Cyberwar: Venezuela

The electrical grid is down in Caracas. Maduro blames this on
>electromagnetic and cyber attacks directed from abroad by the empire

Right on cue, the CIA puppet Guaido is calling for protests and further unrest. The glownigger news networks are attributing quotes (probably made up) to various citizens:


Monitor these events, because here we get to see how the latest MIC/glownigger technology. Remember the war in Afghanistan was where the public first learned about the U.S. drone program. They shut the power down two days ago as well, images 2 and 3 are from that attack.

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How do you shut down a power plant with cyber warfare? I find it hard to believe it's all connected to the internet, running some shitty "power server v3.234" which the CIA have a 0day exploit for. Is this as primitive as some spec ops teams cutting wires, or something fancier like detonating EMPs at the power plants themselves.

How they shut down Iranian stuff? There are backdoors in everything.

Analog or bust.

I am surprised Venezuelan DOTR has not kicked off. Day of the Rat eating spics.

this is Mossad

Analog math is too complex for niggers to understand, one of the other reasons it's being phased out. White people made it to the moon with analog, but suddenly it's "too complicated" for the broadcasting industry and everyone else.

I can't remember how they deployed stuxnet, but it wouldn't surprise me if Israel had spies in their facility. Semi-annual reminder not to update the firmware on your centrifuges if you're a bad goy.

you stupid faggot. do you think electric grids are operated with pulleys and steam engines? most of the electric grids of the world are fucking Windows 95 and SCADA systems which were never even designed to defend against hackers.

here is Wikileaks dumping dox presumably from Snowden which prove NSA targeted comm channels used by Japanese energy infrastructure companies.

just a big fucking coinkidink amirite? there's no way NSA has a program to burgle the Japanese electric grid and hack a way to flick the light switch off for all of Japan. ya know, "just in case" the nips restore the Imperial Throne or whatever. since NSA has hacker contingency plans for contingency plans.

and given that NSA "accidentally" knocked out the Internet for Syria back in 2012, to help America's great allies ISIS and Jabat al-Nusra, you'd have to be incredulous to believe that NSA has similar plans to knock out the Internet and the power of every country on the Neocon's list of targets in need of "democracy" and a No-Fly-Zone and the Marine Expeditionary Force touching down on their shores.

yes, of course NSA has a plan to turn off the power in Venezuela. but NSA has to be very, very careful in tipping its hand here, because once tit-for-tat begins and the dominoes drop, then Putin will just order his GRU Fancy Bear APT hacker kill squads to yank the power plug on the Western Interconnection power transmission grid, and plunge 73 million Americans into darkness, as a pre-emptive strike to deter the Amerikanskis from unscrewing the light bulbs.

Look up the Talpiot program. They have backdoors in intel chip sets and likely anything else that's manufactured/controlled by Israel. American intelligence agencies are likely also compromised, meaning that any exploit they find or implement is likely sent back to Mossad as well.

This is what they're going to do to any country that doesn't bend the knee to Israel in the future.

Every time someone brings up the CIA, you fucking niggers always say something about Mossad. CIA IS MOSSAD. They work towards the same goal in concert. Get that through your thick skull.

this is when the shit piles up, and later the bodies.

Just because it is computerized, doesn't mean it's connected to the internet. This sort of hacking requires a physical presence, it's not just some tool a skiddie can pull off. I think that's what user is getting at.

Or they just can't afford to keep the power going because they're essentially bankrupt and don't want to admit it on a national stage - even though it's been common fact for about 10 months. This isn't some Quinspiracy - it's a fucking inevitability. They nationalized their countries only industry, and they picked the most dangerous industry to do that with - of course they're getting fucked with by half of the worlds AIPAC states. Venezuela is a fucking joke and always has been.
It doesn't need to be connected to the internet.

At least it really wasn’t socialism this time. Corrupt “capitalists” exploiting procedural tricks with warehouses drained the country’s capital reserves. That shit isn’t socialism or capitalism, it’s just corruption.

Brazil’s left-wing politicians lost a lot due to corruption, too. People need to learn that honesty’s reward isn’t in the afterlife, it’s material. The day the debt is reckoned is often sooner than it seems.

That's a small brained opinion user. To attribute this simply to market forces is very naive given all known surrounding context.

People are so fucking retarded you can literally search for that shit on Shodan and try your luck with admin/admin on the login screen, eventually you'll get in.

