Settler Thread

Is settler colonialism truly a larger plague on this planet than capitalism? If you call out the settler they shrink back and pound furiously on their keyboard
Settlers refuse to acknowledge their cultural hegemony, their intellectual domination and system of global apartheid. White settlers are inherently reactionary creatures. America was founded on Lebensraum ideology and genocide. Read Sakai. Read Lin Biao. The countryside of the world will wage global people’s war against the parasitic cities of the world


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What does the map mean (the green parts)? Like France or Spain aren't colonialists? And the ukrainians are? That doesn't make sense.

it's all so tiresome

I think it's vice versa. The green parts are non colonialist nations.

Brianlet: Colonialism is bad bcuz da wites dun killed millions.
Normal brain: Colonialism was good because it led to the ultimate culmination of world capitalism needed to prepare us for global communism.
Galaxy brain: Colonialism is bad because it made white people talk to niggers.

And the serbs or irish are? Still doesn't make sense.

I think it's nazi lebensraum. But how is it related to this post idk.

Why do burgers always think everything is about them?

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America still exist. The hate won’t stop until this settler parasite is destroyed

well that's not true. nobody is reactionary in his nature. it's the bourgs, capitalists and imperialists who divides us.

we need worker solodarity and not

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niggers don't work though. they are welfare class

What of niggercrackers however?

Entirely agreed

The damage done to Europe by waves of Germanic/Nordic colonizers cannot be understated
The destruction of the advanced proto-capitalist economy of Rome, the loss of generations of knowledge and democratic/republican tradition, progressive views of race and gender, all were destroyed by the hordes of white barbarians from Scandanavia and Germany, undoing centuries of progress and plunging the native proletariat into a Dark Age of extreme patriarchy, repression, violence and feudal backwardness.


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Niggers are as much of labor aristocrats as women, cared for by the capitalist state

At least be a man and use triple parentheses you spooked sockpuppet.

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niggercrackers are comrades

No Zig Forumsniggers allowed here.

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