ITT:Swedish family entertainment

ITT:Swedish family entertainment

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I was expecting some kid drag queen or something like that but it's just an ugly girl being ugly in one of those dumb americanized cancer tv shows.

This. Anything americanized is automatically shit.

I've seen worse.

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V. Debs, Long, Yockey, Bellamy (even though he was shit later in life), sorry I can't hear myself over my own awesomeness

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Putin is an leech and 天安門廣場大屠殺1989年6月4日


lol fucking kill yourself my man

Damn, the perfect comeback! I can't >no u because there are nets everywhere so he can't.

None of those figures have anything to do with concept of "Americanization"(Yockey would probably be against that if anything), so you bringing them isn't really a defense of those user's criticisms

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nah you first faggot

but a New America, founded on Socialist Nationalism

im sorry i thought this was a board for people to talk about left politics

sweden is socialist tho

It is, as long as you agree with the Chinese Century and Harmonization and Putin and Dugin's jackoff fantasies about Eurasia. Otherwise you're an ebil yankee imperialist

buttmad amerikkkan detected

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Propagandising consumerism.
What do you consume? Why you are consuming?
Doesn't fukkin matter. As long as you do consume.

You surely meant
Western family entertainment

get this idpol shit outta here

op was clearly trying to make some bullshit point about swedish people being degenerates because socialism


ur mum is socialist

Anti Americanism is just penis envy on a global scale. Orange Man for accelerationism. I mean come on Lyndon Johnson was a shit President but who else would justify the Vietnam war with his giant fucking cock?

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