Why Are Liberals Obsessed with Impeaching Trump?

Pretty much from, when he first got elected, every liberal news organization has had a news article about impeaching him. With the start of the Mueller Investigation its all they talk about.

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Because once President Mike Pence is in office, things will return to "normal", the way they were "supposed to" be in a "sane" world.

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It's nothing more than political stunts to drum up support in re-election campaigns.

If they actually gave a fuck about impeaching Trump they would have done it in his early months of office as he flagrantly violated the emoluments clause of the constitution. Just like if Trump actually gave a fuck about his dumbass wall he would have had the Republicans build it in the 2 years they had complete control of congress.

Muh institutions
Muh rule of law
Muh dignity of the office

Because liberals don't care about the working class; it's plain simple.

Trump, Pence, Hillary… they're all pieces of shit from the same bourgeois asshole.

Do jew even need to ask this at this point? Shit thread

Because it is the only way that the Dems can possibly lose. They are the jabronis, after all.

Colbert encapsulated the liberal obsession with Trump best:
Of course anyone with half a brain knows that the exact opposite is true. Liberals however think that if they can somehow take Trump out they can prove that the system still works. They refuse to even consider the possibility that the system itself is why Trump is in power.

I wonder why

After the Hanoi fiasco, I wish for his removal too.

To put a show on for the goyim and distract them from things that really matter.

Maybe because they want God's Chosen President-in-Waiting Mike Pence. That'll get Armageddon started faster, so all the Chosen Ones will get raptured sooner.


Answer to OP's question: They are completely insane. Imagine the Supreme Court nominations and executive orders. Goodbye "Roe v. Wade," for example.

Give Trump a pass, let things stall in Washington for a while, and figure out a decent candidate for 2020.

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Blaming an evil outside force hurts less than admitting they botched it due to their incompetence.

Because Clinton was pre-ordained to win, but when those dastardly "citizens" voted for someone outside the ideological overton window, they obviously had to do something about it. It's just spectacular stalling: both to stall the president from doing things (which I'm okay with, honestly) and stalling the Dem Party from admitting that they need to take a good long look at themselves.

So much for nihilism

By "spectacular" I mean "of the spectacle" and by "dastardly" I mean that from the perspective of the people who believed that it was unquestionably her turn to be in office

fake nihilist

Then what am I? And what makes one "truly" a nihilist?

Pretty much from, when he first got elected, every conservative news organization has had a news article about impeaching him. With the start of the Birth Certificate Investigation its all they talk about.

Yeah, but conservatives are retarded. Liberals, I thought, were smarter than this but guess not.

Mainly to distract from the Democratic party's failure in 2016.

Plus they don't really care about policy, they just don't like Trump because he says mean words. Even Pence is more palatable to them.

The fuck is this supposed to mean
Even ignoring your obvious misinterpretation of their post, nihilism is not when you dont personally care about anything.

wrong. nihilism is when you just stop caring about anything and anyone.

No it isn't. nihilism is not about how you feel about shit.



just add Bernie as treasurer and it would be a mild form of what I want, at least.

Pence's philosemitism is what makes me want to hate the bastard, otherwise he's ok. and like I said, him & Bernie as Dept. Of Treasury, would be a mild form of what I want, minus the Zionism.

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Remove the symptom
Deny the disease

its not actually about impeaching trump because as other people itt have pointed out you'd just end up with president pence, the point is that the adminstration is constantly having to defend itself

It's too bad that most young adult books that involve a revolution, never give the heros a specific ideology that they are fighting for. Instead they say that they fight for "Freedom" and "Democracy" two incredibly vague terms.

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Or they're fighting for "revolution" itself.

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why does ole Mikey boy look like Gary Coleman with constipation?

also, nice Jewish last name

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Legitimately is there anything behind the "Russia" investigation, and if so does it matter?

Nope, the whole premise is absurd. Liberals are claiming Trump conspired with Wikileaks/Russia to influence the election by releasing DNC emails.

