Knights Templar on Zig Forums

There has been a thread deleted of some "Maxime" from France claiming to attack some Mosque in Paris within a week.

Maxime also posted this picture, which seems to be the coat of arms of a French branch of the Knights Templar.

Whether Maxime's message was real, a troll, or put there intentionally discredit Zig Forums, I find the Knights Templar connection again remarkable.

This connection with the Knights Templar was of course also with Brenton and Breivik. Knights Templar are the old crusaders, they have a hard on for Jerusalem. They are in bed with the Vatican as well as the Zionists.

Not sure why Zig Forums is so flooded Nazis (who were also in bed with the Vatican and their Papal Orders), but I hope these faggots understand this about the Knights Templars.

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Hmm, I wonder if the Knights Templar evolved into a modern military notorious for devastating whole villages to favor a single monotheistic religion.

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No shit lol, IMO these wars in the middle-east are just modern day crusades.

knights templar were excommunicated and disbanded 800 years ago what are you talking about

they turned into modern day jesuits

Meme Templars were hijacked by kikes. They invited and became the kike (((money lenders))) Christ whipped out. To this day, you have these Templar founded banks functioning.

You know what I find "coïncidental"? That all these Abrahamic religions work towards the same End Times.

A young man with a Subaru wagon. Straight out of the Aussie military. Memories of wars past, 2001.
Facing illusions of the past. Taking out the force that surrounds him.

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Because you're a kike newfaggot who needs to be b&.

Except they were betrayed by the Vatican and Pope. They have nothing except hate for Catholicism. But I digress, you are a filthy heeb trying to misdirect.

yeah because they turned into freemasons

None of the modern Templars are even Catholic.

all religion is so fucking stupid. lets grow the fuck up its 2020 damn near.

Is it Trump/qniggers who keep bringing up the templars?

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all religion is so fucking stupid. lets grow the fuck up its 2020 damn near.>>12938460

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Holy shit the ghost of Jim Marrs. Fuck off with your New World Order Zionist Nazi conspiratard shit.

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Worrying about what others do with their time is rather childish

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Statistically, children are more likely to be atheist or the like. You type very childishly and believe in very childish things too. It's very sad.

Did Maxime give further info on his plans? I missed the thread

Calm down, kid. You're not making yourself look any less childish. Maybe if you're nice one of the adults here will buy you a new fedora to tip.

atheism is child like? its the natural state of being. it's more child like to believe in a fairy tale written by man and people from thousands of years ago who looked up in to the sky to help them understand what's going on and why they are here because they didnt know what science knows now. you're really fucking ignorant and foolish. now go back to time out and pray to your sky fairy or tooth fairy or whatever else you're doing. go to church and get shot up.

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I almost got the feeling that terror attack was made to shill for Christianity and Trump

Everytime good nationalist shit gets going it gets sabotaged by religion boomers then turns into a complete circle jerk. Let's learn from past failures and move on. Also still pushing trying for diplomatic solution but accepting of current climate of nobody the establishment hates us. I mean religious conservative are the people who always looked down their nose at me when I applied for jobs in labors fields. Just stopped dealing with their bullshit altogether. Bunch of pricks who only care about themselves and and virtue signally Jesus there dead kike on a stick. Then I moved into tech. Can't even get a job in a tech field because of my politics and they are all leftists. I am left the fuck out. Not really giving a good goddamn about the Knights Templar or York Rite Freemasons. They are all cronies who make backroom deals on government contracts getting cush construction jobs where little real work is done other filling producing compliance documents.

I personally don't look at white people and wonder if they are in my little club. If you're white you're in the club.

I don't do compartmentalization. I could rant on the pudscarfers of various religious groups but honestly most of them are buddyfuckers who really only care about themselves.

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Never seen a thread with so many faggots so fast.

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Is that a picture of a Jewish guy doing a Nazi salute. The irony. Fuckin' edgelords on this board.

Templars are the far right of Freemasonry. Most of them aree homeless or own thir ow business from what I know of them. The York people are the weirdoes.

Zieg heil! Kill all non atheists for being stupid and childish!


Better to let suffer in misery knowing that physicality is the only enjoyment they will ever get.

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developing faith requires wisdom of the world you little zoomer

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zip it sippy. wisdom and knowledge requires facts. which science provides. not some stupid fairy tale book written by delusional men with no proof.


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Templars funded the creation of the scientific method.

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Where can I learn can learn the real DL on modern Templars? I'm curious but my god I'm sick of actually IRL dealing with religious fuckers. I mean if you think Jews are cheap, work for a Johova's Witness, a Latter Day Saint, or a Baptist.

