The doomer demographic

The most revolutionary group of people living right now are the "doomers". Where else can you find someone as likely as they to actually become martyrs for the working class? Many of them are suicidal, many of them go outside at night just walking around hoping to die, many hang out in parks and other areas hoping to be murdered. This is a demographic of alienated people which we must devote our attention to - they are, after all, the epitome of the suffering worker.

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pick one

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yeah go find a guy with a wife and two kids who is willing to do life threatening things

Pop culture psuedo-nihilism will turn around to bite those who propagate it

Doomerism isn't nihilistic, it's depressed idealism.
"Nothing matters" =/= "i see utopia but it's impossible to achieve". Most doomers are waiting to jump at the chance at revolutionary suicide.

In order to change the world you must first realize that you can't do it.
But I don't expect someone inside the hallucinated trots cult living their insanity will ever understand.

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I'd lie if I say this isn't the greatest virgin vs. chad meme.

… Learn how to take a screenshot you absolute retard.

Cant tell if newfag doomer or in denial

Most of the doomer demographic is right-wing nihilism. The topics they only know about is: "muh jews", "brownskins", "muh wimin", and "muh mullennyuls and zoomerz". They want nothing more than the to replace the New World Order with a White World Order.

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Stop being ameriKKKan

It's obvious you're not nazbol.

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Its not mine nigger, I just saved the image.

There are some communists there actually, there is a Marxist Leninist poster there that is pretty active that I have ran into multiple times.


doomers would make good an-nihls

they would. they seem to like me here since I'm far flung.

it actually makes it look surreal

/doomer/ has a lot of Nazbols tbqh, including me.


fuck off moron

Doomers aren't an-nihils though, they're largely disgruntled idealists. Many of them are extremely angry NazBols who live purely out of spite for other people. We should go at it from a "fuck everything, doom is necessary for the next stage of progress" idealist standpoint.

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being a moron is awesome


You're wearing glasses comrade, come with me we have field labor to do…

This doesn't describe doomers though. Doomers just sit around, do drugs and bitch and moan all day. They haven't detached themselves out of passion but out of depression and disillusion. They are just sitting around a waiting for other people to do all the hard work. In other words it's peak armchairism and larping, the exact opposite of what a real revolutionary would be. Call me when a single doomer actually does something proactive IRL for their beliefs. Until then they are counter revolutionary fags who can only dream of being half as based as Nechayev.

Never have I related to a meme so much, user.

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The problem isn't that they're depressed. It's that they're narcissistic defeatists. anyone who listens to their siren song is another potential revolutionary wasted to pointless navel gazing. I'm sure some of them can be reached but the idea they are actually revolutionary because they're depressed and have given up is fucking retarded.

Why would roasties like hard work? If anything you're the roastie for being a lazy fuck who wants to sponge off everyone.

roasties don't like hard work, they like it when men do it for them.

Just like doomers.

Don't know where you're getting that impression.

From browsing the board

Sorry I can't read what you wrote

Many doomers are actually wage slaves tbqh. All a roastie has to do is flash her tits and cucks line up to shovel cash into her….ahem…patreon. women hate rape because they can't monetize their vagina somehow (and we all know women love cash more than sex, let's be real here)

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(Cont) furthermore, there is the rule of two that women inherited from Lilith and Eve, one side the sadomasochistic slut, the other the lost girl, the pure, the innocent, the naive, only to lead Adam off a cliff into self realization. Women outwardly claim they hate rape, but inwardly, secretly desire it (masochistic) or will use it against a man (sadistic).

Looks like all 3 of the gang are here

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They're more revolutionary than average because they at least apprehend how fucked everything is.
It might seem like your average democrap millennial is a better bet because you think you can push them leftward, and they namedrop 'capitalism' in alternating case, but those people are driven by a desire for everything to be nice and OK, and accepting the propaganda and telling themselves it already is is always the path of least resistance. (in general, barring intrusions into our wonderful system from the outside, like drumpf)

Responding myself but one last thing, women technically owe us from the rib of Adam. I guess feminism was one big shit test after all. Women are the original capitalist swine.

/nightwalk/ gang

>mfw my meme was stolen appropriated by reddit and got 1.3k le upboats XDDDDD
I'm not sure if i should be sad it was posted there, of all places, or happy it was so relatable for so many of my comrades.

Are most posters here actually zoomers?

Definitely, most extremely online gommies are

I got the impression most people here were younger millenials, ie, in their mid 20s.

I mean that describes me, I'm 25. I just got the impression that the online far left community was pretty zoomer in general, though that may just be left twatter and leftberg.

Generation Z is supposed to be one of the most conservative generations we've had in awhile.

I thought everyone here was at least 24-25. Truly embarrassed at myself, time to grow up and adopt enlightened centrism.

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the fuck is this image trying to communicate

Thanks for making me feel like a Boomer you assholes

About to be in my late 30s here

Thats a lie told by the right bc of pepe memeposters. They may have right wing fancies but theyre not conservative.

There is a difference between "conservative" and "right-wing". Most of the "conservatives" leftpol whines about are not conservatives at all, but reactionaries.

Once again the media is jumping the gun on predicting the fate of a new generation. Have they not learned from their wrong predictions on Millennoals and Gen X?

Speaking of GenX and Y, the alt right is mainly a Gen X/Millennial movement despite the "damn zoomers" sentiment here.

That was based on one survey of teenagers. I'm willing to bet very few of us were socialists as teenagers and probably believed some dumb shit.

In terms of political alignment, there's little practical difference tbh.
I thought this was fairly obvious and the zoomer meme was the autistic reaction to the one study that showed zoomers being right leaning.

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that puts me in the crosshairs, b. 1982

but, I go for positions most wouldn't take. some that even zoomers would YIKES at









Doomers suck.

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