You know, the emails that showed the DNC and Hillary cheating during the primary.

the dems have obviously seized on it as the only reason they lost but you'd have to be either stupid or lying to claim that russia doesn't have an extensive soft power network that backed trump in 2016, there's also the fact that trump is shady as shit but i doubt that he (or rather the people that work for him) were dumb enough to leave a trail. whether it matters is another thing, seeing as obama had to make the fbi start the whole investigation in the first place

how is that absurd



you could say its kind of farcical but it makes total sense for the russians to be behind the dnc leaks in order to make hillary look bad, plus if it was just some noble hacker then why did they only go after the democrats

Except the leaks came from Seth Rich and also dumbass John Podesta leaving his phone in a taxi, not Russia.

what year is this

No, it's the most astonishing matryoshka doll of flimflam. A fractal nothingburger in which every baseless claim is itself constructed entirely of smaller claims that are equally baseless:

Worse, perhaps, that the baselessness of the claims russiagaters forthrightly attempt to defend, however, is their willingness to implicitly reinforce and indirectly promulgate claims too preposterous to provide any argument for whatsoever, such as KGB h@x0rz remote-controlling electronic voting machines over the internet, or every populist political opinion online coming from spambots operating out of a server farm under Red Square.

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Gotta love these russiagate strawmen.

funny how all these pro-russia "leftists" are the ones who also want us to ally with fascists

putin shills out in full force today




Doesn't not matter she is still right.

nice reddit spacing loser

actually it does matter and she's wrong

>pragmatically working with fascists and "fascists" on specific issues we agree about, to achieve progress on our goals, is bad

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yeah i actually didn't say we should do that either

You're participating in their conspiracy theory, retard.

You've been pushing red scaremongering WWIII bearbait in this very thread. Just because fascists agree that nuking Russia is stupid, doesn't mean working with fascists to stop it from happening is a bad idea, shitlib.

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it's not a conspiracy theory

opposing an international network of reactionaries is clearly in the interest of the left, the only reason not to would be if your only goal is to get a show on russia today

If opposing this "network of reactionaries" is your actual goal, why "oppose" them by pushing blatantly debunked lies, such as pretending the DNC leak was a hack, ignoring the inarguable evidence of criminal activity proven by the contents of what Wikileaks serves, the massive exaggeration of the impact of Russian spambots compared to the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of American corporate propaganda during the 2016 election, and the pretension that RT's activities are any different from the corporate-owned mass media or other literally state-backed "journalism" outlets (BBC, NPR, Al-Jazeera, etc.) you never complain about.

Moreover, why Russia? Why not infinitely more wealthy, powerful, and pernicious influences central to global capitalism, such as the Saudis and Chinese? What makes the impoverished backwater of Russia so special?

And why do all of this by cozying up to and glorifying corrupt alphabet agencies such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, and their foreign collaborators (British MI5, Dutch AIVD)? Why push for military spending, interventionist adventurism, deployment escalation, hostility to Russia, stirring the pot in Syria, and attempt to sabotage peace talks between the Koreas? Why push for domestic censorship, punishing whistleblowers, and even unironically advocating a military coup while denying the legitimacy of "the deep state" as a political concept?

The answer is, because YOU are the people attempting to crush democracy and maintain a pointless perpetual war footing in the post-Cold War era.

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He's just a retarded liberal on Team Democrat.

so what was it then if not a hack, and please come up with something more original than seth rich

if you're talking about rigging the primary then the dnc was well within their rights to do that, it's only a pretty recent development that the candidate who gets the most delegates is the one who wins

i already said that certain libs have seized on it as the only reason they lost, so take it up with them, not me

how do you know i never complain about them, anyway my main problem with rt is that they cynically play both sides of the fence, whereas bbc, al-jazeera etc actually pick a side

im sure most countries do, it's just that russians are better at it, as they invest more into this kind of asymmetrical warfare, the whole point of which is to overcome an enemy with more resources

only 90s kids will get this

yeah i never did any of this shit, i know you're really proud of your copypasta arguments but they don't apply to me

this is what schizophrenia looks like

who's the samefag now?

