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This thread is a counter point to everyone shilling this kike











Fun facts: the Bible was used as the logical backing to the death of millions of Europeans, freeing of the slaves, and anti-abortion movments. In rome they wouldn’t even use Christians to fight in the Circus Maximus because the cucks would leterally lay down and die. It wasn’t entertaining to watch, because Jesus had made them completely decile good little boy willing to commit suicide.

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Romans hate him.

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Nebuchadnezzar Dreams About Kings and Kingdoms

One night, King Nebuchadnezzar had a strange dream. It bothered him so much that he could not sleep. He called his magicians in and said to them: ‘Explain my dream to me.’ They said: ‘Tell us what you dreamed, O king.’ But Nebuchadnezzar told them: ‘No! You tell me what I dreamed, or I will kill you.’

Again they said to him: ‘Tell us what you dreamed, and then we will explain it.’ He said: ‘All of you are trying to trick me. Tell me what I dreamed!’ They told the king: ‘There is no man alive who can do that. What you ask is impossible.’

Nebuchadnezzar was so angry that he ordered that all the wise men in the land be killed. That included Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Daniel asked the king for some time. Then he and his friends prayed to Jehovah and asked him to help them. What did Jehovah do?

In a vision, Jehovah showed Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to Daniel and gave him its meaning. The next day, Daniel went to the king’s servant and said: ‘Don’t kill any of the wise men. I can explain the king’s dream.’ The servant took Daniel to Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel told the king: ‘God has revealed the future to you. This is your dream: You saw a huge statue with a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, stomach and thighs of copper, legs of iron, and feet of iron mixed with clay. Then a stone was cut from a mountain, and it struck the feet of the statue. The statue was crushed into powder and blew away in the wind. The stone became a large mountain, and it filled the earth.’

Daniel then said: ‘This is what your dream means: Your kingdom is the head of gold. The silver is a kingdom that will come after you. Then there will be one like copper, which will rule over the whole earth. The next kingdom will be strong like iron. Finally, there will be a divided kingdom with some parts strong like iron and some parts weak like clay. The stone that becomes a mountain is God’s Kingdom. It will crush all these kingdoms and will last forever.’
Nebuchadnezzar fell down in front of Daniel with his face to the ground. He said: ‘Your God revealed this dream to you. There is no God like him.’ Instead of killing Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar made him head of all the wise men and ruler over the province of Babylon. Can you see how Jehovah answered Daniel’s prayer?

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Jesus is a puppet.. just shove your hand inside of him. move his lips and say whatever..

Jesus can be used to justify anything. Religion is plastic.

The essential root of white privilege, available only rather incompletely to other races, is that white people have developed a culture that snitches on violence and abuse. This has frayed somewhat in America due to decaying leadership, but it remains a broad and vital force. We rely on people being disloyal enough to expose those who abuse others.

I am not Christian, but the ethos of peace is much nearer to the necessary disloyalty. Jesus Christ brought to the world a message of betrayal against all hatreds.

The christian section of this is actually really telling. Also proves jesus is literally satan.

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Jesus rose 3 days after death, just like all the vampire stories.


That'd be some kind of reverse vampire though.

Christians don't realize that Rabbi Jehoshua was the false messiah they got warned about. He basically took Judaism and made it all about himself, which pissed off other kikes. That making it Judaism none the less.

Well yeah if say Britain was the enemy of Germany would you not still love the british despite all the atrocities they commited under 1 man. Or is every single British man responsible for the actions of a single individual? Loving your enemies isn't the same as let them beat the crap out of you. This is why jesus said an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. If someone punches you punch them back. How come you can't understand this.

Yes goy kill the entire family who had nothing to do with the war but who cares because one guy punched you cause you were being a jackass. This is jewish behaviour and the only people who would genuinely do this is out of spite and hatred. Killing someones family for something petty like striking someone is fucking retarded and equivalent to a nigger.

Well maybe because niggers like you have the moral code of your average monkey in the local area. Seriously if your anything to go by then all who don't worship Jesus were never worth saving in the first place. aka repent undesirable.

Well talking like a woman certainly doesn't help his case. Masculinity is enforcing laws. The bible does this by saying you go to hell if you don't follow the teachings of christ. Thor sounds like a beta trying to get people to join but too scared to actually confront people about it and comes off as weak.

