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Friendly reminder that anti-anti-vaxxing is an astroturf psyop to ensure that you don't question what they're injecting you with and to discredit other conspiracies via guilt-by-association tactics. Not even an anti-vaxxer, even though anti-vaxxing raises good questions.
Anti-vaxxing has existed for decades, makes you wonder why it's such a big issue now.
Flat earth is also an astroturf psyop to discredit other conspiracies but also to root out government rogue agents and to identify those who are gullible enough to believe it. It helps to identify actual conspiracy theorists so the government can silence them. Just food for thought.

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Just take your vaccines you fucking moron I don't want more people dying from measles outbreak because you believe that every single scientist in the world is in on a conspiracy to to inject toxins that cause autism into people.

Isn't it a little convenient that something so fringe that has existed for decades suddenly became popular to hate?
Not only this, let's examine the meme itself.
Isn't it a LITTLE suspicious? Regular memes die within a week, memes like this would normally die in a day. On top of that, where even are the anti-vaxxers? They have no huge internet presence. Maybe you had an anti-vax mother, but that's probably the only one you ever met. Why does everyone care enough to call them loony? What is it that, all of a sudden, caused everybody on youtube, twitter, facebook etc to start calling anti-vaxxers retarded? Maybe they are retarded, but literally who cares?
Isn't it strange?


Measles outbreaks have been happening since anti-vaxxing entered the mainstream. Doesn't change the fact that the sudden interest arouses suspicion. If it was that serious, why not mention the outbreaks that happened 50 years ago? Where was the fear then?

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It's because the anti-vax retards are growing in number thanks to paranoid schizos like yourself spreading doubt and fear and the sane people are realizing that the anti-science tards have to be dealt with.

I mean with vaccines we have virtually eliminated polio.

I got my vaccinations. I'm not anti-vax. Something tells me you're not actually here to listen to what i havecto say, though.
Pic related is you.

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I've noticed the exact same pattern. I don't think it runs that deep though. The extreme flat earther hate boggles my mind, they're just a few thousand idiots who believe crazy shit to the harm of nobody and they're seen as the biggest threat to science for some reason. There is at least a moral concern with anti-vaxxers but it still seems fake as fuck.

It's funny how the left, both radical and liberal rabidly defend mandatory vaccinations. It seems almost like they are not a massive infringement of the most basic civic liberty like habeas corpus, no…
And I'm not surprised the first to pop up defending vaccines in this thread is a christcuck, given how the Vatican got his dick well stuck in pharma and healthcare industry, they are not stupid, they have always to find new ways to exploit people's fear of death. It's hilarious tho that God would have created human DNA that periodically have to be fixed through vaccines. They don't see the contradiction.
But stalinists pro vaccines are even more stupid. I guess dialectical materialism isn't required to work sometimes.

by the way, look for Forest Maready channel on youtube or fedbook, the dude offers good summaries on the entire affair.

Are anti-vaxxers, religious fundamentalists, survivalists, and other extreme lunatics a catastrophic problem? No, of course not, they're quite marginal. Are they, however, a significant problem, one that is growing absent sufficient suppression to keep them from becoming a bigger problem? Absolutely.

One of the prime examples of this IMHO is medical quackery, which was once a problem of disastrous proportions, until key reform efforts, such as the American-Canadian Flexner Report and the formation of the AMA, with subsequent purges in the medical profession and consumer/industrial regulation by new government health and food agencies.

After the quacks were purged from medicine and their snakeoil expunged from the market for decades, increased tolerance for their woowoo nonsense began to accumulate with a new countercultural flavor in the 1960s, seamlessly melding the pagan mystical silliness of the New Left with the crankery of the evangelical Charismatic Movement on the right. By the close of the 1980s, particularly with legislative assistance from Senator Tom Harkin, bubbles of regulatory exemptions had accumulated into an entire multi-billion-dollar industry of thieving shysters, now securely ensconced free of any concerted effort at stamping them out again:
As many people appreciates, especially those on this board that travel in fringe-left circles where these scams have spread like wildfire, the problem is crying out for a new Flexner Report, and a revitalized regulatory extermination of such businesses.