Religion is a SCAM. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

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True. Organized religion is system of control.

You don't get it. You never dug deep into the most important facets of esoteric Hitlerism. Even as I tell you this now, you won't believe. Hitler knew the precise sacrifice he had to make. He realized what brought him to power was not on a large enough scale. It will be, in time, and bring about a thousand year Reich. As soon another worldwide financial crisis hits, the sleeping giant will gradually wake from his slumber. There's nothing any of you anti-National Socialists can do about it. You came here, calling us "Nazis". You revealed to us how new you were. But we smile, knowing what's in store for you. The Aryan blood, every single white race, has had centuries of conquests and building the very civilizations your favorite shitskins are now destroying. The day of the rope is coming. The sleeping giant is waking. You will die as a traitor among all the rest who oppose us.

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They hated Templars and Freemasons what the fuck are you on about lmao

Euphoric kid still sperging out.

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They run the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Keep your DL crap. You people are disgusting.

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user, if you think the Knight's Templar is still doing shit, you need to take your meds.

Let me just start typing "templar" into my image folder's search window and see what comes up. . .

Not bad.

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They run charity and non profits. Literally the largest charity and largest nonprofit in the world is ran by the Templars.

I guess them creating ALL RELIGION AND MONEY is irrelevant.

So many short stack fucks in here..

amazing argument

DL = "The downlow, the entire story";

You people == NIGGERS ?; LOL

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Literally like 112 acronyms that are TRS in the acronym dictionary and I'm supposed to know what people are talking about.

This reminds me of the hacker boards and autistic screeching over 1337 speak terminology.

Autism intensifies.

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sean hross isnt a bad start


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Please tell me that you're aware that the Vatican started murdering them all and then gave control of their banking networks to Jews? Tell me you know that. Because it sure sounds like you're completely full of shit.

its OK to be scared…

who told you that? were you there?

true, I know some democratic socialists who are mason members and are knight templar and they continuously preach about how jesus never existed.

It's part of history. If you're going to debate whether or not that happened, then literally anything that you didn't personally witness is open to question. In that case, NO arguments that refer to history of any kind (before your existence) even can be valid. You can't even say "Germany lost World War 2" because "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT WERE YOU THERE???"

Die in a fire

Exactly right. All we have are surviving symbols.

Careful what you wish unto others.

Hard to be a Templar when it's a religious order.

Literally what do you mean by this?

A fundamental assumption of this entire thread is the existence of the Templars as a historical organization. Your 'criticism' of me in the term of "WHO TOLD YOU THAT WERE YOU THERE" is disingenuous to the EXTREME because the exact same criticism applies EQUALLY to anyone making ANY historical claim about the Templars, as everyone in this thread implicitly is. Thus, by pointing out the obvious and uncontested fact that we cannot be certain of something we haven't observed, you've added NOTHING to this conversation. You haven't stated anything novel, you haven't advanced any position, you haven't refuted any position in particular. You're just a posturing kike pseud.

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LITERALLY MEANING when you wish for someone to die in fire, is something a 12teen year old like yourself should be very careful not to do.

You clearly have done no research….because you still are possessed by jews.


He said "reborn Knight Templars", so not the current Knight Templar order.

No refutation whatsoever, as expected, dumbass.

wow its so embarrassing seeing the actual retards here.

look at this moron here :

he doesnt even realize hes hoping for the masonic/luciferian/whatever deity to rise and rule. the rest is retarded repeated imagination that somebody else said. i thought i saw a rise in bill promotion, but obviously you retarded wanna be nazi's have no clue how much of a follower hitler is. my god how can you morons peddle "faggot kikes" so long? "its just a meme" no, youre fucking damaging the normal people in various ways. wake up. if youre not reading books, bill is a good place to start washing the imperial soap off your brain. "religion is stupid" not gonna find that poster - but it doesnt even matter what you believe. how do you not get that? whatever the exo and eso religion of a leader is - if THEY are religiously initiated, it doesnt matter. religion IS important, just not in the traditional sense. before organized christianity, people fantasized that all was seen was deliberately made. they lived their lives regularly and didnt come together for worship; just gave thanks in their own way. if you dont already know, you can guess what kind of impact paganism has. personally, i think whoever organized christians saw that an organized cherub worship was a danger, and adopted many pagan rituals to try and combat "evil". as long as the base message stayed the same i suppose - that god is good and lucy is bad.