I'll start of with a wild all encompassing Supercut of the recent JRE podcast coincedentally I myself put together with a little Tarantino esque spice added:

I've come to the conclusion that Alex speaks & thinks in a non linear fashion, you just have to gobble it together yourself & just like that he's tackling the JQ head on!

In all seriousness tho, is Alex a shill, a highly conditioned idiot who speaks partial truth or is he conciously trying to redirect the already built up framing of the ultimate enemy(Nazis) to something more akin to the real deal(((globalists)))? What's the real deal with this tranny loving nutter?

Or is Bill Hicks just having a laugh?

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What's indisputable tho is that he is a highly effective bullhorn for shit that noone really pays attention to:


another classic

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it's alright

I stopped liking that guy when I realized he didn’t have the sense to protect a society weird enough to preserve his own place in the world.

Ye, I'd say too. First song + soundbites is a bit convuluted but it really picks up half way through. Pretty content with how it turned out

Wait, who is being discussed? I don’t pay much attention to celebs and I just realized I might’ve given my opinion about the wrong misfit :(

He's more entertaining than anything Hwood puts out tho. So there's value. That podcast was just pure gold if you can look past the nazi shit.

Alex Jones doesn't ring a bell?

*Nazi shit, as in him blaming em for everything not the comments about the chinese & natives being unconciouss killer drones lmao

I don’t think he’s a shill per say. I think he’s a little scatter brained perhaps.
He is notorious for avoid anything related to Zionism though, definitely avoids the JQ. Ok, maybe he is a shill, or a gatekeeper.

I will say though I see some utility in his content. He is very good at highlighting the power structures that exist, things going on behind the curtain. He just notoriously leaves out who occupy those structures.

Or a gateway,
Another thought is that he knows his audience, the boomers, & going after the Yids would be just to much for their indoctrinated mind. Just think about all the propaganda & connection they still have to WW2 & the brainwashing around it

Alex Jones is a Jew. It's why he will never name the Jew and when he does he always uses dog whistles.

But he's a gateway drug for redpills.

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Is it true that he's married to one of the reptile lords?

Or their other name reptile parasites.

They're lesser beings that's for sure, but there are different stages of infection. There comes a point were the parasite takes over & consumes the host & itself. Whereby juus are a host themselves to something they themselves let in a long time ago

The guy looks nothign like Bill Hicks. Alex Jones is a jewlover and Bill Hicks is really ded.

I also made an other cut with only the second half for the attentionaly deficit tards among us.
Doesn't really compare to the full one but it's pretty good regardless

Originally expected this project to blow up way more than it did. (Just think about all the other edits with millions of views)
I wanted to use it as a jumpstart to get my other content & future content to be seen. Oh well. It's probably a bit too weird

Oh yeah, I thought so! Yeah, he’s the guy too weird for his own politics.
This vid almost convinced me haha, but then again I'm not the brightest

I'll break your conditioning you simpering POS; Arm yourself. If you find a man who will be willing to preserve you as cannon fodder in the defense of White women and children; count yourself lucky.

You'll plainly never attain any stature of worthiness or honor in the new order so resign yourself to your duty, or simply stop consuming valuable oxygen the rest of us need. GTFO.

Someone's mad

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come at me bro.

bookmarked tbh. he doesn't grasp everything, he's simply a babby Christian tbh, so he naturally gets things wrong.

There's plenty however, that he is spot on with.

nah, we're cool
I wouldn't place my bets on anything going down anytime soon tho
Not sure if the frog's already dead, gay or the heat is still only burning skindeep
It starded boiling already a long time ago

The Bible that Alex Jones amateurishly speaks of lays it all out. Probably not later than the 2060 timeframe, prophetically speaking.

These frogs you speak of user. These surely don't represent the Victoria? Frogs are typically deemed unworthy tbh.

Well, the baby christians led the crusades & were woke on the JQ, it's just been subverted like everything else.

I was an Atheist for the longest time but realised I was wrong. Alex words things a bit weird, distorted & over the top but I agree with him on a lot when it comes to the metaphysical, that's how I cut it together in the vid too & him rapdily fireing redpills on irl all over the place is obviously fantastic as well.
10+ Million views on that podcast is incredible

Hopefully you're right. I'm thinking about it more as a spiritual battle raging on for your own soul & it's doom. Not sure to what extent that conflict will manifest itself in the physical realm

Tell me the last time you donned plate armor and rived the living guts of your foes friend?

Now you are thinking sanely friend. Join us.

The slowly boiling frog which doesn't realise it's being cooked until it's too late metapher

Thank you I'm well aware.

