaves to feed upon, a central bank to leech from, no rival religions to compete against, one set of rules for the common man, another for kikes. A revolution funded by kike money and accomplished with kike-smuggled weapons. But like all scavengers do over a carcass, yids almost immediately started squabbling among themselves about who gets the bigger piece of the pie. This weakened them greatly plus Lenin died from syphilis, which allowed a bunch of Latvian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Georgian and other traitors to their respective nations, who had been originally hired by kikes as thugs to do dirty work, to usurp power and kick the kikes out. But once the new guys ended up on top, they realized that the Bolshevik order wasn't too bad - they got everything they wanted and could do anything they wanted. This was followed by another bout of infighting, which Stalin won. He killed all of the opposition, reorganized a Jewish state into a mafia state with himself on top, and proceeded to exploit the everliving shit out of the country. On the surface, of course, this was all covered up as "ideological disagreements" - to your regular prole, his masters were killing each other for not being communist enough.
Stalin did not tolerate dissent, meaning that kikes, who had lived quite luxuriously in the 20's and early 30's, started fleeing the country when the purges started. Some of the loudest, nastiest Bolshevik movers and shakers fled to the West, denouncing USSR as an evil regime (modestly omitting that they themselves had created it). Descendants of these kikes are today's American professors, public figures, entertainers and politicians.

So once Stalin died, did this same cycle of jewish infighting happen, or did jewish control over the USSR stop right after Stalin, and dictators got appointed normally?

By the time Stalin died, kikes have already declared USSR a sinking ship. The country was in shambles and there was barely anything left to exploit, so most of them fled, leaving only those who were too stupid or poor to do so. Stalin's regime was centered on him and him alone, so when he kicked the bucket, the only thing left was a bunch of sycophants and toadies who only knew how to kiss his ass. They tried to pick up the pieces and play with them, but failed, so they decided to just ride the wave out until they died. USSR leadership in the sixties and onwards was a bad comedy of geriatric rich fools drinking themselves to death in their luxurious country houses while putting on a show of strength for the West. They knew that if they tried to end the whole thing peacefully, they'd immediately get killed by their own colleagues, so they just carried on doing weird shit, like fostering nigger rebellions in Africa and threatening US with nukes. By the time ol' Gorby dismantled the Union, most of these cretins had died or become completely toothless.
Honestly, I am happy how the whole thing played out after Stalin. He was too paranoid to groom someone as a heir - had anyone half as ruthless and power-hungry as him taken over, everything to the east of the Berlin Wall would have been a barren, horrid wasteland by now.

Wow, jesus. So then the USSR was only jewish controlled for a few decades then? That takes what I had in my head and blows it out of the water. What about some ideas that the cold war was a war over oil?

USSR was a Jewish creation that followed Jewish standards to a T. The kikes just didn't expect the have the carpet yanked out from beneath their feet by their own hired help. Still, the standards they instituted were upheld, inflicting misery, death and psychological trauma upon generations.
Now that's just bullshit. USSR had more oil than it knew what to do with. Western Siberia is sitting on so many oil deposits, most of them are unexplored to this day in order not to create a surplus. The Caspian Sea is one huge oil deposit. Gas deposits in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are so plentiful, there's no point exploiting more than 5% of them at any given time. The Russian Far East is swimming in valuable metals and minerals.
USSR didn't give a shit about oil. The only things it imported were food, chrome and uranium. Amazing how a state so rich had 98% of its population living in near-total poverty, no?

Self-fix. Soviets didn't get the tech for refining uranium until late sixties.

Absurd inequality, poor oversight. Serfs were slaves, bought and sold, living where they were told, having freedom only insofar as functional villages weren’t messed with. The aristocrats were lazily living on passive incomes trying to impress each other in the cities. Productivity was low in every profession - imagine a slave society where the overseers don’t bother living in the same county because the slaves are loyal enough to send their money through the post. Well, people weren’t that loyal forever.

It was a bad place to found a small business, have unfamiliar ideas, or really do much of anything that stood out anywhere. People couldn’t do anything alone. Notable individuals couldn’t exist without getting cobbles, bombs, bottles, and fists chucked at them by people preserving village and/or patriotic mores, so Russians learned to starve, murder, and/or ally one another in large movements instead of acting alone. When individuals die in the name of controlling nations, nations die in great spasms of non-individual chaos.