Outside forces wouldn't even need to meddle with their power grid. Turd world people can't into security or maintenance for public services in the first place.

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They put a 0day on a USB stick and waited until some fucking retard plugged the thing into his terminal…they already knew what they needed to do (not like the tech is secret) and social engineering is by far the easiest way to make someone do your dirty work for you.

As for THIS shit, it's easier to shut your own power off and then claim it was a ghost…OP and are fucking morons to think that a country this corrupt wouldn't be able to give something to whoever was in charge and have shut the shit down themselves as a PR tool. Not all that different than the attempted 'assassination' earlier this year, as if the CIA would fail THAT…

Oh noes! The CIA tangled the wires hurrr! Damn Yankees get outta my peaceful Socialist utopia reeeeee!

This is what they literally do user…Local (in single building like) remote controls are done via Ethernet but if it needs remote control/logging from distance (across city/country) it runs over Internet because how cheap an convenient it is.

Although Guido is most likely CIA, they don't need to destroy the regime directly while themselves do it:

I don't think there will be a war, he wasn't stupid enough to bleed the military, so they still are (equipment and numbers) the best in Latin America.

The fact there's no invasion force and jew Maduro already falling must make the anti-Trump faggots mad.

the funny thing is you can look at that and think it's a shit mess and totally inferior but we've had major power outages in Sydney areas lasting for very long times because of lightning storms and as far as I know we pay a lot for electricity and it's supposed to a great system we have. Kinda makes you wonder what the point of underground cables are if the power is going to go out for hours every time there's lightning in the sky, but don't mind me, I'm just chilling while the temperature goes up in the middle of the night lol


Considering the situation, its rather another push to create chaos, for (((people))) to take over power.

Nope. The Venezuelan grid has been shitty for years, and now there was a massive shutdown because the socialists in charge didn't even want to pay to prune weeds around the cables since they were stealing all of the money.

Yes, is that stupid.

No, yours is just antisocialist propaganda, when CIA creates chaos after chaos.

CIA probably has more Jews working there than Mossad lel

people are stupid, i once listened to a white had that did pentesting on a US nuclear power plant, turned out the control station for the reactor was connected to the internet and had outlook express installed,one infected mail to a retarded engineer later and the hacker had full controll of the reactor.


Why? Why the fuck would we bother when commies turn the lights out just fine on their own?

You cannot take full control of a reactor through the network. They used it as a boogieman to make sure people were aware it could be done and to keep your fucking controls air-gapped. It was a psychological play in case people got lazy and comfortable while they were updating.

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All you need would be a civil war and a hero to rise as some kind of fuhrer…

(((CyberWar))) the fact they still have internet and can live stream their Dowtrotteness to the world just shows how much of a planed calculated (((government))) controlled game this is cause civil unrest go in to save a group play on Fee fees get support go in with Jungle boots on ground and get control of natural resources
Never changes

There was a power outage in Berlin a few weeks ago because some construction workers drilled straight into the main power line, didn't notice immediately because there was a redundant line, kept drilling and hit that one too… Because redundancy means you put things right next to each other I guess.

Not saying Western power grids are amazing but let's be real here, Venezuela isn't on the same level at any rate.

Oh that's a shame, all the food in their fridges is going to spoil.

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They just dropped infected usbs on the ground in the parking lot. Someone eventually dumb enough picked one up and put it in their pc at work.

For the record.

If Maduro needs replaced because of election fuckery:
1. Hold new elections fixing the cause of the fuckery or
2. Appoint the second place candidate
Not this clear spook shit run by actual jews.

Also study the spook tactics here because it is what they will do in the US if Europeans rise up and try to stop the genocide. Since it is inevitable, you must be prepared.

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Pretty much, now its either spend millions developing covert software to break into a server somewhere, or spend 15$ on a pipe wrench and take the knees of the faggot running maintenance.


No. They don't even have 1980s SCADA. They don't have any "smart grid". No computer control or reporting. No remote cutouts or reclosers. That all costs money.

Like every other 3rd world shithole they have a completely blind and manual grid. They need people to go out and manually operate cutouts and replace fuses. And since it is already a hodgepodge mess running over capacity all it takes is 1 fault to cause a cascading failure. Maybe the CIA/mossad triggered that failure but they wouldn't need some super hax0r tools or internet to do that. Just one guy with a shotgun loaded with 00buck taking out a few fuses or insulators would cause the dominos to start falling.

