I hate working for bosses

I'm not even a commie and I hate the modern left but I'm getting really fucking sick of capitalism. I hate being treated like shit by overpaid soyboy middle management types and being told that I need to "step it up" when I come into work early every day, work for the company when I'm not getting paid and on top of it my company promised me a pay raise when I started only to go back on it afterwards. I'm really getting fucking sick of this shit.

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Just work hard and make your own business if you don't like it. If you're poor it's probably just because you're stupid.

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I really get tired of hearing this faggot line by faggot lolberts.

Yup, makes me wanna purge. But really, what would happen if you got a nice boss some day? Would you be happy at work? Personally I find that a nice boss is even worse, you can't properly hate them, but they still rip you off.

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If you understand the failings of capitalism then why aren't you on the left? Are you just afraid of the label or do you think all leftists are SJWs?

check your privilege white male

He is. Rejecting the "Left" as an identity is about as left as one can get.

Being anti-boss is idpol

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It is, though. You are identifying with your antipathy to capitalism. Gtfo idpoler

Dude gtfo. You're not wrong, but you're intentionally obscuring the distinction. At this point we can reduce literally everything related to identity to idpol. Having a home is idpol because you identify as the owner. Having parents is idpol because you identify as their son.

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Okay, that formulation of idpol in the picture was not as good as I remembered it. Ignore that.

Except the first paragraph, that one is solid.

You're getting what you're asking for fam.

nice idpol

read marx classcuck

actually true


Oh nice of you to drop by Zig Forums, have you considered reading a book on human endocrinology to understand what might actually lower your testosterone instead of spouting meme tier pseudoscience?

And in what fantasy are they going to let dumbasses like you run the business? Socialism isn't when we get rid of well paid workers, it's partly abolishing he parasitic element of capitalism. Even in worker owned co-operatives that exist today, the guy who scrubs toilets merely votes for people to sit on the board of directors who still get paid more than him (albeit the workers make more because they are the benefactors of the annual profits not shareholders), don't be under any illusion that you'll be slacking off under a socialist system, you'll still have to pull your weight like the rest of your colleagues, take comfort that at least you won't have your income siphoned off by idle shareholders.

This is how commies are made, OP. Organize!

Two thirds of these are perfectly fine, and the third would be awesome were it not for its users. The sticky actually invites actual anarchists, for instance, and rejects most of the users it has.

I dunno, posting on that OTHER board? and I'm not talking about Zig Forums