Yes because everyone has unique talents some people are good at writing others war some are good at philosophy. If only the strong survive these types of people would be extremely rare. More is needed to keep a civilisation than muh strength which you simply can't understand. Also it says in the eyes of god in a material sense its pretty clear than europeans are superior to say your average arab.

The weak uphold the civilisation the strong defend civilisation. What civilisation can exist without the weak? You seem to think that only the strong are needed. But while the strong are out fighting who is going to make the weapons who is going to build the forts. Who is going to farm the food? who is going to teach the kids? women. You want a world where women are the primary movers of civilisation? That's called feminism user and we already know how well that has turned out.

Luke 17:2 - It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.
Wow that totally sounds like jesus would forgive baby rape congrats user. Seriously read the bible before making baseless accusations. Also not following the ten commandments is not following the laws of god and anyone who doesn't accept jesus as the messiah also will go to hell. So actually most of humanity will be thrown into the lake of fire if they continue to ignore the holy spirit continuously(god's law) without repentance. He is forgiving but he isn't a pushover for those that reject to repent for sin will end up dying no matter what your shitty catholic priest tells you.

What's the obsession with dog food?

Here i'll translate that for you. A paradise where you may have a thousand years of peace if you follow the 10 commandments and accept me as your messiah and repent for all evildoings you have commited.

This sounds like a 4 year olds fantasy. Who I think are cool enough. So if i'm not "cool" I can't have glory. Seems pretty retarded. Especially considering that "cool" can be subjective. The bible is consistent. This clearly isn't.

Why would kikes kill Jesus ?

Because he promoted christianity to the kikes, not white people

Who is this chad?

Thor doesn't exist.

This is what most people think and this is only thing that matters.

Reminder this and every christian thread is sponsored by /intl/ queers

I recently discovered this site. I previously thought Jesus the Man was real. This site has now brought me to doubt.


Josephus was made up

fucking niggers, Christianity is explicitly anti-kike, Jesus was White. Jews are below even niggers.


Christianity was formed by kikes.

This isn't a counter point.

It's faggotry.

On the same level as Wolf14, Rip Steakface's, and Beekeeper/PeterNoOne.

As well as any loser still tied with the Purity Spiral.


It was formed by The GodMan and is the true religion.

Kikes like you hate it because they truly saw your degenerate kikery and condemned you to the hell you belong to.

Actually, it's formed by Yoshua, a kike, and 12 apostles, all jews and one nigger, and propagated by Saul, another jew.

Christianity is how jews get into Europe, because a jew can somehow change their ethnicity by "converting" LOL

As a pagan, your post is gay and you should kill yourself.

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It's not surprising that your replies to that about (((Jesus))) started that way. The reason why all of your answers come down to conditional statements and explicit interpretation is because you have to constantly insert meaning that wasn't there prior.

Nothing of substantial meaning comes from a (((Jesus))) quote. You have to insert meaning, insert what you want it to mean. Whites insert good meaning because whites are almost always inherently good. Niggers insert meaning in a quote to make their voodoo chicken rituals ordained by (((Jesus))) himself. That's the scheme of christianity. You get what meaning you put in, but it was never there at all.

Oh look. Another anti-christian thread pushed out by the Jew media.

I see demiurges and I have no time for this (((gnostic))) autism

Kike telling you Jesus was a kike.

Any fedora tipping niggers in this thread that don't know the difference between the Synagogue of Satan (((Jews))) and Jesus of Judea should neck themselves since you're doing it already anyway by falling for this D&C.
(((Jews))) did not exist until the 8th century, and continue to pose as original Christianity . They steal everything, including money, identity, and history.

Fuck off you stupid kike. That miserable jew Paul is the one they were warned about, not Jesus.


Jesus was not a jew. Nor will he 'get you into heaven' you retarded fucking kike. That is the individuals job alone to understand Rationalism or Transcendental Rationalism. I hate you fucking kike pieces of shit.
You could never go to heaven because of WHO YOU ARE DEMON…and you don't want your fucking slaves to go either and leave you here to WORK TO SUPPORT YOURSELF.

That's not what Christianity is teaching though (with the exception of some Scientology tier Protestant denominations, or it was real in your mind). Only through rabbe Jeshu and by drinking his blood can you know heaven. Or else his father demon is going to do some very mean things to you.

Christianity is pretty much the exact opposite of Rationalism.