And when your linemen are not being paid they stop showing up there is no one go out and prop the mess up.

To a bring a city back online with a shit system like that they would need 100's of linemen to 1st run around and open all the cutouts that feed each individual circuit. Restore power to the substation. Then run around and close each cutout 1 at a time to minimize the start surge on your source. You cant just replace the original fault. Imagine 3million air conditioners, refrigerators, wellpumps, etc etc all trying to start all at once? Inrush current on many devices is some times 50x normal operating current. You can't just flip a switch and bring that online all at once.
The further the blackouts spread the amount of manpower (or time) needed to bring everything back online increases exponentially.

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Quality post. That wiring is absolutely disgusting.

TRS and Q shill here, albeit I usually tell you that Orange Man is a kike, Guaido on the other hand, like Poroshenko, is pretty close to being our guy. If you don't support the (((CIA))) coup against Maduro the kike-controled commie, you are a dirty Duginist commie as well!

Dont listen to the Jewtin and PRC shills here, just like Bashar Al Assad, the commies in Venezuela kills dissidents with masturbation, anal rape machines. -D

The tales of no toothpaste, no toilet paper, no food and collectivized toothbrushes are a bunch of made-up bullshit. Like those gas babies in Syria. That is why there hasn't been a major revolt yet.

It's worse then that. Sewer systems actually need a constant flow of water to stay viable. No flow means whats in the line drys out and causes clogs. Letting toilets fill with mostly poopoo and then flushing them with a gallon of water adds even more solids to the dried up system to clot. If/when the water comes back online there will be shit over flowing in the streets and basements.

Turner Diaries 101, just mess with the sewer system and the problem fixes itself after a few months. )

Remember that, do you think Libya would have been (((Liberated))) if they didn't have oil??
Now you see this happening in Venezuela, but its the same script.

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Furthermore, Guri was not a piece of crap. It went online in the late 80's, and got all new generators and hardware in 2010, under a socialist system. Far from being a disheveled piece of crap like the scamming American media claims, Guri was a STATE OF THE ART BUGATTI. The U.S. has ZERO generating facilities that are that modern, and none that are significantly over 20 percent of it's size, even if they are nuclear or coal powered. I am not talking the third largest hydroelectric dam, I am talking the third largest power station in the world, PERIOD.

You vastly over rate the ability of humans to do the easiest and most available thing possible.

Holy shit youre right. Thanka for video.

They probably paid some utility workers to sabotage it. It just sounds more intimidating to suggest it was some super secret US tech. Not that there isn't some neat stuff, but I think a lot of it is just theater/bluster.

The Guri Dam, like all other critical infrastructure in Venezuela, has the Venezuelan military all over it.

And if the US can bribe the Venezuelan military like that (well, what's left after all the desertions), then they would go straight for Maduro.

The employees have been leaking on online newspapers since they are pissed that the Intelligence services just fucking killed one of the guys in charge when he was told to report after the clusterfuck.


Daily Reminder that mods are Qushner controlled and this board is compromised. to save America

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There was a gas turbine generating plant in Germany that had its main SCADA controls on the open Web.

Hardly, we've got bombs that spew carbon threads over a targeted substation. Shorts out the HV, lights go out and stay out until the carbon tracks are cleaned off the insulators. The threads burn on, so cleaning is a major PITA, too. We used these babies on Iraq in the early 90's. They're awesome.

Sit upon my huge lap fellow anons and I shall tell you a story… this is all public already

There were at least three versions of Stuxnet. I will call them A, B1, B2. The first version detected by VirusBlokAda was version B1. This set off a search for similar malware and version B2 was quickly found. Both of these were very similar and the payload worked by tampering with certain SCADA programming software projects. The common platform versions B1 and B2 used became known as "tilded" after its characteristic out-of-place file names.
These are the infamous "open Explorer and get 0wn3d" worms that could spread by infesting USB sticks and included not one but two rootkits to hide themselves. A user-mode rootkit hid the package from Explorer while installing the kernel-mode rootkit. These would also copy themselves to any USB sticks inserted into an infected machine and these viruses spread widely, infesting a large chunk of India, which is how VirusBlokAda got their first sample.
Versions B1 and B2 are very similar, so I'll call them B-series. B-series had three payloads, but one of the payloads was defunct. The two functioning payloads tampered with VFD controller programming to cause centrifuges to spin at incorrect speeds while reporting correct operation. The third, seemingly original, payload was incomplete and couldn't be analyzed.