Exactly what it said it was, and what ample evidence shows it could only possibly be: The result of anonymous whistleblowers inside the DNC, angered at corruption inside the party.
Well, this is a new argument! Yes, in theory, the Democrats could have declined to hold party elections to decide their nominees, but they didn't. Instead, they made private contracts, moreover of a legally binding nature, which they then violated. Furthermore, the people conducting a large part of the primary election process (voter registration, distribution/receipt/counting of ballots, verification and publishing of results) were not Democratic Party employees or volunteers, but public servants operating under the aegis of government agencies, bound by oath to conduct fair and impartial elections for a variety of purposes including the Democratic primaries. Illegal collusion was carried out at all of these levels against the Sanders campaign (and has continued to be carried out against those inspired by Sanders, such as Justice Democrats), with liabilities ranging from civil to criminal.
Yet you continue to spread and defend these blatant lies
Because you haven't in this thread, while others have
Absolutely false. Russia is dwarfed by individual EU members (let alone many genuine global powers) in terms of their intelligence budgets, online subversion, and state or corporate propaganda output.
Russia is a regional power at best, with an economy the size of Mexico, poverty on par with Brazil, and a military straining the limits of their economy that's regularly been eclipsed or neck in neck for 4th-place by India/UK/France behind the US, Chinese, and Saudis.
You repeated the lies these agencies have made, you promulgated acceptance and toleration of their illicit activities in so doing, you pushed for special measures against Russia that you know aggravate the threat of nuclear armageddon, and you attacked genuine popular counterculture, supporting the imposition of greater restrictions on political freedom.

Think back to yourself during the Dubya years or earlier. Would that version of you understand pushing alarmist propaganda from the corporate media to reignite the Cold War, in service to NATO's moribund military-industrial-complex, justifying surveillance state clampdowns on left-wing anti-globalization activists?

that's convenient, you think if they were that outraged then they'd go public, or at least speak to sympathetic media off the record and put us out of our misery

the point is that the dnc can do what they like when it comes to selecting a candidate, we might not like it but there's no crime

i have a life outside this thread user

i highly doubt that russia makes public just how much they spend on intelligence, and if they do then it's obviously bullshit

still pretty high, and again, this is the whole point of asymmetrical warfare

literally all i said is that there's some truth to the accusations

funny way of describing paul manafort and roger stone

That worked out great for Manning, Snowden, and Assange.
Not once they've decided to hold an election based on contractual arrangements they can't, and the public officials that conspired with them certainly can't. Both groups acted in violation of the law.
It's your life in this thread I'm talking about, the one where you carried water for the intelligence establishment and their corporate media shills.
The same is true of other governments, all of whom are more than happy enough to provide public estimates as to the extent of each others' activities.
The US/EU/China/etc engage in the exact same "4th-gen" tactics, but multiplied through countless programs on a far vaster scale.
You also characterized everyone questioning it as "pro-russia" and "fascist". That is incipient neo-McCarthyism.
And the publicly known whistleblowers I just mentioned, along with populist politicians such as Sanders and Stein that have been tarred with the "muh pootin" brush.

the difference is that what they leaked were official government secrets, the dnc info wasn't and has clear public interest so they would easily be covered by whistleblower protections, and like i said, they could speak off the record

im not a lawyer so idk if this is true but it doesn't really affect my overall point, in fact if a crime was committed then the whistleblower would have even more protection from prosecution

well of course, although russia has the advantage of being a dictatorship with an intelligence service that doesn't have to justify its expenditure

whatever, putinist sympathiser then if it makes you feel better

that was referring to johnstone, greenwald and co's enthusiasm for some moronic red-brown coalition

mccarthyism was never really about russia the country, it was about communism the ideology

that would be the woman who posed for photo ops with putin and mike flynn? as for sanders i acknowledged right from the start that mainstream democrats were playing politics in the wake of their embarrassing loss in 2016 but we shouldn't let that affect how we view reality. anyway all that's really happened is that they've been criticised by their political opponents, there's been no legal repercussions like you seem to be claiming


