Most Mexicans are pure Native Americans with little to no racial mix

Most Mexicans are pure Native Americans with little to no racial mix

Aztecs originated in Northern America, in the territory that now belongs to the USA

Therefore we have more claim to this land than White Americans.

Your move, mutts.

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This but in northern slang

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The Mayano people migrated south to the Yucatan from what is now Utah. Look it up.
The Genetic Ancestry of African Americans, Latinos, and European Americans across the United States
It suggests different, since most Hispanics in the US come from Mexico.

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(((Native Americans))) come from several different populations, including ancient Whites in North America (for some tribes).

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The genetic difference is like that between a scandi& an anglo-saxon.

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False. The population of Mexico is 63% mongrels.
False. At no point did any aztecs ever come anywhere close to anything that is now US territory. They were entirely in southern mexico.

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Claim was lost as they where conquered years ago now we have people years later trying to get the Rightful claim ownership and getting let in by Enemies from within the walls of are nation I'm not worried about the butt hurt whiny invasion force as much as the ones letting them in Treason against America The Gate keepers need replaced and all involved need to go STOP ALL immigration until all are accounted for and all illegal immigrants are gone