Nearly a year later, while searching through old files that had been uploaded to VirusTotal, version A was discovered. Version A was radically different, with a different platform, but had the complete third payload from B-series, and only that payload. Version A had been meant to operate the centrifuge bypass valves incorrectly, contaminating the high-enriched product with the low-enriched raw material. This was an amazingly subtle attack. Version A had another big difference. It did not spread on USB sticks, but instead only infected machines actually running the targeted PLC software, by embedding itself into the SCADA programming project files. It had been uploaded to VirusTotal from Iran, but had scanned as "clean" at the time.

The discovery of version A allows us to complete the story with a little Zig Forums knowledge. USA glowniggers wrote version A. No question, no one else has that kind of detailed knowledge of uranium enrichment and the patience to pull off planting version A. Version A could only have been planted by giving it to a consultant who was working on the project, or possibly to a consultant who worked on some other project with a consultant who was also working for Iran. It would infect any PLC programming project for the targeted PLCs, but could not spread beyond those computers and did not contain any rootkit at all, instead hiding in plain sight.
Obviously, the fucking yids stole version A, or at least the payload, and were dissatisfied with the slow results, or couldn't understand how it did anything. The yids wrapped it in their own platform, riddled with obvious attribution hints because they're that stupid and arrogant. They set it up to spread widely and probably introduced it into a cyber-cafe near the targeted facility. Of course, since B-series spread widely, it spread across most of India and the arrogant yid fools got caught.
Caught by the rest of the world, anyway. The B-series payloads were incompetently designed as well, and did not take into account rotor inertia when changing VFD speeds. The Iranians would have known that their PLCs were tampered as soon as an "all ok" report came "from" an exploded centrifuge. The version A payload would not leave clues by damaging the facility.
Because the yids are arrogant fools, they just couldn't leave well enough alone and conducted a broad-daylight assassination on the man who was in charge of cleaning Stuxnet out of Iran, just in case anyone still didn't know they were responsible. Apparently that kind of skill is so rare among yids that Mossad thought he was unique? All that happened is more fuel for the ovens and his replacement was assigned a security team.

Stupid. Fucking. Yids.
We could have set them back a year, every year, but noooooooo…
Stupid. Fucking. Yids.

Will this be the Syria of Americas?,Enter because of communism/terrorism stay because of oil and make people have feelings because the "good immigrants" are just running away from war
I can't since I learned about the tactic of entrapment take this shit seriously I could see CIA ruin a country just to get the people to immigrate and ruin 2 countries with one action

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Sounds stupid enough to be true,What do you think happened(with the software) since that time,will they use it in Venezuela just for tests because nobody is going to trust(is allowed to trust) Maduro
I don't know how "advanced" their tech is but I assume Venezuela is a few steps above sandniggers ,seems like a perfect situation for everybody to test out their toys

Shit nigga. The same Guri that is now only producing 10000mW because only 2 of the 20 turbines were still working due to embezzlement and lack of maintenance? You're going to blame a cyberattack on a shitty hydroplant that is so heavily militarized that they immediatly executed the engineer on watchduty when the failiure happened?
I live here, CCS, nobody is believing that bullshit even in a million years.
Here's the official technical details.
A frequency spikeup on three sectors on the primary turbine, not even any notice of suspected sabotague or remote manipulation.
The system isn't even connected to the internet for security reasons and the entire area is cordoned by 3-ring security by the military spanning from the entrance any city to even the inner passageways are guarded inside. Sure, it may be 3rd world military, but its a highly zealous and ideologically-led military.

What's funny is how the PNB took the occasion to outright steal and burn the trucks carrying the humanitarian aid to the country. You know, all the food and medicines that we're lacking from the famine. Not that the government cares anyways, they'd rather spout crap about some iguana or big Sam conspiracy instead of answering for the families of all those 70~ something dead kids/hospitalized that died to the blackout that totally was not their fault. Gee like who'da thunk not maintaining machinery from the goddamn 80's for 20 years would lead to some issues. Like all the issues the public transportation system built by Marcos Perez is facing now, even when plenty of bridges and works from that era are still standing. As the ones built by Chaburro are filled with holes and falling now, likely due to all the cheap materials and largely politized workforce that was hired not by expertise, but by loyalty to The Revolution, that built them.

