Will Trump and the Republicans campaigning on anti-socialism be good or bad for us?

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They've been doing it since before Obama.
The good from it has already come by distigmatizing socialism from muh stalin or muh gorgillions. The bad will be reinforced by conflating social democracy with socialism and by asserting electoralism is a threat to capitalism.

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so far so good, whatever you think of the dsa they've clearly done well out of the last decade or so of reactionary insanity and at least they're not as bad as every other radleft group

this is the only real concern but i feel like more interest can only lead to more people finding out what socialism actually means

Agreed. Politely and correctly REDpilling the endless stream of enthusiastic but blithe shitlib normalfags who sincerely believe socialism starts and ends at "gubmint+gibs+taxes" will be a Sisyphean tax on our patience. The rightards incontinently cheerleading for socialism with their toothless screeching can only be good.

Or it could lead to reinforcement of that conception while they relentlessly punch left at anarchists and revolutionary marxists, which is what socdems seeking power tend to do.
From what I've heard the "radical" socdem caucus Momentum is trying to steer it into a machine for shilling berniefag democrats at the expense of direct action and organization like the stuff the Communist caucus and Libertarian Socialist Caucus are doing with Tennant's Unions and the recent Oakland Teacher's strike. Given that Momentum is backed by Jacobin and the ho from Chapo, I'm willing to bet they succeed and the DSA splits into SOCDEM GANG and some loosely affiliated radical orgs.

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No relation?

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they can punch all they like, it doesn't change the actual definition of socialism, which is out there for anyone to look up

i guess we'll have to see, but they're still less cancerous than psl, rcpusa etc
That certainly does sound like something super clear that won't be misinterpreted by ignorant laymen and willfully dishonest right-wingers as "muh gubmint". Yup. Also, if you're attempting to imply that or are there, full of theory waiting to be read, studying socialism in depth is not really a comparable proposition to "look up what socialism is".

apart from maybe the last one they're clearly not referring to just social democracy

It will be like Hillary's anti-neonazi campaigning. It hardly made people sympathetic to literal neonazis, but it let the Republicans (correctly) portray her as common person hater and helped get Trump elected.

Basically, if you're a tankie, you get to be a Republican scapegoat. The rest of us gets a long overdue chance to associate capitalism with hating working class people. Call me a reformist, it's a tradeoff I'm willing to take.

Our economy is already going to shit it's inevitable. Just not the post progressive social most leftytards like

This shit about endorsing Bernie Sanders could definitely be something that splits the DSA.

Actual definitions are fluid, socialism, communism, anarchism, and most words in our lexicon had very different meanings before being appropriated. Libertarian is the best example of this, because the true meaning of a legal way to say anarchist is lost and now it refers to radical liberal pedos or "when the government is nice". We can have the correct definition on our side, but that doesn't mean shit if the false definition has a movement behind it capable of changing the commonly accepted use of the term.
That bar is so low it's virtually useless.

Yeah, especially if they do it like DSA Philly where they don't bother to vote on it. Honestly the dsa doesn't need such measures because most membership are berniefags, but it's such actions that are going to sully the org and force a split.

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Solid opinion

in any movement people are always going to want to outdo each other, and the fact is that social democracy is pretty boring when you come down to it, whereas socialism proper entails an entirely different economic system, so im still fairly optimistic that people will stumble across what it actually means

You deserve to get betrayed by socdems yet again tbh.

If this were true we'd be looking at over half the population of the world being socialist. For everyone of us who stumbled across socialism and figured out what it meant there's at least ten who got hoodwinked into believing it is when the government does stuff or is your boss. Socdems don't dwarf socialists because they're more exciting, they do it because they have a measure of power.

ah yes the revolution will just be increasing more social programs and still bombing the foreign countries
major strides were made tho

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I've seen a lot of anti-capitalism talk lately, so that is at least good for us.