Trump is Hemorrhaging Supporters

Everywhere you go in this small corner of the internet where Trump's oldest supporters gather you're finding people have completely abandoned him after all his failures and betrayals. They're no longer buying into his lies and tricks and now all he's left with are former Never Trumper types and Bush loving republicans who hopped aboard the Trump train when they realized it exists solely to enrich Israel. He's been desperately trying to reach out to minority groups for months now to fill the growing gaps in his base, but they're not exactly flocking to him. Breitbart's comment section is pretty eye opening since it's boomer central and the_donald loves him on the surface, but when you undo the censorship you find a sea of discontent. My question to you is what happens now, especially with 2020 around the corner?

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Wow, turns out if you continuously fuck over your supporters they eventually stop supporting you.

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Can't lose what you never had.

Trump supports UBI for Israel.

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it's time to organize, so we can finally remove the foes, traitors, and invaders.

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Wtf im a chink missle now

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I you plan on voting then vote for someone that isn't a meme candidate and has an actual chance of winning out against Trump. Meme voting is why we're in the mess that we're in today.

That's it. I am dropping out of kindergarten aand joining the mob.

no. you can go back to shilltown faggot and get the fuck out of here

I'm from one of the states Trumpstein barely won back, in my shitty factory job I've pretty much redpilled everyone on my line about Trumpberg and now none of them are voting for him in 2020 and spreading the word to friends and family. Small anecdote, but he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell at being reelected since he literally needed every single vote he got in 2016 so even a small imageboard not voting for him kills his entire chance especially with the millions of turdskins he's since let into the country and the ones now old enough to vote.


kys do you even know where you are?

Well, considering Yang is being exposed on halfchan and has failed to pick up steam, we're supporting Tulsi and Bernie for Accelerationism.

well they are almost 3 years too late but they are making a concerted foray into the chans. Have fun laddies.

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Yeah not on r/the_dreidel where you belong, maganigger faggot.

As much as I dislike Trump, whatever Ramz here tries to peddle as an "organic" movement against Trump (first Yang, then the BASED BLACK WOMAN) is the epitome of cringe. This kike nobody stopped being "famous" since 2015, and should acknowledge the fact.

really just kys

Hillary has no chance of winning against Trump. The american people have hated Hillary for 3 decades.

Doesn't Biden have a better chance?

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You're forgetting that Democratic Socialism came before National Socialism. Can't have NatSoc without first defeating Weimar.

Not too sure about that. Biden is more polished but there's too many ways to attack him. If we're gonna beat Trump we'll need the Conservatives supporting Tulsi for her military background and Liberals backing Bernie for his Socialism.

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Orange man made us infer that he was maybe a little bit of an ethnonationalist with talk of walls and Mexican murderers and rapists and Bannon and lots of shit.
He jewed us. That's bad.
Fuck that faggot-loving, nigger-loving, jew-fellating, no wall-building cryptokike.
inb4 ur shil

No, just go out and do it, don't wait for others.

See the problem with Bernie is that he's a self admitted socialist. That turns a lot of people off.

People actually believe that shills spamming democrats and shills responding to other shills is actually organic and not the result of a hired marketing firm?
Or are they part of the con as well?

What exactly that means? People get universal healthcare coverage like in Europe? Oh no, the travesty, how can we live with that.

Lucky for him it's completely rigged in his favor.

True. But with all the hype about pizzagate Biden is a much easier target. Bernie is also weak and the socialist policies he will enact may actually be good for easing people to National Socialism. Yang on the other hand will rekt our economy and turn them off to the idea altogether.

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She isn't even running you complete fucking retard.


Then you’re doing a shitty job. You would support Kamala to bring in heavy handed gun confiscation

Harris is a Zionist whereas both Bernie and Tulsi are outspoken critics of Israel. Before we can Reich the sleeping masses must wake up to the Israel problem.

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We wise up. I'm voting for Tulsi, but Yang also looks good. No more belief in leaders though, voting is just one of many tactical games.

Tulsi is not accelerationist. If you want that, go for Sanders, Harris, or Warren.

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Who? Irrelevant faggot. Trump turned against his base because he turned against his platform which attracted that base.


Checking the 2 pair of truth. He lied, he caved, he's a traitor.

The only person who deserves our support is pic related.

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Bernie is a jew and Gabbard is a philosemite.

pick one

they're getting closer… maybe it's time we stop g-guys.

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This is how you know this isn't Zig Forums

Not after he started working with the bloated yankee-jew mike peniovich.

Tulsi will assist us in redpilling Americans on Israel, Bernie with Socialism. Warren isn't much liked by either side and Harris loves Israel. Our only shot is Tulsi and Bernie. I predict a Bernie-Tulsi ticket.

pics related

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I thought your boogeyman of the month was discord trannies?
What happened my fellow pede?

Good job friend

They are attempting to co-opt and diffuse the message.

Any evidence of this? Both Tulsi and Bernie have supported Omar's criticism of Israel.

Nope, just a massive shill campaign.

But I think you know this.

Might as well be considering you faggots say the same shit ad nauseam.

Quality post. The Yang shill campaign has been obvious.

This shill campaign has gone on for months. Zig Forums is fucking dead

you mean these discord trannies?

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I don't think you're one person. I think you are the are the whole cancerous Q board and you need to gtfo and stop hogging bandwith.

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Fuck off, "Republican" loyalist. Fuck, shouldn't you be in church now?

Nope, that Q larp is equally as retarded as the Yang and Tulsi larp.

Fake screenshots. Post a link nigger.