Dear sweet errant fool:
Learn to years
1917 vs 1939

My version is bogus too, but at least I didn’t mix up the world wars. Also, Russia’s fall was set in motion years before World War I, though the Tsar rushing off to that event was definitely a blunder. I’m not going over the rest of your dungheap; shoveling the idiocy of antisemites is thankless work.

Socialism starts with some fag in fatigues promising everything, and ends with some fag coated in riches leaving the country in his private jet.

Translation: Jews dindu nuffin.
Oy, did I touch a nerve there, Avi? Get the fuck out.

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So then we can take the cold war at face value? What was going on with Afghanistan that they fought against the USSR?

Cold War was essentially an attempt to cow the war-torn West into submission by making lots of allies. Strength in numbers and so on, which is why USSR ended up aligning with all sorts of desolate shitholes like Congo and Cuba - it was a desperate, doomed gamble.
See above. One day, Soviets came to Afghanistan and said "we're going to build you these nice roads and homes so that you can trade with us". Afghanis said "ok" and soon ended up with a Soviet government, against which they immediately rebelled.
Tell an Afghan that the world is ending, he'll shrug and carry on. But tell him that he can no longer smoke opium, bugger little boys and stone women for showing some skin, and he'll reach for a gun. USSR didn't take the hint and started putting boots on the ground to contain the rebellion. 18-year-old conscripts who dreamed only of demobilization, hot food and Natasha's tits were flown from Russia and pitted against merciless guerrilas who knew the country like their own backyard.
The point is, no one has ever conquered Afghanistan. Genghis Khan executed every male above 10 years of age in the country, and still failed to hold it. Soviets never stood a chance. Neither do Americans, tbh. Once you guys are out of there, Afghanistan will return to its ways.
And now if you excuse me, I'm gonna get some sleep.

I like your posts user.

OP watch this.

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Maybe in dumb american understanding of socialism, where country has welfare = socialism.

Pathetic samefagging.

If you're going to waste a post at least provide some facts or number and bother writing more than a few sentences.
Even if it's pulled out of your ass that's fine, judt give me something for fucks sake.

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What you know about Stalin advisor Kaganovich ?
Is it true that he is the only member of the "Stalin's team" who survived the Krushcev campaign of de-stalinization and "he came out completely dry of water" ?

Standard European shithole with king and entitled aristocracy feed by king. Type countries that produced enormous immigration into US from Europe. Only compared to the real Europe Russia was outdated and backwards. Also Russia had colonies that were included in to its main territory unlike overseas colonies of the real Europe so Russia had "refuges welcome" 70 years ahead of the Europe.

There where several stages.
1. Till 1933 paradise
2. In 1933 Stalin started big terror and removed significant portion of Jews from the top (not because he hated jews he was jew himself) just standard big jew east small jew. Past was 1933 okish period fro Jews in the USSR, not paradise but mcuh better than RE where jews were simply banned from main territory.
4. After 1948. Creation of Israel. Initially Stalin had hopes that Israel would be commie countries (they indeed had strong commie movements) but Israel ended capitalist. Hope destroyed, USSR help of Israel wasted, Stalin went butthurt. But again nothing to drastical.
5. After Six-Day War in 1967. After Israel BTFO soviet arab pets USSR when full buthurt mode. Also point: now king of Russia was Nikita Khrushchev , hohol not jew (btw hohols are artificial golem race created by commie jews to undermine Russian nation). So this hohol went full anti jew mode. But as everything now done by USSR it was done in crypto mode. USSR never officially showed anti jew discrimination lt was done in complete secrecy and denial (essentially Russian PROOFSTER dates back to 1967).

How to talk out of both sides of your face at once the post.