The problem is not Cia, the problem is Communism. I will never believe any poster here advocating towards el Coño'e madre is not leftypol, you're all so stupidly obvious it hurts.

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The problem is your country was put into a situation that has no good outcome,because your people will now ask the fucking CI of A to come and help them,and it will seem better and the start when you aren't hungry anymore
But making the country fall apart and then offering help is one of the oldest tricks in the book,If the plan really was to kill communist they would have done that years ago but they waited for the country to beg them,Why ?
Because it gives them leverage in the deals that will follow the liberation that's why,There is nothing free in this world Nothing

To be honest I don't know how to get out of a situation like this ,smarter people than me lost their country to this play,and as a Zig Forumsack I should know because it might be useful
Maybe present a right wing candidate,or maybe make and spread memes about what mentions
You for sure don't want (((some guy))) who came out of nowhere and is supported by the entire world,How are the political views in there anyway?

Because OP is a commie faggot liar: mierdazuela's electric grid uses 60's tech and its all analog, can't hack that shit with muhexploits. The truth is their grid hasnt been upgraded since the mid 90's, its shit, and they are low on fuel because socialism is retarded (they are also low on food on a fucking tropical country where literally anything can grow on its own) so they have to shut the lights off

Because anyone who could leave already has, all south american countries are swamped with venezuelans

That's also why Russia and China are trying to bid for control over the country by sending paramilitary groups to hold the Arco Minero? As far as i can see, the only shit CIA has attempted was to let in Cuban and Saudi officials in, who immediatly started a coup and managed to barely get by because the president prior to Chavez was a fucking pussynigger.
To me, this is less an attack by the USA for oil, given they're still being traded that shit incredibly cheap even under PSUV regime, and more on Russia wanting to create another proxy in Latam for more international leverage against NATO. It all just feels as a failiure by the hands of the CIA unless they manage to get the obvious as fuck Guaido puppet in power, and that's as likely as that the current government would let all the political prisoners out overnight with an official apology on their part, utterly impossible without military action.

However, you're correct in one thing. They're all fucking kikes intend on placing an internationalist globalist cunt on power. If you may, i frankly believe that Venezuela, my country, is not only fucked beyond repair. It is fucked no matter what route it takes now politically unless a strongman rightwing figurehead, that is not affiliated by any of those cunts, rises to power from among the people and somehow avoids execution by the crooked commie military dogs.
Maybe getting invaded by the BOPE, considering they now have a rightwing pro-gun president might be the least worse choice, but that's a goddamn long shot. They may win in attrition given their larger number of troops and the support of the mayority of the population, but Vz still has more tanks, helicopters and equipment and still has stupid amount of aid from Cuba and Russia, even if it's all rusted to shit and barely functioning.

another user
says they have modern power stations, which seems to be backup up by wiki

Are you larping?

I was talking about the grid of the entire country faggot, not one single dam that isn't old as fuck. Most of these cases are distribution problems not generation.

What's your honest opinion of Chavez? I watched a BBC interview (hardtalk) with him and was impressed with his conviction, which seemed at odds with the US media's portrayal of him at the time. Is it believed he was given a fast acting (((cancer)))?

Maduro alleged this on cyber attacks at the Guri Dam though. Unless you actually have knowledge to the contrary that this plant is working correctly, you're just LARPing as someone in the know.

Abstract: The CIA & the NSA are using computer programs to blow up Power Stations in Venezuela in an attempt to plunge the nation into Darkness and cause Chaos. The endgame of the U.S. State Department is to remove Maduro from power. The implications of this operation will result in widespread death and suffering to the people of Venezuela.

For many years Venezuela has been ruled by a terrible dictator named Nicolas Maduro. He is a corrupt leader that has destroyed his country raising inflation rates by millions of percentage points. For example a cup of coffee in Venezuela will cost millions of Bolivars( Venezuelan Currency). Needless to say this resulted in the people of the country to rely on a black market system of trade. Many times these people would use the Facebook marketplace to trade flour and milk with one another…Basically the Venezuelan 'Facebook Buy & Sell groups' have become the Venezuelans peoples reliant trade system.
Maduro is not the only one to blame though, the United States has a key role in their economic downfall. During the Chavez years, Venezuela had a thriving economy, but as the years went on Venezuela faced more and more sanctions by the United States which resulted in an isolated Venezuelan economy from the outside world. Venezuelas government were increasingly reliant on the 'coca' trade (Cocaine). After Chavez died, Maduro took power and the United States saw Maduro as less influential as Chavez and tried many times to assassinate him. One such incident was recorded live, where an explosive CIA drone failed to kill Maduro and crashed less than 500 meters from Maduro.

