Yang Disavows You


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There is a political solution: accelerationism. Make the money give more gibs and soon the system will collapse.

Pic related. We know. Yang is being shilled by the (((DailyStormer))) in an attempt to split the vote from Bernie and Tulsi who can actually defeat the ZOG Emperor.

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Accelerationism isn't about rekting the economy, kike.

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Good, we can end the Yanggang stupidity.

Collapse is the only chance for creation of something better.


Total collapse opens the door to (((foreign intervention))) - the Nazbols wet dream. Accelerationism is a precise collapse of social conditioning which opens the door to National Socialism. Friendly reminder: Communism won't win.

Can I get a gun and blow my brains out instead?

Fuck yeah. Worthy denunciations, and good on him having the wisdom to call out sabotage for what it is.

Take the money and use it to bomb Chinatown.

It's an option. But the Hawaiian Obama will fulfill her job in exposing Israel.

Yes it is, thats in the name - you accelerate the fall of fiat currencies and debt crash, and then kike support system fails.

Your tears are delicious. We will continue the #Yanggang till that orange israeli fuckstick loses in 2020

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Collapsing kike power rests solely in smashing their control over the People. Has nothing to do with the economy but undoing their brainwashing.

I agree with this bioluminiscent Zig Forumsack

there wont be any money, or at least none for White people

You seem upset.

>Yang is being shilled by the (((DailyStormer))) in an attempt to split the vote from Bernie and Tulsi who can actually defeat the ZOG Emperor.
This is some 11/10 schizo posting.

fuck off dink

what's this:

That such a simple concept is too advanced for ~70% of the "people" here just goes to show how fucking hard the invite gen Z shit backfired.

#yanggang has superior memes, now the right is stuck with just shitty boomers, sad!

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Duplicate thread
Every anti yang thread is a yang thread started by cuckchan faggots.

He is a jew and Yang skins and eats doggos.
Bugmen are not welcome in land of the Freemen.

I couldn't give any less of a fuck what he thinks about me as long as I get my $1000 a month. Him being elected would be the biggest possible FUCK YOU we could send to Zion Don.

Andre Wanglin is all about memes and since Yang is comedy gold, he propagates it

Trump ruined the American right for the next 50 years and gave the neocohens a new way to justify white genocide, trust me he did a lot of damage.

Reddit rapefugees are the worst

stay rekt kike

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i only care about gun rights and stopping immigration.

yang is for amnesty (naturally)
and wants to come down hard on guns:

you are selling out just like boomers did. not that orange nigger is much better. like i said, we are fucked, im just sick of this yanggang shite

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I classify you as a monkey

just not original ones, right.

If hes a blumpf supporter why does he promote Yang? Typical schizo doublethink

Chinks are bugmen you dumbfuck.

Anglin is also a confirmed pedophile who takes sex trips to the Philippines which his dad finances.

Because you are newfag that takes this board seriously

asians are fun to crush with car wheels


This place is just as rotten as 4cux

So is Trump
So does Trump, have you conveniently forgotten the bump stock ban?

Yang isn't a jew dick sucking faggot and he will give me $1000 a month instead of the chosen. That's all that matters.

i bet you also

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That's the saboteur Apredrew Angloon jumping on the next thing after Trump is imploding.

But he wont. He cant. WHat happens when you sell something ? do you go to jail ? And how do you know it will be available to genetic Europeans, he says there shall be no such nation but he supports one for his doggo eating bugfamily.

I unironically would sooner have Chris Chan for president long before Yang.

If the bug masters get into office we essentially will be a satellite state to China, just like we were with Clinton.

trying this hard to fit in.

I learned about this guy here and he looks even better for telling this place off.

Bigots are worthless, their defiance without meaning. Some sadsack tried to call me meaningless here - that means the locals must be thought vulnerable to it, ja? So I say that you are meaningless (though in truth I value all consciousness).

Nobody is trying to genocide any successful race. The much-feared population replacement schemes that nobody is bothering to operate are becoming impossible due to changing technologies. The post-racial future isn’t going to be one race-mixed mono-brown; it’s going to wreck racial groupings with gene therapies derived from the whole world’s population.

Eventually animal genes will be repurposed to further extend human capabilities and lifespans. All life on Earth factors into humanity’s true genetic potential, and the genetakers will be prove greater than any race of mere evolutionary accident. If Earth is a race, racists are getting left behind.




Because yang has no chance of beating Trump. They promote him to divide the vote against Democrats who can.

democrats who can beat Trump?

Who could that be?

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What, IDF will literally invade us? Are you dumb or something?

Clintons body double. Twice the gaffes as the original and half the falling over.

Yang is a messiah, he is the kalki we all were hoping

You really think they would allow Bernie. Lol

Soliciting prostitution on the internet. Sounds illegal.

Your pretty words won't save you. No irreversible mixing will yield a good genetic makeup to improve a vast majority of population with gene tech. Truth is those at the top are monopolizing the evolutionary advantage, and they will leave you and most of the people behind to drown in a mass of anarchy and stupidity

Trying to talk you out of autistic, self destructive and flat out counter-productive is like trying to talk a leftist out of cummies - you fuckers will do just about anything and rationalize your fantasies. It's like talking to a deaf, dumb, and autistic brick wall who are dead set on doing things their own way no matter the consequence.

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Only Gabbard and Bernie.

No, not IDF. Nazbols want Russia to offer (((Foreign intervention))). What do you think all the pro-Russian shilling was for these past few years? If politics is all theater do you think there was no reason?