Imperial Russia was a rural, shithole kingdom. Tsar Nicholas II (blessed be his name) was an incompetent bureaucrat (though this is mostly because he had a shitty life and upbringing to begin with) and was pretty much bullied by his advisors into doing whatever they wanted from him. Among the only few things he did right was blaming (((you-know-who))) for the Ukrainian famines (read 200 years together, basically (((they))) made distilleries out of Russia's bread basked and killed tons of people as well as gave Ukrainians their own national identity for their gains). (((They))) absolutely hated the Tsar, even depicting him as a plucked chicken pre assassination. So anyhow it was no different than most rural kingdoms in Europe, except it was massive and this meant massive armies and massive famines when said armies went to war. Because of Nicholas' guards' negligence and incompetence, a demonstration turned into repression and this basically gave Lenin et al the go-to to start the Russian Revolution.
For all intents and purposes, he was Jewish. However, he never seemed to closely identify with any of them, same with Marx. Basically their main enemies had always been the status quo of the wealthy magnates and absolute monarchies, however their initial steps were completely unsuccessful and he had to be in exile for about the majority of his life. At some point during the war, the Kaiser (actually the military junta who blundered most of the war, that's where Jewish banking comes in, just like in America nowadays) funded his expedition into Russia to spread the revolution, so yes he was a German agent, but no he had no further ties than that.
It only was for a time. First of all, it's true that there was a Jewish Oblast made specifically to be a second Israel, but the same Jews who helped Stalin (who was basically a petty criminal who gained immense power thanks to their influence) overcome Soviet leadership and killing the much tamer and probably even good Trotsky, found themselves on the other side of the Gulags when Stalin correctly assessed that yes, HE would be next and yes, his doctors were out to get him. Later conspiracies claim that this is why he died, all the good (((doctors))) were unavailable, which seems pretty retarded, given that he would have plenty of other Russian staff members (though he had a phobia for doctors).
Secondly, the business opportunities for Jews in Soviet Russia were extremely limited. People tend to forget that what motivates most of them is pure profit, which they were making during the Wars periods, but then poof, central govt claimed their everything, that's why you see so many Jewish-Americans with Russian surnames, especially in Western Europe.
Thirdly, the ones who did manage to stay out of dodge either became their own intellectuals or part of the Communist Party, and they themselves hated Western Jews in part cause they had what they could only achieve with sheer repression and in part because Western Jews cucked Russian ones from entering various Third World markets. West vs East Germany is probably the most prominent of such fights. Probably the only ones that weren't seen as bad apples by either were the ones pulling the strings in the Chinese govt since they were just paving the way for their dominance.
Except it wasn't exactly so, Stalinism is purely Jewish and they all died because of it.
Nigga whatcha smoking
Besides, being in charge is not as important as being part of the cogs right next to the main mechanism, just ask Stalin.

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It fizzled out because it was unsustainable. It required a state of mass repression of EVERYTHING (as opposed to "democratic" societies, where only extremists and the press have to be tampered with), actively killed innovation, destroyed competition (meaning even outside markets could crush the Soviet economy), a political stability that they simply did not have (constant in-fighting, no trust from the higher ups unlike in other places) and its people simply wanted the same luxuries that the West had, with their own Mafiya being the world's top black market smugglers. Gorbachev simply realized that they couldn't keep up with the world anymore. By the way, the general public and historians had always assumed that had Nazi Germany stayed alive, it would have lived well into the next century, whereas the Soviet Union was stated to be basically one year away from collapsing from day one, except everything and (((everyone))) conspired to keep it alive. Look at the War of Russian Intervention from 1918 to 1920, it gave reason to the people to support the Soviet Union and that's all thanks to Western leadership and (((the arms industry))).

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Oh yeah, also don't forget about Normalization.

Lenin was funded by Jacob Schiff, a Wall Street banker.

shitty the same as its always been
he was a jew and a rothschild puppet, same as all of the other bolsheviks, including stalin
it was controlled by literal jews, jewish dictators, not puppets, thats why it was so much worse and so many more whites and others were killed.

Communism cannot sustain itself.

A communist country is forced to open market as soon as their internal resources run out, and when they open the market, the genie is out of the bottle and the regime soon becomes communist in name only.

German agent. At least according to my history teacher and TV

Back to the oven, Srul'.

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The first paragraph was pretty much life in the ussr too, where you needed papers to visit another city as a fucking natural, ethnic they didnt acknowlegde this except for non russian of course, lol born citizen.
And there was literary by definition and laws no private business.