I agree they would've had a greater chance of lesser or possibly no incarceration/fines/etc., but there still remains the high probability of such penalties, not to mention extralegal blackballing and harassment of a career-ending intensity. That's the sort of risk many (for instance, I as an anonymous imageboard poster) would decline, especially following the firestorm of trumped up charges being thrown around following the leak.
My point was that if you don't trust the numbers Russia puts out, you can look at what its rivals have to say, for instance the CIA World Factbook, and visa-versa for estimates of the USA's activities by Russian/Chinese/etc. intelligence.
That's even worse. I can hope that, aside from the most psychotic of nationalists, EVERYONE is "pro-Russian", whether or not they oppose the Russian establishment. Further, the point of most people defending Putin isn't that they support him, or even that they don't oppose him, but that he must be treated fairly, and dishonest attempts to stir tensions with Russia driven by ulterior motives are inherently dangerous.
As opposed to aiding the corporate media, the out-of-control intelligence establishment, and the most corrupt actors within the Democratic Party, for no practical gain (or a massive backslide!) on the part of your own stated long-term political agenda?
No, it was about using any available excuse to justify arbitrary witchhunts and purges against political and business rivals on the part of McCarthy and his sponsors.
Yes, because RT was one of the only major media outlets providing coverage.
First, I haven't claimed that level of escalation has been reached, yet. Second, my point is that feeding this sort of hysteria creates the conditions in which such escalation is likelier to happen.

rofl do we have a living, breathing Russiagater in here? How did you stumble into Zig Forums? Here, this horseshit was completely debunked over a year and a half ago now. Read:


He probably got banned on Zig Forums for obvious reasons and found himself here.

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In fact, it has been proven. It can be demonstrated through basic internet infrastructure and the laws of physics that it was physically impossible for the data on the DNC servers to have been downloaded over a trans-Atlantic internet connection. The download rate on the other hand was entirely consistent with the write speed of flash media (AKA a USB flash drive). Read the article smartypants.

if anything they would probably be set for life as a correspondent on rt, presstv and so forth

there's treating him fairly and then there's blindly following the narrative of russia always being the victim

sometimes there is no obvious "gain" in acknowledging the truth, it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it

there's a difference between going on someone's channel and sitting at their table

well i guess we'll have to wait and see, right now the only people getting caught up in it are right wing political operatives and crooked businessmen

vips claimed an israeli attack on iran was imminent back in 2010 and has a history of associating with infowars types

i got banned at the start of 2018 and came here but got sick of having the same five arguments (this being one of them), i tried twitter for a bit to get my fill of pointless internet arguments but that was even worse so here i am again

Citation please. And Alex Jones can be right on things too, ad populum fallacies tarring things for being fringe are spook tactics, you can do better.


yet more often than not he's completely wrong about shit as well

Jones is a literal government shill, if he's right it because they wanted to moon us before doing it by having Jones tell us first then doing it anyway.

Assuming they avoided legal complications, maybe. And they might not have been someone who wanted to dump their entire social and professional circle like that. Remember Deepthroat turned out to be the #2 guy at the FBI. Plus, in the background of the Russiagate hysteria, nobody has actually questioned the authenticity of the leaks, yet no serious consequences for the DNC or electoral officials has happened.
My "narrative" is that compared to other actors Russia played/plays a completely peripheral role in our and other "western" elections, as well as in global geopolitics generally, and the attempt by NATO shills to conjure up a grand Cold War-grade military-economic "clash of civilizations" on the world chessboard out of (excepting their stockpile of nuclear weapons) pure smoke and mirrors, just to drum up business for the MIC, must be stopped. Also, of course, there's the simple reality that every specific accusation on which Russiagate is founded is blatantly false, and countless completely nigh farcical conspiracy theories beyond what Russiagaters openly argue are implicitly advanced by them.
How? It was a press conference, with hundreds of attendees from everywhere along the political spectrum, one she was invited to attend at her own expense. Also, perhaps you could tell that to all the people attending press dinners with the Saudis, Chinese, and giant corporate lobbyists.
Leaving aside the naked falsehood of Russiagate, what does anybody get out of it? No real damage done to the far-right? Distraction from countless genuine business scandals by Donald Trump dating back decades, any one of which could effortlessly bring him down if pursued? Distraction from genuine electoral interference (not to mention a core part of Russiagate directly defends it!)? Further entrenchment and empowerment of the most overreaching and corrupt factions within the political/intelligence/security/media establishment? Reigniting the atomic fires of the Cold War?
At the level of slap-on-the-wrist FBI/senate charges, yes. But it's also being used as an excuse by companies like Google and Facebook to suppress far-left political activists.
Which, before Obama's nuclear deal deescalated tensions between the two countries, was most likely true.
Oh, gee, this again. If these are the only people with a significant audience giving you coverage, you have to associate with them.