Right on, I was using "baby christians" sarcasticaly tho because I thought you were shitting on em as a whole previously.

I'm a bit retarded, socially tbh

My apologies to you and others. Not my intent.

Don't apologize for your positions user, defend them. Prove me wrong if you believe in it.

I don't say this to be merely facetious, but simply to point out the fact we are all prone to error. However, 'respect the elders' is borne of long tradition and fox-worthy.
Prove your point.

Not backing down at all on the boiling frogs m8, I was just refrencing my misinterpretation of your posts, didn't even see how we disagreed? haha

Anyway, Your advice is still much appreciated

If I can give a bit of advice as a Country Man, I'd suggest you take a frog-gig and a bright torch out to the countryside where you hear a fair bit or 'ribbets' going on during the frog season. Bag a dozen or so and then clean 'em. Have yourself a frog-leg fry with your gf, then come and tell us how it went!

Good luck user, Godspeed.

thanks ill watch. they just look so different. bill hicks is barely white.

If shit goes south & I'm forced to live as a hermit in some shed in the forest I might consider it. Until then it's fresh meat from the butcher around the corner ;)

Those thicc legs do look like a good meal tho I must admit

Kek. Best prepare ahead for the need tbh.

Ants–they aren't strong, but they store up food all summer.

Now the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month, with a fire burning in the brazier before him.

Even women know this user.

trust me, they are nommy. especially when you are hungry!

I got a few options & friends with small farm property, should be fine imo

Where I'm at it's not as hot compared to the states quite yet at least

gimmie russles over 9000


suit yourself fren.


Controlled opposition, evident right from the beginning.
Same goes for David Icke.
They given one truth, so you believe them, and at the same time add in several lies, misdirections and distractions. That way they can lead you off the path to truth, and also discredit the truths presented because they are placed along side utterly ridiculous fantasies.
A common example is "world trade centre was an inside job", then the next link is "aliens rule the world from the moon" and "elvis lives and was abducted then returned in 2016 to replace justin timberlake".
Same goes for the videos with digital artifacts or people blinking that people refer to as proof of reptilians/lizardmen.
It is safer to avoid the disinformation e-celebs like this, and find the truth out for yourself, by reading facts.

here's the conclusion i've come to:

1> you work for the US government under the guise of being some kind of Infowars employee or

2> you've forgotten what year it is and think that trolling for a traitor is cool somehow

Considering that 2 is actually pretty unlikely considering that the whole CIA operation of Infowars exists to shit up open online places and to just be virally parasitic knowing the operation is protected from any accountability

It's all true tho
Lizardmen & ayys are very real user

Lmao okay then
Good to know

whoa like sorry bro, did I come across as like totally crazy bro ? whoa

Infowars a fraud operation ? I must be some a kinda paranoid schizophrenic or something

He's a CIA Mossad disinfo agent who's been on the pay roll for decades and everyone here who isn't a complete and utter newfag already knows this.

No, I was genuinly amused being called a infowars cia employee because I'm shilling a neat video I made on a podcast. That's what's funny

Toe Rogan and Alex Jonestien are both CIA/Military psyops assets. Same with all of the rogans comedy/podcast friends. (Shafir(juden), Tripoli (juden), Diaz (juden), Trussel, gay tony, Brian Callen (father is in cfr), Brendan Shaube (obvious fag, probable juden), Eddie Bravo)

It all goes back to aubrey marcus the gay dude who owner onnit and fleshlight sex toys, the jew who's dad was a (((mafia man))) and oil tycoon in Texas. The jew who baught joe a huge new warehouse studio and a porsche. The Jew who pays for Eddie bravo bjj tournaments, only catch is you have to let Aubrey the kike butt fuck you to be on the card.

look into it

Could very well be, I'm not from Murica, how many people actually tune into his show unironcally & uncritically?

You just have to replace "chinese, saudis & Nazis" with da juus & he starts making sense. Maybe his audience knows, or he himself, that's what I'm wondering.

Then again, he pushed Trump… Meh

No it's not some clever tongue and cheek trick to make you accidentally realize he's talking about the Jews. It's intentional obfuscation - they're called "Gate Keepers" not because they introduce the uninitiated to the harsh realities of world history and political intrigue but because they exist to present a false reality to those who would begin the hunt for those truths to begin with.

why did you do it though ? Jones himself deliberately tries to avoid being funny about serious topics. If there's a joke, you're not actually supposed to be in on it. You get that right ? You're making funny memes, he will use them, but he actually hates the idea any member in the audience will be anything other than scared, threatened, angry etc Do you get that ?