Attached: OnlyJuan.png (1218x1211, 1.18M)

Just recently the U.S. State Department employed a man by the name of Eliot Abrams. This man was the same man responsible for the Iran-Contra affair. He is also responsible for the many coups that the United States had conducted in Latin American countries. Elliot is now leading the charge against Venezuela’s Maduro Regime. This means that Eliot is out to kill Maduro, but he is trying to create Anarchy and unrest in Venezuela before doing so.
The CIA had the bright idea of contracting a bunch of NGO’s and Non-Profits to deliver Humanitarian Aid into Venezuela. This means that the CIA contacted people such as Richard Branson (who has close ties to George Soros) and other community organizers in places such as Bogota, Colombia. The CIA is using Military assets such as C-17’s to deliver Humanitarian aid into Cucuta, Colombia to prepare the shipment of aid to be delivered in Venezuela.
More and more aids continues to arrive in Cucuta with every passing day. The United States also recognized someone named Juan Guaido ( An Extremist Protestor ) to be the Interim President of Venezuela. This process of promised aid, and propping up a puppet of the U.S. Government results in the Venezuelan people growing tired of the mind games and promises. The people of Venezuela only want a U.S. military intervention to end their suffering as of now, and the U.S. government continues to be vague and re-iterating the statement “All options are on the table”, without actually using that option and imposing more sanctions on Venezuela’s economy.

This is dangerous because the people of Venezuela have been promised over and over again that Humanitarian aid would be delivered, but because the United States is not even considering speaking with the Maduro Regime, and is forcing its way into the country, the bad blood between the Regime and the U.S. is starting to boil. So much so, that even a U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has expressed disdain for the CIA, and Elliot Abrahms. It has to be pretty bad when even elected officials within the U.S. are upset at the government intel agencies.
Fast Forward, the past few days the CIA has used computer programs to shut down critical power infrastructure to the country of Venezuela. The type of computer program that was used to blow up the Power Stations in Venezuela is unknown, but is similar to the program developed by the CIA & NSA called “Stuxnet”, which basically infects a countries power systems and completely destroys them. In the last few days the country of Venezuela has experienced 96% power failure, plunging the country into darkness.
When a country doesn’t have power for an extended amount of time, people will not be able to flush their toilets. Then people will not have water pumped to their sinks. People will not be able refrigerate their meat keeping their foods from expiring. This in turn will result in massive chaos and civil unrest.
In sum, The United States has almost completed their Regime Change in Venezuela. Whether the United States intervenes militarily is irrelevant, because the CIA is banking on the Venezuelan people dragging Maduro out of his home and killing him in the street. This is reminiscent of Libya, where Gadhafi was anally raped by a bayonet and showcased to the world that he was being killed.

Work Cited
Omar, Ilhan. “Trump and Elliott Abrams Cannot Be Trusted to Tell the Truth about What's Happening in Venezuela. We Must Continue to Question the Narratives They Provide and Promote Dialogue Instead of” Twitter, Twitter, 10 Mar. 2019,

Times, The New York. “How the Drone Attack on Maduro Unfolded in Venezuela | NYT - Visual Investigations.” YouTube, YouTube, 12 Aug. 2018,

“What Is Stuxnet?” Intrusion Prevention System – Network Security Platform | McAfee Products,


Pretty good article from TheIntercept exposing some of the propaganda over Venezuela.

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Thanks to globohomo the glowNiggers cannot get the staff required to pull off their usual tricks. Look at this other faggot named in your article. His twitter bio screams, "I'm like really smart guys, look at my associations. Please think I'm smart. I'm so honest."

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You inbreds are now supporting socialist shitholes? There is a reason you are a joke and will never step out of your basements. "Hurr durr da cia joos" until the end with you retards.



Seriously. lol. I laughed at this more than I should have. It feels as though that the "Q Tards" have invade this thread and are trying their hardest to defend the NSA &CIA after that latest Q drop "Trust the NSA".
I mean seriously wtf?! Trust the NSA? Get da fuck outta here with that bullshit.