Jesus fuck, look around you. We're literally talking about this anonymously on a cryptocurrency-funded neofascist website hosted in the Phillipines. Because the website would be shut down, its admins thrown in jail on trumped up charges, and all of us posting on it would have our lives destroyed by Twatter lynchmobs, if we didn't.

The mainstream media is that bad, we're living in the totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia, right now.

apart from russia today, jimmy dore, sean hannity, glenn greenwald, tucker carlson, rush limbaugh, rudy guiliani, democracy now and of course the president himself

[citation needed]

it was a dinner to celebrate the tenth anniversary of russia today

doesn't say much considering this is a woman with millions of dollars worth of investments in wall st and big oil

i do, it's just that it's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand

like i said, the truth, which is supposed to mean something

cry me a river

you mean the deal that israel hates and thinks is a cover for iran to develop nuclear weapons

or you can strike out on your own and develop an independent materialist analysis instead of attaching yourself to one of two poles

people talk about guillotining their political opponents all the time on twitter, facebook etc

Vietnam is shit anyways

By that, I didn't mean the route by which they reached the public's hands, but their contents. Nobody is pretending the misconduct documented in them is fabricated.
Ample citations provided upthread. The DNC hacks didn't happen, links alleged between spambots/hackers to Russian intelligence are bogus, none of RT's named activities are illegal or even unusual, and Trump's ties to Russia are well within the norms of any transnational porky (including Clinton).
Yes, by far the biggest outlet to have given her coverage. And it hosted a variety of issue-specific panels, such as one on military deescalation she was part of.
No, it is extremely relevant, since the disparity in treatment between identical behavior with Russia versus other special interests is the mechanism by which this farcical geopolitical tension is being stirred, providing fertile soil in which our proto-police state is being nurtured.
That's where the audience is right now, same with other overmoderated hugboxes like Google and Twitter. Moreover, as I pointed out, the "old Internet" of unregulated free expression is being attacked and destroyed at the technical, financial, and regulatory levels, in no small part due to Russiagate hysteria.
Yes, that deal, which nonetheless slowed the timetable of the Iranian nuclear program, as Israel well knows.
This isn't about the contents of your worldview, it's about getting your message out. Unless you're a leftcom fatalist, being spreading it to a broader audience is the entire purpose of forming an ideology. Obviously, Dugin and Zizek are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they still share a regular spots on RT.
Yes, sarcasm, trolling, and genuine extremism exists, but that doesn't stop specific people from being targeted for it. In fact, the opportunity to arbitrarily apply suppression to practically anybody while ignoring others, absent any need to justify such exceptionalism, is one of the main goals of totalitarianism. Also, outright banning accounts or deleting posts is only one of their tools, more subtle (and, usually, publicly unacknowledged) techniques involving unfair algorithmic bias are far more commonly employed (not to mention mixtures of the two, such as shadowbans).



Goes by the handle of 'Witchygirl' on websites including FreeChatNow.

Child rapist and killer, a leader of Antifa in Australia, threatened conservative politicians with death, anti-white Jew.

