Infinite, burning rage

I don’t understand, comrades. I’m a 25 year old man and still a virgin. A hundred years ago this would have been unthinkable. What has happened dialectically? Am I really that ugly? That undesirable? All I long for is human contact. I have been separated from the means of reproduction. Now I truly know alienation as Marx described it. It is a crime to deny a man access to the MoR. My suffering is infinite and a monster grows within me, ready to rage out at the sex-capitalist hypergamists.
Not even my waifu can fill the void in my soul.

Truly the only option to alleviate the suffering of man is to recognize that women are fundamentally different than the man. Women must be seized, nationalized and belong in usufruct to the alienated sex-proletariat (myself among them).

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No it wouldn't. Movies made you think that the protagonist always gets the girl, you see yourself as a protagonist of your own story and therefore are disappointed when it doesn't happen to you.

Nobody owes you sex.

Protip: a good wank session is just as satisfying as mediocre sex. Unless you find someone who is open minded and ready to do stuff then all you will have is mediocre sex. A girl with a hot body gets boring quick, why do you think 'Chads' go through so many women? Because fucking a hot piece of meat is the only satisfaction from sex their brain can give them. Most 'Chads' and men for that matter want to have sex for bragging rights "look at this hot girl I fucked", they don't actually enjoy the act of sex.

You seem to want sex for that same reason. You want sex cause you've been taught that not having had sex after 17 is bad. You want to have sex the same way you want a cheeseburger, because it's something people do.

Work on yourself. Try to be satisfied with being alone. Think what you can contribute to a romantic relationship. Don't view women as an object to stick your dick into. They're as much a person as you are. Can't believe I have to write this on a 'leftist' board.

Be OK with being alone and companionship will come. No one wants to be a piece to complete someone's collection.

In a communist society there would be state funded prostitutes who would be used to raise the morale of the proletariat
Basically the hottest women in society would all be selected to be prostitutes who you could fuck once per month or so with whatever fetish you can think of.

Gee, user, I guess unsatisfied males, the disintegration and society and extreme alienation are Not Politics!!!

This is entirely political. Life IS politics. This involves my life or death. I am propertyless, I am denied. I am robbed. Hypergamy is social theft.

Yes they do. All males pyschologically need sex. Society is destabilizing as capitalism destroys the very fabric of our relationships.
My hand will never love me. I am not the problem. Collectivizing women is the solution. All women’s MoR will be of equal availability, laws will dictate humane treatment.

With women in usufruct, strife will end and the brotherhood of man, a new age, BOM, will begin. Women used to belong to the tribe, now they shall return to mankind

That's because one hundred years ago your father would have carried you to a brothel to fuck a prostitute once you've turned 14.

Women don't really care about looks.

If your interests revolves around chinese cartoons, video games and dorky stuff only then I'm sorry to tell you but you are an uninteresting man. Well, you could be uninteresting but still attract females if you were rich but that's it.

Don’t forget that the capitalists implemented the age of consent to destroy the well-being of males
Watch this, OP.

I am already a cuckold before the chad

Look, it's ok for incels to feel frustrated with the current hypergamous society, but it's not ok with being fixated on not being able to get laid. Life is not just about having sex; just move along and forget about it. Enjoy some porn/hentai/whatever pornographic material you like and don't give into the thots/tradthots demands. It's not worth it (can tell from personal experience).

Trust me, the big titted, bubble-assed Stacy you most likely crave is the last person you'd like as a wife. They're utter, worthless, subhuman cumdumpsters only valued for sex. Most of those fucktoys already have STDs.

Long-story-short: Focus on anything else. Porn is out there for your enjoyment. You don't need a bitchy slut that will leave you for a richer dickhead.

Cool, go watch the video.

But I’m not a cuck

Collectivized women won't love you either. Maybe you don't have a gf because you are incapable of coherent thinking? You need to actually complete kindergarten before you try dating.

LOL who would want a romantic (whatever that means) relationship with a woman instead of using IT as a cum dumpster? Fucking ridiculous.

Love is a spook

Keep moving the goalpost and you might develop some muscles on your baby like chest.

Thankfully OP will never reproduce. Imagine being this psycho's kid.

This. Though, small-breasted, slender Stacies are abound. Really depends on the standards of the communities you're in. Honestly, I think OP probably wants the the tradthot type more than anything else, probably has yellow fever too. Just something I noticed with the incel types.

Anyways, even average women act like stacies at this point. Seriously, there is a huge discrepancy in standards, and I think it's inherently linked to guys chasing girls. Don't chase them. If one likes you enough to go after you despite you not having money or some material thing they want, then I guess it might work out.

Basically, don't play their game. It's rigged, the courts are against you, there's a whole industry around screwing you over, and feminists funded by big capital will prey upon you.


When will the incel whining end? Jesus fucking Christ! I myself am lonely and depressed but I dont lomg for a woman. I know myself psychologically barren to mutual intimacy.
Life is more than just your wet burning dick. I know you want a nice woman to hold your hand and love you like the ideal mother, but that will never happen even back in the "good ol days."
Just pay a few hundred million American dollars to Elon Musk to make you a porn VR headset or a sex doll. Or , even beyter yet, go overseas to find a lowly slave girl to fuck you.

You are too stupid to see that saying love is a spook go against what the incel worldview is or is as represented. But honestly that's the minimum if every user is the same for you.

stop being a faggot commie, first of all