It will be back after the prosecutions start. Trump is openly accusing traitors of treason. Only a total idiot would think that nothing is going to happen.

And by the way, the wall has been under construction for almost a year now, and is approaching 50% completion.


the threads on little bro are getting nuked. Apparently I was banned for posting this image of Yang's staff which is publicly available. Also note the blatant Chinese links….Think Elon Musk wants a chinese plant on his team?

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I want old Zig Forums back/ No one has to like Trump at all but this constant "vote for Tulsi/Yang" shit is beyond me. What the fuck is going on?

(((the wall has been under construction for almost a year now, and is approaching 50% completion.)))
where are your proofs

Hillary was selected to guarantee ZOGnald won for Israel

Go back to cuckchan with your trumpspam, you faggot.


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accelerationism is the only answer now


Thats kind of what I gathered, that now it's a bunch of idiots trying to push the worst possible candidate and calling anyone a kike who disagrees

Because if everyone was suddenly $1000 a month richer it wouldn't make you wealthier. Hume had his thought experiment of a money fairy who distributed gold coins equally among everyone in the middle of the night. The result is that no one is richer for it, because inflation is instant and universal. God, I hate communists.

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Have you taken the accelerationist pill yet, matey?

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Nice virtue signaling.

Both are necessary. Only, we can't achieve longterm victory without organization. Nice try though, Moishe

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Its you trumpfaggots trying to spark a hysteria so the mods have an excuse to permaban those who don't worship trumpstien again, just like the "shariablue" bullshit. None of your other boogeyman stuck.

A 4chan link is not an archive you cuckchannel newfaggot.


Don't miss the Hawaii link which probably means CIAnigger connections.

Then kill yourself faggot. Stop complaining like a nigger.


did this thought experiment include the tendancy for niggers to spend money recklessly?
niggers would blow it all every month on 40's and drugs
the money could be used to purchase weapons and ammo to stockpile for the impending financial collapse and invest in selling 40's to niggers for greater profit.

All he had to do was build the fucking wall and fire Ivanka and Kushner.

If he does this, a 2020 win is guaranteed.

sounds legit!

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Every thread on this board is blatant shilling. No one gives a shit about banning but your obvious way of doing this may get you a ban on your own.

We still stand with you Trump. Do not lose hope.

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Wrong. They have to go back. Remember that promise? Wall + deportations and he has a chance of honoring his promises to the electorate. But he won't because he's a kike shill traitor. h/t TrumpTreason, since the faggot likes lingual devices so much.

But IRL that money would only be a small fraction of what was in the economy.

Not a big Yang fan, but his plan is not that bad. What Yang wants is better than spending it on wars, defense, programs that favor niggers, Israel, and boomers.


Good. And?

The wall is pointless if he's just going to make all the illegal immigration into legal immigration.

Remember to report all Q-LARPers.

Hello Yang shill


As a presidential candidate it makes sense to maintain favorable relations with certain questionable demographics as well, the alt-kike is one of them. But why am I explaining this to an aspie? Nevermind.

Just banned for naming the Jews there
100% filled with nothing but boomers and Israeli bots

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Suicide immediately. You are powerless.

when ousted reply with one of the following:
something about trump
Go back to ____
MUH WALL (that's currently being built)
IMMIGRATION (when only legal is available then restrictions can be made stricter)
Not once did I mention Trump. My politics have nothing to do with the hate and rage I feel towards good threads dying for the most retarded low-tier artificial raid I think I've ever seen.

I fucking forgot.. here's the link

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not to mention if this replaces welfare it's going to predominantly favor whites and working people over niggers, who already don't work and already often pull $1000+ in welfare benefits.

Nice work, you could probably reach some of them with new accounts. Luckily, though, The Donald will be completely sterile this election cycle.

You forgot to switch proxies. One point has been deducted from your social credit score.

Looks like you will be walking home tonight, Chang.

Reported for Q-LARP spam. Your content is banned here. You have a containment board.
Do not post Q-LARP hoaxes outside of your containment board.

Wealth is accumulated right now by A) How much of a Jew you are and how that gets you a heaping of Federal Reserve cash or B) The labor you do in a way that people actually want to buy. A can be fixed by killing all Jews and B is encouraged, dropping all social spending on non-whites and letting them starve to death, or riot and then get shot to death. Now fuck off, shills.

Guess what faggot? Yang isn't our Savior. He won't change anything. But, it's a free $1000 to stockpile ammo for the race war.

It's hilarious you Kushner shills think anyone who hates Trump now due to his lies are "shills"
Reminds me of:

That's the shit you used to spew at anyone who criticizes your ZOG Emperor.
We know better.
We see you kikes deleting anti-Trump threads.

Proof in picture above.
Kill yourselves. Trump is done.

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Trump is frankly horrible. We all knew he was a despicable human being before we elected him, but it was either that or Hillary. He always said what we all wanted to hear, but he delivered nothing but billions to Israel. I can't think of a more kiked President in recent times. At least Obongo threw a few monkey turds at the kikes, or pretended to. Trump is just Kushner's puppet, and Jared is Bibi's bitch. Fuck Israel.
The sad thing is, as crooked as the fucking Dems are, Biden will likely win using the same tactics Hillary did, by fucking over everyone else and cheating.
And whereas Bernie is a rat kike, you need to remember that not all kikes get along with other kikes. Perhaps our best ally against the Jews is a Jew. In any event, I'm all for whoever is the most radical, regardless of their policies. Learn from the Jew, divide and conquer. Put extreme against extreme.