Where were you when /v/ sold out to a corporation just to pwn the Essjaydubya epic style Zig Forums?

Where were you when /v/ sold out to a corporation just to pwn the Essjaydubya epic style Zig Forums?
But in all seriousness what do we do about the liberal and conservative problem, it's clear they'll support capitalism when it favors them, and bash it when it doesn't. SJWEra is just as bad as /v/.

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Wondering why would anyone still post on /v/.
Go to other proles and organize as workers instead of participating in bourgeois politics that give hold to such class cuckery.

Celeb worship is a problem but it's a problem everywhere on the web, and the journalists reeeeeing about Zig Forums are way slimier and represent way bigger companies than THQ.

It gets cringy and it's certainly not good socialist praxis, but it's hard not to sympathize with /v/ here anyway, if only because their enemies hate us just as much.

Gulag can't come fast enough

I have to agree here. THQ is being attacked specifically and solely because they reached out to 8/v/, there is absolutely nothing wrong about /v/ responding with some congratulation even if THQ's higher-ups cucked out to harassment from ResetEra almost immediately afterward and "apologized" for wrongthink. In any case, the responses to THQ have hardly been uncritical praise, and I'm sure everyone has mixed love/hate opinions on them going back to the Parallax days.

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Not taking part in either side and instead opposing the dichotomy itself. Conservative (Liberals) undermine their own ideals by supporting an economic order that promotes hedonism and exploits the most base instincts of the human psyche. What have they conserved thus far? Capitalism has undone it all.

(Progressive) Liberals are nothing but eternal teenagers who think people are a slur away from turning to muh Fayshizm.

As for recruiting, it should be regular ass people and not /v/ niggers or leftists.

Apparently the intern responsible for this didn't even know what Zig Forums is and now cancelled the whole thing and issued and apology on twitter.
For once I don't feel bad somebody is losing their jobs.

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No one should lose their job, that's just capitalism using desperation as a weapon. And listening to twitter and ResetERA is way worse than talking to us.

What's worse is now he might be industry blacklisted because of his naivety.




People on the "Left" defending corporations, over and over and over again! What the fuck, man? MURDER THEM ALL!!! DOUSE THEM IN GASOLINE AND BURN THEM ALIVE!!!


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Not a gamer at all. The only game I play is Diablo 1 & 2, AOE3… and The Punisher, that was published by THQ.

What's the deal with THQ? Can anyone explain what they're talking about?

>THQ apologizes for talking to gamers instead of SJW circlejerk on ReesetEra, SA, or Reddit and glorified bloggers"journalists" at SJW outlets, blames it all on a random intern

What are you even talking about? It's not /v/'s fault that all the journos sperged out about an innocuous AMA.

The Mark fanclub is fucking pathetic at this point, I wish people would make more actually fucking interesting threads on /vg/ already (instead of more general thread garbage).


I asked them to acquire the rights for these games from UbiSoft.

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What? Free Radical still exists, they're called Dambuster now, and are suspected to be working on a Dead Island sequel after their Homefront reboot.

At least MMX was nice and blobby

The people who actually made the fucking games at Free Radical Design have been gone for a long time. The only lineage is their intellectual property which has been passed around between parasitic publishers several times now.

Perhaps. Looking here:
I see quite a few people dating back to Timesplitters, and even some pre-Goldeneye Rare devs, but most of the core staff seem to be Haze-era Free Radical newbies, or transfers from Crysis 2-era Crytek Nottingham years.

Aren't the PC socdem left normally inclined to support labor rights? If someone is making an income on a youtube channel for example, then wouldn't it make sense to support anybody's right to express whatever viewpoint they have by regulating a massive hierarchically-organized, propertarian social media website to enforce freedom of speech laws?