Alarmism about such issues is not "a psyop", it is a necessary precaution to trim weeds that have grown in the shadow of once-massive issues, which again have regained the inertia to become disasters if neglected further.

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almost like there's this new medium of communication that allows for people to subvert traditional institutions

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Pizzagate is a perfect example of how dumb conspiracy theories derail plausible conspiracy theories.

Not only are high level pedophilia (and related activities, e.g., human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering, false IDs) conspiracies quite real, but many of the figures central to most versions of Pizzagate are suspected or have even already been indicted for involvement in some confirmed conspiracies.

Pizzagate, however, only uses these facts incidentally, and is instead built primarily on symbolic connections drawn so tenuously as to verge on pareidolia, most of them drawn not from real law enforcement materials, but from older conspiracy theories. This extends beyond the obsession with symbology (itself directly descended from Bible code crankery) to dovetail with 1980s-era Satanic panic/suppressed memories/facilitated communication garbage, and after the decline of Pizzagate, this has extended in a repetition of the cycle, with Pizzagate providing much of the basis for the "Q" boomerLARP.

A lot of people think the category "conspiracy theory", cooked up by the FBI, hurts public inquiry by besmirching legitimate skepticism with the labels of kookery. The reality is that it hurts skepticism by bolstering the ranks of the insane among skeptics.

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If vaccines are bad and a CIA psyop then how come every country on earth has vaccines?

Who said this?

what does any of that have to do with vaccines

I'm pro vaccine investigation but I'll also comply and take them until they find other cures.
Didn't some disease get a cure already in Mexico? When those get found vaccines should be made obsolete. We should look for better ways of treating diseases. Skepticism is okay. Acting like a boomer isn't.

Vaccines were invented by European and Amerikkkan colonizers in order to devalue the natural immunities of Afrikan peoples to infectious disease. Immunizations were an important enabler of imperialist colonialism and exploitation of the Afrikan races. Read Sakai.

I agree with your general sentiment. Its important for people to be educated on how vaccines work and the types and their ingredients. People need free(in both senses) education and reliable sterile safe regulated and labeled access to all life saving medications.

Supply chains should be democratically organized according to worker needs with product transformations and additions digitally documented with open access subject to public descrimination and recalls so that the socially educated populace can make informed decisions about what to put in their body with high confidence that it is what they think it is and so on

I say this so we can avoid


because colonizers do have a long and extensive documented history of trying dangerous medical experiments and intentional infection and eugenic sterilization while outright lying about the effects of what they were distributing

obvious troll but its always a good time to post this

The key is bringing the black plague back

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Lol this post isn't totally unbiased I can see

If anything's worse than moderators it's vaccines. For every thing you can accuse moderators of, you can accuse vaccines too.
They are pedophiles, child molester.
They are illegal.
They ban people from schools and such.
They censor people.
They justify their presence through fallacious claims.
They suffer from god complex.
They harass people, particularly kids.
They commit fraud.
They don't evade taxes (presumably), but are subsidized by the government, so…

It's true that blacks and colored races are more vulnerable to vaccine damages than whites.

This is a good thing. Fuck your hetero idpol.
Fuck yeah illegalism!
I think you mean "rescue people from the banality of school."
Well, that's not so good.
No one's existence needs justification.
Okay, bit iffy. OTOH, blasphemy itself is sort of cool.
But, why DON'T you want to buy my Trot newspapers?
Depends on the target, like most crime.
That's a shame.
Half the folks on this board are weak social democrats who think this makes them l33t commies, so…

Literally retarded

t. moderator

The only moderator in this case will be natural selection.

I don't know. Still less retarded than vaccines anyway.