Hello kikes. Trying to defend the semitic construction called the ussr, I see. You should have actually increased comfort for your vatnik slaves tbh, not making it worse for them than under their rotting monarchy.
But it is the nature of the kikes to pervert and destroy. A natural brain rot.

But there had to have been some Jewish control of the USSR behind the scenes after the purges in the 30s, during World War II, and after Stalin's death in 1953. I refuse to believe that all the kikes left the USSR because it was a "sinking ship." No doubt, it had lost much of its luster from the first two decades, and the war, but to say that the USSR was not kike-controlled after Stalin's purges and his death, I don't buy it.

Well,Khrushchev once remarked that “half the members of the presidium” of the Communist Party of the USSR had jewish wives,and the KGB had some meetings with members of the Rothschild family,you also have the letters exchanged between Khruschev and Bertrand Russel concerning jews in the Soviet Union,but it seems the topic surrouding how kiked the Soviet Union was after Stalin is mostly a mystery,Andropov was also a kike,so yeah kikes still had a influence in the USSR but some of it was lost do to Stalin's paranoia.


The more a world view is contradicted by observable reality the more rationalisation is required to support it & the more force is required when the attempt is made to try & make it come true. How could marxism and its bastard offspring NOT fail, user?

What's the red terror?
Who is Yagoda?

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1. Tsarist Russia was pretty backwards. I mean it was more romantic than the USSR but there's a good reason why it was possible to foment such a revolution in the first plac, extremely easy in impoverished places (such as post-WW1 Germany too as attempted in Bavaria).
2. Part some kind of Mongol, part European, part Jew. Jews don't have to identify as Jews to act like them.
3. Communism doesn't work as an economic system itself.

==Czar Nicholas was the richest man on Earth.

And there you have the reason for the "revolution" in a nutshell.

Hint: if you are the richest man on Earth, you have a large standing army to protect yourself from foregin takeovers disguised as "grassroots revolutions" which they have been quietly engineering for centuries in the USA.

Apparently, his family history is "fuzzy," but the Soviet government was probably trying to hide the fact that he probably had Jewish ancestry. I suspect him being a crypto at least. But he didn't lead the USSR long, so that's good.

He didn't lead the USSR for long,that is true but he was in charge of the KGB for quite some time

This is a kike shill.

They had a failed jew revolution in 1905, they started kicking jews out and fought in ww1 but were targeted because of jewish expulsions. Germany, before it understood the threat of jews, had its war industry run by jewish networks at the highest levels and the kaiser had jews throughout his war cabinet. They provided passage for early Bolsheviks back into russia through germany.

Yes, lenin spoke hebrew. Lenin was exiled to Switzerland before being activated by jewish bankers in hamburg and United States to return to russia. He had jewish blood affiliation but at heart he was probably just useful. Trotsky was the big jew. Karl marx and freiderich engels both studied under moses hess, the rabbinical creator of early zionism and the philosophical creator of communism. Hess wrote a book called "rome and jerusalum" 1857.

It was.

This is a great thread guys. I'm learning alot of shit I never knew before

A lot of 20th century writers actually somehow believed the USSR would exist well into the 21st century. I think this is simply because the USSR was extremely good at hiding its conditions towards the world. The average Westerner would have no idea about the sheer incompetence of its economy like bread lines, they would give it more credit than it actually deserved.

Literally a leftypol thread. The kike mods were behind imkkikey and their attempt to cultivate an exploitable class of stupidity on pol they could use to (((their))) advantage.

This is one of the big reasons why “smart enough to lie, or smart enough to tell the truth” is one of the biggest civilizational questions there is. Societies where the smart thing to do is not to pass along valid information are terrible places, and no amount of privacy violation holds them up. Societies where the smart thing to do is be honest are wonderful places, and don’t need to violate privacy to be stable.

One of the big indicators of the authority level of a society is whether “smart enough to tell the truth” sounds like it threatens punishment by a holder of superior truths (closed society) or a hope of superior functioning by sharing of superior truths (open society).

People have covered a lot of the important points but there is one that they have failed to touch.
Prior to the bolshevik revolution, Russia was a mostly agrarian feudal country.
Serfdom was still a thing in the countryside and it was almost an absolute monarchy.
Their industrial capacity was also a joke.