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We're getting some weird ones lately

I'm an inbred bug-eyed goblin who loves sucking nigger dicks and thinks STD is better than Orville btw

so why bring it up

all i see is a blogpost by some dumb bitch with mental health issues

if you want to start a thread about saudi influence in the us then go right ahead, i'll be right in there, but the question at hand is about russia

we seem to be doing fine

clearly not or else they wouldn't be trying to sabotage it, surely the time for a unilateral strike would be right after the deal was signed, before iran was able to develop a nuclear deterrent

more or less, yeah

so then why bother with all the russia stuff

how dare you

To illustrate that, even ignoring the possibility of severe personal consequences for being caught up in Russiagate hysteria, the anonymous leaker(s) have been confronted with the depressing fact that it turns out nobody with power to dole out punishment gives a fuck about the undemocratic criminal conspiracy they've uncovered to public consciousness. They have little to gain and much to lose by tipping their hand.
Which annotated links to hundreds of sites of detailed debunkings from all over the web against every tiny detail of the Russiagate flimflam
No, the question is "Why Russia?". Every mention or allegation (especially blatant lies like Russiagate) of "Russian meddling" or "Russian dictatorship" must be questioned in the greater context of whether it's merely innocent scrutiny into harmful activities that happen in that particular instance to involve Russia, or whether it's actually part of a broad effort to hype up Russia as a paper tiger, protecting far more significant malfeasance by others, and justifying a limitless clampdown against "omnipresent" Russian "subversion".
Shitposting in a splinter of a splinter of a splinter of a splinter of an incognito Mongolian shadowpuppetry forum?
Remember that part of Israel's thought process for such strikes isn't just the state of Iran's nuclear program, but the degree of international sympathy for Iran. Unilaterally bombing someone who's acting outside the framework of international regulation is a more palateable proposition than someone who's just come to the table and started walking down their badboy level.
Because it provides an extremely versatile pretext against any and all populism

While I don't even have much CARE for the "russia" thing, "It was a mole, therefore the action of foreign states is disproven" is so laughably bullshit on its face that I cannot even credit you with honesty.
And you're kicked off the security team, definitely.

It, at minimum, reduces Russia's role from "POOTIN H4X0RZD TEH SEVERS ANS BRANWASHED TROLLZ" to "RT helped publicize whistleblowing first made public through Wikileaks".

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we still haven't established that there is legal grounds for punishment

surely they wouldn't want what they did to be attributed to russian spooks, which sorra defeats the whole purpose of leaking the info in the first place

most of which are other blogsites like zero hedge, and anyway it even acknowledges that russia could have been behind it but does the whole so what argument while defending russian imperialism in syria and ukraine

it just focuses on the hacking, which is only part of the allegations, for example there's nothing about how the steele dossier correctly predicted that a sizeable chunk of rosneft would be sold off

that's because of gamergate and tankie fuckery, it's nothing to do with russia or the fbi

israel hasn't given a shit about its reputation since '67

get back to me when bernie sanders is kicked off facebook

Actually, asset recruitment is pretty central to state intelligence operations. Which is why I'm laughing at the argument. Not its conclusions, btw, just the argument.
Have a read.

Actually, the onus is on you to provide evidence for extraordinary claims, not the reverse. We've waited over two years for you to do so. Maybe it's time to give it a rest already?

tbh I wouldn't care even if it was Russia. What I do care about is that the Democrats perpetrated massive voting fraud in the primary, not who exposed them.

Observing that the argument made is batshit fucking retarded is about as nonextraordinary as it gets.