Also there's not much that's really funny about the whole situation, the government runs this fraud on the public, he acts like an idiot or takes a dive any time anything he is doing might go somewhere or actually benefits Americans. He's not your friend. He's only paid to fuck things up that could be good for the country.

nailed it. Jones is disinfo. He's another weapons platform in the ongoing information civil war, and he's probably not on your side, desu.

thank you for stating the obvious, user. But sometimes it needs to be said… the absolute state

Well, I literally made him cite Mein Kampf & name them tbf haha, be it "jokingly"
Like I said previously, I thought it would boost my channel & exposure to other content like:

And what else is coming. Besides that I actually just enjoyed that podcast immensly & wanted to bring my spin on it out. I left all the Nazi blaming crap out intentionally to steer away from it
You gotta work with what's being giving, would it be better to just let it stand on it's own?

lol you are so full of shit. If you enjoyed that podcast it says a lot. The only thing you could say about it that it was kinda like friends getting a bit hammered and talking around the campfire but the truth was this is a guy seriously paid by your tax dollars to dribble non stop lies, flip flop all over the place, muddy the waters etc. Anyone that actually cares about any of the topics raised in that podcast would have turned it off in disgust before the first 10 minutes.

but I get that because this whole thing is protected from any accoutibility talking about this fraud at all only puts more eyes on it rather than actually getting it exposed and shut down

Not mine
Perpetual anger isn't the way to go, you gotta channel it or else you'll run dry when it matters

ThinkTank Judenschweine everywhere

Kill yourself joe.

Jamie, pull up that rope

This thread got so quiet all of the sudden.

Still kicking it over m8

Alex is 100% a shill but he drops subtle redpills occasionally, in this most recent JRE he was 100% on the money on racial consciousness, your forefathers and their experiences are passed down to you just as instincts are passed to animals, when you racemix your instincts and past experiences get jumbled and erased.

Bugs aren't in the diet and never will be, you cockroach.

That's what I mean, he is pretty knowledgable on abstract stuff & the metaphysical as well.
What's also true is that all the tech people in silicone valley are dropping psychedelics & drugs like crazy to boost their work & for fun. There is no "alien base" but they are dabbling in that realm and if they know it or not they are being influenced or in contact with entities & realms so in some sense there IS an "alien base". He also named the insectoid race. Called europeans high iq among other shit.

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They are the same CIA/MOSSAD operative.
As Bill Hicks he was delivering a nihilistic suicidal narrative through a krafted comedy set.
As Alex Jones he delivers the usual 99 truths to make you believe the one big lie he needs to drop. Initially (and still to some extent) he was all about smashing/ infiltrating the 911 truth movement because it had come to the collective conclusion it was Israel/jews that did it; which in turn made their global media celebrity control so obvious. Same as Luke Rudowski wearechange jew spy network.

How many teeth do this humanoid have ?!


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What's your pic related? Do these symbols mean anything?

checked and creepy as fuck. sauce?

No idea man, saved it a while back from some random thread

What's the weirdest is the reaction of the guy next to him, seemingly unfaced. Bizarre overall

It's one of the clockwork elves Alex & Joe keep talking about. Not much into symbology so another user could better explain these to you

>Dude, if you take out the part where he says "Its not the Jews, its the NAHTZEES!", and mix everything up, (((Alex Jones))) is talking about the Jews!
Yeah, and? I could say the same about a ton of kosher stooges.
Projection is what they do.

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webm 33 seconds long.
Just sayin'

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Alex's problem is that he is a mossad agent. He's fine for normies though.

Just subscribe to his shit tuesday and been binge listening since so I was thinking you were full of shit then God send me the sign that Anons are always on point with the Truth…

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Not your concern

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That's the joke m8
I also wanna recommend Know More News to everybody here, the dude does phenomenal work:

Check out the hoes eyes in the background. This one could easily be a low quality fuckuo tho

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Say what you want about Elliott Abrams, but the guy really does look like a supervillain. Some of the other neocons like Kristol look like cheery, amiable fellows, but Abrams could easily be the evil mastermind in a bad action film.

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Jones is right on nearly everything. He for one reason or another holds back or is wrong on the jews and misdirects blame to muh nahdzees, but he's right. You have to listen to him uncut. Edits and mixes change the meaning. You should know this.

He's a mutt, white + "native" American injun mix. He's not jewish just because you don't like him.


I noticed also that he swiftly made the connection with Israel to the Nazis saying that "they learned from them" which is obviously bullshit but it speaks for the framining & redirecting the already built uo boogie man

Whoa that place is full of evil

Snakes everywhere

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