The bolsheviks ended serfdom, deposed the aristocracy and Stalin went on to embark on a program of rapid industrialisation that while deadly to the Russian population did industrialise Russia rapidly.

Go back to leftypol.

Imagine doing this and believing you're on the "right side of history".

This isn't your zog recruitment station. You have too go back to your overmoderated no freedom of speech everyone gets banned for insulting prophet Marx shit board

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How do you think the bolsheviks were able to pull it off?
Russia was a backwards nation.
And its population were becoming well aware of just how their nation compared to others.

The main opposition that outside powers were able to muster to the bolsheviks were either displaced aristocrats or more importantly the cossacks. Hence the USSRs policy of suppressing and trying to exterminate the cossacks as a people.

I actually git banned from leftypol for pointing out that permitting the advocacy of slavery clearly established that they were defending only a board aesthetic while actually operating under the same forbiddance of truth that is so mandatory in Zig Forums.

This bosrd doesn’t do free speech either; I’ve been banned ten or so times. But I’ve done more than three times that many successful threadsnipes. Maybe more than five times.

Wall Street funded the bolsheviks. I'm sure it's because the (((capitalists))) truelyy cared for the Russian peopl with absolutely noo ulterior motives at all…

You need to leave.


stalin was not controlled by jews

The Doctors' plot (Russian: дело врачей, "doctors' case", also known as the case of doctors-saboteurs (врачи-вредители) or doctors-killers (врачи-убийцы)) was an antisemitic campaign organized by Joseph Stalin. In 1952–1953, a group of predominantly Jewish doctors from Moscow were accused of conspiring to assassinate Soviet leaders'_plot

he died at the time when he started mass purges of jews in USSR. at the time of stalin death jews did not control USSR and this is the reason for "cold war" and hate for stalin in the west. also, this is the reason why you can watch so much movies about USSR correction system. gulag (in russian) is acronym of Main Administration of Camps. when they are making series about gulag it is the same as making movies about BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons ).

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>all these Zig Forums niggers trying to (((correct))) what other anons are saying about socialism and how fucking jewed the USSR had been
You don't blend in at all, guys. Go be shabbos goyim elsewhere.

It still is jewish managed, but not in such an obtrusive way. They do it more western style because there is a need for capitalism.
Overall, Russian haven't really gone beyond the after effect of the Pale of Settlement vomiting its kike vermin like feces hitting the fan.
People who were banking on Russia for a rahowa spark might get reeeeeeeeeally disappoint.

Ignore all of these, zero knowledge of history, just asshurt kikes/migrant kikes

These concepts are polar opposite, retard

It was unironically better. People had jobs, they could afford things. Some interesting things to note such as that you'd have nurses visit you instead of you having to visit them. Schooling was community based that only nearby residents of a school visited said school.
People look around today and see fancy cars, material wealth, branded clothes and some Tesco and say that things are better, but when you take into account that only from a materialistic standpoint that may be true and that everything became run down and globalized, the people suffered as a result. Everything is profit driven and is taxed. Things such as summer camps can cost hundreds when in the past it would cost a silly price.
The redpill is that Jews are materialistic and want profits and had the USSR dismantled because it didn't benefit the Jew in a sense that he didn't deem it profitable as jews are greed and selfishly driven.
Things didn't improve at all and in fact they are much worse and the revolutions against the USSR were a farce and the people nowadays realize it and the youth is being brainwashed about history because MUH DEMOCRACY N FREEDUMS when they can't in practice afford anything in comparison to the older days.
I'm not even a communist but at least I can be honest. Modern communists are retarded niggers who chase some SJW dream that wasn't believed in by the eastern eropean communists of that era.
You've been duped just like on the JQ, Nazis and other things we are sweeping off the rug full of jewish lies.

The USSR was in fact a force the Jews exploited to defeat the bigger enemy which were the nazis. After the fall of the nazi empire they dealth with the USSR in a subversive fashion of corrosion and subversion just like with the west and the US in particular.

Take three minutes and listen to this amazing quote from none other than Winston Churchill.


Added with degeneracy.

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