Unbelievably, the DNC really has used that as an "argument" in court, describing the words of their own charter setting down internal operating procedure for the DNC as a mere "political promise" they're free to magically fail at carrying out. Fortunately, the case continues in court:
Though not without a few minor bumps, such as one of the judges being replaced:
This internal misconduct within the DNC is, of course, entirely different in severity from the sort of misconduct on the part of public officials indicated by statistical discrepancies between exit polls and official results, that contour neatly around localities mandating paper trails and random hand audits.
Her point is that Russia's ambitions on the global stage are vastly exaggerated, to serve an agenda of militarization. Even ignoring the legitimate arguments for Russian involvement in both cases (fascist elements in the new Ukrainian government, Libyan-style ISIS blowback from Syria's collapse, prior NATO interference precipitating both crises), there's precedents such as the Iraq War and the blatant lies that buttressed it, literally by the same people, except now with the wholly uncritical support of the entire Democratic Party and all of its affiliated press outlets.
The Rosneft deal as it actually happened bears no resemblance to the Steele memo's fantasy, having taken place almost entirely between the Qataris and the Russians without any influence from US sanctions. Further, the one extremely tenuous link between the accusation and Trump, Carter Page, was only incidentally drafted into a minor role in the Trump campaign.
Not back then, sure. But the people behind a lot of more recent purges, such as the massive closure of "extremist" subreddits, Facebook groups, and the closure of comments sections in basically every new site, openly justify such measures as an attempt to control "fake news" and "paid trolls".
I'm sure they're working up to that. If he had refused to pay lipservice to Russiagate, and had aggressively backed legal attacks against the Clinton campaign, I'm sure it would've happened long ago.

>this probably means they were brainwashed by manchuriada rooskies

This, really. If Putin actually had broken into an American criminal's computer and given away proof of Shrillary tampering with our democracy, Putin would deserve a medal for the selfless service of doing the FBI's job for them without costing the American taxpayer a thin dime.

It's always a fucking woman

Election fraud, not voting fraud. Voting fraud is when people vote more than once. It's hard and inefficient to do it on a scale large enough to cheat elections. Election fraud is systemic miscounting of the vote. The 2016 primaries were a combination of targeted voter suppression and election fraud in at least 11 states.

and there it is

it's not about who the shares were sold to (obviously trump couldn't afford them), it's about who collected the brokerage fee

i wouldn't call foreign policy advisor a minor role, and even if it was it's still a role in the campaign

ok jimmy dore then, he seems to be fine

it really comes down to the selective nature of the russian involvement, i would have less of a problem with it if they had also gone after the republicans for all the shady shit that they're no doubt up to but instead they just "exposed" the dnc for favouring hillary in the primary, as if that wasn't incredibly obvious to anyone with half a fucking brain

Bernie Sanders won't be kicked off Facebook because he's part of the self chosen tribe

Look, I'm not saying these wholly justify Russia's behavior, just that this isn't happening in a vacuum. Further, my (and Caitlin's) main point is that nearly all of Russia's warmaking (including retarded disasters like Chechnya) have consisted of pushing around immediately bordering neighbors or internal conflicts, not globetrotting empire building even on the scale of what France or the UK still do. Basically, Russia is not engaged in a pattern of worldwide aggression. In the unique case of Syria, however, this was pretty much a white elephant exercise purely to keep the Russian military active. I would also personally describe Russia's Syrian intervention as a good thing overall, for much the same reason as, for instance, NATO intervention in the Yugoslav Wars, because the situation had escalated to the point that a regional catastrophe was inevitable even without (further) intervention.
Leaving aside the fact that has nothing to do with the Steele dossier's fantastical account of h@x0rz for sanction lifting (in fact, sanctions have gotten worse), leaving the question of what exactly Trump's half of the deal is supposed to be, that's pure baseless speculation.
I would, since he was one of 6, none of whom had much impact on the campaign, picked out of a hat at a moment's notice much later than the rest of the Trump's staff to fill it out.
That's not going anywhere for the same reason Trump is still allowed to shitpost on Twatter: Because deleting the POTUS from your website out of sheer triggeredness would be a formal acknowledgment that they literally can't even half the population of the country's political opinion, and quite possibly push Trump to do something drastic to them. Honestly, the one I'm most amazed still exists is /r/KiA and its affiliates, that sub just won't die.
Probably halo effect from the rest of TYT, who (I never watched them regularly) seem like absolute cocksuckers. The real question there is how he hasn't been shunned by them.
Not obvious enough, if the lack of consequences is anything to judge by.