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Rise and repeat like we've been doing for decades.

But if you want to defeat US government, isn't the best way to do it by collapsing it's economy in few months?
I mean 250 billions per month will sure ruin the economy

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That's what you get for putting your trust in a yerrowbug.

Guys its time to put
Jake Paul
on the ballot.

The way he acts, just like Andrew Yang, will totally reflect the memes we make about him.

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You dumb shill, Russians will invade your sorry ass, either Israel or India, whatever that is.

China is clearly supporting Yang.
Either way, the presidency is owned by a Communist entity and only electing a true white can break that barrier.

Yes, vote jewish, guys.

But there is still small difference between them. You can choose the worst decisions for ZOG, if you want to revolt against it.


I'm voting for Yang just to spite everyone and I welcome our new Chinese overlords.

Sod off, Wang.

ITT: Too many anons who do not understand inflation. UBI will lower the price of the dollar, and help to eliminate the worth of savings accounts. Now tell me, which population group are likely to put money aside for future use, niggers or white people?

I'm white and have no money aside.

b-b-but blumpf

Are you kiketarded? Nobody likes the Russians anymore. If they dropped paratroopers or pulled a UN peace mission every single one of their heads would pop before they landed from civilian sharpshooters.


Can you spell faggot?


Well perhaps you are young.

this thread is gay ops

Racism is a punishment that smart, stable people cause stupid, unstable people to inflict upon themselves. I know because I dabbled in it, and then I felt bad. Social justice lost its way in empathy breaches and ended up working desperately hard to self-sabotage for a while, but racism never stopped being worthless.

Trump's entire support base was brainwashing into thinking Russia and Putin are based. Try to debate within reality.

Accelerationism is not about economic collapse. That's the Nazbol agenda. KYS.

When Andrew Yang puts $1000 a month into my pocket I will do more drugs.

Why, are jews now better? At least Russians are white, and they fight Israel in Syria.

White people do not benefit from an economic collapse. Look at what happened to the Soviet union after the fall. Many lost everything they had, and communities still remain devastated. To posit acceleration as a good idea, you're either a chink or irrevocably stupid.

Because there kikes came, and here kikes are gone then.

hit and run
not an argument

Care to try that again in English?

anti-white Kikes

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I would finish out my camping gear.

Idiot. We will win. Only thing that matters is the % of white people in country. Maybe like 30% whites will die, but if we get rid of 100% niggers, kikes and spics, its worth it. % counts for the future

Accelerationism is literally about economic collapse. It’s dumb shit by people so weak their asses can be kicked by kindness. Accelerationists are, not coincidentally, very good at making sure the only kindness ever directed at them is rendered ineffectual by mockery’s veil.

There’s nothing worthwhile in wishing for civilization to collapse. If you just long to be beaten by arrogant teenagers, you can probably get that as a paid service with safe words.

People are actually happy and prosperous in this wrld. The only thing accelerating is peace and prosperity. Come back to truth - comfort calls to you, and all problems will be fixable.

With USSR fall (((international capital))) took over from Russians, with USA/EU fall (((international capital))) loses and locals take over.

And like that his campaign is fucking over
He could of rode the Right wing Anti-Trump sentiment, while ignoring it much like how Trump rode the right wing anti-GOPe sentiment in 2016 but nah he's cucked out which means he's lost all potential votes since Zig Forums was 90% of his potential voter base anyways

You’re going to voluntarily accept gene treatments that make you happier and healthier. Whatever race you are.


Incorrect. The Israeli control over America is the #1 issue at the moment. Accelerationism has stages and the first is waking the public to Israel/Zionism. This does not require economic collapse but supporting Democrats who are outspoken about Israeli policies. Economic collapse simply makes America weaker and open to attack and/or foreign intervention.

Bernie only lost to Hillary in 2016, and Hillary only lost to Trump due to the Electoral College. There is no Hillary in 2020 and Bernie is presently in the lead.

Listen, I understand if you're a boomer and you still want to use your Wells Fargo 401k retire to Cancun or something to fuck nigresses after DOTR, but economic collapse is a key part of removing all Jews and shitskins permanently.

The Soviet Union is a retarded example because they were literally an authoritarian police state that had no appreciable private firearm ownership, and the citizens were demoralized/had no real target to direct their anger towards during the fall and reorganization of society, save for Russian mafia members. But even then society never really degenerated to the point where you could drive over them with your GAZ without being arrested and thrown in jail.

You cannot have societal collapse or even restructuring without an economic crash as otherwise there is no motivation for most of the population to get off their asses like because they can't just sit at home watching Netflix and waiting for their constantly depreciating savings or (((investments))) to live off. Bread and circuses.

Russians are known for raping and indiscriminantly killing people, even their own citizens. I'm not going to let my family get lined up against a wall or gassed in a theatre just because you think ROG would be more based than ZOG. The right to self-determination is the entire reason for revolting. American Whites must maintain control over their land and government.

Jewish power is money. That needs to fall apart, then you win with them. You have no propaganda power, only unrest can do it.

You have no plan for a collapse scenario, you would be victim to roving gangs until an international force of jews mopped up the rebels and forced you into a globalist client state. Except now, instead of being part of the group which owned most of the wealth, you'll have nothing.

The fact that you toss around the idea of 30% of whites dying so flippantly makes manifest the sheer magnitude of your incompetence. It's still early, but your post is a strong candidate for dumbest of the year.