I wonder if any neutral people really fall for such absurd propaganda.


So many jews here lately…

< Its dem commies.
Boomer (or glowdindu) detected!
< I live here

Hitler dubs! Prolly pure cohen-cidence.

Saved! What an ugly mutt.



you would overwrite the PLCs that regulates every god damn thing on the dam

like every one they are probably using siemens s7… no wait america, DCS is maybe more common there… anyways details, that would be how you would do it anyways

regardless it will be very interesting to see what really went down, if we every will get that information

not w95 user, but xp….
typical old visual basic mfc based crap

If the dams where offline wouldn't there be no power anywhere?
If the problem was just the dam don't you think they could restart it after 6 days?

Guri was built by HATACHI (Japanese). It was overhauled by Mitsui(Japanese) and Alstrom( EU). It was paid for with oil money. If the dam really is broken good fucking luck getting them to come out and fix it now. I doubt they will take an IOU.

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Yo dude, Marco Rubio is tweeting about that same device and making it seem like the "weapon in question" is a Science Fiction weapon from outer space.
HAHA the absolute state of Marco Rubio
"Report by @franciscoamarin that tonight on national tv in #Venezuela, #Maduro said electrical blackout was caused by “large flying devices” sent by the U.S. that perched on antennas & began to emit electromagnetic energy."

The grid is completely stable

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Next time, use youtube-dl to pull the video from the tweet.

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The substations all set, good to go.

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CIAnigger was probably microwaving gefilte with a 2300watt microwave oven.

i hope they are ready for a large influx of jew immigrants..

Internet service in the country just came back proper. Sorry for not responding during all this time.
Ideological nutjob who appleased to the people that; he behemently believed his policies would help the country as a whole. I don't really blame him on his actions, he sounded, talked and behaved like the strongmen of yesteryear and obviously had his heart place into helping the country.
A clear puppet of the Castro family, with heavy ties to communists in and out of the country, and with an attempted military Coup before he was elected "democratically" for nearly an indefinite amount of time until his death, i am not particularly fond of him, for he laid the groundwork for the country to be on this state.

His grandest strenght was his charisma, he was an amazing orator that ate up around 16 hours a day, sometimes without rest, in forced televised announcements (think Emergency state broadcasts where it locks up all signals on all non-private TV airwave channels) where he would talk nothing but Paja (that's a slur for bullshit btw) or about Missions (economical/social/construction plans and public works).
A lot of people, even from Opposition forces and whatnot, believe he was a much better ruler than Maduro. And nearly every redshirt in the country mourn his death, even if now they turned their backs against the PSUV and are advocating toward getting Maduro out of the presidency– at whatever the cost it may take, as long as it's non-violent.
It is a shame all these assholes around me don't see the elephant in the room, the Cuban communists running everything to the ground and making a big profit out of it thanks to dumbasses like Chavez and Maduro. Only one wasn't a literal bus driver and had a much better voice, and probably some extra balls for improvising his speeches because fuck if anyone was gonna write an 8-hour long tirade about the how the CIA is training iguanas to sabotague us.

Fuck him and the obscura that birthed his communist kike shitass. And fuck all the faggots who followed him too.

As for the cancer thing. He was never given an official autopsy on venezuelan soil and the only "records" that exist about his death are from Cuban doctors.
Nobody knows, but if you ask me, there IS a rumor that he was executed in Cuba for his success, as he was healthy and sound living even on his final speeches to the people. Something a cancer patient would not do is do 2-to-4-hour tirades about his great Missions and how he's Impulsing the country to new heights not possible outside of Socialism.
It's up to you on what to believe though, he was old enough to start getting bald even without supposed chemotheraphy.

Dont listen to thats tupid faggot. Stuxnet was delivered as a payload to the iranians by the israelis.
One of the scientists working on the nuclear reactor was given money, he was found out and executed. He was expecting israeli citizenship and additional compensation

They exploded thanks to either hypertension or faggots actually setting explosives on them.With the state of disrepair that the electrical grid is on, i'd wager the first, as it hasn't even been the first time this has happened in the past, even during Chavez regime.

God help me if the substation on my part or the city doesn't explode again. Last time that happened we had an entire 2 weeks without electricity or water. And that was back in 2011 when you could still afford bottled water and could still find corn flour on the storeshelves.